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This subpage is for spirits from anywhere else you can imagine, go nuts!

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Other video game characters

  • Impostor, a novice spirit, tasks you to find two hostile Samuses among a horde of six all spawning in at once. These impostor Samuses rarely attack, but only attack once you get close. Everyone, including the player, is at 10 HP, letting them easily be killed with a powerful enough hit. You are also tasked to keep at least one other non-Impostor Samus alive.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze: Mii Swordfighter in Altaïr set (if player doesn't own Altaïr set, replace with Richter H). Shield-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4500), fought on Great Plateau Tower, with "The Hidden Village" as stage music. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; and 2) The enemy’s melee weapons have increased power. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 2 and the Death's Scythe Equipped skill.

  • Baldi is a green-clothed Marth who prefers neutral specials and starts with a Home-Run Bat to represent Baldi's instant-kill ruler. Because he's a math teacher, Dr. Kawashima will appear as an assist enemy.
  • Playtime is a pink Villager who loves to jump around a lot, echoing Playtime's habit of playing jump rope.
  • Gotta Sweep is a green Inkling which spams his side special: the Closest Thing We Got to the mop that Gotta Sweep is.

  • The Kid is an Ace-class battle against a Grey Link in Reset Bomb Forest. He starts out with a Golden Hammer to reference the Kid's trusty Cael Hammer, and various weapon items spawn to reflect the extent of his arsenal.

  • CommanderVideo is Dark Samus fought on Lylat Cruise focusing on her projectiles and aerial attacks. Color TV-Game 15 routinely spawns as a reference to Bit.Trip gameplay.

  • Miriam is an Ace-class spirit represented by Lucina on Castlevania (Given that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). As the battle goes on, the puppet fighter gains various buffs, which represents her gaining new abilities through shards she gets from defeating enemies in her game. She is a primary Grab spirit which increases speed.
  • Zangetsu is another Ace-class spirit represented by Snake (as both are voiced by David Hayter) that takes place on Suzaku Castle (as Zangetsu comes from Japan). He's equipped with a Killing Edge, as Zangetsu wields a Katana. He is a primary Attack spirit who buffs sword attacks.
  • Alfred is an Ace-class spirit represented by a white male Robin. He is fought on the Bridge of Eldin stage, which could be a stand-in for the Hidden Desert area. It also has a poisonous floor and naturally it has "Hail to the Past" playing. This Robin has stronger magic attacks but less health. Once obtained, he is a support spirit with Trade off Ability as its ability.

  • Bub & Bob: two Yoshis, colors H and F respectively. Grab-type Novice-level Spirit (battle power: 2000), fought on Battlefield Mario Bros., with "The Great Cave Offensive" as stage music. Rule: Food items only. Condition: The enemy favors neutral specials. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 2 and the Instadrop skill.

  • Vi is an advanced-class spirit represented by Pikachu (in the Ethan hat alt just like the Zinger and Honey Queen)on the Living Room to represent the small size of the bugs in relation to the environment as well as specifically representing Giant's Lair as a human's house with larger creatures in the background. Pikachu is armed with a boomerang to represent vi's boomerang, and has a Super Leaf allowing it to replicate Vi's ability to fly. The music playing is the Paper Mario Medley to represent the game's nature as a Spiritual Successor to Paper Mario. Vi's spirit grants a Boomerang when equipped.
  • Kabbu is another advanced-class spirit, represented by a green Bowser (similar to Heracross, a fellow beetle) on the Garden of Hope, once again representing the small size of bugs, as well as baring a passing resemblance to Bugaria Outskirts. The stage is covered in poison to represent the wild swamplands Kabbu passed through to reach Bugaria. After a certain point, Bowser gains the ability to cause damage by dashing, like Kabbu's dash through ability gained during the later half of the story. This ability is given to the player as the Impact Run ability when Kabbu is equipped. The music played is the Paper Mario Medley, for the same reasons as above.
  • Leif is an ace-class spirit, represented by a Lucas in his blue/Duster costume who mainly uses his neutral B (Leif's ice abilities) and shield (Leif's own shield ability). The stage is on a Battlefield version of The Great Cave Offensive, a cave setting with a few crystals not unlike Snakemouth Den where Leif was found by Team Snakemouth for the first time. Leif starts the battle with a Kyurem to further the ice powers as well as several Freezies. Alongside them, Food will drop to represent Leif's own gourmet tendencies. As with his two teammates, the Paper Mario Medley is played for this battle. When equipped, Leif's spirit gives a Freezie.

  • Madeline is represented by Pink Villager on Summit, which is basically the titular mountain of Celeste. This villager has increased air mobility, an additional jump and Instadrop. The Stage also has dangerously high winds, which the puppet fighter is immune to. Occasionally, strawberry shortcakes will spawn. Once obtained, Madeline is a support spirit that grants increased air mobility.
  • Badeline is another pink Villager in Summit, but instead she only fights from a distance and runs away when the player is nearby, referring to her fight in Reflections. She also gets a Ray Gun. When obtained, she is a support spirit that grants increased power for ranged weapons.
  • When both Madeline and Badeline spirits are combined, the Madeline and Badeline spirit can be obtained, being a Legendary spirit with Aerial Master, a spirit that combines Additional Midair Jump, Floaty Jumps, and Jump Up but has only one spirit slot.

  • Crash Bandicoot: Donkey Kong C. Grab-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 9000), fought on Tortimer Island, with "Gear Getaway" as stage music, and Isabelle H and R.O.B. C as helpers representing Coco Bandicoot and Aku Aku, respectively. Rules: Crates only (they all contain apples, representing Wumpa Fruit, when broken), Item Tidal Wave. Conditions: 1) The enemy favors up specials; 2) The enemy will occasionally be invincible; and 3) Certain items will appear in large numbers after a little while. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 2787), 3 slots, Jump ↑.
  • Dr. Neo Cortex: Dr. Mario F. Shield-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 6000), fought on Wily Castle, with "Fortress Boss - Super Mario Bros. 3" as stage music. Rule: Shooting items only. Conditions: 1) The enemy’s shooting items have increased power; and 2) The enemy starts the battle with a Ray Gun. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Trade-Off Defense ↑ skill.
  • Dr Nefarious Tropy: Corrin E (Blue male). Shield-type Ace-level (battle power: 9250), fought on Spear Pillar, with "An Obstacle in Our Path" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy starts with a staff and 2) Timers spawn and gravitate toward the enemy
  • Tiny Tiger: Incineroar H. Attack-type Novice-level (battle power: 4030), fought on Coliseum, with "Minor Circuit Remix" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy constantly jumps and 2) Duck Hunts will suddenly appear a minute into the battle, capable of collision damage when running
  • Dingodile: Bowser F. Grab-type Novice-level (battle power: 4150), fought on Summit, with "Warioware, Inc. Medley" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy typically attacks by breathing fire and 2) The enemy starts with a Wind Bellows
  • Komodo Brothers: Greninja E and Yoshi G. Shield-type Advanced-level (battle power: 5370), fought on Suzaku Castle, with "E. Honda Stage Type A" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy is difficult to launch and 2) The enemy starts with a Killing Edge
  • Ripper Roo: Lucario C. Neutral-type Advanced-level (battle power: 5600), fought on Gerudo Valley with "Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store" as stage music. Conditions: 1) Explosives will spawn and 2) Only Electrodes will appear out of Poke Balls
  • Papu-Papu: King Dedede C. Shield-type Novice-level (battle power: 3980), fought on Tortimer Island, with "Bandit Valley" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy will often attack with his hammer and 2) Three miniature Donkey Kongs will protect the enemy
  • Dr. N. Gin is an Advanced Attack Primary represented by a tiny Mario. In this stamina battle, he is accompanied by a slow, giant metal Mega Man, representing the robot he is known for, and is fought on Lylat Cruise, referencing his fight in Warped. The Mega Man is armed with a Steel Diver and occasionally, bombs will drop on the stage. N. Gin's Spirit Effect grants a buff to all explosion-based attacks, as a reference to his various explosive weapons his robot uses.

