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    The Man in the Shadows... 

The Man In the Shadows is Norman Osborn
Who else would have the personal interest in Dr. Connors and Peter Parker while having the wherewithal to have access to the prison cell?
  • Jossed

The Man in the Shadows is Richard Parker
He faked his death to dodge his pursuers. The years of being in hiding and protecting his work have made him paranoid and obsessed with his scientific studies. Now he wants to turn Connors and Peter, the only "successful" human subjects in experiments based on his research, into lab rats.

The Man in the Shadows is actor Chris Evans
He is sneaking around other superhero movies, looking for more comic-book roles to snatch, and to that end is hassling the Lizard, demanding a role in a future Spider-Man movie.

The Man in the Shadows is the guy who shot Uncle Ben.
Everything is more connected than we thought. How and why will be answered later.

The Man in the Shadows is Doctor Otto Octavius.
Someone had to say it.

The Man in the Shadows is a white version of Aaron Davis from the Ultimate Universe.
They both have the same stylish hat.

The Man in the Shadows is... Richard Parker
When he asks "Did you tell the boy about his father?" he was talking about how he turned evil and organized the plane crash that killed his wife, but escaped in time, due to being paid by Osborn, for some goal. This is the real "truth about Peter's parents".
  • Also, the black hat that the man has is similar to the hat that was on top of the broom, during the prologue.

The "Man in the Shadows" who appears in The Stinger is Mysterio.
  • His expertise in illusions are what allowed him to appear and disappear.

The "Man in the Shadows" is Norman Osborn
His name was dropped far too many times for him not to appear somehow.
  • But how did an apparently sick and dying man sneak into and out of a prison cell?
    • He is a rich and powerful man. Maybe he bribed the prison guard.
      • There was a flash of scales on someone's neck during that scene. Osborn must have gotten a hold of the formula. Whose to say that it can't be modified into the Goblin formula, using the lizard DNA as a workable base and adding in other animals for the desired effect. And then the DNA overload drives him insane...
      • Jossed by Rhys Ifans, who confirms that the mysterious man isn't Norman Osborn.
      • It's possible he's lying. They've done it before. TDKR SPOILERS: Remember when Marion Cotillard swore up and down that she wasn't playing Talia al Ghul? Look how that turned out.
      • Alternatively, it's technically not Norman, but a separate personality that is/will become the Green Goblin.
    • Also, was it just me or did the person voicing him do his best Willem Dafoe impression? That could be a point either for or against it being Norman.

The "Man in the Shadows" is someone who works for Norman Osborn.
Possibly one of the other villains in Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery who will act as Osborn's Dragon and the main villain of the second movie. The second movie will involve the dying Osborn investigating Peter Parker and searching for a cure through his Dragon. The second movie will end with him using the cure and becoming the Green Goblin, setting him up as the main villain in the third film.

The "Man in the Shadows" is Mephisto and the film series will incorporate the events of One More Day.
The ominous lightning announcing his presence and apparent power of de-materialization may indicate a supernatural identity. Also, fedora.

The "Man in the Shadows" is (the man who will become?) Electro.
  • The lightning is foreshadowing.
  • More than foreshadowing. It's a completely locked cell and Electro isn't in the cell when the door closes. He appears when the lightning strikes at the beginning and disappears when lightning strikes at the end. Because it isn't lightning striking. It's him, leaving and entering the room through the window, traveling as pure electricity.
    • May be partially confirmed, given Jamie Foxx's casting as Electro.
      • Jossed. Electro died in the second movie, and The Man in the Shadows visited Harry at Ravencroft, and when heading to the Special Projects division in Oscorp, the elevator said “Welcome, Mr. Fiers.

The "Man in the Shadows" is Miles Warren, the Jackal.
  • He clearly knows Dr. Connors, and possibly Richard Parker (at any rate he knows what happened to him) - the link between these men that would interest the kind of man who does things like sneak into prison is their work in biology, an area the Jackal would be well acquainted with. Clone Saga for the next movie, perhaps?
    • Jossed. See above.

The "Man in the Shadows" is Morlun.
He has set everything up. All to make Peter Parker a "totem".

The "Man in Shadows" is Eddie Brock Sr.
It would make sense. He could have been looking for the decay rate formula in order to use it for the symbiote. If he's already bonded with the symbiote it could explain how how he was able to sneak into Dr. Connors cell.

The Man in the Shadows is Michael Morbius.
He was mentioned in the tie-in game as the one trying to continue Connors' research, perhaps in an attempt to cure himself of a blood disease like in the comics, or taking Connors' place as the one to find a solution to Osborn's own disease. If he's already experimented on himself, that would explain how he managed to get into Connors' cell.

The Man in the Shadows is really...

The Man in the Shadows is...
The Vulture! I mean really? He would be decently old, maybe actually part vulture because of genetic tampering on the part of Richard Parker? He got angry and killed Richard and Mary fo revenge and now wants Peter dead! How cool would that be?

