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    Pre-release theories 
Theory on Twitter photos releases for the sequel
The symbiote crash-landed during FDR's presidency and was taken into FBI custody. Recently, Oscorp was being contracted to study it. The scientists assigned with this task? Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr. It's very likely that thing Richard was worried about the night Peter was left with May and Ben.
  • Jossed.

Gwen is gonna die.
Given that Emma Stone said for a while that her character arc is going to closely follow the comics, what is Gwen Stacy most famous for... Yeah. Maybe she shouldn't have said that...
  • Also, remember the twitter pic of the FDR sticky notes? Roosevelt Island runs through the Queensboro Bridge.
  • Additionally, she goes about yells out Peter's name on a crowded street by accident. If one of the villains, namely Goblin, was around to hear this and puts two and two together, it would go onto the Night Gwen Stacy Died plot. Or alternatively, the last moments of the film is her being taken and being tossed off the bridge as revenge by another villain, leading somewhat of a Sadistic Choice Sequel Hook.
  • Surprising no-one, this has been Confirmed.

Harry doesn't become a Goblin
But rather Venom, much like his Ultimate Spider-Man incarnation.
  • Jossed - he turns into the Green Goblin, as his dad seemingly dies.

The Goblin's suit from the poster is only a prototype
In the third movie, Norman's insanity will lead to him modifying it for a more...theatrical, design. Something like this. (I couldn't find a good picture from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #34)
  • Makes sense. If nothing else, Harry needs a mask or something. Otherwise, it'd be pretty easy for people to connect him with Oscorp.
    • That Green Goblin may not be Harry. The most recent trailer shows Norman Osborn, looking extremely old and covered with green boils. Perhaps his attempts at a de-aging 'potion' have led to some rather interesting side-effects?

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, will be in this movie.
  • Confirmed - she's in the movie, but only with her regular identity.

The various villains will fight each other, with Electro coming out on top.
Remember all the criticism Spider-Man 3 got for having too many bad guys? This movie will try to fix that problem by thinning the plot out so that Electro firmly take the spotlight. And some Evil vs. Evil action makes an excellent excuse for that. Green Goblin and Rhino are there mostly to set up sequels.

As for why Electro would win: he's a guy who can command electricity. Rhino wears Powered Armor and the Green Goblin relies heavily on gadgets. Do the math.

  • Jossed-Electro teams up with Green Goblin, and Rhino has no interaction with Electro at all, and only appears at the end.

If Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin, he will use his Ultimate Marvel look.
Mostly because it makes him visually distinctive from his son, who appears to be using the more mainstream Goblin look. The filmmakers can do things with Ultimate Goblin that they couldn't do with Mainstream Goblin.

Harry isn't the GREEN Goblin
More like Hobgoblin or Proto-Goblin. Norman is just letting him test out the gear.
  • The Merch is calling him the Green Goblin, so Jossed. So do the end credits.

Peter's promise to George will haunt him here, leading to Gwen being Spared by the Adaptation
(First note that I'm operating under the belief that the Goblin pictured is not Harry; I personally can't see why people think its him; it looks more like Norman's actor wearing make-up then it does Harry's)(Second note, this is also what I chose to do since Gwen's death is a serious Women in Refrigerators, and while it brought on the best point in comics, the Bronze Age, it also started one of the worst clichés in comics; this idea serves as a compromise)

Throughout the film Peter will be plagued by guilt over his continued relationship with Gwen; he can't bear to hurt her by breaking up with her but he doesn't want her to be in danger, and as such is getting slightly over-protective. During the film, after dispatching Rhino, Peter will confront Norman, discovering he's now Goblin-ized. They'll fight, and during this Norman manages to grab Gwen and take her to the bridge. However, Peter will save her and be forced to abandon to fight to do so; as he goes, Gobby will taunt him about what's happened to Max Dillon, and after securing Gwen, Peter goes to deal with Electro. In the end, Peter has no proof of Norman's Goblin side, and will be forced to deal with him another time; but, to protect Gwen, who's severely traumatized by what happened, he breaks her heart and she goes to live under Witness Protection due to her ordeal with the Goblin. To make it symbolic, their break-up will happen on the same bridge, so while she lives, their relationship 'dies' there.