The boss spirits will be a stamina battle, much like the source.

  • Cuphead is an Ace-level spirit taking form of a red Mega Man (either that or the Mii Gunner with the Cuphead costume). He will constantly dash towards you and attack to reflect the run-and-gun nature of his game. The battle will take place in Gaur Plains, and Metal Face will appear given that boss fights are the staple to the game.
    • Cuphead spirit Confirmed! As well as Mugman, King Dice, and the Devil! Even better is that if one doesn't own the Cuphead DLC, you actually do fight a red Mega Man!
  • Goopy LeGrande is a blue Kirby in Omega form Distant Planet. Defeating the first one will spawn a giant blue Kirby which focuses on using the Down Special, to combine the source boss' latter two phases.
  • Cagney Carnation is a giant yellow Piranha Plant on Distant Planet, which incorporates Floral Fury.
  • Ribby and Croaks are Ken and Ryu (both green and giant). Ryu, for Ribby, focuses on using his hadoukens, while Ken, for Croaks, starts with a Beetle (for the fireflies he spews out) and has the "Distracted by Items" effect to pick up additional Beetles and Gust Bellows (for the second phase).
  • Grim Matchstick is a Huge Green Ridley (big dragon) on Rainbow Cruise (in the sky). The Ridley likes using his Neutral Special. He gives Fire Resistance,
  • Sally Stageplay is a green Peach that focuses on using the Peach Parasol to reflect her use of the umbrella in her fight.

  • Monokuma is Dark Toon Link, but before he appears, the player must defeat a Pink Inkling (representing Danganronpa's famous pink blood). Toon Link is armed with a Final Smash and a Golden Hammer from the onset, because they're looking to execute the one who killed the Inkling.

  • Solaire of Astora is a male Robin in his white-and-red outfit fought at either Castle Siege or Reset Bomb Forest. He favors lightning attacks and has Sudden Final Smash so that he can summon Chrom for some Jolly Cooperation at your expense. Alternately, he could be periodically joined by yellow Wii Fit Trainers (representing fellow Warriors of Sunlight appearing as Gold Phantoms) armed with beam swords and spamming Sun Salutation. Just like in a Dark Souls invasion, though, you only need to defeat the host (Robin/Solaire) to win.
  • Crossbreed Priscilla is a Legendary-class Primary Spirit, and she is represented by a giant Female!Corrin puppet fighter armed with a Death's Scythe who can occasionally turn invisible.
  • Ornstein and Smough are represented by Simon and King Dedede, the former replaced with Byleth if you have Challenger Pack 5. King Dedede is giant while Simon/Byleth tend to use Side attacks. When one opponent is defeated, the other will completely heal himself and gain a buff to his attack power. Winning this battle grants you an Ace Level Attack Primary that grants you the Giant + Metal effect.

  • Kasumi: Zero Suit Samus B. Shield-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4200), fought on Frigate Orpheon Ω, with "Go! Getsu Fuma" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; and 2) The enemy favors physical attacks. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Dash Attack ↑ skill.
  • Ayane: Bayonetta H. Grab-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4500), fought on Suzaku Castle Ω, with "Shotgun Kiss" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; and 2) The enemy favors physical attacks. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Killing Edge Equipped skill.

  • Monika is a Legend-class Primary Spirit represented by a green Fox. The battle takes place on GAMER and Interface Screw runs rampant: reversed controls and an upside-down screen. When equipped, she has 3 slots and comes with Jam FS Charge.
  • Yuri is an Ace-class Primary Spirit represented by a purple Marth. The battle takes place on Tomodachi Life and befitting Yuri's nature as a Knife Nut, bladed items spawn often. When equipped, she has 2 slots and gives Sword Attack Up.
  • Sayori is an Advanced-class Support Spirit represented by a cyan Yoshi. The battle takes place on Dream Land and food spawns often because Sayori is a Big Eater. When equipped, she grants Stats Up After Eating.
  • Natsuki is a Novice-class Support Spirit represented by a Selene-hatted Pikachu. The battle takes place on Town and City, with Chef Kawasaki (a similar Supreme Chef) appearing as a hostile Assist Trophy. When equipped, she grants Lightweight.

  • Billy & Jimmy Lee: Ken C as Billy, and Ryu E as Jimmy (or Ryu F as Billy and Ken A as Jimmy, depending on the artwork used, since even Technos never seemed to agree on who's the blond one and who's the dark-haired one). Attack-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 8000), fought on Saffron City Ω, with "Excite Truck" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, battering items only. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; and 2) The enemy’s melee weapons have increased power. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 3225), 2 slots.
  • Abobo: Donkey Kong G. Grab-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 8000), fought on Midgar Ω, with "Dragon Battle" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; and 2) The enemy’s punches and elbow strikes have increased power. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 2 and the Unflinching Charged Smashes skill.

  • Volk as a Legend-class Primary Spirit represented by a green-skinned Wolf who throws down poison attacks, though once he gets to 125+%, he goes to 0% and into Agito mode, becoming larger, stronger and faster while siccing smaller and faster green Pichus at the player while also becoming Heavy as well, requiring the player to quickly finish him out before the sickness spreads. If the player's still around, they also have to deal with a Blood Moon that's slowly dropping down.

  • Sae Kurosawa is an Ace-class Primary Spirit who is represented by Dark Samus in her white costume (as Dark Samus has the most ghostly animations of the cast) and can be found in the Lost Woods in World of Light. Sae's attack power is boosted and the player occasionally takes serious damage.

  • Illya & Berserker are an Ace Attack Primary Spirit represented by a tiny Villager and a Giant Ganondorf and fought on Luigi's Mansion. In battle, Ganondorf is the Main Fighter and has boosted Attack stats, while Villager avoids battle. Ganondorf also prefers to use Smash attacks, referencing Berserker's own Sword-based attacks, and heals himself when reaching Critical Levels. Using Illya & Berserker grants you a one-slot Spirit with the Critical Healing + ability.

  • Makoto Mizoguchi is an Ace-class Attack-type Primary Spirit. He would ideally be represented by a Mii Brawler with a deluxe costume based on him, with a black Ryu as a placeholder. Regardless, the battle is a stamina battle with decreased jumping ability on Omega-version Kongo Falls. The music would be either his theme from Fighter's History or the CPS1 version of Ryu's theme. Defeating him grants you his Spirit, which boosts Fist Attack and has 3 slots.