The Man in the Shadows is Crime Master
Obscure and totally random, I know, but they made a point of showing him fiddling with his hat, as if the hat is some sort of clue. It's the same kind of hat that was worn by Crime Master, who easily relates to Norman Osborn as well as to the criminal groups within NYC.

The Man in the Shadows was someone who just works for Osborn, the real villain of the series
The second film will detail Peter's fall from grace. Norman Osborn will be introduced but the apparent main villain is Vulture, only for Norman to gain powers part way through when he tests the cure on himself. During the course of the sequel, MJ will be introduced but will be a Shipper on Deck for Peter and Gwen, who are still separated. Osborn will end up blackmailing Vulture to stop Peter from finding out about his parents, but eventually kills him to get him out of the way. The second film will be mostly a Start of Darkness for Osborn, and during the climax he will fight with Peter, which ends up with Norman, who along with his powers ends up using a variety of Oscorp prototypes, causing the fight to travel to the closest bridge. Gwen sees this and heads there, and is tragically killed trying to get people out of the way. Peter is unable to save her and ends up watching her die, while Norman gets away. As he ended up wearing something to cover up his face during this, Norman's true involvement isn't noted, and Spider-Man is blamed for the mess, and Gwen's death. Peter promises Norman that he'll bring him down, but he laughs it off. In the end, Norman talks with the Man in the Shadows, but kills him after realizing what he will do with his life. Using the technology at his disposal, he becomes the Goblin in the end.

The second film Norman at first mostly considers Peter nothing more than an obstacle, and has decided to use his power, both as the Goblin and out, to recruit a large gang of followers, using them to take over the city. MJ, who is currently living with Peter and Harry and has noticed his injuries from his adventures, is trying to comfort Peter after Gwen's death, but while he pushes her away, he ends up becoming attracted to her, only for her to turn him down to preserve their mutual friendship and the memory of Gwen, who she became good friends with and roommates in the last film. As the Goblin, Norman declares New York his teritory, and destroys the bridges to take over the city. As Spider-Man, Peter takes the fight to Norman, trying to stop him from taking over the city and fighting to protect the innocents from his gang. With the city now in a state of anarchy, Harry and MJ realize Peter is out there, so they head out to find him. Peter is overwhelmed by a large number of Norman's mooks, but is saved by MJ who runs half of them down with her car. Peter tries to get her to safety but she tells him she knows who he is, and he promises to deal with all this once he's done. MJ returns home to find Norman waiting there, supposedly for Harry, but she clicks onto who he is and alerts Peter via text, who comes back to fight him. Norman attempts to harm MJ, but she fights him off long enough for Peter to arrive. They fight across the city, until eventually, after a long a grueling battle, Norman is apparently killed by his own glider. As Peter returns home, he talks everything out with MJ but the two still don't get together as MJ doesn't feel Peter is over Gwen yet, and doesn't want the same to happen to herself. Harry is alerted to his father's death and is disgusted to find out who he was, but arranges for his identity to be covered up. As Harry leaves the morgue, just as they were about to perform an autopsy on Norman, his finger twitches and his eye opens, revealing he's alive as it cuts to black.I'm still not sure on the second film's name, but for the third I was thinking something along the lines of The Spectacular Spider-Man, with whatever is picked for the second also having a comic book title's prefix used. That would be the first trilogy, a second trilogy dealing with other villains would follow, during the course of which MJ and Peter eventually do get together.

  • Sensational Spider-Man perhaps? At any rate, awesome WMG and I hope this happens.

The Man in the Shadows is Adrian Toomes (Vulture) sans flight gear.

The Man in the Shadows was Chameleon.
Who will be one of Norman's dragons in the next movie with a more powerful villain strength wise. Probably Sandman or Electro.

The Man in the Shadows is actually the Woman in the Shadows and is
Aunt May

The Amazing Spider-Man reboot takes place in the same universe as Fringe and the Man in the Shadows is David Robert Jones.
David Robert Jones is working with Norman Osborn as part of a vast conspiracy with long-reaching, convoluted plans that involve mad science and monster rampages. And he teleported in just to gloat at Conners for "his failure."

The man in the Shadows is The Spot.
How many other villains can actually pass through solid walls?

The Man in the Shadows is Actually...
Jack's father. It wouldn't be the first time he played the helpless victim, only to go and stab his "rescuers" in the back.

The Man in the Shadows is a Time Lord
He was able to get into the cell undetected thanks to his TARDIS.

The Man in the Shadows is Ezekiel Sims.
When Richard Parker and Curt Connors were working on engineering the spiders, Ezekiel was bitten by one of them. He's the reason Peter's dad left, somehow. And it would also almost explain how he got into and out of the cell: the same way Spider-Man got into a locked car without damaging it.

