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The Accountant has a Chekhov's Skill: a camera avoiding superpower
In early scenes, the Accountant's face is obscured in every surveillance photo we see. This is frustrating for law enforcement but not remarkable, until it pays off at the end of the film. In the climax the Accountant can hardly be seen, let alone identified, on a network of cameras. He must be confronted in person to be recognised.
  • At the very least, his attention to detail and highly analytical mindset, not to mention the Training from Hell from his father, probably means he knows all the most likely places for cameras to be posted, taking care to avoid being seen clearly by them.

Cameras are 'blind' to the Accountant because ordinary people are.
The camera 'superpower' described above is a metaphor for how neurotypical people ignore people with different ways of seeing the world.

Braxton is a sociopath

Well, he as much as lampshades this during a conversation with a man he has been hired to kill, but in the flashbacks, he seems to be a bit passive and disconnected from those around him from what little we see, despite his parents claim that he and Wolff are inseparable. When Wolff has his meltdown over missing the last puzzle piece, Braxton just passively watches until Justine gives Wolff the missing piece. Of course, this could just as easily be him being accustomed to Wolff's outbursts and not reacting to it as if it's something unusual. If nothing else, it's likely just what happens when a kid is raised by the kind of father they had.

  • Freewheeling off from that thought, it seems fairly likely that it was their father, and not Wolff, that was the main reason for Braxton and Wolff's mother leaving. Even when their last argument centered on Wolff, her complaints had more to do with his father's choices in how to deal with it than with Wolff himself.