  • Paimon is a Novice Support Spirit represented by a pink-haired Villager and fought on Great Plateau Tower. In battle, Villager prefers to be in the air, is attracted to food items and Stopwatch items spawn on the map, respectively referencing her constantly floating, her love for food, and her ability to fast forward time. When attaining her Spirit, Paimon takes up one slot and grants the Floaty Jumps ability.
  • Kaeya is an Advanced Attack Primary Spirit represented by Chrom and fought on Great Plateau Tower. In battle, the ground is frozen, Freezies spawn on the map, and his sword attacks are buffed. Upon defeat, Kaeya grants Water/Ice Attack +.

  • Big Smoke is an Ace-class King K. Rool in his default color, who starts off with super armor and a Home-Run Bat. Since GTA's selling points are the weapons and the cars, the stage is Port Town Aero Dive, and Ray Guns or Super Scopes randomly spawn.

  • Gris is a Zelda and Jigglypuff whose battle takes place in the statue portion of Skyworld. Jigglypuff will continously use Sing against you, while Zelda runs away. It is a timed battle and the battle ends when Zelda is defeated.

  • Onky is represented by a yellow, pink, orange, and green Kirby, respectively the colors of male, female, child, and baby onkys. Depending on which order you defeat them, the remaining Kirbies get different buffs, referencing how items in the GROW games level up in different ways depending on the order you use them. As a Support Spirit, Onky grants Transformation Duration Up, again referencing leveling up and how it often transforms the characters.

  • Assuming he is not DLC, Sol Badguy is represented by a red Roy with increased attack power. Once critically damaged, his attack power is boosted further to represent Dragon Install.
  • Ky Kiske is represented by a white Marth who is fought on Garreg Mach Monastery, and his Spirit increases the power of electric attacks.
  • May is a Pichu (both are voiced by Satomi Koorogi) with a Team Skull bandana armed with an Ore Club (representing her anchor) and is fought on Pirate Ship.
  • Potemkin is a giant green R.O.B. with increased attack power to make up for moving more slower. His Spirit grants Slow Super Armor.
  • Faust is a Primary Spirit who is represented by a green Dr. Mario equipped with a Killing Edge.
  • I-No will most likely not be represented as Smash is "for good boys and girls", but if she is, she'll be a pink Bayonetta who spams her down special and is armed with a Meloetta-loaded Poké Ball.
  • Bedman is represented by a black Marth (a voice actor in-joke) who is constantly sleeping, letting a giant pink R.O.B. fight on his behalf. You only need to defeat Marth to win.


  • Hat Kid would be an Ace-Level Primary Spirit in the form of a purple Isabelle in Delfino Plaza (to emulate Mafia Town). Powerups based upon her hats would spawn in the arena: Freezies for the Ice Hat, Bob-Ombs for the Brewing Hat, Timers for the TimeStop Hat, and Bunny Hoods for the Sprint Hat.
  • Mafia would consist of six blue Donkey Kongs, one cyan Luigi (as a stand-in to Goofy Mafia; he will run away from you much like he would a mud-soaked Hat Girl) and a red biker Wario (as a stand-in to Mafia Boss) in Delfino Plaza. They are a Support Spirit which grants the user a higher fist attack.
  • The Conductor would be a Yellow Ridley on Spirit Train, equipped with a Killing Edge (not only is there a prop knife for "Murder on the Owl Express", but his boss fight incorporates a not-so-prop knife). Explosives will spawn around it to reference to the level Train Rush.
  • DJ Grooves would be King Dedede in New Donk City Hall. Jeff would appear as a hostile assist trophy, because every big parade needs pyrotechnics. He will also do a down taunt from time to time, given that Grooves' idle animation involves a spinning dance.
  • Queen Vanessa would be a black Peach in the Luigi's Mansion stage. From time to time, you will be stunned to reference how she freezes whichever unfortunate victim she would catch.

  • Bia & Milo would be a Novice spirit. Ken (as Milo) in Skyworld's Statue section, who taunts often and gets away from the player, with a constantly respawning Yuri Kozukata (as Bia), referring to how they became friends in Chapter 3.
  • Jared & Ana would also be a Novice spirit. It takes place in the Marketplace section of Garreg Mach Monastery, with King K. Rool (as Jared) and Zero Suit Samus (as Ana), with tea spawning very often, both characters attracted to the tea and tea boosting their stats, all a reference to the happenings of Vhapter 2. As Jared is a gamer, his character could have a slightly more powerful AI than other Novice spirits.
  • Rinden & Mara, yet another Novice spirit. Their battle takes place in Tomodachi Life, with Rinden being a Marth and Mara being a red Lucina. Their battle will spawn tea too, although not as much as Jared & Ana's fight, as drinks spilling on Rinden's suit is pretty common during their chapters.

  • The Helltaker himself is an Ace Primary Spirit represented by a black Captain Falcon. Food spawns often, which increases his stats when he eats it, and he has increased movement speed. However, he also has a tendency to taunt. The stage is the 3rd level of Castle Siege, representing Hell. His Spirit has 3 slots and Stats Up After Eating.
  • Cerberus is an Advanced Support spirit. In battle, they are represented by three Isabelles in red winter attire and are accompanied by a Nintendog Assist Trophy. Upon defeat, the Triple Demon grants you Soul Split, which divides damage evenly amongst your teammates.

  • Henry Stickmin himself is an Ace-class Primary Spirit represented by either a white Mr. Game and Watch (another simplistic figure), or if you have his DLC, a default Joker (another Lovable Rogue). Items spawn frequently and are attracted to Henry as a reference to his Combat Pragmatist ways. The stage is Halberd, to represent the Toppat Airship. His Spirit has two slots for Support Spirits and comes with Item Gravitation to represent his kleptomania.
  • Charles Calvin is an Advanced-class Support Spirit reprensented by a red Falco (another Ace Pilot, and also a reference to how he serves as Henry's wingman), with a penchant for using up specials to mimic his frequent attempts at a Dynamic Entry. The stage is Pilotwings, to represent his helicopter. His Spirit grants Fire/Explosion Resist, as a twisted joke about his potential death in Completing the Mission.
  • Ellie Rose is a Novice-class Support Spirit represented by a red Daisy (another Fiery Redhead with Flower Motifs) who often turns invisible to represent her attempt at Fleeing the Complex. The stage is Shadow Moses Island, to represent The Wall. Her Spirit grants Stamina +, to represent the fact that unlike Henry and Charles, she survives all endings of Completing the Mission.
    • The fact that she doesn't die in any ending isn't really a notable character trait. Her spirit could instead give an increased grab range in reference to her force powers which is her only recurring skill in the games she appears in.

  • Kiana Kaslana is an Ace Attack Primary represented by a white Bayonetta and fought on Garreg Mach Monastery. In battle, she is accompanied by a Black Lucina armed with a Beam Sword and a Mii Gunner wearing Ashley's Wig and the High-Tech Armor, representing Mei and Bronya respectively. During battle, Bayonetta is accompanied by Krystal, the closest thing to a cat representing her Neko Charm ultimate. Upon defeat, Kiana's spirit grants you the Gun Attack + ability, referencing her akimbo gun fighting style.