The Man in the Shadows is impersonating Norman Osborn.
He will continue to visit Connors to see what information he can get Connors to spill, while Connors is under the impression that he's simply talking to his employer about things the latter already knows.

The Man in the Shadows is Sam Raimi.
By Peter's "Father", he means the predecessor movie, Spider-Man 3. Connors, having wasted $10 seeing it on opening weekend, doesn't want Peter to know the awful truth.

Each Sequel will be titled The Different Adjective Spider-Man.
For example, The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • Or Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
    • Or The Tangled Web of Spider-Man.
    • And the final film will be The Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • "The Sensational Spider-Man"!
  • Jossed, as least for the sequel.

The Ganali device is a mini-Crucible
Connors wanted to choose Synthesis (combining the DNA of humans and reptiles), but Peter sabotaged his plans when he chose Control.
  • Glad I'm not the only one who thought this.

The second movie will focus on the Osborns
Or at the very least, introduce Harry. Probably after he is kicked out of some fancy private school, to account for his absence in the first one.
  • The "very least" is confirmed, they're looking for a new Harry.
    • Both Harry and Norman Osborn have had their castings confirmed now.

Gwen will die at the end of the next movie
In nothing else, to keep in line with the comics. Not to mention, Emma Stone said in an interview her character's story is a tragic one, and would prefer to see Gwen die because it's pivotal to the history of Peter/Spidey.
  • Alternate theory: She WON'T die, but they'll break up at some point.
    • This is very plausible that Gwen dies. From how the things are played, this plays up some parallels with Batman's The Dark Knight Trilogy. A reboot where the first trilogy starts with the hero fighting their not-so-well-known nemesis (Ra's Al Ghul and The Lizard) instead of their most well known one (Green Goblin and Joker)? Putting bets that the next movie will feature Green Goblin, and considering Goblin was the primary cause of Gwen's death... (and Joker killed off Rachel in The Dark Knight...) Also note that the first films of their pre-reboot (Sam Raimi's and Tim Burton's), they WERE fighting off their most known nemesis right off bat.
    • Alternatively, with the announcement that Electro will be the villain of the sequel, Gwen will last until at least the third film (a minimum of three films are planned)
    • With Captain Stacy wanting Peter to stay away from Gwen so that she won't get hurt and then Peter staying with her anyways, they're pretty much setting her up to die, so that Peter will have something new to angst over as per the rule of the character. Then the end of the second film and probably a good deal of the third film would be "If I had just stayed away from her she'd still be alive!"
      • And running with that theory, after much angsting at the end of the second movie and much of the third (and last?) movie, Peter is finally at peace with himself and ready to move on. Then, in The Stinger of the third movie, Peter finally meets the the girl who Aunt May had been trying to set him up with. She rings the bell, Peter opens and is greeted with the infamous line, "Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot.". Bonus points if she's played by a red-headed Emma Stone.

After the death of Gwen Stacy, Aunt May will want to set Peter up with the neighbor's niece.

The sequel will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
There's the fact that the film's version of the Oscorp building was to appear in The Avengers, but time constraints got in the way of that happening. It's conceivable that with much more time on their hands, they'll probably get a chance to somewhat integrate the ASM sequel into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • That's not possible for legal reasons. Sony owns the Spider-Man franchise; they bought the rights to the concept and a list of characters primarily affiliated with Spider-Man from Marvel Studios in order to make the movies (both the old and new ones). So now Sony owns all the rights to Spider-Man, which means that no other studios can use the concept or characters. The rights to the Avengers, as well as any Marvel characters who haven't been sold to another studio, still belong to Marvel. Since Sony isn't involved with the Avengers, the Avengers can't have Spider-Man, and none of the Avengers can show up in the Spider-Man movies either. Same goes for any character that isn't from Spider-Man, because that's all Sony bought the rights to. Sorry.
    • That doesn't mean a venture into the MCU can't happen at all, just that it would be expensive and difficult. Considering how much money the Avengers raked in, and how much it's going to make in the future with DVD and Blu-ray sales and how much the probable sequel could make, it isn't completely inconceivable that the two companies will attempt to negotiate a deal for Spidey to appear in, say, Avengers 2 or something. Seeing as how TAS is doing really well, and that the lack of Spider-Man and other comics Avengers was one of the biggest complaints about Avengers, there may well be some kind of effort to try to negotiate terms. It's unlikely anything will come out of it, but still... It's not completely impossible.
    • Didn't Sony go bankrupt?
    • All I could find on the Oscorp Building being in the Avenger's New York skyline was that it was a rumor, and part of that rumor was that it didn't happen because the skyline was already almost done. The possibility of a crossover is possible, but not likely. It requires that both Sony and Marvel Studios come to an agreement on the money. One time licensing fee or percentage of the profits? What percentage is fair? Sony refused to allow Incredible Hulk to use the name Empire State University, Spider-Man swinging by in the background, or Tobey Maguire uncredited standing in a crowd scene. To the fans, a collaboration is the most obvious thing; but corporations only see profits and losses. Even loss of projected profits.
    • It's possible that some future event may cause Sony to sell the rights back to Marvel. In that case, we'd either get another Spider-Man reboot as part of the MCU, or the ASM movies would be retconned to be part of the MCU.
  • This would raise the question of why Spider-Man didn't help out during the Chitauri invasion. One could say that he got his powers after the invasion, but then we'd have to ask why New York in the Spider-Man movie doesn't show any signs of damage from the battle.
    • Doesn't it? There do seem to be rather a lot of cranes on a single street towards the end of the film. Enough that there's no way they could all be working on the same site (unless that site covered both sides of the street for several blocks).
  • This article suggests that the producers of Spider-Man are considering a deal with Marvel Studios to make a crossover.
  • It is now official! Spidey will be joining the MCU in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, and both The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six have been canceled.

Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man now.
Because, seriously, claw marks to the face are a pretty good indicator your nephew has been fighting giant lizard-men.
  • She noticed he walked out after seeing George Stacy's announcement.
  • I think this needs some elaboration, because I literally just noticed this scene's importance and came over to see if anyone had mentioned this. Sure, Peter leaves after Captain Stacy's announcement, but it's more than that. When the camera returns to the Parker house, May is making tea listening to the news as it reports that the danger has passed. Connors is in custody and the lizard sickness has been cured via airborne antidote. And then Peter walks in, with scratches all over his face, that can't be the result of some teenage fight club as she sort of fears earlier when Peter's hunting down Ben's killer. There's a flicker of realization that he just saved New York. That he is Spider-man, and that as much as she may fear for his safety, he's embracing his father's philosophy and his Uncle's words, he has the ability to do good and is accepting the duty which comes with that.

Mary Jane will appear at the end of the sequel.
  • Or, maybe, she'll play a major part in the sequel and form a love triangle with Peter and Gwen. Then, Gwen dies...

Uncle Ben's killer will end up becoming Carnage in a future sequel

The mutated, flesh-eating rat is the main villain of the entire series
You thought Sony rebooted the series because of difficulties with Sam Raimi? No, they rebooted the Spider-Man series to tell the story of Peter's most dangerous villain yet...the mutated, flesh eating rat from Conner's lab.

For his foolish crime of not reporting it, Peter allowed the rat to escape, upon which it became more intelligent, and even more bloodthirsty, thus working it's way through the criminal underworld, and eventually overthrowing Wilson Fisk himself, and becoming the undisputed crime lord of Manhattan, mastermining everything that happens to Peter in the next two films, before he's finally revealed as his arch-nemesis at the conclusion of the trilogy.

At that point, Spider-Man will be forced to battle the rat all across Manhattan in an attempt to stop it from consuming Gwen, Aunt May, and everyone he holds dear, and during a dual on top of the Statue of Liberty (in the middle of the night, and during a thunderstorm), Peter will learn the true meaning of sacrifice, and will give his life to save the Earth.

  • This set of films has been confirmed as a trilogy, so I'm totally with you if we change the WMG to 'The mutated, flesh-eating rat will be the villain of the last film'. In fact, it probably planned the whole thing and is the real big bad of the whole trilogy.
    • Agreed, and changed accordingly.

Richard and Mary Parker are SHIELD agents
  • And they were killed for spying on Norman Osborn. What's worse the reason why Osborn figure it out - because Richard was not willing to do human testing.
    • Adding to that, like in the original comics, they had to leave because they were branded as traitors. They also worked for Eddie Brock, Sr., he may have been the one who framed them, thanks to the Red Skull.
    • Marvel owns the film rights to SHIELD though, so at most, they would just be government agents of some sort.

In this universe - Nick Fury is white
  • Because it's not set in MCU.
    • ...But why white?
      • That would be hilarious, the (mostly) mainstream based Avengers have the Ultimate Comics Fury, while the mostly Ultimate Comics based TAS will have the god-ol' mainstream Fury
    • Unlikely, since this movie takes a LARGE number of cues from the Ultimate universe, which is where "Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury" started, they literally modeled Ultimate-Nick after Sam.
    • If This Troper understands the legal issues correctly (which he may not), Nick Fury can't appear in these movies: Sony only has the rights to official Spider-Man characters. (Compare The Spectacularspider Man, which had the same issues.)

Next (or next) movie will feature Black Suit
  • Which would look like luqid latex.
    • And mislead many parents into ragewar claiming that the movie is propoganda of open sexuality in teenagers.
      • Giggidy. As long as Black Cat shows up in a derivative suit. Or Gwen. Or MJ. I'm not picky, really.

The geeky girl is Debra Whitman, only as a brunette.

The geeky girl is Doreen Green

The geeky girl is Carlie Cooper.
  • Oh god please no.....

The geeky girl is Jessica Jones.