  • Half-Jossed. Peter's promise does haunt him, but Gwen is dead and buried by the end.

The Fourth Film will be Sinister Six
The third film will deal with Norman's Goblin, with Doc Ock and Vulture popping up as Co-Dragons, but the fourth film will have Ock ascend to Big Bad status and form the Sinister Six: Himself, Vulture, Electro, Rhino, and newly introduced villains Chameleon and Scorpion (or possible Kraven, a re-Lizardized Lizard, or maybe Black Cat as an Anti-Villain Vampy love interest or any two other villains), as he plans to steal control codes for prototype drones from Oscorp, and Take Over the World. It will be epic.
  • Apparently and sadly Jossed, as the Sinister Six have their own spin-off movie.

The Third Film will be about the Sinister Six and the Fourth Film will be about Venom
Another theory is that in the third film after Spider-man defeats Goblin, Electro and Rhino the Goblin (whoever it is) decides he didn't have enough forces to defeat Spider-man so he engineers the creation of Doctor Octopus and Vulture, breaks Doctor Connors out of jail and forces him to become the Lizard to be the sixth member of his ranks. Remember in the full trailer when Spider-man says one day he will come across a threat he won't be able to defeat under his own power? With the sinister six being that threat Spider-man will have to find a way to increase his power to stop them from taking over the city so he breaks into Oscorp and finds the Venom symbiote. With this new suit he manages to beat the sinister six but does something he regrets (probably killing one of them) and after they are beaten he tears the suit off him and it attaches to whomever they want Venom to be in this film series. The fourth film will then have solely Spider-man vs Venom with Venom trying to ruin Spider-man's life by killing those he cares about and/or trying to reproduce his symbiote to infect everyone in New York City like in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.
  • Sinister Six and Venom will have their own spin-off movies, but the end of ASM 2 hints that the Six might be part of movie 3.

General spin-off ideas.

Sony has said that they want to make their own film universe to compete with the MCU. Here's just a place for random ideas.

  • Venom. Kind of a no-brainer; they've been trying to get Venom his own film for years. Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson could be the protagonist.
    • Confirmed!
  • Sinister Six. Spidey has one of the best rogues' galleries in comics, and a villain-centric film would be a good way to capitalize on that. Like say, have a bunch of sort-of sympathetic Spidey villains team up for a heist or something.
    • Confirmed!
  • Daily Bugle. A TV series focusing on the staff of the Daily Bugle as they try to report the facts in a post-Spidey New York. Joe Robertson, Betty Brant, Ben Urich, Old JJ...there's a bunch of colorful personalities that can bounce off each other for an ensemble. If you really want to go the Agents of SHIELD route, you could throw in Mary Jane as the plucky intern.
    • They have a Tumblr, if that counts for anything.
  • Spider-Woman. Helps fill a demand for superheroines on the big screen. Maybe bring in elements of the Ultimate Clone Saga so that Spider-Woman has a more direct connection with Spidey.

Harry will be Green Goblin I. Norman will be Green Goblin II in Amazing Spider-Man 3.
In reverse of the comics, Harry will be the first Green Goblin, and probably very briefly given that Electro is supposed to be the main primary antagonist. Norman, evidently still dying in this movie, will have the cure Oscorp has been trying to create by the third film, but it will drive him insane, give him powers, and/or mutate him.
  • The first part has been Confirmed. The second part is uncertain given that Norman supposedly died.

General speculation for how the rest of the series will go.
ASM 2 will end with Gwen Stacy dying in a Heroic Sacrifice, thereby paying tribute to the comics while still giving Gwen some more agency in the matter. All three of the villains (with the possible exception of Harry Osborn) will be arrested and sent to Ravencroft Institute - the same facility where Connors was sent - for psychological evaluation and treatment. As a big ending twist, it's then revealed that Ravencroft Institute is actually a front for Oscorp, which fully intends to keep using the supervillains to their own ends. All of the supervillains are the results of various, mad science cures Norman had been developing for his condition, based on the research of Richard Parker.

