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Brandon Quinton's vote for Kelly over Lex during the Africa season is a massive For Want of a Nail moment
  • Think about it. If Brandon hadn't switched his initial vote for Lex over to Kelly, Lex would probably never have appeared on All Stars (and neither would have Ethan or Tom had the Samburu alliance took control of the game). This means that Lex never would have had the chance to make that Deal with the Devil he did with Boston Rob to save Amber, which means that Boston Rob's entire game would have different since he would never have the chance to manipulate a friend who was as close to him as Lex was, nor would he have someone to manipulate that was as emotionally volatile as Lex. This leaves a good chance that either Boston Rob wins in a landslide since no one on the jury would have a reason to feel betrayed by him like they did in Real Life, or it means that neither Rob nor Amber make it to the finals in All Stars since they would both have been voted out much earlier by a player with no emotional connection to Rob, ensuring that Rob never appears on Heroes vs Villains six years later. This means that Russell Hantz would never have the chance to have a rivalry with Rob on Heroes vs Villains, which means that the entire season may have played out differently, especially considering that if the boot order was different without Rob's presence, J.T on the Heroes tribe might never have given his hidden immunity idol over to Russell. Season 22 would be completely different as well, since it wouldn't feature Rob(and possibly not Russell) and possibly not feature returning contestants at all nor Redemption Island.

Jeff Probst is a Time Lord.
The jar of votes is his TARDIS, and the contestants of each season are his companions.
  • And whoever wins at the end gets select to board the TARDIS full-time.
  • However, Russell Hantz is The Master.

Frannie and Matt are going to end up having to backstab or blindside each other
A tend I'm noticing for the 40s is that the two friends/allies who have been together since the beginning have always ended up either backstabbing each other. And since Frannie and Matt have been the closest in 44, I have a feeling they're going to be the ones backstabbing each other.
  • Averted. Matt was booted, but only because they were split from each other, Matt had no advantages and everyone wanted him go to split him and Frannie up, correctly seeing them as a power couple.