The geeky girl is Darcy Lewis.

The villains for the rest of the trilogy will be The Rhino and The Scorpion.
The first movie was about The Lizard and since this movie had a more heavy emphasis on genetics, it only follows that the next movies will feature bad guys who've combined themselves with other animals.
  • Doubtful. The tie-in video game used both characters, and the production team for the film only allowed them to use characters they weren't planning on using in future films. So whilst plans could change, right now we won't be seeing either character in the films.
  • Plus, it's heavily hinted that Rhino is killed during your final fight with him in the game.
    • The Rhino has been casted for the second film, so while he'll probably won't be major villain, this is confirmed.

Related to the theory above, Norman Osborn will become an actual Green Goblin.

The sequel will feature Peter's graduation or have him already attending college.
  • Confirmed, not to mention plot-important: it's Gwen's graduation speech that gets Peter back on his feet after her death.

The Vermin was the lab rat Connors experimented on.

Uncle Ben's killer is Herman Schultz, and he will become The Shocker.
Shocker's always pretty much been a petty crook and hired thug with a slightly-useful suit, which fits with Uncle Ben's killer who seemed pretty small-time (even killing Uncle Ben seemed to be an accident). Since it seems likely that SOMEONE at Oscorp, most likely Norman Osborn himself knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, Uncle Ben's killer might be picked up by them and given the Shocker suit to divert Spider-Man away from Oscorp and perhaps buy them some more time whatever it is they're going to do. Emboldened by the suit, Shocker will go on a larger crime spree and attract Spider-Man's attention, and once it becomes apparent Shocker is the man who killed Uncle Ben, will pursue him. In this way, Shocker would probably act as The Dragon for Norman Osborn since he'd be unlikely to carry a film on his own.

Next movie will be Green Goblin
Because uh duh they were building him up in this film. Likely they'll use the Ultimate version of the character (unfortunately) with Norman using a modified version of the serum (with no Lizard DNA) that physically turns him into a green monster dubbed the Green Goblin. Though he'll probably have the personality of the 616 verse (sadistic and manipulative as opposed to monster like)

In a sequel, Peter will realize that he's slowly turning into a half man, half spider hybrid.
The climax would involve him fighting to get the cure.

The Avengers aren't in New York to help with the lizard because...
Thor invited them all to Asgard for the wedding of one of his friends where there has been much drinking of strong Asgardian mead. Natasha and Bruce are the designated drivers. Asgardian mead is strong enough that Steve is able to reach a pleasant level of drunk before his immune system undoes it. Thor is very drunk. Tony is very very drunk. Clint is cationic and has been in Asgardian intensive medical care for a while now.
  • Someone make a fanfic about this!

The robber killed Uncle Ben by accident.
He seemed decent enough for a man grabbing money from cash registers. He didn't mean to use his gun, but accidentally pulled the trigger while struggling with Uncle Ben for it. He ran away out of panic and because he didn't want to go to jail. In the sequel, Peter will finally catch him and he will tearfully apologize, going willingly to the police.

Gobby in a sequel
Norman will test the Goblin serum on Harry, who will be a new student and Midtown High. With promotion from Oscorp, he will be a Villain with Good Publicity. Norman will hire The Shocker, who will commit crimes for Gobby to foil to increase his reputation. When learning that the Goblin Serum worked for Harry, he uses it on himself to cure him of his illness. He will reveal that he tested the Goblin Serum on Peter's parents, but the side effects of the prototype killed them.
  • I had to do a double take because Gobby is Australian slang for a blowjob.

The second film's theme will be tragedy and the third's will be redemption.
Gwen will be very serious about life as Spider-Man, but Peter will want to be free and happy, so he goes to a party, meets a fun-loving girl (MJ, obviously) and completely misses a tragic event where people die. Gwen gives him a What the Hell, Hero? speech and wonders out loud what he sees in that mindless bimbo. He decides to up his game, defeats an evil villain (my money's on Shocker or Electro) and kicks back because, you know, defeat the main villain, save the day and the film ends. Right? Wrong. Green Goblin turns up and kidnaps Gwen. Peter, having taken on her earlier advice, is on the ball, He gets there, he beats up Goblin and looks like he's about to have saved the day again when Goblin pushes her off a bridge. She dies. The film ends with a funeral like the first film and rather than have a clearly happy, upbeat ending, Peter is being consoled by that party girl from before. Goblin will be wounded so there's no reign of terror between 2 and 3 and Parker's depression means Spidey isn't as visible as he once was.

