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Beware Late Arrival Spoilers for the books and television series.

Allying with Tyrion will have tragic consequences for Mira
Mira will have to pick her allies carefully if she is to navigate the treacherous waters of Kings Landing's politics. Though Tyrion may be suspect from Mira's point of view, those familiar with the franchise know he is honorable enough to place their trust in, provided they do not try to screw him over. However, any such alliance is Doomed by Canon. The Royal Wedding will soon take place, and Tyrion will be accused of regicide. Even after getting sprung from prison, he will commit kinslaying and become the most wanted man in the Seven Kingdoms, meaning any alliance with him will be likely ruinous for Mira and her house.
  • Proven right by the end of Episode 3: The Royal Wedding takes place, Tyrion is accused of regicide, and a royal decree linking him to House Forrester in defiance of the regent Queen suddenly becomes a massive political liability.

The Fifth Protagonist
We know that four of the five protagonists are Garred, Mira, Ethan, and Asher, but the identity of the fifth is unknown at this point in time. Given that Ethan was murdered at the end of the first episode, it will likely be someone providing a viewpoint at Ironrath. Candidates include:
  • Elissa Forrester
  • Talia Forrester
  • Duncan Tuttle
  • Royland Degore
  • Maester Ortengryn
  • A Red Wedding survivor come home:
    • Norren, making Bowen's survival more meaningful.
    • Rodrik, assuming he secretly survived.
      • Confirmed in episode 2. Rodrik HAS survived the Red Wedding.
  • Gryff Whitehill
    • One of the above wild mass guesses is confirmed, as of Episode 2's release. The fifth protagonist is revealed in Episode 2 to be Rodrik, who is revealed to have survived the events of the Red Wedding after all.

(Episode 1 spoiler) Ethan will be resurrected by a Red Priest later on.
After all,
losing one of the five protagonists after just one episode almost seems like a waste. Introduce a Red Priest and we can get more mileage out of the character.
  • Jossed in episode 2. Ethan is cremated.

Mira will have a story segment at the Purple Wedding.
There's a bit character who resembles her in the television series proper, so as long as the scene coincides at the right point, that more or less has Mira making an Early-Bird Cameo in the show.
  • Partially confirmed. Mira is at the wedding, but we don't see the festivities themselves onscreen; Cersei stationed Margaery's handmaidens outside, well away from the action, as a dig at Margaery (and at Mira).

Ryon will be the one to put Lord Whitehill to death.
Ryon makes it quite clear to Ethan that he'll take revange on the men responsible for the death of his father and brothers, if ever given the chance. We can be fairly sure that the Freys and Boltons are shielded by canon, but the Whitehills are fair game.
  • Rodrik, survivor of the Red Wedding, will wage war against the Whitehills and not Ryon (he's only a little kid).

The Whitehills are not as evil, and the Foresters are not as innocent as they first appear
Given that in series is known for it's
Grey and Grey Morality, it will be disappointing if House Whitehill just ended up becoming a house that consist solely of coldhearted opportunists and murderers. Now that we have seen things from the perspective from the Foresters, perhaps we will eventually get to see the softer side of the Whitehills. Perhaps Lord Ludd wasn't being completely dishonest when he said that the Forester stole their ironwood, or perhaps we will be introduced to some sympathetic Whitehill characters that are genuinely nice individuals (Asher's former lover, Gwyn, can be someone that shows sympathy to Ryon when he is over with the Whitehills as a hostage).

Lord Whitehill has a crush on Lady Forester.
Notice how Whitehill's entire demeanor changes when she enters the scene. He immediately gets a sheepish look on his face. A crush might even be a reason he threw in with the Boltons to make sure Lord Forester died at the Red Wedding. A kind of Littlefinger-esque ploy to get with the one he loves.

Meta— Episode One was Christmas Rushed.
The first episode of the series has gotten some flak for being a little unpolished compared to Telltale's other recent series— slightly choppier graphics and multiple spelling/grammatical errors in the subtitling. The game debuted very quickly after Tales From The Borderlands, whereas there's normally a longer wait between their episodic releases (cf. The Wolf Among Us and Season Two of The Walking Dead), which adds credence to this theory.

