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    Future reviews 
AVGN will review Taboo: The Sixth Sense as a Halloween Special
And this could take on a similar route to the Polybius review, about a machine who predicts the Nerd's disasters.

Watch him try to chase Shiori Fujisaki, then end up being single at the end.

Alternately he'll review Brooktown High
Brooktown High on drugs

What if he reviewed the version of Taito Legends that had Bubble Symphony?
This game was not on the PS2 version. It would be interesting to hear a bit about what he'd think, if not expand on the Title Confusion point he brought up: "What about Bubble Bobble 2 on NES?"

Future video game reviews

Future Monster Madness reviews

     Other Theories 
At the end of his Lester the Unlikely review, the Nerd watched Candle Cove.

The Nerd is the victim of a Jackass Genie.
It's the only explanation for his vast collection.

Disappointed with his small video game library, he discovered a genie and wished for every video game ever made, the systems necessary to play them all, and a lot of beer. The genie granted his wish. In the process, the Nerd received so much shovelware that it was impossible for him to locate the games he truly wanted. Furthermore, the genie has trapped the Nerd in the expansive basement created to house his collection; the Nerd has no choice but to play the shitty games that suck ass. The Nerd has contemplated suicide to escape his situation, but the genie has also cursed him with almost total immortality. There is only one way for the Nerd to die, and he can't work up the courage to play Boogie just yet.

Also, the genie is Mike Matei. Bugs Bunny, The Joker, Freddy Krueger, and Mike Matei's other roles are manifestations of the genie designed to further antagonize the Nerd.

  • What about the Halloween episode, where he left his house to babysit? Or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre episode, where he explicitly buys the game at an outdoor market?
    • It is possible to be futile to let the games get destroyed on their own, so they'd stay new everyday until he dies.
  • Alternatively he got on Calypso's good side during his wish.
  • Note how the Nerd seems compelled to play bad games, and is implied to actually like those bad games. The Jackass Genie decided to Mind Rape the Nerd so that he'd play through every game.

Chris Bores is the Nerd's evil clone.
Who else would steal his jokes and his money? It's all part of his plan to take over the world and send the Nerd out of business. The Irate Gamer is evil and must be stopped!
  • Jossed, Irate is just the sophisticated man's way of saying stupid. Therefore The Irate Gamer isn't evil, he's just the Nerd's stupid clone.
    • The Irate Gamer is a Bizarro clone. The Nerd is somehow capable of creating a Talking Poo clone of himself; perhaps the Irate Gamer was his attempt to make an actual copy.
  • Un-Jossed: Chris Bores killed the Kool-Aid Man for bursting through his walls, despite the fact that that's what he does. If that isn't evil, I don't want to know what is.
    • Yes, because some people are just simply evil am I right?

Alternately, Fred Fucks (later changed to Fuchs for obvious reasons) is the real name of The Irate Gamer
  • Chris Bores is just an alias. His ineptness at reviewing video games stems from him being an inept video game programmer, an aspect of his life that he's deeply ashamed of, hence why he's never mentioned it. Initially Fucks' shtick as The Irate Gamer was just for financial gain, attempting to copy the Nerd for an easy success. However, when the Nerd started making fun of Fucks by name on his show, Fucks made it his goal to become a permanent throne in the Nerd's side, which is why he continues being The Irate Gamer to this day. Though that's something he's ultimately proven to be inept at as well.

