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See Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the entire franchise.

Eric Sacks/Shredder is actually Krang disguised as a human.
  • Welp, wouldn't be the first time.
    • Jossed. Eric Sacks is a separate character from the Shredder in the final version of the film and he is a normal human being.
    • To be fair it is Jossed only for Eric. Not for the Shredder, it can possibly an Utrom in a human body vessel like in 2003 series.
    • It isn't Jossed for just Eric being Krang either. In fact, with him NOT being Shredder makes it work better. Now Eric isn't just a random guy created for the movie... he is secretly Krang, preparing for the Invasion.
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    • Jossed for Shredder as well. The sequel shows Shredder and Krang as two separate characters.

The Ooze and the technology behind Shredder's armor were recovered from aliens.
Extraterrestrial or extradimensional? Who knows.
  • Confirmed on the first, Jossed on the second. April comments that the ooze was alien in origin, but the armor is directly from Sachs' company.

Splinter was previously in charge of part of the Foot.
He took part of the Foot with him when he formed his own group.
  • …I don't get it.
    • Splinter has a Group.
      • Ohhhhhhh.
  • Well, he did lead the Foot Clan in the '87 cartoon...

Eric Sachs is a Jack The Rip Off
In the preview featuring Splinter, if you look closely in his shot, it looks like he's facing the Shredder. When Splinter and Shredder fight, he will unmask him and say You are not Oroku Saki, revealing that Sachs was just an impersonator. It'll basically be an inversion of the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3. Also, if the rumors of Karai being in this movie are true, her role would be to terminate Sachs for impersonating the Shredder.
  • Jossed. Sachs and Shredder are separate entities.

Raph wasn't captured with the others because he was having one of his "storming off to cool down after arguing with Leo" moments
  • Jossed. He wasn't captured because the sewer collapsed on him and he was mistaken for dead.

Eric Sachs is just an associate of Shredder's
Trailer 2 shows him talking to a man in the shadows (no, not that one) and telling him "we're taking your armor to the next level".
  • It appears to be the case, at least I hope so. He's not just an associate, he's a decoy (just like with Ra's al Ghul) and will be wearing the armor.
  • Confirmed, Sachs is the real Shredder's disciple.

Bernadette and Vernon will be considerably nicer than their '87 counterparts
Because I just don't want to live in a world that would try to make me hate anyone played by Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Confirmed, Vernon is a nice guy and Bernadette is a reasonable boss (she fires April, but that's entirely reasonable given how she was behaving, and giving Vernon a new car was pretty nice).

The Turtles and Splinter's origin story
Like in most incarnations, Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki were once friends. After Saki's father dies, he is given charge of the Foot Clan. One day, Saki meets Eric Sachs and makes a deal with him to help arm the Foot Clan with machine guns. When Hamato Yoshi learns about this, he calls Saki out on abandoning the traditional way of the ninja. To keep Yoshi quiet, he has him executed. After raiding Yoshi's home, the Foot finds a cage with a rat and a tank with four turtles. Rather than killing them, they hand them to Sachs to perform experiments, leading to their mutations. After Splinter mutates, it enhances his memory of watching Yoshi train to make him a capable fighter on his own. When he grows large enough, he takes the baby turtles and escapes from TCRI. Fearing that one day, the Foot and TCRI will find them, Splinter steals some ninja equipment from the Foot and trains the four turtles.
  • Jossed. Splinter learned ninjitsu from a book. The rest might be true.

Raphael and April are going to be really close in this movie.
While it's obvious that ALL of the turtles are going to bond with April to some extent there are a lot of implications in the trailers that Raph is spending more time hanging out with her than the others. One trailer went so far as to imply that the reason he wasn't there during the attack on the lair was because he was with April for some reason.
  • Jossed. Raphael and April were there during the attack, but Raph was knocked unconscious pretty early on, and avoided being captured with his brothers. Afterwards, it's too chaotic, what with the rush to rescue Leo, Donnie, and Mikey, and then stop the Shredder, for much individual bonding.

There may or may not be a Title Drop
The "Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers" line may be Foreshadowing.
  • In the vein of the Nick show, Mikey spends the rest of the film proposing new names, eventually settling on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Splinter is Only Mostly Dead
One of the trailers showed Splinter lying on the ground after being defeated by the Shredder. However, it will later be revealed that Splinter survived. Why is this important? That way if they ever make a sequel with the Rat King as the Big Bad, him taking control of Splinter will be part of the conflict
  • Confirmed, Splinter lives.

Bebop and Rocksteady WILL appear.
Possibly during a stinger or sequel hook.
  • Or as members of a gang that will chase April early in the movie.
    • Sadly Jossed on both counts.
      • They might appear in the sequel.
      • There's talk of them appearing.
  • Their appearance in the sequel has been confirmed.

Nods to the franchise expected...
  • Their craving for pizza.
    • Confirmed. Splinter even uses it to tempt them at one point.
  • After April faints, Mikey said "Aww she's no fun. She fainted."
    • Jossed. Though she did fainted upon meeting the Turtles.
  • Mikey saying "Can we keep her?"
    • Jossed.
  • Mikey shouting "Cowabunga!" But the Turtles (especially Raph) think it's lame. "That's so 80's."
    • Sort of... they reveal Mikey would say it often as kids, but Raph forced him to stop because he thought it was lame.
  • The Purple Dragon gang.
  • Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's names are referenced in some way.
    • Confirmed, they're the authors of Splinter's ninjutsu manual.

The reason why Hamato Yoshi was omitted.

They intend to expand more on the characters' backstory in the sequel, which will reveal the Turtles and Splinter to be the reincarnations of Hamato Yoshi and his four biological sons as in the IDW comic.