The Cersei and Lady Margaery choice is a choice between a reward right now with a possible consequence later, or a reward in the future with consequences now.
According to this guess, if you please Cersei by telling her what she wants to hear, then eventually she'll give in and give some support to Ironrath, but if Margaery marries Joffrey in a later episode of the game, having Cersei's support will cost you some from Margaery and Joffrey. Likewise, if you tick Cersei off now, she'll do something nasty in the short term, but if Margaery marries Joffrey in a later episode of the game, they'll support Ironrath and head Cersei off.

Sera hired Damien to kill Mira.
The Whitehills are too obvious and killing Mira wouldn't get them anything beyond an annoyed Tyrion. Sera asked Mira to stop hogging Margaery's attention so Sera can convince Margaery to find her a husband. But wouldn't it be easier for Sera to get Margaery's attention if Mira were completely out of the picture? My theory is that Sera hired Damien to kill Mira before they went out drinking and explained the true story of her past to Mira so Mira could go to her grave with some hint as to why she was murdered. Sera saw Tyrion invite Mira to negotiate with the Whitehills, so she knew that she could lure Mira into a trap with the promise of dirt on the Imp.
  • Jossed by Episode 6 - Lord Morgyrn ordered Mira's death.

Whitehill's Inevitable Demise
It seems probable that it won't be a matter of whether Whitehill dies or not, but how he dies and who gets to kill him. Just saying, the line gets longer by the day. "But what if there's a complete downer ending where you don't succeed and everyone dies?" And he dies too, regardless. Taking You with Me and all that.
  • Judging by how, in Episode Two, he decides to go against Ramsay Bolton's wishes and commandeer the Forresters' half of the Ironwood, there may be a guess as to who gets to kill the man.
  • Here's my list of guesses as to who:
    • Rodrik: At a certain point, Ludd Whitehill is captured and he can be ordered executed. Alternatively, someone else (likely Royland) does it on his lord's behalf.
      • Semi-confirmed... for a Have a Nice Death. In the fourth episode, Royland or Duncan (depending on who you brought) can kill Lord Whitehill on your order. Thing is, you're in his castle at the time and his guards promptly fill you with crossbow bolts immediately afterward.
    • Asher: I suspect at some point he will return to Westeros and become a frontline fighter against the Whitehills. It's possible Ludd can be killed in battle by Asher.
    • Ramsay: Related to that spoilered moment in episode 2, he probably won't react well if he finds out. With Ramsay being, well, Ramsay, and episode 1 already making it clear the Whitehills are The Friend Nobody Likes, Ludd's greed can come back to bite him HARD.
      • Seems more likely by season 4. The Whitehills' slow and horrible craftsmanship is remarked on again and again, and Ramsay returns to Ironrath at the end of the episode to meet with Rodrik. Depending on how you approached him in episode 1 he might originally have proposed a trial period to see which house could handle the ironwood better. If so, the Whitehills should definitely be straining Roose's, and by extension Ramsay's, patience with their shoddy work despite all the goodwill they've been shown.

Margaery left her wax symbol in the table on purpose.
There are at least two options where Margery leave the symbol of her house on the table and another one she pick it up herself. It's based on case you pushed it her to help the Forresters. She has said that her ways are those of guile and subtlety instead of forceful approach, leaving the symbol on the table it's a way to help Mira in the same way she does everything, without compromising anything; she doesn't leave only in case you show you are not the type to do thing the way she prefer.

The Coal Boy works for Varys.
He alludes to "friends" who could potentially help Mira out if she gets into trouble. Varys often employs urchins who are Beneath Suspicion as his "little birds." With the series setting up the Purple Wedding, and Tyrion's frame-up for regicide to take place as early as Episode Three, Mira will need all the friends she can get in King's Landing.
  • That said, Varys follows his own enigmatic agenda, and quite probably directed the coal boy to get close to Mira to gather intelligence on her. What he might do with that knowledge is a complete Wild Card.
  • Varys' urchins do not talk. The coal boy does. I think he's Littlefinger's spy.
  • Possibly Jossed: The identity of Tom's master is never confirmed in-game; however, a dummied-out file in the game's code reveals a deleted piece of dialogue in which he reveals that Olenna Tyrell is the one who sent him to help Mira.