The Nerd lives in Videoland.
Even though the Christmas episode of Captain S is not canonical for that show, enough clues exist to guess that the AVGN's house is supposed to be in Videoland:
  • At the end of the Atari 5200 review, he orders a joystick from Ebay. The outside of his house is shown as a level from the game Paperboy. The Player Character of Paperboy himself delivers the joystick to the Nerd (and hits him in the face).
  • An official episode of the AVGN (An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol) is a direct continuation of the non-canonical Captain S episode. This implies that the events of that episode took place in the AVGN continuity — the Nerd was taken back to the past, and he did meet Captain S and save Santa Claus.
  • At the beginning of the fight with The Nostalgia Critic, the outside view of the AVGN's house is shown. It consists of a monochromatic sky with 2D animated images of birds and bugs that could be sprites in a 1990s video game.
  • At the beginning of the Street Fighter 2010 episode, we see the outside of the Nerd's house. Again, it is formed of 2D shapes that could be video game sprites. The Nerd is surprised by the "futuristic" objects that appeared which he cannot identify, but not by the general flatness of the environment, which is evidently how the environment around his house normally looks.
  • At the end of the Game Glitches episode, the Glitch Gremlin has no difficulty in making the Nerd's game room (and even the Nerd himself) glitch out, as if everything was part of a video game.
  • In the Top Gun Revisited episode, the plane escapes out of the TV and even out of the Nerd's basement.
  • At 7:28 in the Toxic Crusaders episode, Lloyd Kaufman refers to "you folks out there in Videoland".
    • Which leads to a potential Mind Screw. Someone talking from the real world would say "in there in Videoland", considering Videoland as a dimension that is entirely contained within our own. Similarly, someone talking from Videoland would say "out there in the real world", for the same reason. Saying "out there in Videoland" indicates that the speaker is not actually in Videoland, but in a dimension that is entirely contained within Videoland. So where does the Nerd live, exactly?
      • If we take the never released second season of The New Adventures of Captain S as canon, the Nerd might live in the Brown Box: the Odyssey prototype created by Ralph Baer, which would have been revealed to have created Videoland and reside at the center of it.
      • Or he could've just meant out of the Nerd's house, in Videoland.
  • The Movie says nothing about the Captain S connection, but pretty much confirms that the Nerd lives in a video game. the alien flat-out says: "The whole world you live in is a video game. It's a game that I made."
    • This could lead to an unexpected corollary: if Ghostbusters 3 is ever made, Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be demoted to Canon Discontinuity. While this may seem a non sequitur, consider the following:
      • The Nerd exists in the universe of Return of the Ghostbusters. This may indicate that the entirety of Return of the Ghostbusters is set in Videoland.
      • in Return of the Ghostbusters, Egon has a nephew named Ed Spengler.
      • Ghostbusters: The Video Game contains a drawing made by "Ed" for "uncle Egon". This indicates that both the movie and the game are set in the same universe, so the game is set in Videoland too, which makes sense because it's a game. So, the Ghostbusters we see in the game are not the actual Ghostbusters, but simulacra of them that exist in Videoland, who do what we see in the game while their real selves may do something completely different. Since Ghostbusters 3 will not be set in Videoland, it will treat the game as Canon Discontinuity. QED.

The Nerd is freakin' rich
Consider how he can own so many games, even the later systems which cost an atom bomb to buy. Then consider the stuff like a real katana (used to bisect a TMNT 3 video cassette), a bow and arrow (which smites a Sega32x), and a bullwhip (seen in his Indiana Jones video and making a cameo in his Castlevania marathon). He's got a shitload of money, giving him leeway to get not only the games but also the implements of destruction needed to rid the world of copies of those horrors that don't belong in this world.

That, and he was allowed the weapons because even the most stringent weapon laws are lenient if your mission is honourable: to destroy all shitty games.

  • A real katana: $57.50. Compound bow: $ 174.99. Bullwhip: $50.00. Not understanding the value of a dollar?
    There are some things money can't buy, for everything else: There's eBay, EB Games, swap meets, flea markets, Buy&Sell...
    • Still the combined price of all three weapons (Plus arrows, and the price being $ 282.49) is still mildly expensive, though less when converted to British money. Also I'm British, so yeah.
  • Also, the AVGN has commented that a big part of his collection has been donated by the fans.
  • Although, in the Atari Jaguar and Phillips CD-i reviews, the Nerd complains (using exact figures) about how much cash he had to drop to get those systems and their games, indicating that he does sometimes spend (quite a lot of) his own money to expand his collection. Does he get money from the ads on YouTube and, and would that be enough to fund his videos?
  • Also, it's worth noting that in his review of Treasure Master, the main reason he even played the game was to enter the contest to win $10,000. Not to mention that in his Game Boy Accessories video, he wasn't able to show off every accessory made - while the Pedasure is understandable, considering that it was never released (it was patented), but if he really was that rich, it would've been easy for him to track down the Work Boy, the Game Boy FM Radio, or the Game Boy Pocket Sonar (just to name a few).

The nerd is a coprophiliac.
We know it's not all just Toilet Humor because of Nerdy Turd.

The Nerd's super powers come from a Deal with the Devil.
In exchange for them, he has to play all these horrible games that suck ass.

