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aka: Supergirl Rebirth

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The Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix is the same one Pre-Flashpoint Superman was looking for in the Fortress of Solitude in Superman Rebirth #1...
... or Supergirl knows how to build one, at any rate. This may be the key to bring New 52 Superman back.

Zor-El suffers from Red-K poisoning
It'd explain his increasingly questionable behaviour and his falling sanity.

Supergirl told pre-Flashpoint Superman that he could make use of the facilities of the Fortress of Solitude
Supergirl vol 7 #1 makes clear that Kara considers she owns the Fortress now. In the Action Comics books, Superman keeps using his new Home Base, and in Superman #3 he is reluctant to enter the Fortress because it feels he is trespassing. However, in Superman #8 Superman and his son are whiling away in the place. So Kara must have given her permission for them coming there.

This is DC's revenge for Panning Batman V Superman
  • Sense everyone hated the DC Movie, Batman v Superman, DC is now punishing us; By destroying Supergirl, by changing the comics into a printed version of the Live Action TV Show.
      • Is this guy for real?

Alternative Title(s): Supergirl Rebirth