  • Semi-Confirmed. Gwen dies heroically, but not in a Heroic Sacrifice; she is murdered after saving the day. Ravencroft is an Oscorp front, but its not a "big ending twist"; its revealed after the first act. Harry is sent to Ravencroft for treatment at the end, but not Electro or Rhino (who is actually busted out of prison to become that character on Harry's orders). Although all of the super villains are the result of mad Oscorp science, only Goblin-Harry has anything to do with Richard researching a cure for Norman's condition; Electro is a freak accident, and Rhino is Power Armor.

ASM 3 will chronicle Peter's ongoing efforts to bring down Oscorp and learn the truth about his parents' disappearance. At this point, Peter is struggling under the strain of his responsibility and his guilt over Gwen's death. This gets compounded by the arrival of Kraven the Hunter, an assassin under Oscorp's employ. This Kraven will be largely inspired by the "Kraven's Last Hunt" storyline: a crazed, relentless hunter with nothing to lose and everything to gain with one last job. Kraven represents a more psychological and personal threat, one that can prey on Peter's insecurities and fears. Oscorp takes a stronger role here, by having the various supervillains work in concert with Kraven and advance their goals. By the end of the film, Peter manages to overcome Kraven and expose Oscorp's evil activities. Norman Osborn apparently dies, but not before being exposed to an overdose of the Goblin formula. Satisfied that he's done the right thing and brought peace to his family legacy, Peter retires from Spider-Man and settles down for a normal life with Mary Jane.

Then the Venom and Sinister Six spin-offs get released, which detail a New York without Spider-Man. In the Venom film, Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson both get their hands on the Venom symbiote - a strange piece of Oscorp science that fell into their hands after Norman's exposure - and use it to create their own web-slinging vigilante. Flash does it because he wants to do the right thing, while Eddie does it because he wants to reignite his failing journalism career by making his own, exclusive story. They end up sharing the suit and eventually struggling for dominance over it while fighting other Oscorp experiments that got loose on the streets of New York.

The Sinister Six film chronicles the experiences of the remaining supervillains as they try to return to normal lives without the influence of Norman Osborn...except it doesn't work out. Both because the Sinister Six is made up of some pretty screwed up people and because Norman's still alive as the insane, new Green Goblin (using the Ultimate Marvel interpretation of him as a hulking goblin monster) and refuses to let his pawns go. Turns out the Goblin formula didn't cure Norman, just delayed his inevitable demise. The fall of his company, the failure of his cure and turning into a giant goblin monster have taken a serious toll on his sanity, so he decides go out in blaze of glory by taking New York with him. The Sinister Six struggle against him, but they eventually lose when it's revealed that Norman had all of the Sinister Six implanted with an explosive dead man's switch, forcing the Six back into his employ. Both of these set-up the climactic ASM 4.

ASM 4 will be a massive, Avengers-esque crossover between the Spider-Man films, Venom and the Sinister Six. With the Sinister Six as his unwilling allies, he uses the leftover mad science experiments - other symbiotes, some Spider-clones - and unleashes them onto New York City, quickly taking control of the island. NYC gets put under government quarantine, so Peter must come out of retirement, team up with Venom (and maybe some other Spider-heroes - Jessica Drew could show up, for example) to bring down Osborn once and for all.

  • Jossed. The Amazing Spider-Man series has been cancelled do to Andrew Garfield being fired. Maybe the MCU series will do this?

The Green Goblin, whoever he will be, will be the Greater-Scope Villain
He'll mostly just manipulate things like Electro and Rhino from behind the scenes. He'll only have one brief fight with Spidey, as seen in the trailer, but otherwise remain in the shadows.
  • Jossed. Electro is The Heavy while the Green Goblin is the real Big Bad of the film.

The relationship between Spider-Man and his enemies is an alternate Avengers.
Spider-Man, like Loki, is the catalyst that leads to the formation of a team that opposes him.

Doctor Octopus will be like Nick Fury trying to get the team together.

Curtis Connors/Lizard, like Bruce Banner/Hulk, is a scientist who turned into a big, green creature.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin will be like Tony Stark/Iron Man since he has his own company and advanced technology. Also, he was the Iron Patriot in the comics.

Electro will have electric powers like Thor.

Rhino will be big and tough to fight like Captain America.

Vulture will be like Hawkeye since their names reference birds.

Venom, who is black with spider powers, will be like Black Widow.