The Foresters will have the option late series to kill off the entire Whitehills and emerge totally victorious at the cost of crossing the Moral Event Horizon
Much like the start of the first episode where Gared had the option to kill off both Whitehill soldiers for killing his own family players will be given the option one way or another to basically exterminate the entire Whitehill family down to a man and come out on top. They get rid of a serious rival, they have no challengers to their control of ironwood, they get the whitehills lands, men, money and power, they basically win. However doing so will require you to kill off even sympathetic members who might be introduced later on or perhaps side fully with Roose Bolton who might grow tired dealing with them. Either way, players will have to make some serious moral and ethical sacrifices to make it happen at the price of guaranteeing the family's future and victory.

Mira will have the opportunity to pin all her crimes on Sera
Many players speculate a future scenario where Sera will betray Mira. It will be the other way around. When backed into a corner, Mira will be able to pin all her wrongdoings on Sera. After a certain event in which Mira is in deep water she can try to frame Sera, with all players being able to use her bastard status. The player will then be able to further make Sera look like the culprit depending on what they have done and what items they have; they can plant these on Sera. With enough evidence, Mira will be absolved of all crimes and Sera will suffer a harsh fate. There will be zero consequences for this, it is simply if the player has the nerve to go through with it.
  • Semi-confirmed. Mira can throw Sera under the bus, but she simply gets sent back to Highgarden. Poor Tom, however, gets sent to a better place while screaming What the Hell, Hero?.

Mira will be prevented from attending Tyrion's Trial
The Episode 3 preview seems to be implying that the Purple Wedding will be happening soon. And those who watch the series know that Tyrion becomes the prime suspect in Joffrey's death. And part of his major breakdown is nobody showing up to defend him. But there are players out there who would probably want to defend him, and due to the stress Telltale places on choice, the idea of them placing you in the court but forcing you to not defend him seems odd. The solution? Have circumstances that prevent Mira from showing up. Meaning she will not be able to defend him if she wanted to.
  • In fact, considering that you can form an alliance with Tyrion, it's possible that someone at King's Landing (probably Cersei) may detain Mira for the explicit purpose of keeping her from showing up at the trial, suspecting she may defend him.
  • I believe the opposite will be true. You will be allowed to attend. Even allowed to bear witness before the judges. And Cersei will make it very clear beforehand that if you still help Tyrion, you are on the losing side. From a house already on the losing side of a rebellion. If you are really willing to say anything to safe your family/loyal to the one true king/want to do what is best for Lady Maergery, you will assist her in humiliating Tyrion, making you one of the targets of his epic breakdown.
    • Now that Episode 3 has been released, jossed if the trial takes place while Mira is breaking into Tyrion's room, but neither jossed nor confirmed if the trial takes place later. In Episode 3, Mira is preoccupied with retrieving a royal decree that could prove her connection to Tyrion, a connection she can now ill-afford.
      • How does that invalidate Cersei's coercion into having you help her in humiliating Tyrion exactly?
      • Good point, previous spoiler has been edited.
      • The trial does not happen immediately after Tyrion's arrest, he spends a few days on a black cell while the court decides who will be the judges and gathers evidence and witnesses, so that's still definitely not jossed.
  • The previews for Episode 5 feature Cersei pressuring Mira for information that might incriminate Tyrion. It is highly likely Cersei will trying to use some leverage over Mira to get her to testify against Tyrion, to the point of demanding she bare false witness.

Scenes in Yunkai take place in the future
Rodrik could have survived at most a few days without any water and medical help (and even this is far-fetched). It would be impossible for Malcolm to travel to another continent and find Asher in a such short time. But it's possible that those scenes are not time-synchronized. At the time Rodrik had returned to Ironrath, Malcolm was still travelling to the Slaver's Bay. Scenes with him finding Asher actually happened a few weeks / months later.
  • Jossed. In episode 5 Rodrik and Asher finally meet up, and the events of at least that particular episode are implied to have taken place concurrently.