  • Hue is a Novice Support Spirit represented by a cyan Inkling that spams his side special. Vinnie also appears as a hostile Assist Trophy. Upon defeat, Hue's Spirit grants Lightweight.

  • The Kid (not to be confused with the other The Kid mentioned earlier) would be a Novice Spirit represented by a blue Toon Link equipped with a Ray Gun on Green Greens. It's a stamina match and Toon Link only has one HP. And in case that sounds too complicated to you, it also rains Bob-ombs at some point. Nevertheless, once in the player's hand, The Kid is a support spirit that gives a Critical-Health Attack boost.

  • The main antagonist of Just Shapes & Beats (in their first form) is represented by a pink Incineroar, since they're technically a cat, accompanied by Snake (representing Barracuda, a stage that features lots of snakes), Piranha Plant (representing Lycanthropy and its Foul Flower) and Jigglypuff (representing Close To Me), all in their pink alts. The fight takes place on Battlefield 75M to represent the game's sparse backgrounds, and Killing Edges spawn, since they turn pink when most deadly. There's a poison floor to represent the game's Collision Damage, and the music for the fight is randomly picked from the electronic tunes in the soundtrack. The Spirit itself is Ace level; it can be enhanced at level 99 to the antagonist's second or final form, which boosts fist attacks.

  • Cho'Gath is a Novice Attack Primary Spirit represented by a giant Ridley on Kongo Falls Omega. In battle, food items spawn and Ridley gets buffs to his stats after eating, referencing both his passive trait and his Ultimate. Upon defeat, Cho'Gath grants the Attack + From Eating effect.
  • Garen is an Advanced Defense Primary Spirit represented by a Radiant Dawn Ike on Kongo Falls Omega. In battle, he is equipped with a Back Shield and has increased Sword Attacks. Additionally, Ike heals over time and prefers to use Side Smash, the former referencing his Passive and the latter referencing his Decisive Strike. Upon defeat, Garen grants the Auto-Heal effect.
  • Thresh is an Ace Attack Primary Spirit represented by a white-haired Ganondorf on Kongo Falls Omega. In battle, he is equipped with a Death's Scythe and occasionally, the player gains decreased movement speed. Upon defeat, Thresh grants the exclusive KO Attack + ability, which buffs the users Attack power for every KO scored. This is in reference to Thresh's passive ability, which allows enemies to drop souls that increase his attack power on defeat.

  • The Boomer would be a novice spirit represented by a green Inkling, which, rather than go for a physical resemblance, instead represents its vomiting attack, on Fourside. The Inkling is backed up by many Mii Brawlers, who stand in for the Common Infected, though you only have to defeat Inkling to win. Inkling will constantly try to cover you with ink while avoiding direct contact if he can, leaving you to deal with the Mii Brawlers trying to knock you out. In the player's hand, the Boomer is a primary neutral type with 1 slot.
  • The Hunter would be an advanced spirit represented by a hoodie-wearing Wireframe Little Mac on Pac-Land. Mac will spam Jolt Haymaker or attempt to grab you, which is the closest thing to his Deadly Lunge. In the player's hand, it'd be a support spirit that grants Strong Throw.
  • The Smoker would be an ace spirit represented by a grey Greninja assisted by a green Ivysaur and an indigo Simon on Town & City at night. While Simon primarily attacks with his whip, Ivysaur will try to grab you with Vine Whip, both of which reference the Smoker's Overly Long Tongue, with the latter referencing his ability to grab you with it. In the player's hands, the Smoker would be a support spirit that grants Improved Escape.
  • The Tank would be a legendary spirit represented by a pink Donkey Kong on Omega form Shadow Moses Island. It's a stamina match and DK has super armor and a shit ton of HP. Shooting weapons constantly spawn, though DK will never pick them up. In the player's hands, it'd be a primary attack type spirit that increases physical attacks.
  • The Witch would be another legendary spirit represented by a female Corrin on Dracula's Castle. At the start, she perpetually crouches until the player hits her, and at that point her attack power greatly increases and gets an instant Final Smash. Once in the player's hands, she'd be a support spirit that grants the rare Critical Hit ↑↑ skill.
  • The Jockey would be a novice spirit represented by cyan Diddy Kong on Onett. Diddy will spam Monkey Flip, which is similar to the Jockey's latching attack. In the player's hand, it'd be a support spirit that grants Irreversible Controls.
  • The Charger would be an ace spirit represented by a bunch of Ridleys on New Donk City. The Ridleys will constantly spam Space Pirate Rush and try to push you off the screen, alluding to the Charger's ability to charge and grab a survivor and its tendency to take survivors beyond a point where they could survive. In the player's hand, it'd be a primary grab type with two slots.
  • The Spitter would be an advanced spirit represented by a white Piranha Plant on Battlefield Form Fourside. The floor is poisonous and Plant will spam Poison Breath, which is the closest thing to the Spitter's Acid Attack. In the player's hand, it'd be a support spirit that grants Poison Immunity.
  • The Survivors (Left 4 Dead) would be an ace spirit represented by a green Snake, a red Zero Suit Samus, a white Robin, and a black Terry (respectively representing Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis) on New Pork City. Robin and Terry are respectively equipped with a Super Scope and a Ray Gun and all of them prefer attacking with weaponry. They tend to stick together as well. In the player's hand, they'd be a primary defense type that increases the power of shooting items.
  • Similarly, The Survivors (Left 4 Dead 2) would be a legendary spirit represented by Dr. Mario, a Mii Gunner, a purple Villager, and a blue Ness (respectively representing Nick, Rochelle, Coach, and Ellis) on Prism Tower. Dr. Mario is equipped with a Staff while Villager has a Home-Run Bat. Similarly to the above, they tend to stick together and prefer to attack with weapon based attacks (In Ness's case, he prefers his Forward Smash) and they will grab any items that spawn. In the player's hand, they'd be a support spirit that increases the power of battering items.note 

LEGO Game Characters
LEGO Island
  • Pepper Roni is a default Villager in the Wuhu Island stage to represent LEGO Island. Pizza appears often as he's LEGO Island's pizza delivery dude, and he has increased movement speed to represent his super-fast skateboarding.
  • Mama & Papa Brickolini are black Mario and pink Luigi, similarly Italian. They fight on the boat section of Wuhu Island, as that's what brought Mama Brickolini to LEGO Island, with Meloetta appearing to portray Mama's piano-playing skills (And/or Papa Brickolini's terrible singing).
  • Nick & Laura Brick are a black Captain Falcon and Bayonetta, both armed with ray guns. They become a support spirit that gives Stats Up after Eating, as in the ending of the first game you had to feed them donuts to speed them up and catch the Brickster.
  • The Infomaniac is a white Robin, as he's most commonly associated with the Constructopedia book that holds all the buildings on LEGO Island. He's fought on the Great Plateau Tower (to reference the Information Center) alongside the Dr. Kawashima assist trophy, and as a support spirit he puts his knowledge to use by providing a Chance of Double Final Smash.
  • The Brickster would require the Infomaniac's core to summon, as the Brickster was actually created by him as a friend long ago. His spirit battle would bring you to the Wuhu Island, where you face Morton accompanied by several metal and gold Mortons, referencing his Bricksterbots.

