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  • Semi-obvious one, but this isn't a crapsack world where all men are rapists. Rather, her vagina dentata has psychic powers to compel people to have sex with her so that it can feed.
    • Or, in alternative, I Love Nuclear Power strikes again. Living next door to a nuclear power plant did not just mutate her genitalia, it also mutated the sexual instinct of the males of that town, who became compulsive rapists.
      • Fridge Horror on that one: what about all of the other women and girls in town who don't have teeth in their vagina?
      • Wouldn't female sexual instincts also be mutated? The males' desires for Dawn weren't entirely unrequited, though the way they pursued her so aggressively understandably turned her off. Also, how do any of these explanations necessarily exclude alternatives? Maybe everyone's sexual instincts are getting more aggressive and Dawn's literal snapper is making her a rape magnet.

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