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The deal with sea rouge.
Y'know how sea rouge has the munitions logo on his stack, right? There obviously was a horrific explosion, and his family got blown up in it, and whilst trying to save them, he lost his eye. and with his family dead, his uncle took him in and raised him.

Zebedee was the original number 7 of the Star Fleet
We have no evidence of this.

The pirate tugs and burk & blair are the same tugs
They do share the same models, and maybe when they were arrested. The pirate tugs took the goggles off, (presumably because the police tug doesn't know what they look like without their goggles off) and went around as berk and blair and no one is the wiser, not even o.j.!

The Z-Stacks originally had seven tugs, but after the Cuba incident, two went rogue, disguised themselves with green, foglight-esque goggles, and became the pirates.
After the Cuba incident, the two tugs went rogue, and decided to become barge pirates for a living. The two stole from a munitions factory one day, where they met Sea Rogue and his Uncle. Eventually, the events in Pirate happen, and since the Pirates had decided to disguise themselves with the big lights at the beginning of their career of theft, Zip and Zug failed to recognize the two... until they were arrested, and their masks were removed.

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