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Jinxes work on the same principle as Niven's luck genes
The idea is that they have bad luck but everyone around them has good luck. And the pseudo-science explanation states that the reverse (Positive Randon Attributed Subjects, PRATTS) exist, which seems a pretty apt description of Teela Brown.
  • Though, PVC culture increases selection pressure for Jinxes instead of PRATTS. Teela was born due to a Population Control lottery, Sonya's birth was caused by a broken condom.

Credibility Drive doesn't take you to other worlds so much as create them.
And the reason why it's such a silly universe is that the geeks who first invented the "Drive" wanted a cool sci-fi 'verse, but then more authors moved in on it.

Tank Vixens is Pan-Vulpine Coalition propaganda
Come on, it's not like real world propaganda is any less ridiculous.

Zeera is an Imperial Ex-pat
She has the same Funetik Aksent. And there's that advert showing her in some kind of VIMP prison camp before becoming a Tank Vixen. My guess is that her family migrated sometime before the war, and she grew up in the Imperium, but when the war broke out all vulpines in the Imperium were put in internment camps. At some point Zeera was liberated by a PVC raid and enlisted, her desire for revenge propelling her up to Captain in no time.

The PVC started the war
The prologue states "Their harmless territorial demands have been met with wanton aggression." But since they're the "good guys" I'll suggest something fairly innocuous.
  • So as not to sound like Firen and Sonya, both Empires were expanding into the same region and the PVC tried to claim a rather large region which the VIMP chose to interpret as an act of aggression.

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