LEGO Alpha Team

  • Dash is a black-alt Snake with increased movement speed, as he's the Alpha Team's motions expert. He's fought on the battlefield version of Gaur Plain, referencing the first stage of the Alpha Team game, the greenhouse.
  • Crunch is instead a green-alt Snake, who focuses on using his grenades and the exposive items that spawn in, fitting for the explosives expert. He's fought on Great Bay, resembling the aquarium part of the greenhouse.
  • Radia, the lasers expert, spawns as a black Zero Suit Samus holding a ray gun, which her support spirit would also provide. She would be fought on the Great Cave Offensive's battlefield version, referencing the second stage of the game, the goo caverns.
  • Charge, the electricity expert, is a blue Robin who focuses on using his neutral special Thoron. He's fought on Norfair, invoking the magma cavern section of the goo caverns.
  • Cam, the motors expert, is a red Mega Man on the electric-type version of the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage, whose conveyors evoke the belts that were used to make her contraptions move.
  • Flex, the ropes expert, fights as a yellow Richter constantly using his whip - but stopping to taunt every once in a while, like the fun guy he is. His fight is on the base version of Kalos Pokemon League, with the blue lighting resembling water through the windows of Ogel's underwater base.
  • Ogel is the equally megalomaniacal Ganondorf in his white costume, and he's accompanied by a squad of green, skull bandanna-clad Inklings to serve as his zombie/skeleton drones. His stage is the battlefield version of Summit, serving as his secret Arctic base, and the player would randomly slow down in reference to his plan to stop time in Mission Deep Freeze.

LEGO Universe

  • Each of the faction leaders is fought with three other fighters, representing the specialized classes that were available to players of their faction.
    • Duke Exeter is a blue Ike, who is a strong knight similar to the Sentinel faction leader. He fights alongside a blue Eight Hero (Knight), a white Samus (Space Ranger), and a cyan Roy with a Killing Edge (Samurai).
    • Doc Overbuild is a construction worker Mario, as he's the leader of the building-focused Assembly faction. He's accompanied by a black-and-yellow Mega Man with a Beam Sword (Engineer), a white Zelda using her down special (Summoner), and a yellow Joker holding a Drill (Inventor).
    • Hael Storm, leader of the Venture League faction, is a Mii Swordfighter in green pirate garb fought on the Pirate Ship stage. He fights alongside a green Captain Falcon (Daredevil), a K. Rool using his neutral special (Buccaneer), and a green Richter (Adventurer).
    • Vanda Darkflame is a red Sheik fought on Final Destination, whose background resembles the Maelstrom that her Paradox faction tries to study. She fights alongside a red Dark Samus (Space Marauder), a red Robin using her down special (Sorcerer), and a Mii Swordfighter wearing the Yiga Clan outfit (Shinobi).
  • Baron Typhonus is a black Dr. Mario fought on Final Destination, resembling the swirling essense of the Maelstrom. He's accompanied by a group of Meta Knight-colored Kirbys, representing the Stromling mooks.

LEGO City Undercover

  • Chase McCain is a Cyan Ken fought on Saffron City who focuses on using throws, resembling the takedowns he uses in the game.

Miscellaneous Classic Games

  • Rocket Racer, from LEGO Racers, is a black Captain Falcon, with random effects causing increased speed (green bricks), attack (red bricks), defense (blue bricks), or flipping the screen (yellow bricks). He can be enhanced at level 99 into his white outfit from LEGO Racers 2, granting Move Speed Up.
  • Freddy Fit, the referee from LEGO Soccer Mania, appears as Luigi alongside a set of six down-specialing Captain Falcons, who are all distracted by items. Said items are soccer balls, of course, as well as others based on power-ups from the game; Bullet Bills (Rocket Ball), Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms (Remote Control), Franklin Badge (Strong Man), Bob-Ombs (Bomb Ball), and the Bunny Hood (Speed Monsters). Freddy is a support spirit with Item Gravitation, referencing another power-up from Soccer Mania, the Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! item that took power-ups from your opponent.
  • The King from LEGO Chess is a white King K. Rool fought on the throne room portion of Castle Siege, focused on tossing his crown when he isn't actively running away from you. Only he has to be defeated to win (e.g. checkmate), but you have to get through a Villager using Lloyd Rocket (Pawn), Wario riding his bike (Knight; he mentions his knights modernizing to use BMX bikes), Robin using Arcthunder (Bishop), Bowser Jr./a Koopaling using Clown Kart Dash (Rook), and a Bayonetta using Heel Slide and Witch Twist (Queen).

  • Ida, a Advanced spirit, is a white Zelda in Temple, with two black Falcos representing the crows, where you only have to defeat Zelda. In addition, the stage occasionally flips. When obtained she gives you immunity to screen flip.
  • Ro and The Child are a Red Rosalina (Ro being a mother figure) and a Small Cherche-Lucina (The Child's hood) in temple. Their battle is otherwise identical to Ida's, but their Spirit gains a Defense+.

  • Scorpion: Dark Samus G. Grab-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 8800), fought on Norfair Ω, with "The Burning Lava Fish" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, fire floor. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The floor is lava; and 3) The enemy’s grabs and throws have increased power. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 3418), 2 slots, Fire Attack ↑.
  • Sub-Zero: Ice Climbers B. Shield-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 8800), fought on Summit Ω, with "Zangief Stage Type B" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, freezies only, ice floor. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The floor is frozen; and 3) The enemy favors down specials. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 3250), 2 slots, Water/Freezing Resist ↑.
  • Liu Kang: Lucario H. Attack-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4500), fought on Suzaku Castle Ω, with "Fei Long Stage Type B" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The enemy’s kicks and knee strikes have increased power; and 3) Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO’d (Charizard C, representing his dragon form). Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 1857), 2 slots.
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat): Pikachu E. Shield-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4800), fought on Unova Pokémon League Ω, with "Glory of Heracles" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, electric floor. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The floor is electrified; and 3) The enemy’s special attacks have increased power. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 2257), 2 slots, Electric Attack ↑.
  • Johnny Cage: Captain Falcon B Attack-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4600), fought on Colosseum with "Shadow Man Stage" as stage music/ Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1)Stamina Battle; 2) The enemy’s kicks and knee strikes have increased power; 3)The enemy’s special attacks have increased power; 4)Enemy taunts regularly. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 3250), 2 slots, Normal Attack increased ↑.
  • Kitana: Sheik C. Grab-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4000), fought on Bridge of Eldin (no stage hazards), with "Boss 1 - Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, Boomerangs only. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The enemy favors special attacks; and 3) The enemy starts the battle with a Boomerang (not listed on the battle screen). Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 2 and the Move Speed ↑ skill.
  • Goro: Giant Incineroar E. Grab-type Ace-level Spirit (battle power: 9000), fought on Reset Bomb Forest Ω, with "Roar/Rathalos" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The enemy has super armor and is hard to launch or make flinch; and 3) The enemy deals damage when falling. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Shield Damage ↑ skill.
  • Shang Tsung: Robin E. Neutral-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4700), fought on Dracula's Castle Ω, with "Magmoor Caverns - Metroid: Samus Returns" as stage music. Rule: Jumping power decreased. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) Only certain Pokémon (Ditto) will emerge from Poké Balls; and 3) The enemy favors down specials. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Transformation Duration ↑ skill.
  • Shao Kahn: Ganondorf F. Attack-type Legend-level Spirit (battle power: 11800), fought on Coliseum Ω, with "Vs. Meta Ridley" as stage music. Rules: Jumping power decreased, Hammers only. Conditions: 1) Stamina battle; 2) The enemy starts the battle with a Hammer; and 3) The enemy can swing the Hammer for a long time. Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 2 and the Fast Final Smash Meter skill.