Stan Lee will have a cameo saying, "Supervillains in New York? Give me a break!"

Peter will get his job at The Daily Bugle
It's been confirmed that Peter's journalism career will factor into the tie-in video game.

The Green Goblin is a Peter Parker clone.
I mean, he kind of looks like Andrew Garfield.
  • Nope! It's Harry Osborn.

All we've seen of the Goblin so far is supposed to be blurry
Clearly there's something they don't want us to know.
  • Maybe, but there's no plot-related deception to be had here - the Green Goblin is Harry.

Based on the trailers, after the first battle with Spidey in Times Square, Electro is approached by Green Goblin and they team up
Electro is the Disc-One Final Boss at the power plant, and Green Goblin is the final villain of the movie.
  • Confirmed.

The Sequel Hook will feature Miles Morales
And he will be played by Donald Glover. With a full team up in Amazing Spider-Man 3.
  • Jossed.

The Green Goblin is a Semi-Lizard.
The cure for Norman's disease will be a slightly more stable version of Connors' formula, which he'll test on Harry. Given Harry's appearance in the posters, evidently the serum still wasn't quite ready.
  • Jossed.

Gwen Stacey won't die.
The social media advertising has been putting an odd amount of focus on Gwen and paying prices and stuff like that, and promotion hasn't shied away from showing her in the iconic outfit from the comic where she dies> It's a little suspicious to put so much focus on her dying before the movie is out...
  • Or it's similar to Marvel Studios strategy for Winter Soldier. All the fans will either know/figure it out before it happens, so the twist is there solely to shock non-hardcore fans whilst building fan excitement.
    • That one was really more to distract everyone from the real twist that Hydra has been within S.H.I.E.L.D. since the beginning.
  • Jossed. She's dead.

The American release will have an additional stinger
It happened with The Avengers, and an important scene for the future of the franchise was filmed, but was not included in the international cut of the movie. What if Marc Webb wanted to save the plot twist for the last release of the movie to generate more discussion after the initial spoilers for the movie got out?
  • Jossed, but the scene in question may still be considered canonical.

    Post-release theories 
Norman Osborn faked his death
Not being able to legally under go human testing on the spider venom despite Spider-man being massive evidence it will work and running out of time, Norman informs Harry and fakes his death so Harry will try the venom and Norman can observe the effects.
  • This confirms that he isn't dead, provided it's canonical - but given that he's amputated, it's not likely that he was the one who faked his death.

Amazing Spider-Man 4 will adapt the Clone Saga.
Amazing Spider-Man 3 will end with Harry's death. In the fourth movie, it will be revealed that Norman faked his death, and he will seek revenge against Peter for Harry's death, so he will mastermind the clone saga.
  • And if they end up covering the Clone Saga, Tobey Maguire will play the Scarlet Spider - because that would make for an awesome Casting Gag, and it would make sense given the direction that the storyline goes into.

Aunt May knows that Peter is Spider-Man
Given various pieces of dialogue between the two, it seems very likely.

Captain Stacy's ghost was really haunting Peter
It wasn't all in the mind.
  • So is it possible that will get much worse now that his daughter, whom he'd hoped to protect from Peter's life as Spider-Man, is dead?

Captain Stacy's ghost is not a ghost
captain stacy is not dead, anymore. he has been resurrected as morlun. who after mostly lucking in the background will be the villain for movie 5.

Like with the last two films, someone close to Peter will die near the end of the third movie
With Captain Stacy dying in the first film's climax, and Gwen Stacy dying as well near the end of the second film, I wonder if Aunt May will be the next to die, and one of the last scenes in the third movie will be her funeral.
  • Or possibly Harry, after he has a Villainous BSoD over his actions and expresses regret for everything he's done, but Peter is unable to save him.

The third film will feature the plotline of issue #144
  • specifically Gwen being brought back as a clone, like in the comic, she has no memory of anything. Peter is grateful she's alive regardless, though at the point he's already fallen for Mary-Jane and is torn between the two of them.

This continuity's version of Doc Ock will be Carolyn Trainer (Lady Ock), not Otto Octavius.
  • The Webb films seem unwilling to rehash storylines already done by the Raimi films as shown by how they kill off Norman Osborn while making his son become the Green Goblin.