At the start of the next film, Green Goblin realizes that for all his awesome gadgets, he doesn't have Spider-Man's strength and endurance, and so tests a prototype version of the strength serum intended for his dying wife (he's fine, it's his wife who's dying - noone knows what he looks like as he's a reclusive billionaire so he does whatever he wants) and gets properly goblinified. He goes nuts, his wife dies. He'll have reason to be a batsh*t crazy loon that kills everyone, but he won't be a sympathetic character. His vendetta against Peter is because he effectively put his best researcher out of the picture. Peter should by now have a job at the Bugle and Spider-Man's negative publicity should be fully realized. He has to redeem himself in the eyes of the people of NYC, defeat Green Goblin physically and mentally (Gobby gives a Gwen Mind Screw or two) and learn to forgive himself for Gwen's death. The film will end with Peter admitting his feelings to MJ and Norman Osbourne in prison/an asylum and, with his Oscorp company's stocks dropping at this latest mad-man revelation, his college dropout son (who was at a UK university doing a masters degree in something science-y) inherits control of the company. He doesn't much like science, but he does long for his father's respect. The last scene (before the obligatory post-credits one) is him suggesting to the board of directors that they restart PROJECT X - not necessarily called that, but something that his father and Richard Parker worked on years ago. Something which involves their sons...

Well she's working as an intern at Oscorp and... "Sins Past" anyone?

The guy who killed Uncle Ben got his tattoo removed.
Because honestly, if I was a blond guy with a tattoo on my wrist, and word got round that someone was going around beating up blond criminals and checking their wrists, I'd be pretty nervous. Oh, yeah, and I'd either go bald or dye my hair.

Doc Ock's tentacles will be biological in this series
  • Ock is hired to take Connor's place at Oscorp, and he gains an infection resulting in him growing tentacles. As the film progresses, the infection gets worse, and by the end he's a tentacled being looking like he came straight out of R'yleh.
    • Semi-Jossed. In the trailer for the new one we get a glimpse at some kind of prototype, which is at least partially mechanical. However, the arms seem to be writhing around on their own in a manner similar to an actual cephalopod's.

The villians in the remainder of the series might be
  • The Green Goblin: Come on it was foreshadowed.
  • The Symbiote: Assumeing they plan on setting a stage for the upcoming Venom spinoff.
  • Electro: He was one of Spider-Man's most formidable foes, and the lightning in The Stinger, could be a dead giveaway.
    • Confirmed
  • Carnage: Possibly in the Venom spinoff (Lethal Protector anyone ?).
  • Mysterio: One of the most likely suspects.
  • Jackal: Another big suspect in The Stinger.
  • Villains like the Rhino and Alistair Smythe won't be used because they where used in a game that was 100% precent canon, and the creators of the game said they won't put villians in the video games that were planned for future movies.
    • The Rhino is going to be in the second film, so villains from the games are not off the table.

Norman Osborn knows Peter is Spider-Man
Aside from Peter's links to Connors and his own father's spider research, Spider-Man's webbing is obviously an Oscorp product. If Peter just ordered a stack of these. it wouldn't be hard to trace him. But Osborn and possibly the entirety of Oscorp is keeping quiet for plot reasons.

The Sinister Six will be in the third film
The group will be entirely comprised of animal themed villains, with the shared origin of Curt's/Richard's research but with different animal DNA for each member. Lizard and the 2nd film's villain will both be members to cut down on the amount of necessary character development. The game will be disregarded in continuity, the film makers having lied to Activision to make it more of a surprise when Black Cat is now suddenly half-feline.

The villain of the sequel will be Kraven The Hunter.
A big game hunter, turn Bounty Hunter, turn reality TV star who comes to New York with the intention of hunting down Spider-Man to boost his sagging ratings.

Peter's DNA was messed with previously... mentioned in the trailers and with the Aborted Arc. Peter's going to find out that his parents screwed with his DNA as a kid/before that and someone will tell him that it was stupid to think that one spiderbite would give him all of those cool powers. This will lead to a Heroic BSoD where Peter will start getting more spidery and lose his mind and kill Gwen. I don't think they're that likely to give up that arc when it featured so heavily in the original cut. And that could be "the truth about his parents."

  • There's a reason it's an Aborted Arc. They dropped it because it was very poorly received, they should know better than trying to do it again.

The spider that bit Peter was cross-engineered with Richard Parker's DNA
The spiders are mentioned in the film as being the experiment that showed cross-species genetics was possible, but they just seem to be straight-up spiders. Rather than Peter having had his DNA messed around with as a way to explain how he became Spider-Man where all other test subjects died or turned into mutant lizards, it's the spider itself that was genetically modified with Parker DNA through Richard, like how the Venom suit was in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

The final trilogy villain won't be the Green Goblin, but the Hobgoblin.
  • The Hollywood executive types are generally leery of repeating villains, except for the most iconic ones such as the Joker. Norman Osborn isn't quite at that level yet; so, they're setting us up to think he'll be the big bad guy, but somewhere along the way, a dying Osborn will get pushed out of Oscorp (perhaps literally) by Roderick Kingsley, who will become the Hobgoblin as he looks through Oscorp's research.
    • Are you sure you know what you're talking about? The Green Goblin is the Joker to Spider-Man's Batman, and Norman is one of the most iconic Marvel villains.
      • Yes, he's Spidey's Big Bad, but to the audience at large, the Joker is FAR more iconic.
      • That's just because of the ridiculous amount of Batman hype.