The AVGN's Super Mario Bros.-style reviews will also be parodied by The Happy Video Game Nerd.
When this troper first learned of the HVGN, he was a bit put off by the guy's redundancy where the AVGN was concerned - the AVGN HAS reviewed good games on a handful of occasions. Then, the idea came to him: would the HVGN not also parody the times where James reviewed actually good games as well? Only, the HVGN's version of such a review would be of him reviewing a shitty game, which he struggles to find enjoyable parts of, but fails.

The AVGN and the HVGN will be doing a joint review sometime in the future.
The AVGN's already done it with The Nostalgia Critic, after all. I'm thinking that they review a highly divisive game, where there are just as many good aspects as there are bad. And no "so-so" features either - the good features are really, really good, the bad features are really, really bad.
  • Or he could team up with Yahtzee.
  • ... Oblivion?
  • Maybe they'll do a polarizing game.
    • Persona 4?
  • We got something close when Board James plays Loopin' Louie with the HVGN. Since that means they know each other in real life, it could add to the chances of him and the Angry Nerd getting together.

One day, The Nerd will make an exemption of the old-games only rule, and will review something recent.
  • Like I Wanna Be the Guy, where the Nerd will have the Heroic BSoD because almost every gameplay flaw that the Nerd complained in his past reviews (One-Hit Wonder and Fake Difficulty specifically) is what makes this game addicting.
    • Became more likely recently, since The Nostalgia Critic has reviewed Battlefield Earth (Barf) recently, and since he's the AVGN's Sitcom Archnemesis, he will probably copy this.
    • What do you call his Ghostbusters: The Game review, then?
    • Technically James Rolfe reviewed the Ghostbusters game, not the Nerd — the Nerd being the character. If you notice it was a completely different review style (ie: no Cluster F Bombs), hence the Nerd briefly showing up at the beginning of the review then leaving when he finds out the game isn't terrible.
    • He did briefly knock some modern games in his A Christmas Carol spoof, and he can be seen playing them in two other videos.
  • If so, then could he perhaps review a computer game for a change? I'm burning to see a AVGN review of a Touhou game.
    • Oblivion. A game that goes out of its way to discourage accomplishment seems like something the Nerd would "like".
      • It seems a bit odd for him to review good games and complain about their Nintendo Hard. He should only do it selectively.
  • He once said that would do Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, but can't since he has a Mac.
    • After revealing that James has a PC in "AVGN Games", a Big Rigs review was made.
  • While it's unlikely he'll dedicate an episode to a 21st century console game unless there's a really good reason or extreme amounts of fan requests, there is a good chance he'll one day graduate to reviewing PSX/N64 games regularly as those systems approach "retro" status.
  • If he does break into modern games, he'll probably start with Sonic 06. So much potential for "What the hell were they thinking?", "Fuck", "Ass", and "What a shitload of fuck" moments with that game.
    • Given he played Sonic the Hedgehog, that's possible. In vein of The Room review, it will be the elderly Nerd in a Not Another Christmas Carol, since it won't be recent anymore. This will give us a hilarious bitch-fight between Future!Critic and Bearded!Nerd. We could even have a cameo with Future!Linkara, who will lampshade it and how the fandom is reacting to it.
    • Sonic 06 was eventually tackled in James & Mike Mondays.
    • He finally reviewed Sonic 06 as an actual AVGN episode on April 20, 2017.

The Nerd and Board James are twin brothers.
Speaks for itself, really.

The Nerd and Board James are clones.
Of the original James Rolfe. He didn't want the frustration of playing those horrible games,so he cloned himself.One dealt with video games,the other with board games.Both contain aspects of his personality.

If James has children any time soon, the world will collapse
Or actually his fans will have a mania fest, be it good or bad in reaction. Also, it will affect his works in some slight way. He has to be a good daddy, so unless he's good at that sort of thing, expect slightly longer delays.
  • Jossed - James has 2 kids as of 2018, and his content hasn't changed.

The Nerd is in Purgatory.
It's why he is compelled to continue playing bad games-he is atoning for his sins. It just so happens Purgatory exists in his basement, and God will occasionally let him outside to combat the Critic(who will become the Antichrist when he goes mad from the revelation and turns into Ask That Guy).
  • So I guess Purgatory really is Top Gun on the NES.
  • Jossed, purgatory is getting over the Ape Man. Or beating the Ape Man.
    • Cheetahmen 2 was called Limbo first, so the Nerd could still be in Purgatory. As for his sins? In life, the Nerd was a Nintendo game licenser who let those awful games past Beta. In death, the Nerd is repenting through realizing how painful it was to play these games.

