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Theropithecus baboonus

Rafiki from The Lion King belongs to the same species as the baboons that attack Jane in Tarzan. They share the same combination of mandrill and baboon features, not seen in any real life monkey. At one point, Jane describes her attackers to her father and mimics the baboons' calls well enough that the professor is able to identify them as Theropithecus baboonus, a species that does not exist in the real world (although genus Theropithecus is very much real, even if there's only one species- Theropithecus gelada- extant today). This would suggest that both movies take place in the same alternate reality in which there's an additional, mandrill-like species of Theropithecus living in the jungles of west-central Africa, and this is obviously a fact well known by zoologists like Professor Porter.

  • The Lion King likely takes place in East Africa, but it is possible that Theropithecus baboonus has a broad enough range it's present in both areas.

Tarzan's parents' corpses were discovered and brought back to England shortly after Kala found baby Tarzan.


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