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Suede's not really gone on a mission.
He's been abducted by a crazy group of fangirls who hate Doug ever since he posted his Twilight review and will stop at nothing to get their revenge! This should result in an epic rescue mission.
  • Not surprising, given how utterly insane and dangerous Twilight fangirls can be.
    • We must mount a rescue attempt!
  • But why would they target Suede instead of Doug? Suede should have been abducted by rabid Final Fantasy fans pissed off at his negative review of Advent Children.
    • They are Twilight fans. They have no concept of logic. Hence, their rabid fan-lust.
    • Advent Children is more contested among the fandom. Twilight is only contested amongst its fans (who i'm not among) is only contested over whether the last book was good or not or rather Bella picks bestiality or necrophilia.
      • But what about what Suede said at the end of his Advent Children review?
      Suede: Between you and me, it wasn't THAT bad.

That Dude In The Suede Is The Doctor
The (Scream Of The Shalka) Doctor's Last Adventure Ended Up With Him Accidentaly Killing All Of His Biggest Enemies And Having His Memory Wiped And Was Forced To Regenerate Again By The Time Lords,Who Turned Him Into A Doorstop Baby And Sent Him To 80s New Zealand.In Early 2009 The Time Lords Discovered The Very Last Cyber Mondasians,So They Gave The Doctor His Memories,His TARDIS,His Sonic Screwdriver And A 2 Year Time Limit To Finish Them,Convieniently At The Same Time Of His Mission.After That Adventure,The Time Lords Erased His Memory For The Very Last Time,But Allowed Him To Keep His Sonic Screwdriver (In The Form Of A Katana,Which Explains Why He Can Change Clothes) And His TARDIS (In The Form Of His Wife).

Suede didn't leave for religious reasons.
He foresaw the coming battle on the one-year anniversary special and, as much as he wanted to face Benzaie, he knew it would be too dangerous and decided to go into hiding for two years until the damage is settled.
  • He didn't go into hiding. He's in training to perfect his incredible anireviewjutsu skills! Someday soon, Benzaie shall pay for hair-whipping him through the Internet!

Suede left because Linkara was trying to kill him.
Linkara meant to rule as both the comicbook and the anime guy on the site, giving him enough power to overthrow Doug and change the site to That Guy With A Fedora. Suede knew that if he went on a hiatus that will last until Duke Nukem Forever comes out, then he'll save the site.
  • Linkara has a lot of other things to do: Fighting Dr. Insano, exacting revenge on the Sage, declaring his masculinity, punching things...
    • Which is why he needed a pawn—a puppet—to do the actual work for him on the anime front, thus also helping to throw off suspicion of his takeover plans. Enter MarzGurl.
    • Well, Linkara did try to poison Suede's water supply...
      • Except he also got it wrong and poisoned Goggles' water.
      • It's the thought that counts.
  • Unfortunately, the company that would've made Duke Nukem Forever has gone under, so Suede will never come back...
  • Gearbox revival says hi.

Suede was murdered by The Cat In The Hat
Because we all know what a sick motherfucker he is. Just watch the film.

Suede is dead.
There is no "mission". Remember when Benzaie found a Death Note and used it to kill Suede and temporarily take his place? That really happened.

That Dude in the Suede will become a Chekhov's Gunman.
Think about it. Since he's been gone for so long, when he returns, he'll serve as some major, unexpected plot device for any upcoming videos with the TGWTG crew.

Mirror Universe
As I stated before in the AT4W Mirror Universe WMG the Suede that lives in our universe is from the mirror one and the one who acted like Benzaie bringed him to our universe, and here's why. Some time after Ben killed Suede with his Death Note (that for some reason he wrote the history of Kabuki in), admin payed Beary, who was shown to be from an Alternate Universe, to mind control Ben in reviving him, but that ended up with him getting Ben's personality and Beary's powers, however, he doesen't know how to use them or that he has them. As shown in the ending of AMV Heaven Episode 3, what he thought was the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu was Beary's powers bringing the Mirror Universe Suede to our universe, but since he doesen't know how to properly use them, he ends up switching places with the other Suede. The reason why Mirror Universe Suede had a axe with him at the time was because at the Mirror Universe he was hunting his Beard of Evil, that is alive and The Starscream to him.

That mystery character from Suede's first Pokemon review
The one in the fancy dress suit with the sword. Will has stated that he does plan to include him in his later videos. He looks like he'd be a fun character to crossover with Harvey Finevoice (AT4W) and Yanki J (YCPT).

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