Harry isn't Norman's son, he's his clone.
Norman doesn't seem to have a wife, nor Harry a mother. Norman decided to hedge his bets if a cure wasn't found and started looking into cloning technologies. He abandoned this when it was found out that his condition was genetic and any clone would share his degenerative disease.

Harry didn't inherit Norman's disease, he was given it.
Harry doesn't seem to get sick until after he places the drive on his neck and afterwards there's a sickly discolored rash there. Norman knew his time was running out so he intentionally gave his son his disease in order to motivate him into finding a cure while his body was placed in stasis.
  • Certainly sounds like something Norman would do.

The series will have a crossover with the X-Men movies.
It's pretty much what follows logically from The Stinger - come on, despite the bizarre Executive Meddling reason for it, there's no way this couldn't have at least come to mind with either series' creative team. And with this movie's mixed reviews and not-so-amazing box office performance, Sony will probably have to team up with Fox if it wants any hope of matching the MCU's success.

A "Spider-Man vs. Wolverine" movie would essentially be Marvel's Alternate Company Equivalent of Superman vs. Batman, but let's hope they put Bryan Singer in charge rather than ASM2's creative team.

Lineup of the Sinister Six
Harry's plans involve creating the Sinister Six using Oscorp's special projects division, and so far there has been several teases about who could be in the group. The Creative Closing Credits from the phone app tie-in seem to reveal who is in the lineup, but then studio representatives said the lineup was not finalised yet. Possible members could be:
  • Green Goblin - Would make sense since he's founding the group, plus his glider appears in the closing credits. Could potentially take a backseat and act as an overseer rather an an actual member.
  • Rhino - Confirmed as the first member at the end of the movie. His Power Armor is in the credits.
  • Electro - Never Found the Body, but may be back for a sequel. May not join due to hating Oscorp, but may equally join to kill Spider-Man.
  • The Lizard - Unlikely since Dr. Connors cares for Peter.
  • Doctor Octopus - His tentacles appeared in the special projects division, and they are in the closing credits.
    • If, as suggested above, Goblin is just the overseer, Ock would probably be the field leader. If Goblin is an active member, Ock could still be second-in-command.
  • Vulture - His flight suit appeared in the special projects division, and in the closing credits.
    • He's by far the most consistent member of the team, after all. (Electro and Doc Ock being the runners up)
  • Kraven the Hunter - Weaponry and lion symbol appears in the closing credits.
  • Mysterio - Possibly appears in the closing credits as a theatre mask with smoke/mist coming out of the eyehole.
  • Chameleon - Speculated to be the theatre mask's owner in the credits due to his talent for disguises and imitation.
  • Black Cat - Felicia Hardy is canon in the series. Speculated to be an alternate identity for the lion symbol in the credits rather than Kraven.
  • Sandman - Unseen in the series so far, but possible.
  • Scorpion - Name dropped by Marc Webb.
  • Venom - The symbiote appeared in early film trailers in place of Rhino's mech, and a Venom movie has been confirmed.
  • Shocker - appears in the Daily Bugle tumblr website, and built his own weapons.
  • The Beetle - because using a Latverian mercenary would be a great way to tie the Marvel Universe together for crossover purposes
  • The Living Brain - obscure villain for the win!
  • Pity - they already have the Gentleman

The "Paranoia" voices in the soundtrack when Electro appears are not just parts of the songs...
...but Max's thoughts being projected out of electronic devices in the area. During the Times Square fight, after Max is shot by the sniper, the song starts with "He lied to me...he shot at me...he hates me...he's using me...", and Spidey says "Stay with me, Max!". He could hear the voices, and knew Max was beginning to lose it.