  • Alien Hominid is a green-color Pikachu with 300% Damage and 20 Stock, equipped with a Ray Gun, encountered on Fourside. Just be careful of the tidal wave of Rage Blasters... His spirit can be enhanced into his appearance in Castle Crashers, and grants Lightweight.
  • Pico is repped by Mario in his green colors equipped with a Super Scope and joined by pink and purple Villagers equipped with a Killing Edge and a Bomber, respectively (representing his friends Nene and Darnell). His spirit increases Item Attack power.
  • Fancy Pants Man is a Novice-class Support Spirit. The Spirit Battle is a no-frills battle against a Mr. Game & Watch armed with a Beam Sword on PictoChat 2. When equipped, he grants an increase in movement speed.

  • Ryu Hayabusa: Sheik F. Attack-type Legend-level Spirit (battle power:11500), fought on Fourside, with "Lords-Showdown" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy’s fire and explosion attacks have increased power; and 2) The enemy’s FS meter charges quickly. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 4675), 2 slots, Fire & Explosion Attack ↑.

  • Travis Touchdown: Mii Swordfighter dressed in Travis set (or Wario C if player does not own it). Attack-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 4800), fought on Wrecking Crew Ω, with "Brain Cleaner" as stage music. Rule: Beam Swords only. Conditions: 1) The enemy starts the battle with a Beam Sword (applies only to Wario); 2) The enemy’s melee weapons have increased power; and 3) The enemy’s side special has increased power (also applies only to Wario). Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Beam Sword Equipped skill.

  • Reaper is represented by Meta Knight in his Dark Meta Knight costume, resembling Reaper's mask and black attire. He starts with a Steel Diver and prefers his teleport, in addition to healing over time like Reaper's Healing Factor abilities. He is fought in Shadow Moses Island, which resembles the base that he and the other Talon agents raided in the "Infiltration" short.
  • Winston is a purple Donkey Kong who starts with a Rocket Belt akin to Winston's Jump Pack. He is fought in a Stamina Battle, and at high damage he gets a sudden Final Smash to represent his ult Primal Rage and gives you a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Bastion is a ROB in its Famicom-based skin (tan with red limbs), with a green-clothed tiny Falco to represent its companion Ganymede. It starts with a Super Scope to represent its machine gun. It favors its neutral special and forward smash which are similar to Bastion's turret form, and has super armor to represent how Bastion units are durable.
  • D. Va is represented by a giant Wendy, with her Clown Car resembling her MEKA. She starts with a Ray Gun resembling the gun D. Va uses to support herself outside the MEKA, and favors her up special to resemble her ult Self-Destruct, in which she ejects from the MEKA and goes into gun mode.
  • Mei is represented by the Ice Climbers in light blue parkas. They usually use their down special resembling Mei's cryokinetic weapons and shield often to represent her Cryo-Freeze ability. Mei starts the battle by using a Poke Ball to summon Alolan Exeggutor (who is ironically very weak to ice) to represent her Ice Wall, infamous for how Mei-using trolls like using their Ice Walls to block their teammates from progressing.
  • Zarya is a powered-up Zero Suit Samus to reference her being an Olympic bodybuilder, holding a Black Hole to act as her Graviton Surge ult.
  • Orisa is a gold Ivysaur with super armor, as if she were under the effects of Fortify. She also carries a Super Scope to function as her Fusion Driver weapon, and has an invisible Shiek using her side special's vortex to mimic her Halt! ability. At high damage, both of them get powered up as if under the effects of her ult, Supercharger.
  • Junkrat is a Mii Gunner in the Steampunk Getup, who focuses on using neutral special 3 (Grenade Launch), up special 1 (Lunar Launch), and down special 2 (Bomb Drop). The only items that spawn are Motion-Sensor Bombs and Pitfalls, acting as Junkrat's Concussion Mines and Steel Traps, respectively. He's fought on the omega version of Mushroomy Kingdom to reference the irradiated Australian outback he calls home.
  • Roadhog is an orange King K. Rool, who heals large amounts occasionally like with his Take a Breather ability, and deals higher knockback like with his ult Whole Hog. When defeated, he functions as a support spirit with Strong Throw, referencing his Chain Hook.
  • Sigma is a blue Mewtwo who focuses on using Shadow Ball to represent his Hyperspheres, while also tossing around explosive barrels as his Accretion projectiles. Gravity occasionally lowers to mimic his ult Gravitic Flux, and his harnessing such means he grants you Gravity-Change Immunity as a support spirit.

  • Peashooter puppets four green Mii Gunners who constantly shoot bullets at the player.
  • Sunflower puppets a yellow peaceful Piranha Plant who summons lots of other Piranha Plants after a while. The Squid Sisters also appear as an assist trophy.
  • Wall-Nut is a brown King K. Rool preferring not to move who turns metal and regains health after a while. It is also a timed stamina battle.
  • Shrinking Violet is a small purple Daisy who shrinks the player first, then inflicts massive damage.
  • The Shadow Plants puppet a purple Peach (Moonflower), a blue Ken (Nightshade), a purple Piranha Plant (Shadow-shroom), and a purple Simon (Dusk Lobber). Everyone gets a heavy attack boost after the battle goes on for a while.
  • Chomper is a purple Piranha Plant.

Pocket Trains
All battles will be on Spirit Tracks.
  • The Steamers are Red, Blue, Green and White alts of Lightweight fighters.

  • Blizzard is an Ace class primary Shield spirit represented by a giant white Donkey Kong with super armor on omega form Summit. He's also aided by Ice Climbers and every so often food spawns and he gains attack when he eats food. When equipped he grants an increase in Ice attacks
  • Sauron is another Ace class primary spirit, but this time he's an attack spirit. Sauron is represented by a giant yellow K.Krool, also with super armor. You fight him on omega form Great Bay coast. Every so often food spawns and his stats go up when he eats it. When equipped he grants stat increases after eating food.
  • Talon is another Ace class primary Grab spirit represented by a giant red Yoshi, again with super armor and stat increases from spawning food. He's found in omega Gaur plains. When equipped, he grants increased speed.
  • Armadon is a neutral Ace class Neutral spirit represented by giant brown Bowser, also with super armor and increases to stats if he eats spawning food. He's fought on omega Great Cave Offensive and has Physical Attack increase as its trait.
  • Diablo: another Ace attack primary. This one increases the power of fire attacks. He's represented by a giant red Ridley in the volcano portion of omega Castle Siege. The floor is also covered in lava and just like the other battles, food spawns and if Ridley eats it he gains stat boosts.
  • Chaos: a Ace grab primary spirit. He's represented by a giant green Wario. Fought in omega distant planet, the same rules apply to this fight, but the floor is covered in poison. This spirit is somewhat weaker then the others, but grants poison immunity.
  • Vertigo: An Ace shield primary spirit. Fought on omega Spear Pillar, she's represented by a giant regular Dark Samus. In addition to the spawning food and gaining stat boosts, she's also joined by a Skull Kid assist trophy.