Large Show and Book spoilers! The Forresters will be given the option to side with Stannis
Given that it's definitely canon for Stannis and his forces to begin a campaign in the North and if the books are still correct it will take the forces of Stannis through Deepwood Motte and The Wolfswood wouldn't it be logical for the forces of House Forrester to side with a force trying to remove the Boltons from power? This of course assumes the show which the games are based on follows the books they are based on, but it might be interesting to see the very Stark loyal house have to consider bending the knee to Stannis who represents almost everything foreign. This would be a huge discussion whether or not to send troops to aid Stannis, ignore him entirely , or support the Bolton force sent to stop him.
  • This WMG is likely because in the books the only mention of House Forrester is that their men are scouts for Stannis in that campaign.
  • It should be noted as well that Asher is attempting to get the Second Sons mercenary company to return to Westeros with him, and in Episode 7 of Season 5, Stannis and Davos mention the Second Sons deserting from their camp outside Winterfell. This implies that 1) The Second Sons (and presumably Asher) make it to Westeros, and 2) Either accomplish their goal and move on to Stannis, or were biding their time with Stannis before moving on to the Forresters. Though this assumes the show and the game are in that close of collusion, and that they didn't both just pluck the Second Sons from the books haphazardly.

The Whitehills are already ticking off the Boltons.
Britt being sent to the Wall, was most likely done by their order. Not that this helps the Forresters, but if they do manage to get control back, the Boltons won't be that upset about it.

One of the big choices will be between saving Ryon's life and sparing Gwyn Whitehill.
If you kill Gywn, Asher will turn his back on the family and go back to Essos. If you spare her, he'll stay and help rebuild the houses.
  • Jossed in Episode 6. Both Ryon and Gwyn survive.

The traitor on Rodrik's council is his mother
She is telling the Whitehills the Forrester's plans because she fears if they are too aggressive and attack them, then Ryon will be killed. This can be supported by the fact that in episode 3, you can only confront her about this and can only name Duncan, Royland, or the Maester as the traitors. The mother is the only one you can't say. Because she's the last one Rodrik would suspect.
  • Jossed...maybe? The Stinger at the end of Episode 4 has Rodrik saying "I shouldn't have trusted him," so it seems like her being the traitor is ruled out. Only time will tell for certain.
    • It Makes Sense in Context is likely to be had with that scene. We don't know what exactly he's referring to and sometimes previews can throw you off
    • Jossed. Episode 5 finally reveals who the traitor on Rodrik's council is, and it's not his mother. The traitor is indeed a "him", just as The Stinger hinted.

Gryff will pick a fight with the Forresters, which will get him killed
By this time Rodrik will probably be recovered enough to fight. Gryff will decide on a whim to draw his sword and attack the Forresters, which will end up in the death of Gryff and most or all of his men. It's already implied that Lord Whitehill doesn't really give a crap about Gryff, but Gryff's death would be a convenient excuse for him to press the Boltons to intervene against the Forresters, and Gryff's dickhead tendencies will inevitably lead to his death by the hands of the Forresters.
  • Confirmed. Sort of. He doesn't die - but he does end up captured.

The traitor on Rodrik's council will turn out to be either Duncan or Royland
Since episode 1, you've been choosing between Duncan and Royland and whoever you've scorned the most will turn out to be the Whitehill mole and responsible for why Ironrath is pretty much deserted when Rodrik & co. come back from Highpoint.

Mira will be very lucky to be so strongly hated by Margaery (and possibly Sera)
In the next episode, Margaery will be arrested and thrown into jail for perjury regarding Loras' homosexuality and Sera will probably go down with her for the same reason or a different one (maybe one regarding her lineage)
  • Very doubtful, considering that Margaery's arrest took place a full season after the events of the most recent wedding, after a Trial for Tyrion, the Death of the Hand of the King, a Royal Wedding, and the creation of an armed Religious army. That would be an awful lot of Kingslanding material to skip through.

The North Grove doesn't exist or whatever was there was destroyed.
Gared was sent on a wild goose chase and Finn will betray him and Cotter out of anger.
  • Partially jossed. As of Episode 5, we don't know yet whether or not the North Grove exists, but Finn doesn't betray Gared and Cotter. He does get annoyed and cynical, but he still assists them in battle until he's killed by a Wraith.
  • Fully jossed as of Episode 6. Gared, Cotter and Sylvi make it to the Grove and it is indeed a real place.