The Sinister Six will be:
  • Green Goblin - The Big Bad
  • Doc Ock - The Dragon - Otto has been mentioned as a world-renown nuclear researcher in contact with OsCorp, meaning he may have been a close associate of Norman's. Armed with an old invention of his, four powerful robot tentacles, he will be second-in-command of the Six and the first to question Harry's commands.
  • R.H.I.N.O. and Kraven the Hunter - The Brute - R.H.I.N.O. has been covered, but Sergei Kravinoff will be a big-game hunter and mercenary, who joins the Six simply for the challenge of hunting a prey as elusive as Spider-Man. As Kraven, he'll be given powerful performance enhancers and black ops equipment developed by OsCorp to add to his already-considerable hunting abilities.
  • Mysterio - The Dark Chick - Like R.H.I.N.O., Quentin Beck will have little personal motive for joining. Maybe he just wants the holographic equipment Harry can provide him with to enhance his special effect talents.
  • Vulture - The Evil Genius - As you can see, Dr. Adrian Toomes was an OsCorp engineer who worked on electromagnetic anti-gravity tech before being fired by Donald Menken when they lost a military contract. Naturally, this would give him motive for joining the group armed with the flightsuit he invented, as revenge against the company is one of Harry's secondary objectives.
  • "The Gentleman" - The Team Benefactor

Felicia is already the Black Cat
The whole "secretary" thing is just a cover while she hacks Oscorp's bank accounts
  • If this theory is true, Then Harry was right to say: "EVERYBODY WANTS MY MONEY!"

The man sent to kill Peter's parents was The Finisher
For anyone unfamiliar with the character (which isn't hard at all), he was an assassin sent to kill Peter Parker in the comics by the Communist Red Skull, Albert Malik. And he ended up getting killed by his own missile in a battle with Spider -Man.

Now, why do I bring this up...because his real name is Karl Fiers, and The Gentleman's real name? Gustav Fiers, the two were brothers, and Karl was one of the few people Gustav actually cared about.

With this in mind, Mark Webb said to watch out for The Gentleman, so could it be that he personally wants revenge on Peter because his parents killed his brother?

Rhino will be defeated and not part of the Sinister Six.
The third movie will continue from the ending and have Spider-Man pone Rhino quickly, preventing him from being a Sinister Six member. And then he will never be seen again.

When J. Jonah Jameson appears eventually, it will be a Stan Lee cameo.
Stan Lee already had a cameo in this movie, so showing Jameson would have confused people.

J. Jonah Jameson is an AI.
Much like some versions of Jarvis from Iron Man.

Felicia Hardy will become this series' incarnation of the Vulture (i.e. the Vulturess).
Because that's honest-to-God what was going to happen in the Raimi films had they continued on with Spider-Man 4. All of the buildup to Toomes traditionally taking up the title will be a Red Herring (that, or he's quickly indisposed and Felicia becomes his distaff successor), and, to give this crackpot theory the ever so slightest degree of plausibility, Felicia was on good terms (relatively speaking) with Harry before his meltdown hit full-swing, so maybe that'll be his way of "rewarding" her. Managing to actually make this utter peculiarity of a What Could Have Been work would be a stupendously hilarious show of one-upmanship against the original trilogy.

Dr. Kafka is actually Otto Octavious.
Notice how Kafka is way more interested in the science of Max's powers than his actual mental well-being. Almost as if he's not a doctor in the psychiatric field. Maybe the real Kafka was suspended or detained, and Octavious borrowed her security access credentials to infiltrate Ravencroft and study Max for Oscorp. If the authorities found out, records would show that Kafka headed the project, and the real Kafka would either be held responsible for illegal human experimentation, or not found suspicious at all due to her employment at the facility.
  • This troper was also thinking Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer.

Spider-Man died fighting the Rhino
The reason the film ended so abruptly was because the Rhino ended up killing Peter pretty easily. Peter hadn't been Spider-Man for months and wasn't in the best of shape. What else did you expect in a fight against a Mini-Mecha? It's not like they're making sequels anymore.

Norman making Harry the heir to Oscorp was a Xanatos Gambit of some sort.
He was aware he wasn't very good at being a father to Harry, nor did he care about it that much. However, even he thought Harry shouldn't have to go through something so horrible as succumbing to the same disease, so saving his life was the least he could do for him. Thus giving him his life's work could end in "some" benefit for both of them, wether Harry finds a cure or not. If Harry doesn't find a cure, he will at least die doing something good for Harry for once. If Harry is successful, he can awaken from cryogenic stasis, and both of them would live.

Peter's blood would have revived Gwen
Its been revealed that, had the series continued, Peter would have discovered his blood has resurrective properties. He would have used it to bring his beloved Gwen back to life. Perhaps she would have become Spider Gwen?


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