  • The Prince: Link G. Attack-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 3500), fought on Palutena's Temple, with "Dark World (Brawl)" as stage music. Condition: Survive until the time runs out (1 minute; referencing the 60 minutes in which the original game must be completed). Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 1752), 3 slots, Jump ↑.

  • Boy and Mom is a Novice spirit puppeting a Zelda and Ness in Yoshi's Island who both refuse to fight. When obtained, they are a primary spirit who have no other powers.

  • George, Lizzy, and Ralph is an Ace support spirit where you fight a giant red DK, a giant green Bowser, and a giant blue Wolf on New Donk City. Super Scopes will spawn and their attack periodically increases as they become enraged and sometimes they will beat each other up instead of you if you get lucky. When defeated, the spirit makes you giant.

  • Rogue Squadron has the player fighting against Fox (Representing Luke or Wedge) and Two Falcos (Usually the two wingmen in Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike). They'll be able to unleash their Final Smash more quickly (either they're FS meter fills faster or able to unleash it at will) and fought on Lylat Cruise.

  • The R-9A Arrowhead is Samus in her white alt, equipped with a fully-assembled Daybreak and fought on Venom. Once it's fired, she will just focus on using all of her projectiles, along with Final Smashes as they come. Mr. Saturns periodically spawn, acting as the POW Armors from the series.

  • Propeller Knight is a Marth who has a triple jump, improved aerials, and a Killing Edge, and taunts a lot. His fight specifically takes place in the ship portion of the Rainbow Cruise, representing the Flying Machine.
  • Tinker Knight is a tiny metal Simon who spams Axe like how he spams wrenches. Once he is defeated, he reappears along with a giant metal R.O.B. to stand in for the Tinker Tank.
  • Mole Knight's fight is a Charizard who often uses Flare Blitz along with his other special moves.
  • Polar Knight is a giant Popo (without Nana) who moves slowly but has super armor. He also has a hammer upon starting the game, as the closest thing to his snow shovel.
  • Treasure Knight, like King Knight, is a King K. Rool, however he would be using his Blunderbuss more, and he is also golden unlike the latter.
  • The Order of No Quarter is a Legendary spirit which is a reference to the Battle Royal in Shovel Knight. You fight against all of the Knights (King K. Rool as King Knight, Richter as Specter Knight, another K. Rool as Treasure Knight, Dr. Mario as Plague Knight, Charizard as Mole Knight, Marth as Propeller Knight, R.O.B. as the Tinker Tank, and Popo as Polar Knight), keeping most of their modifiers from their original fights. This fight takes place in Dracula's Castle, which is similar to the Tower of Fate where this battle takes place.

  • Showdown Bandit is a Novice-level Primary Spirit. He is represented by a cyan Lucas (the joke being that both characters are voiced by Lani Minella) and moves slowly, yet starts with an enhanced Ray Gun.

Similar to the Street Fighter Spirits, all battles would be stamina battles on Omega form stages.
  • Filia would be a black Corrin who frequently uses her smash attacks and is fought on Smashville. She would be an attack-type primary spirit.
  • Cerebella would be represented by a red Wii Fit Trainer being backed up by a yellow Donkey Kong (who represents Vise-Versa) on Fourside. In the player's hands, she'd be a support spirit who grants stronger throws.
  • Peacock would be represented by a female Villager who starts the battle with a Bob-omb in her hand, referencing the two bomb assist characters she has, George and Lenny. The stage she would be fought on would be Shadow Moses Island, which is the closest thing to Lab 8 that Smash has. Shooting weapons and explosives spawn during the battle, and it sometimes rains Bob-ombs. Once defeated, she's a support spirit that increases fire and explosive attacks.
  • Parasoul would be a black Daisy with a Ray Gun equipped. She often spams her up special and Gooey Bombs often spawn, both of which reference her weapon of choice, Krieg, a parasol that fires napalm bombs. Occassionally, a black Samus with a very low amount of stamina will spawn, which references the Black Egret soilders that assist her in battle. In the player's hands, she'd be a defense-type primary spirit.
  • Ms. Fortune would be represented by a pink Inkling on Great Bay. Sukapon appears as a hostile Assist Trophy, who stands in for her ability to detach her limbs. She would be a grab-type primary spirit when you obtain her.
  • Painwheel would be represented by a white Dark Samus on Onett. Her up special would have increased power and she uses it quite a bit. Once defeated, she'd grant the player Trade-Off Attack ability.
  • Valentine would be represented by a black Sheik on Dracula's Castle. It's just a straight forward battle, and when she's defeated, she'd give the Lightweight ability.
  • Double's spirit battle would start off as a battle against a black Palutena on Dracula's Castle. When she's defeated, Piranha Plant would then spawn, who references the form Double takes in actual battles, and with the Plant comes Ditto, referencing Double's copy ability (and also how Double has a Ditto-based color swap). In the player's hand, she increases transformation duration.
  • Squigly would be represented by a black Zelda being assisted by a grey Lucas (who references Leviathan) on 75m. Lucas will constantly try to grab you.
  • Big Band would be represented by a sepia-toned King Dedede (which references the fact B.B. has a Dedede-inspired color swap) on New Pork City. Callie and Marie also appear, since they're the only music-based spawning thing, let alone Assist Trophy, in the game, even if they don't represent Big Band's preferred genre.
  • Eliza would be represented by an orange Bayonetta being assisted by an orange Wolf and a black King Dedede on Gerudo Valley. When her HP has lowered enough, her power and speed increase, which is the closest thing to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet that we can get at this point in time.
  • Beowulf would be represented by a black-and-gray Incineroar on Boxing Ring. He tends to favor his side special. He grants stronger throws when used by the player.
  • Robo Fortune would be represented by a cyan R.O.B. on the Kalos Pokémon League stage. He often spams his down special and his side special.
  • The titular Skullgirl, Bloody Marie, would be represented by a female Robin equipped with a perpetual Super Leaf (referencing her perpetual hovering ability) on Final Destination. She would have sudden Final Smashes, as well an increase of power when she's taken enough damage.

  • Sly Cooper is represented by a blue Joker with enhanced agility. The Yuri Kozukata assist trophy appears alongside him, referencing the binocucom and how it damaged foes as his level 3 super in Playstation All-Stars.
  • Bentley is represented by Iggy Koopa, wielding a ray gun as his crossbow and wearing a Rocket Belt to represent the jet engines in his wheelchair.
  • Murray is a pink King K. Rool who can damage opponents by dashing, referencing his Berserker Charge.
  • While it would make sense for Carmelita Fox to be represented by, well, Fox, she's instead a Zero Suit Samus in her blue shorts outfit, using the Paralyzer as a counterpart to her shock pistol.
  • Dimitri Lousteau appears as a purple Ridley, alongside a purple Incineroar to represent Neyla... However, unlike most spirit battles, Neyla can deal friendly fire to Dimitri, referencing her betrayal.
  • Penelope would be a yellow female villager who focuses on the Beetle items appearing on the map, referencing her skill with RC vehicles. She appears alongside the Black Knight assist trophy, calling back to her alter-ego in Thieves in Time.