The plane from Top Gun that escaped from the Nerd's TV will return one day.
I foresee one of two circumstances: the plane comes in whilst the Nerd is getting his ass handed to him by Bugs Bunny (or someone) again and saves the day. OR, right as he's about to overcome some obstacle he's spent the entire episode raging over, the plane comes in and destroys something, robbing the Nerd of his victory. Cue Cluster F-Bomb.

The nerd will build a replica of the playground dragon for The Dragon in My Dreams
He doesn't want to forget about the one thing that inspired him to do great things, so he'll make a statue in memory of it.
  • I think his way of honoring that dragon, and the inspiration it gave him, was making that movie.

ET for the Atari 2600, will play a big role in The Movie
It's one of the worst games of all time, and one he has avoided time and time again, so naturally it has to be big deal when he reviews it. 5 bucks saves it will the Big Bad of the film.
  • Confirmed. At the end of his Spielberg Game Reviews, he was confronted with the E.T. game, and it said "To be continued... in the AVGN Movie".

The Nerd is a hikikomori.
Every time he's been seen outside, there have been surreal occurrences, indications that the segment takes place in a bad-game-induced stupor. With the exception times when his house is clearly in shot/nearby (like shooting the game with an arrow).

While cleaning up the buffalo shit from the end of episode 99...
The nerd will find a copy of E.T. in it.
  • Jossed. The 100th episode had nothing to do with E.T.
    • The actual episode was ROB the Robot.

The Nerd wants to play these games.
In the ROB episode, the Nerd takes ROB down for getting rid of all the bad games. Even though it was supposed to be a good thing.
  • It was suggested in the Christmas Carol episode too. As much as he complains about it, he just can't live without playing shitty games.
  • Maybe it's like Stockholm Syndrome-he's been playing bad games for so long that he likes them.

The Nerd is asexual.
There hasn't been a single inkling of sexuality,even to things you think. He barely even commented about Jessica Rabbit's status as Ms. Fanservice beyond comedic effect. It seems he's either not attracted to anyone/thing, or just hasn't found something appealing.
  • Jossed, at least with James himself. He's seen wearing an engagement ring in his DVD Collection video.
    • Jossed for Board James because of this too, he wears the ring in every single episode.
      • Just because someone's asexual doesn't mean they're also aromantic. He could very well be asexual and still be getting married.
  • Also Jossed in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. At the very beginning with the girl, he seems pretty interested.
  • He also looks eagerly at the door in his Atari Porn Games review, when he things a naked chick might show up. He's disappointed when she fails to appear, unlike the many game characters who have intruded on his reality.
  • Maybe he's just supposed to be too obsessed with videogames to pay attention to anything else. In his cameo appearance in the Piece of Meat video, at first the Nerd looks shocked and almost frightened about a girl so violently hitting on him, but he seems to enjoy it when she starts biting him on the neck... until she actually bite him on the neck.
  • In The Wizard of Oz video, The Nerd can be seen wearing the ring in the clock scene.
  • To be fair, Jessica Rabbit's status as Ms. Fanservice is probably the most discussed thing about her. He probably wanted to focus on the game.

The Nerd is really just a lonely, delusional man.
The Angry Video Game Nerd lives in a normal world, in a normal suburb, has a normal job, but is absolutely miserable. He's treated like shit at work, and barely has any friends or even a love life. But there was one thing that kept him company: video games. However, one night in 2004, he decided to let his rage out on an old NES title, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and later on, ripped into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, finding it the worst game he ever played. In 2006, desperate for some attention and under suggestions from his friends, he uploads them on Youtube, where he's a huge hit. But that doesn't stop there. He starts reviewing more crappy games from the past to continue his popularity, and the ordeal of it all causes him to hallucinate. The first delusions were his fights with Freddy Krueger and Jason Vourhees. There were all in his head. Afterwards, he starts to imagine the Shit Pickle, then Bugs Bunny, then Spider-Man, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and other characters who apparently want to kick his ass. Kyle Justin is in fact a mildly successful musician and friend who pays visits to the Nerd simply to prevent him from succumbing to isolation, and even composes his theme song as a favor. These delusions are now reaching a higher level, with the Nerd imagining his neighborhood to be something from an Atari game, and imagining a ninja training him in Ninja Gaiden. With the review of ET across the horizon, how far will his madness go this time?
  • That would explain why the first videos were more simple and review-like, with him just talking about the games and playing, and the newer ones are more and more complex, he's just slowly sinking into his delusional world. Maybe he got fired of his job for having anger issues, and has just basically become a reclusive that spends all day playing video games, and was encouraged to do his videos as a way to manage his anger in a more creative way. He has slowly shooed away his friends and relatives with his violent delusional outbursts, like the time he took a shit on the trick or treat bag of a child while he was babysitting, or the time he destroyed the cartridges of his collector friend Pat. He doesn't even has a name anymore, he's just "The fucking Nerd", because this character he invented for himself is now more real to him than his actual identity(which is the reason Pat didn't recognize him at first when he called and said he was "the Nerd", because Pat knew him by his real name)... Now I wonder how the Nostalgia Critic fits into this theory :P Well's that's a common Epileptic Tree, if that ever actually happen, that would be a cheap and depressing way to end with the Nerd.