Lyman Lannister is the one who sent Damian to assassinate Mira.
He has been trying to get into the Ironwood business and may have considered Mira to be a threat. Damian is also a Lannister guard, so it likely would've been easily for Lyman to employ him.
  • Jossed in Episode 6. It was Lord Morgyrn who sent Damien to kill Mira.

Duncan is the traitor and has Gared looking for the North Grove for the Whitehills and/or Boltons
If the grove is as important as Duncan says it is why hasn't he brought it to Rodrik's attention? Lord Gregor probably would want Rodrik, his son and heir, to know about it, he thought he was dead when he told Gared to only tell Duncan.
  • Semi-jossed. Duncan can be the traitor, but he denies telling them about the North Grove.

Ramsay Snow successfully fondled/raped/had sex with Talia..
When you return, Ramsay Snow is there with Talia. He is the type of person to try and have his way with women of any age.
  • Doubtful. She seems too collected when Rodrik returns for him to have actually hurt her, doing so would be an idiot move if he's hoping to make some kind of deal with Rodrik, and we don't actually have any reason to think that he's into younger girls. He seemed more interested in taking her "hunting" than abusing her sexually when he threatened to take her as his ward.
  • Besides, knowing Ramsay he would be likely to keep her alive and relatively unhurt for now because it lets him leverage more suffering out of her family to watch them squirm and give him more excuses to inflict pain on them. After all, he could always rape/mutilate/kill her later if she still held his interest.

Ramsay changes his mind about letting the Whitehills handle the Ironwood.
He turns up at Ironrath to meet with Rodrik at the end of episode 4. The Whitehills' tools and ironwood shields are commented on as shoddy throughout the episode, and Lord Whitehill complains that he can't produce fast enough to keep the Bolton forces equipped. By episode 4 Ramsay(or his father) might have realized how much the Whitehills suck at working the ironwood and be ready to turn it back over to the Forresters if Rodrik can be controlled. Accepting this would help with the house's financial crisis and curtail the Whitehills but would require Rodrik to ignore Ethan's murder by Ramsay's hand, and refusing it to spite him would invite further punishment from the Boltons.

Ramsey will try to break Rodrik by hurting Talia. and the players will have to choose between letting it slide and coming out alive/victorious or fighting it and risking the entire family's life.
Because what other remaining family member has Rodrik gone out of his way to shield from harm the most? Deliberately harming Talia would be a very good way to both personally hurt Rodrik more than any physical pain and also seriously get under the players skin.

Lady Elissa is the traitor, and you will play as her younger self in a flashback sequence.
As noted in the Fridge Brilliance entry for the game, if you read her backstory, Lady Elissa's backstory was essentially the same as that of Sansa in the show. From her perspective, her house of original stayed loyal to the Targaryen as was their duty and went to war against Robert's Rebellion. Her entire family except for her brother got wiped out, and she was taken against her will to be married off to a person that, while might not be directly responsible, still belongs to the faction that murdered her entire family. Put yourself in her shoes, even if it turns out that Gregor is a good man (and that unlike Ramsay, didn't force himself on her in their wedding night), upon her husband's death, what reason does she have to be loyal to his house's legacy whatsoever? She most likely loves and cares for her children (As noted by Cersei, a mother have no choice but to love her own children), but not for Ironwood, not for House Forester, and is only concerned with keeping them alive,even if it means they will effectively get reduced to basically the same level as the common smallfolk.
  • The flashback sequence will have you playing as young Elissa, to see the fall of her house from her perspective. Her family killed, her lands taken away, and her personally dragged off kicking and screaming to be married off as a reward to some lord in the North. Making this a case of Grey and Gray Morality and her betrayal a lot more understandable.
  • Jossed. Episode 5 finally reveals who the traitor is, and it isn't Elissa.