Shredder may or may not also be a reincarnation of Tatsuo Takeshi, who in this continuity killed Yoshi and his sons before he reincarnated as Oroku Saki (or whatever the real name of this version of Shredder is).

This would be a brilliant Author's Saving Throw for fans who were disappointed about the removal of Hamato Yoshi, Shredder's feud with him, and the impact they had on the origins of Splinter and the Turtles.

  • Another reason could be that Splinter is Yoshi's rat and after Yoshi's death TCRI adopted him and put him in the lab with his turtle friends.

Sacks was originally The Shredder all along
If you watch the movie, you may notice that un-armored Shredder is barely in the movie at all. He has a few scenes to show off how badass he is, but he's mostly interacting with Sacks. He's also completely unnecessary to the plot... if he was removed and Sacks alone had plotted the entire operation it would change nothing. Even in the 3DS version of the game, which was presumably based on an early script of the film, Sacks and Shredder are one and the same. But even within the movie the fact that Sacks was the Shredder along was likely a secret, so most of the dialogue treated them as separate characters. Due to overwhelmingly negative reaction to the idea it seems a few extra scenes were shot and hastily edited into the film to insert traditional Shredder into the story, even though the process did little more than reduce him to a large monster the Turtles have to fight.

Irma Langinstein will appear in the sequel and, in contrast to Bernadette and Vernon's niceness, will be more of a Jerkass than her '87 counterpart.
  • Jossed.

Baxter Stockman will be the Big Bad of the sequel with the Rat King as an Anti-Hero
It would make sense that the two would be connected. Stockman exterminates rats while the King sees them as his family. The Rat King would break into Stockman's lab to destroy the Mousers, so he learns about the Turtles and hires them to take him out in exchange for Splinter's safety. The Rat King uses Splinter has a human shield to fight the Turtles, but they settle their differences when they find out that Stockman has been using the Mousers to rob banks and for terrorism purposes.
  • Jossed. Baxster is a minor secondary antagonist in the sequel and the Rat King doesn't appear at all in the sequel.

The sequel will feature the Foot creating a mutant army.
  • Confirmed... sort of. Shredder explicitly wants to create a mutant army but only manages to create Bebop and Rocksteady.

Hamato Yoshi will appear in the sequel
Prior to the movie's events, he and the Shredder had a fight where the Shredder won and mistakenly assumed Yoshi perished. Yoshi survived but couldn't recover on time to appear in the first film. He'll appear in the sequel to search and destroy Foot Clan survivors and will meet the turtles. Upset that they learned ninjitsu from someone who learned it from a book, Yoshi will insist on teaching the five of them. Yoshi will be so much of a Badass Normal he'll defeat the five of them together.

Eric Sacks and the Shredder are a Decomposite Character
The Shredder retained his armor, his nickname, his abilities and his destructive nature while Eric became the Corrupt Corporate Executive and the person responsible for Splinter and the turtles becoming mutants. In fact, Eric Sacks is Oroku Saki after a Race Lift while the Shredder remained a Japanese.

Karai survived and will appear in the sequel.
  • Confirmed, albeit portrayed by a different actress.

April will become a freelance reporter in the sequel.

The legendary hero was the founder of the Foot Clan.
The Shredder turned it from a noble clan to a terrorist organization. Shedder is a descendant of the warlord from the legend.

Shredder will not be in the sequel
Admittedly unlikely, but at this stage it's possible that he ultimately dies of the fall or his armour protects him sufficiently to recover later on. He will be replaced by Krang, a promoted Karai or Bebop and Rocksteady will operate without a master.
  • Jossed, although he has been re-cast.

Eric Sacks becomes the new Shredder
After falling 50 some stories, Shredder is irrepairably disabled. He asks Sacks, who has evaded prison (he was found unconscious with a gun but claimed that he was defending himself against the Foot Clan, and the only witnesses to say otherwise, April and Vern, have kept quiet to hide information about the turtles), to take on the mantle of leader of the Foot Clan before he succumbs to his injuries. Sacks designs a new mecha suit and vows revenge against the Ninja Turtles, Splinter, and April.
  • Jossed. Shredder survives his fall without lasting consequences and resumes his role in the Foot Clan in the sequel.

Eric Sacks is John Carlyle from Elysium

In the somewhat far future, Sacks' company buys / is bought out by Armadyne. Sacks uses the initial versions of the Med-Bays (which he pioneers with notes that he gathered from trying to recreate the mutagen) to restore himself to youth, and uses his company's research into power armor to create the autonomous robot police. Sacks takes over Armadyne and changes his identity, becoming John Carlyle and working on the technology to create Elysium.

The legendary hero was Hamato Yoshi and the warlord was Oroku Saki, who is the Shredder seen in the first film. And as a previous WMG said, Splinter is the reincarnation of Hamato ala IDW and they're just going for a slow reveal.
This because several things:
  • A blink and you'll miss it visual references in the 2014 film of the 2012 Hamato Crest on the Wall Scroll, it's on a Banner on the Hero's side.
  • Sheddder explicitly saying that Karai's version of the foot are weaker and lack training compared to his, implying there's an older version of the foot but they're no longer around. Also that he'd have to have armor that needed to be retrofitted, meaning it's possibly his own.
  • The fact both this film and IDW have elements of Splinter suddenly gaining awareness of himself after experimented on.
  • The Ooze is said to be of alien origin and the Shedder seemingly knows how to use it for curative means which lines up with IDW where the Ooze is used in several situations as a cure for illnesses (Most noticeably April's father who is confined to a wheelchair at first) and was provided by that version of Krang.
  • The original 2 writers and the director of the first film had talked openly about a sequel, that includes the parts for Casey, Bebop & Rocksteady of before the first one was in the bag. Most likely meaning they had a vision on how they wanted to progress this series/not a saving throw like a previous WMG suggested.

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