Doug Walker will have a cameo in the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie.
Considering that he and James Rolfe are friends and James had a cameo in Suburban Knights, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that Doug would repay the favor by making a short appearance.

The Nerd is a Puer Magi.
His wish, as above, was to obtain every video game and console ever made and have the time to play all of them. His Incubator, sensing that he was irritable, granted it, knowing that playing all the bad games in the world would make him angry, thus producing grief and making the Nerd a good source of energy. His gear made up of NES add-ons that he uses when he has to get into an epic fight is actually his form as a Magical Boy - his Transformation Sequence always occurs off-screen - which is why the light guns are functional weapons. In between reviewing shitty games, he's fighting Witches. However, he turns out to be unexpectedly diligent (and has the advantage of being of legal drinking age) and refuses to give in to despair no matter how mad he gets, so his Soul Gem doesn't go dark until he finally gets senile enough to let it slip, and he was consumed with all the built-up stress and became a Warlock while playing Boogie on the Wii. He thought it was a heart attack because he wasn't familiar with how the system worked, being a loner who never was on a team with other Magical Boys or Magical Girls. Motherfucker Mike might be a shapeshifting Witch or Warlock that takes on the forms of characters from the Nerd's games to torment him.
  • Him suiting up in the ROB episode was his transformation sequence. ROB itself was a Witch/Warlock, whose original wish was to be a video game hero.

The Nerd is the kid from The Wizard.
Suggested in the end of the NC's review of The Wizard, when he draws glasses and a pocket on the picture of Jimmy. As he grew up, he realized really bad games were out there, but he's got a compulsion to play them anyway because he's a videogame wizard and vents his frustration through reviews.
  • Not to mention that "Jimmy" is an informal form of "James", as in James Rolfe. While he has stated that he and the Nerd aren't supposed to be the same person, that doesn't mean that they can't necessarily both be named James - in the Nostalgia Critic's Nicktoons review, it's heavily implied that the Critic's real name is Doug, the same as his actor's.
  • In the Winter Games episode, he does try to type the name "JAMES" in the name entry screen, but the game only allows him four letters. So, it's not too farfetched to think that he's supposed to be called James too.
    • In the Spider-Man review, Spidey refers to him as James at one point.
  • NERRRDDD!!!!!

The Nostalgia Critic's great revenge would be making the review of the AVGN movie.
It's not a Nostalgic movie, but still... (Maybe he can travel to the future in the Delorean to make it nostalgic enough to review, like he did in the review of The Room).

The Irate Gamer will appear in The Movie.
Not the actual Irate Gamer though, since his ego and jerkassery couldn't take it. Rather, it'll be a Captain Ersatz called "The Furious Gamer", who is essentially the Irate Gamer. And he will be an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, searching for the E.T game before James to compete with him. He(and by extension The Irate Gamer) will get the perfect Take That! by the Nerd basically saying this: "Look, I know who you are, and what you want. But guess what? I don't care about competing with you."
  • Sorry, but Jossed, no Take That! to the Irate Gamer ever appeared in the film. It's likely James doesn't care about Chris.

The Nerd's Powerglove is actually Malecite's hand
Only such a magical ancient power could be a reasonable explanation for how The Nerd was able to land the plane in Top Gun... Oh also, destroying Freddy Krugger and beating Zelda II with a Power Glove.