Maester Ortengryn is the traitor
  • In the first act, when deciding how to deal with the Boltons, Ortengryn suggests to sell them all the ironwood despite how this would ruin the Forresters and give the Whitehills the entire ironwood market. He's trying to deceive Ethan into giving the Whitehills exactly what they want
  • His backstory claims that he had no intention to be stationed at Ironrath. Additionally, this makes him the newest member to the council and the one with the least attachment to the Forresters
  • If you choose to make Ramsay leave his soldiers behind the gate, they somehow get in anyway. The only person who can open the gate is Ortengryn since Lady Forrester and the Sentinel are both in the room with you
  • Duncan says to Gared that Ortengryn is not to be trusted when speaking of the North Grove
  • You have the option to tell Ortengryn about the North Grove. It makes sense for Lady Forrester to ask about his husband's last words but why would this be important for Ortengryn to know? Perhaps he was trying to fish information from you to pass onto the Whitehills
  • In episode 4, Ironrath is emptied and supposedly taken over by Ramsay, with the Whitehills captured and possibly the Glenmore soldiers hanging behind, there should be no way to enter Ironrath in such a short time, unless a traitor helps them and Ortengryn is the only one left behind in Ironrath in all scenarios
    • On the other hand, Grynn had no compunctions about beating the crap out of Ortengryn on a whim, and on the show Ramsay recently demonstrated that he's perfectly capable of leading a small, well-coordinated strike force to deadly effect under the cover of the night.
  • Jossed. Ortengryn is not the traitor.

If Rodrik had sex with Elaena in Episode 4, she will get pregnant and bear his bastard, which will only get legitimized if Rodrik is the ambush survivor and they get married after the business with the Whitehills is over.
  • a LOT of people have sex the show and books and no one gets pregnant aside from Cersei (which we all know why)

If there is a Season 2, Malcolm Branfield will be Promoted to Playable.
Near the end of Episode 5, he decides to remain in Essos to earn favor with Daenerys, giving his house a powerful ally once she returns to Westeros to retake the Iron Throne. Since a Essos viewpoint character will be necessary to maintain the style of the series, and Asher and Beskha are now in Westeros, he's now the only real candidate.

Ryon will be killed in Episode 6
With open warfare now having broken out between the Whitehills and the Foresters (with Ramsey explicitly making clear that they will not be allowed to negotiate for peace, and will have to fight until only one house is left standing), and Gryff having been released by the traitor, there is simply no reason for Ludd to keep Ryon alive any longer. He will most likely have him killed right in front of his own family in their next encounter, as a means of psychological warfare to fill them with grief and throw them off balance.
  • Jossed: He is one of the few Forresters still alive by the end of the game, thanks to Beskha's protection.

The pit fighters that followed Asher back to Westeros will turn out to be useless
Even if Asher survives to command and keep a leash on the clearly unhinged and murderous pit fighters without them running off to Rape, Pillage, and Burn the countryside for fun, remember what Jon said to Ygritte about the Wildling army:

"You don't have the discipline. You don't have the training. You're army is no army. You don't know how to fight together."

The pit fighters have spent the entire lives fighting in blood sport as individual fighters, who fights to entertain the crowd, they don't even have basic understanding in small unit tactics, let along anything that requires detailed planning. When they are used as part of a military unit, they will quickly fall apart.

  • Partially jossed in Episode 6. Though they are by no means useless and put up a good fight against the Whitehill soldiers, there are simply too many soldiers to kill and the fighters are overwhelmed.

The Coal Boy works for Littlefinger and Littlefinger will have a cameo/stinger at the end of the game
The Coal Boy claims he is working for someone and helps Mira out far too much to be just a friend looking out for her. As shown with Sera, even her friends are scared to help her because of the danger she's brought upon herself. He's also exceptionally skilled, being able to sneak into Tyrion's chambers and take out Damien single-handedly if Mira abandons him. Littlefinger probably hired him to act as a spy, listening in on nobles while pretending to tend to the coals. Additionally, assisting Mira in breaking the Whitehills can be interpreted as an attack on the Boltons, cutting off one of their patron houses who supplies them with weapons. Of the people in King's Landing, Littlefinger is the only one who will benefit from this since he wants to be Warden of the North

Season 2 protagonists
I assume that Telltale will want a character in every major location - beyond the wall, in King's Landing, in Essos and... Wherever lord Forrester headed to. Gared can still be playable and so will be lord Forrester. Since Malcolm stayed in Essos, he can be Promoted to Playable. As for King's Landing... Since Mira is either too powerless or too dead to help her family, perhaps lord Morgryn can become the Villain Protagonist? He does have an interest in the ironwood...

