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The killer of the deep cover family in Season Two is Claudia.
  • As they said themselves, go down the list. It needs to be somebody with a motive, with knowledge of the agents, and with an awareness.
    • Jossed as of the season two finale.
The deep cover family killed in the opening was murdered because their daughter blew their cover.
  • It's ultimately going to have nothing to do with their mission, and everything to do with their family.
    • It was to do with their family, but otherwise Jossed.
Nina failed her polygraph.
  • Stan can be fooled, but he's unlikely to be that easily fooled.
Henry figures out who the Jennings really are.
  • Paige has been poking around a bit, but it's Henry who will actually pull the trigger, and who's interested in electronics.
    • Jossed. Paige figures it out first.
The final season has the Jennings simply cutting contact with the fall of the Soviet Union.
  • They literally become Americans.
    • Jossed. The show ends in 1987 with Philip and Elizabeth fleeing back to Mother Russia after Stan finally finds out the truth about them.
Claudia will return as the Jennings' handler in Season 3
  • With the death of Kate, the Jennings need a new handler. Most fans would love to see Claudia return as a major character.
    • Jossed. Their handler is the returning Gabriel (mentioned in Season 1 as their former handler).
      • Claudia finally returns to handler duty after Gabriel's retirement in Season 5.
Andrew Larrick has done work as a CIA black operative
  • He's a Navy SEAL, but he's also very skilled at espionage tradecraft (for example: he burns a KGB safehouse and decodes a message using a cypher pad). He's probably done "off the books" work for the CIA and received spy training as part of it.
The third copy of the Echo code is being kept at Area 51
  • In "Echo", Stan is told by an Air Force General that there are three copies of the Echo code: one is kept at the Pentagon, the other is kept in Cheyenne Mountain (a.k.a. NORAD), and the other is being kept in a top secret location that he does not know about. The Nevada Test and Training Range (known in pop culture as Area 51) is a large, secretive military airfield whose purpose has never been publicly revealed. However, the most common theory is that it is used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Going by this, it would make sense that the third copy of the Echo Code would be kept there, as CIA documents declassified in 2005 have confirmed that stealth aircraft were tested at that facility.
Season 3 will have many more flashbacks to Philip and Elizabeth's childhood
  • There were none in season 2, but as season 3 seems to be headed in a direction about their kids' futures, or more specifically, the battle for Paige's soul, if not Henry's as well, we will see a lot more about how Philip and Elizabeth were recruited into their roles. (And hopefully they will use young Russian-speaking actors, because bless them for trying, but Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell just can't pronounce Russian correctly, and it sticks out especially when a large chunk of the show takes place in The Rezidentura, where the actors are all fluent.
The Center learned a lesson from the Emmet/Leanne debacle, but not the one it should have
  • Nope, but the premiere of Season 4 had one.
  • The Center clearly didn't know that it was Jared who murdered their agents in the season 2 premiere, and they probably found out about it from Philip and Elizabeth. However, by then they'd already decided to take a different approach with the second-generation illegals program. After Emmet and Leanne refused to recruit Jared, instead of dropping the idea, they decided to simply not ask the parents for permission in the first place. Someone has already starting working on Paige — probably at her church — and Philip and Elizabeth were only ordered to use Paige themselves since they were witness to Jared's confession. The Center is covering its tracks by pretending that it always intended to honour the parents' wishes in regards to their children, so that when Paige is recruited, Philip and Elizabeth can say it was what they did themselves on orders. The Center knows that angering Philip and Elizabeth is very very dangerous for them, and were probably gambling on whether the Jenningses would cooperate. Someone in Moscow probably said "oh crap" (or "ёб твою мать") when Philips words to Arkady were reported. Everything has already been set into motion.
Paige is the one who ends up blowing the Jennings' cover
  • As Paige gets more involved in the peace movement, she comes onto the FBI's radar. Philip and Elizabeth eventually get caught by a wire-tap originally intended to gather intel on their peace-loving daughter.
    • Confirmed as of the Season 3 finale, but not in the above way: she calls her pastor over the phone and tearfully confesses they're Russians, not Americans.
The Jennings' phones are always kept tapped by their superiors
  • Paige's call leads to the pastor and his wife either being killed in an "accident", or they abruptly "disappear", with "evidence" planted that they were confidence tricksters or embezzlers. Either scenario causes Paige to act in ways that make her an even greater danger to her family.
    • While the above scenario is jossed, the Jennings tapped or bugged Pastor Tim's phone sometime after Paige's revelatory call, and later discover what Paige told him.
    • Pastor Tim and possibly even his wife Alice narrowly averted being killed anyway, entirely due to accidental circumstances and a belated realization of devastating Paige.