The AVGN Movie will have a giant ET fighting Super Mecha Death Christ.
This seems to confirm that the movie will have miniature city sets wrecked, and involve puppetry and animatronics. Since the movie will be about ET on Atari 2600, the highlight of the movie will be ET grown into a superpowered Kaiju (possibly possessed by Satan or something) and Super Mecha Death Christ will fight him in a model city.
  • Or, have a merger of Donkey Jesus Riding a Puff of Smoke merged with SMDC 2000BC. It'll be called Super-Mecha Death Donkey Christ. The SMDDC will be equipped with firey smoke coming out of its back, cannon barrels, banana-shaped swords, Power Glove fists and lasers. It can also create tidal waves(which it will ride on, since its a Mecha Jesus), generate a mecha-zombie Lazarus, and a cross-chainsaw spitting from its mouth. To combat, Satan will look like Bowser.

The Nerd is a Reality Warper.
It explains why he can throw Sonic Booms and Hadoukens, fly, breathe in space, summon Super Mecha Death Christ, fire real lasers from light guns and have his basement return to normal after each episode. The downside is that characters from shitty games sometimes defictionalize and harass him.

The Nerd is a Contractor.
See the Reality Warper entry above, with the added bonus of not being an Emotionless Boy (You don't say!). Playing shitty games is his remuneration.

The Game Glitch Gremlin isn't as harmless as you'd think.
I say this because of two reasons. First, he's able to glitch physical reality. Secondly, since this is part of the Channel Awesome universe(what with the crossovers and all), glitches can produce interdimensional monstrosities. After all, the Entity proved to be a very legendary glitch. Given that the Glitch Gremlin seems to be the creator of glitches, there's a very good chance it can unwittingly summon an army of cosmic horrors to do its bidding. Needless to say, the Nerd should be very careful with the Glitch Gremlin.
  • Although, his full title is "the Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin", which implies he only causes graphical glitches.
    • Yeah, but you want to know something? Missingno, aka The Entity's main effect on the game was graphic glitches. Uh oh.

The plot of the movie will be a treasure hunt.
For the millions of copies of ET that remain unsold that were rumored to have been buried in a desert in New Mexico. Why would he look for them? Well, they are a piece of gaming history.

It one-shotted Freddy Krueger, and it allowed the Nerd to accomplish the otherwise impossible tasks of landing the plane in Top Gun and beating Dark Link in Zelda II, despite its reputation for being a non-functional piece of garbage. Clearly, there's something greater about it in the Angry Video Game Nerd universe; perhaps it's a sentient item, a Chaotic Neutral being in the form of a peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with power enough to win any game but instead considering it funnier to be completely useless and frustrating and to see the Nerd's reactions to its failures, but from time to time shows its true power against an incredibly difficult game situation (perhaps seeing a Worthy Opponent). The incident with Freddy might have been All Just a Dream, but equally likely is that the Power Glove had too much "fun" planned for the Nerd to let Freddy kill him, so it inserted itself into the dream to allow the Nerd's survival.
  • Alternatively, the Power Glove is the result of being used improperly. It was originally meant to be a powerful weapon, but the makers ran out of funds to complete it. They decided to get members of Nintendo to help, which required endorsing. The deal was that they would have lots of Power Gloves produced, and Nintendo would use it as a video game plug. It's magical in nature, hence why Malachite uses it. The rare occasions when it works as a gaming console? The magic inherent in the device is allowing the Nerd to control the game itself with no need of a console.

The Angry Video Game Nerd was the first/one of the first victims of the Entity.
The Angry Video Game Nerd has not only fought off a slew of Hollywood monsters, but is a master at video games(need I remind you of the Nintoaster?) Who else on Earth would be more of a threat to a glitch from a video game?

The Angry Video Game Nerd will not die from a heart attack playing Boogie.
He will die trying to play the Kinect in the cramped spaces of his basement as his surrounding collections crush him under their own collective weight.

The Bullshit Man will have a cameo on a future AVGN episode.
Because why not.
  • Confirmed — in the Tiger handheld games episode.

The Angry Video Game Nerd is a clone of the Angry Nintendo Nerd
In the Friday the 13th episode, the Nerd creates three clones of himself. Freddie kills three of the four Nerds, but who's to say it's the original? The following episode was a review of the Power Glove, but was still part of the same three-parter; but the episode after that was the Chronologically Confused episode wherein he was first billed as AVGN (in which he wasn't shown on-camera except for the drawing at the beginning), then the one after that was his first non-NES review ("Rocky" for the Sega Master system) which cemented that he was no longer limited to NES games. Is it because the real nerd was dead and his clone thought better of the Nintendo mandate?