at least one of Gregor's bastards will be Promoted to Playable in Season 2
Since only 2 Forresters are certain to survive Season 1 (Mira can die, Elissa always die, either Asher or Rodrik dies, the surviving brother is gravely wounded which can mean it is not impossible for them to die after being rescued) Season 2 must make at least one or both of the bastards playable due to the fact that season 2 would effectively turn season 1 into an epic Shoot The Shaggy Dog Story if we mostly play as non-Forresters characters. Both Josera and Elsera are technically Forresters thus can be legitimize as heirs of the house. If Season 2 keeps the same playable characters count as Season 1, we can bet that Malcolm, Gared, Talia will return, leaving rooms for at least 2 characters
Malcolm will wind up looking after Ryon.
Unlikely, but still: Beskha will take Ryon to Malcolm to keep him out of danger, which also puts more personal stake in Malcolm's arc.
  • It would make sense for several reasons. Beshka, being Essosi, knows next to nothing about Westeros. Trying to navigate it as a foreigner with a small child during a time of conflict would be suicide. The best course of action she could take is to sail for the place she came from: Meereen. Also, now that Malcolm has earned the trust of Daenerys, it wouldn't be hard to convince her to take the two of them in. She wouldn't even need much convincing, since, she finds out that Beshka is a former slave either way and it's hard to imagine her turning a child away who needs protection.
About Ethan Forrester
Ethan is not actually Talia's twin brother. He's actually a bastard born to the same mother of Josera and Elsera. He just happened to be born right around the same time as Talia and Gregor managed to smuggle the boy into Ironwrath and claimed they were born at the same time. It would explain why he's the only Forrester with black hair and his very close family resemblance to Josera and Elsera.
  • Elissa being none the wiser could be simply due to her being given milk of the poppy and not in a lucid state after the birth trauma to not realize only one baby came out of her. Even with 21st century technology, people can be unaware they had twins until they're born. Not a stretch to say Gregor has his own Jon Snow type secret by legitimizing a bastard.
    • According to the Codex, Ethan was given birth to first, followed by Talia. If it was the other way around, then this theory would not only be possible, but very probable, but unless the babies were switched out, or the Codex was simply wrong, we can safely assume that it's [[Jossed]].

The Season 2 protagonists will be:
For this theory, we should take two things into account - Telltale will keep the formula of having 4-5 protagonists spread around multiple locations, and any determinant characters from Season 1 will not be playable, since that would completely break the game (imagine creating a Mira route that only the 40% of players that kept her alive can see, or an entire game that changes depending on whether Asher or Rodrik survived). With that said, the most likely protagonists are:
  • Gared Tuttle - His story is unfinished, and unless Telltale choose to shift their focus away from the Forresters, he's definitely coming back.
  • Malcolm Branfield - If Telltale insist on keeping the action spread to different locations and not just in the North, then he's definitely the best possible pick for the Essos chapters.
  • Talia Forrester - The only Forrester, besides Ryon, who definitely survives the events of the game, no matter what happens. If the focus is kept on the Forresters, she'd be the perfect candidate.
  • Ryon Forrester - And speak of the devil. This will only work if the game takes a couple of years into the future, but if Season 2 is set up so that it matches up with the show's Season 7, we can safely assume that at least 2-3 years have passed since Joffrey's coronation. Sure, the character is still young, but not much younger than other Telltale protagonists we've had.

The surviving brother
Forrester will join up with the Brotherhood Without Banners in Season 2Seriously, where else can they possibly go?

'Season 2' will be a short extra epilogue about the utter corruption of the Forresters from ruined nobles to rebel necromancers
With the conclusion of Game of Thrones and the closure of Telltale Games, a full-game Season 2 is extremely unlikely. However, that gives the writers in charge of the sequel novels and prequel series enough leeway to write the Forresters anyway they want - and given their beef with the higher nobles, who they wrongly blame for some of their troubles, they could hold a grudge against the now-republican ruling class that grows over generations. The final straw would be the Forresters reclaiming their lands just before the latest elected 'king' rescinds the nobility's privileges in favor of a centralized government, driving them over the edge into full-blown rebels seeking to restore the feudal system, and using necromancy to get an edge against a technologically-advanced Westeros.

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