Tobey Maguire will make a Remake Cameo in the next film.

The other conceptual Spider-suits appear in the sequels.
Peter makes a whole array of them, for spares and cos something different doesn't hurt. Makes him a little harder to track, too.

Spider-man will be the villain of the second movie, the sinister six will be the villains of the last
During the second movie, we'll see origin stories for the various members of the secret six, all caused by Peter's attempt to stop his transformation. Man-spider ends up seriously injuring Gwen Stacy, who manages to cure him. The third movie will have Peter dealing with the repercussions, the secret six kidnap Gwen Stacy and expose her to a chemical bath just before Spidey can get to her. She becomes the Black Cat, at first she's brainwashed into fighting Spider-man, but she snaps out of it. She and Spidey team up to fight off the secret six. Spider-man sacrifices his life to save Black Cat, and we fade to black with the remainder of the secret six coming after her. Spider-man 4 follows Black-Cat, who dons a spider-man costume in his honour, resolving the events of the previous film.

Electro will be the Dragon-in-Chief to Norman next movie.
Due to his powers and the fact that in an interview Jamie Foxx said he would be a genius.

Flash was a bully because he had a death in the family and had no one to open up to.
He mentions that 'he gets it' which could be both just words of sympathy but could also be interpreted as him attempting to say that the same thing happened to him. Peter confronting him and acting out might have suggested to Flash that Peter was something he could maybe confide in.

The "Black Suit" and "Venom" stories will be two different films
I think the studios will have learned from past errors that trying to fit Venom and the black suit into the same film doesn't yield good results.What they'll probably do: One film will be about Peter finding the symbiote, using it to boost his powers, realizing what it's doing to him, and getting rid of it. The Stinger will then show Eddie Brock (who will be a Chekhov's Gunman) discovering it. It the following movie, a shadowy figure will be stalking Spidey, and early in the film it's revealed to be Venom. They then have several epic fights.
  • They could probably do a decent Venom/Symbiote in a single movie if they wanted to. The problem with Spider-man 3 was that between Sandman, Green Goblin 2, and Peter's issues with MJ, that film was already full. They crammed Venom in at the last minute due to Executive Meddling and it shows.

Gwen Stacy will be a villain.
It is not completely crazy, especially since in the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity, she is carnage. (Technically her clone, but the point is understood.)
  • Jossed.

Peter has a Stark-phone
And that's how he gets cell reception in the sewers.

Captain Stacy was on the take
Well he has got a rather nice home on a civil servant's pay. It doesn't help he said the police wanted the car theft on the street before hurriedly coming up with a story about wanting to catch the whole gang.
  • Not entirely sure if its a UK only thing or if its true to the US police as well, but high ranking police officers actually get fairly decent pay. Along with the fact we don't know what Gwen's mother does, I don't think its enough to go from 'nice home' to 'working with crooks'.

Oscorp is a front for the SCP Foundation
  • Think about it. Lizards don't have anything in their DNA that would give Conners a Healing Factor, Omnicidal Maniac tendencies or Giant-ness. However, SCP-682 has all of those traits, plus scaly skin and the other reptilian qualities that would make Dr. Conners the Lizard. Perhaps he decided to boost the formula after the Hamsters died by using his connections to the SCP to obtain a sample of 682's flesh, and used some in his Lizard Formula. (this WMG operates on Holly Wood Science and LEGO Genetics, so don't complain that DNA doesn't work that way). But Wait, There's More! In the video game, part of the plot revolves around Vermin infecting people and turning them into more animal-human hybrids. You fight many of them in the sewer, but strangely enough, all of them have scaly skin and other Lizard qualities. This makes no sense, since the only hybrid that could infect others was Vermin (Who was half-rat). Perhaps they are not humans Vermin infected, perhaps the breakout that Vermin lead caused some SCPs stored in the tower to escape too. The Lizard-zombies could then be explained as victims of SCP-088's secretions.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set in an alternative verson of the Raimi-verse where Maguire/Parker never became Spider-Man
  • Instead, he was given the money from the wrestling match and stopped the robber. This got him in the managers good books, who offered him a job as a wrestler full time. He took it, and it was his match that was being promoted in the ring with his mask.

Deadpool was the wrestler, and will be appearing in a sequel eventually.
  • Because the mask was more Deadpool than Spidey.