The Angry Video Game Nerd will review Action 52 Owns.
He'll undergo a Mind Screw or Logic Bomb at the end result that is a playable game.
  • Him reviewing a fan-made game isn't entirely out of the question, since he did tackle the fan-hack Castlevania II Redaction at the end of his Desert Bus review, so the only real obstacle would be the fact that it's entirely possible that he doesn't even know about the existence of that game.

The Game Graphics Glitch Gremlin is one of the Entity's horcruxes.

Cooper from Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie will be a recurring character
Cooper was a fun Foil to the Nerd, so I'm hoping he starts making appearances.

The Nerd has been getting Anger Management lately
I mean, it's pretty plausible. You can look at his newest videos like "Hong Kong 97", where Nerd barely even gets angry. In fact, he laughs at the ridiculousness of that game.

Woody Woodpecker was impersonating Bugs Bunny the whole time (in both episodes).

Compared to his history of being a Jerkass, is Bugs Bunny really a vengeful dick as portrayed in AVGN?

The full Shit Scale (including LJN titles outside Tier 3, excluding titles already mentioned):

  • Tier 1: Sega CD, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout, Colecovision, Battletoads, Noah's Ark NES, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Milon's Secret Castle, Magnavox Odyssey, Street Fighter 2010, Ninja Gaiden, Swordquest, Zelda II, Day Dreamin' Davey, Nintendo World Championships, Ghosts N Goblins, Spiderman: Maximum Carnage, The Punisher, Get a Clue, Lethal Weapon, Seaman
  • Tier 2: McKids, Wally Bear and the No Gang, Double Dragon III, Spiritual Warfare, Die Hard, Independence Day, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Rambo, Intellivision, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Superman NES, Dracula, Frankenstein, Atari Jaguar, Mario is Missing, Crazy Castle, Godzilla, Wayne's World, Rob the Robot, Ikari Warriors,
  • Tier 3: Rocky, Bible Adventures, Super Noah's Ark 3D, King of Kings: The Early Years, Ghostbusters II, Silver Surfer, Both Simpsons Games, Home Alone 2, Star Trek, Lester the Unlikely, Kid Kool, Conan, Predator, Toxic Crusaders, Bayou Billy, Tagin' Dragon,
  • Tier 4: Bible Buffet, Atari 5200, Ghostbusters, Sega 32X, Fester's Quest, Deadly Towers, Sunday Funday, Terminator 2 SNES, Hydlide, Bubsy 3D, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, , Mattel Hyperscan,
  • Tier 5: Dragon's Lair, Shaq Fu, Superman 64, Winter Games, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures, Universal Theme Parks Adventure
  • Tier 6: The Power Glove, Atari Porn Games, Atari Jaguar CD, Little Red Hood, RCA Studio II, R Zone, LJN Video Art
    • He seems to suggest that Tier 5 is solely for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
[[Corollary of the above: The Nerd will add a White to the Shit Scale, equal to a Tier -1]]It will include legitimately good games with only minor to moderate flaws.

Polybius' ability to manipulate people is limited to common tasks from the era in which it was created.
It could hypnotize the Nerd into setting up his video camera to record it and locking himself in the building with a combination lock, because those were common devices in use in 1981, but it couldn't stop him from editing out the gameplay footage before uploading the videos, since video editing by computer was all but unknown back then.

The "Bloodstain" Bears actually are straight-out horror books
Judging how they acted on the finale of the Berenstain Bears episode, its possible that, while the differences between the Berenstain Bears and the Berenstein Bears are just one letter on their last names, the Bloodstain Bears are straight up titular antagonists of a series of horror books.

The "TV-Game Guy" wasn't himself at the Pepsiman cutscenes
He was forced to "happily" promote Pepsiman by chugging on Pepsi and eating potato chips.

James Rolfe is aware that the Irate Gamer exists, but he doesn't care about the Irate Gamer ripping AVGN off and doesn't want to support the Irate Gamer Hate Dumb
This troper is probably screwed...

ROB wasn't demonstrating Surprisingly Realistic Outcome in the Spawn games review's finale; it was an intentional effort of being The Load to the Nerd.
They still remember how the Nerd destroyed their goals of replacing every game with Gyromite and Stack-Up, and chose to not help him at the final test in Spawn: In the Demon's Hand in hopes that he'd lose and be trapped into Jekyll and Hyde. Their plan, fortunately, backfired.


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