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The franchises Telltale will do next are...

Eventually, because the fans will demand it...
  • Telltale will make a Doctor Who game. AND IT WILL BE AWESOME.
    • They've actually expressed interest in it, if that helps.
      • Doesn't that involve a bit too much running for a point and click adventure game?
  • Telltale will make a series of episodic games based on Day of the Tentacle, and as well as an HD remake of the original game.
    • Kinda Jossed, Tim Schafer and Double Fine are doing the HD remaster anyway.
  • Telltale will make a Breaking Bad game. Hopefully they get the actors right.

Poker Night 3 will include...

One day, Telltale and Valve will work together to make a point and click Portal game.
  • And it will be a prequel to the first game, maybe take place in the Cave Johnson days.

The Batman game will include Cassandra Cain as a major character.
  • No evidence, I just REALLY want this.

Sadly all jossed with the bankruptcy of Telltale.

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