Rajit Ratha was Osborn's Starscream.
  • Hear me out, he obviously wasn't the nicest guy so how about when he learnt Norman Osborn was dying he began working on a plan to take over Oscorp, maybe even trick Norman's son Harry into signing over control to him, but he had to be seen doing something trying to find a cure for his boss. So when Connors shows him his breakthrough in cross-species genetics he hatches a plan using the veterans hospital: if it works he has it destroyed and continues to pretend to find a cure until he dies and if it turn Osborn into an animal hybrid (the Green Goblin, realizing it may have that effect) he can have the Goblin framed for killing Norman. SO when Connors as the Lizard killed him in the deleted scene he unknowingly stopped a conspiracy to overthrow Oscorp.
    • That sounds pretty awesome, actually. That would've made a nice subplot.

Gwen Stacy will be murdered by Cletus Kasady...before he becomes Carnage.
Peter will almost kill him, then stop at the last minute, and leave him for the authorities, and then in prison, Kasady will come in contact with the Carnage symbiote, and Peter will now have to stop him in that form.
  • Jossed.

Norman Osborn will not become the Green Goblin.
He'll still be a villain, but more in line with his modern portrayal as a rich and powerful puppet master.

BJ Novak is playing Shocker, Doc Ock or Mysterio

Now that the Sinister six are set up for the third film with Green Goblin, Elektro, Vulture and Rhino and BJ Novak cast as an O Scorp employee, he's going to be some sort of technological genius who develops whatever sonic attack is effective against the symbiote which ends with Spider-Man being cured but Eddie Brock becoming infected by it.

Off-screen, Peter met the clerk again
Peter went to the police station to see Aunt May, after she was informed of her husband's death. While she talks to the police, Peter bumped into the jerkass store clerk, who tells him "Are you happy now?", then leaves bumping him with his shoulder.

The REAL reason the Avengers didn't help?
They were busy. Thor was back in Asgard dealing with Loki getting Asgardian Justice, Hulk was laying low somewhere else, Tony was back home dealing with his PTSD that he was shown having in Iron Man 3, while Cap, Nat, and Clint were busy on SHIELD assignments. Fury also didn't get involved because he was busy tracking an Absent-Minded Professor with a fondness for tiny objects and insects, and his bubbly socialite girlfriend.

Felicity Jones will play Black Cat.
Just because I'd like to see Black Cat in a movie.
  • Apparently, she will play a villain, and the only well-known female Spider-Man villains I can think of right now are Black Cat and Silver Sable. She could be playing a more obscure character, but it' unlikely.
  • Confirmed! She makes her first appearance in the second movie as Harry's secretary, and could very well become Black Cat in the third or fourth movie.

Both Norman and Harry will be the Green Goblin.
Assuming the leaked info is accurate, Norman's head will be plastered on Harry's body with Norman in complete control.

Ellen Page will make a cameo as Shadowcat.
As a Mythology Gag, she'll have a brief scene either flirting with Peter or on a speed date. This would be a crossover that worked legally as well, since Sony owns the X-Men movie rights.
  • Except Sony doesn't own the rights to X-Men, 20th Century Fox does

Peter Parker will be killed midway through The Amazing Spider-Man 3...
...and be replaced by Miles Morales, who will defeat the main villain. The fourth movie will be a crossover with Raimi's Spider-Man movies, based on the Spider-Men miniseries.

Future movies or videos games will be inspired by these story arcs.
  • The Night Gwen Stacy Died
  • Green Goblin Reborn
  • The Symbiote story arc
  • The Wedding

Video Game Spin offs

  • The Clone Saga
  • The Grey Goblin story arc
  • Maxinum Carnage
  • Spider-Men

Rhino is going to be a complete joke.

Here's what we know about Rhino so far.

1. Rhino will start the film as a hammy, violent thug who fights Spidey and gets throughly humiliated.

2. Rhino will threaten Max Dillon before his transformation, which prompts Spidey to save Max and set up their relationship for the rest of the film.

Rhino will serve largely as a secondary villain while the main focus is on Spider-Man vs. Electro. After his humiliating defeat, he seeks revenge by getting his hands on some Powered Armor, like the Ultimate Marvel version of the character. As the newest supervillain on the block, he tracks down and attacks Spider-Man during one of his fights with Electro. Rhino acts all cocky, maybe trades a few blows with Spidey, and then Electro gets involved. Electro remembers how Rhino attacked him before, and now he's in a perfect situation for some payback. Electro effortlessly shuts down Rhino's armor, then electro-magnetically picks him up and uses Rhino as a glorified projectile against Spidey. For all his new power, Rhino's the same joke he was at the start of the film.

Whether or not Peter keeps his promise about Gwen will have no effect on her ultimate (no pun intended) fate
Of corse, Peter wouldn't think the same, naturally. But Goblin is seriously twisted. He'd kill anyone just for knowing Peter, much less dating him.

Morbius' origin will be taken from Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
He'll be bitten by a vampire bat that drank Spider-man's blood. My main reason for this theory is that it would fit extremely well with this continuity's focus on Oscorp and Richard Parker's experiments. Given that we already know what that spider venom can do to someone not in Richard Parker's bloodline, it has the potential to create a truly terrifying monster.



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