  • Somari the Adventurer would be an advanced spirit represented by Mario on Green Hill Zone. Mario would be equipped with a perpetual Bunny Hood, but otherwise it's a fairly straight-forward fight. In the player's hand, Somari would be a support spirit granting Move Speed ↑.

  • Space Invaders: Mr. Game & Watch H (team of 16). Neutral-type Novice-level Spirit (battle power: 1750), fought on Lylat Cruise Ω, with "25m Theme" as stage musicnote . Rule: Shooting items only. Conditions: 1) Defeat an army of fighters; 2) The enemy falls slowly; and 3) Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO’d (four G&W appear at a time). Once obtained: support Spirit with Cost 1 and the Energy-Shot Attack ↑ skill.

  • Spyro: Charizard H. Shield-type Advanced-level Spirit (battle power: 6603), fought on 3D Land, with "Lords-A Chance Encounter" as stage music, and a tiny Ridley G as a helper representing Sparx. Conditions: 1) The enemy favors side specials. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 1813), 3 slots, Fire Attack ↑.

  • Gnasty Gnorc: Ganondorf F. Attack-type Novice-level spirit (battle power: 5354), fought on Arena Ferox, with "Hades's Infernal Theme" as stage music. Conditions: 1) Freezies will appear during the battle and gravitate toward the enemy. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 978), 2 slots.

  • Ripto: Olimar G (Alph). Grab-type Advanced-level spirit (battle power: 6733), fought on Dracula's Castle, with "Black Night" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy will try to grab pieces of the dragoon. 2) Superspicy Curry, Bunny Hoods, and Rage Blasters are the only items that spawn. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 2030), 2 slots.

  • The Sorceress: King K. Rool C. Shield-type Advanced-level spirit (battle power: 7017), fought on Bridge of Eldin, with "Ripped Silence" as stage music. Stamina battle. Conditions: 1) The enemy starts off with a Boss Galaga. 2) Three tiny yoshis will run around the stage and shield constantly; if the enemy KO's one of them, you fail the challenge. Once obtained: primary Spirit (base power: 2075), 1 slot, Projectile Attack ↑.

  • Hunter’s battle is against an Incineroar with increased move speed. His spirit is an Advanced Neutral with 2 slots. Fought on Great Plateau Tower.

  • Bianca’s battle is against a Female Robin equipped with a Bunny Hood. Her magic attacks have increased power and is occasionally invisible to reference her teleportation ability. Fought on Garreg Mach Monastery. Her spirit is an Ace Neutral with 3 slots and the Transformation Duration ability.

  • Sheila is represented by Fox and with increased kick and knee power. Fought on the Final Destination of 3D Land. Her spirit is an Advanced Neutral with 1 slot and the Foot Attack Up ability.

  • Sgt. Byrd is represented by King Dedede equipped with a Rocket Belt and armed with a Bob-Omb. The battle has tidal waves of exploding items. Fought on Shadow Moses Island. The sarge’s spirit is an Advanced Attack with 2 slots and the Floaty Jumps ability.

  • Bentley is represented by Incineroar armed with an Ore Club. He’s the usual has super armor but moves slower opponent. Fought on Summit. His spirit is an Ace Attack with the Ore Club equipped ability and 0 slots.

  • Agent 9 is represented by Diddy Kong armed with a Ray Gun with increased power and ammo. Fought on Duck Hunt. His spirit is an Advanced Neutral primary with the new Infinite Ammo ability, which grants infinite ammo when you pick up a shooting item and 2 slots.

  • Gnasty Gnorc is represented by Bowser armed with a Hammer and can swing it for a long time. Once the hammer wears off, he will run from conflict. Gnasty’s primary is a Novice Defense primary with the Hammer Start ability which gives you a hammer as soon as the battle begins and 0 slots.

  • Ripto is represented by a Tiny Bowser armed with a Star Rod accompanied by a Giant Yoshi and Charizard to represent Gulp and Crush respectively. Ripto will be distracted by items much like the orbs in his battle from Spyro 2. His spirit is an Advanced Attack with the Magic Attack Up ability and 1 slot.

  • The Sorceress is represented by King K. Rool. The battle is stamina and she will occasionally heal and be invincible, reflecting her desire to stay youthful forever. Her spirit is an Ace Grab with the Invincibility After Eating ability and 0 slots. Fought in Castle Siege’s magma cavern portion.

  • The very original protagonist of Super Boy would be a novice spirit represented by Mario on Mushroomy Kingdom. After KO'ing Mario, Ness takes his place, reflecting the redesign Super Boy recieved in Super Boy 4 that made him look less like Mario. In the player's hands, he'd be a Neutral-type primary with one slot.

  • Scout is Captain Falcon with a Home-Run Bat equipped. Also, to reflect the Scout's brash nature, he taunts after a successful blow of any sort. He will be a Support Spirit which grants the user increased speed.
  • Soldier is a red Snake, equipped with a Steel Diver and with a tendency to use forward and up smash, both of which use a rocket launcher.
  • Pyro is Samus, as an allusion to the common speculation that the Pyro is a woman, though in this case the class is officially left deliberately vague as to what they are under the outfit. She will be under the curry effect, as an allusion to the W+M1 Pyro, and is fought on Green Greens, a reference to Pyroland.
  • Demoman is a black Wolf, starting off with a Bob-omb, with other explosive items spawning.
    • Demoman could also be a red Link who starts with a Bob-omb and favors his down special which he will spam bombs like Demoman, plus he has Impact Run and increased speed and attack like Demo's rush attack.
  • Heavy is a red King K. Rool with increased defensive stats. He'll focus on using the Blunderbuss, but won't shy from melee attacks, especially the side smash to reference his Killing Gloves of Boxing.
  • Engineer is a Builder Mario who is attracted to the Killer Eyes spawning around the area, representing his sentry turrets. When obtained, he functions as a support spirit that grants Autoheal, as if you were standing next to his dispenser.
  • Medic is Dr. Mario accompanied by a red King K. Rool, a nod to the Medic-Heavy pairing being common. While this King K. Rool doesn't have the defensive boost this time, he instead heals slightly over time while Dr. Mario actively avoids combat. At random intervals, both fighters become temporarily invincible to represent Ubercharge.
  • Sniper is a red Falco equipped with a Staff, preferring to fight from a far enough distance for a good clean shot. The player occasionally becomes gold, but takes extra damage during that time, referencing Jarate and the mini-crits it deals to coated enemies.
  • Spy is a red Joker, with a bonus to attacking from behind, and said attack will trigger a special zoom at a high enough percentage. Also, he would occasionally turn invisible to reflect the Spy's cloaking mechanic. He grants a Back Shield when equipped.
  • The Sentry Buster is a massive blue Kirby that spawns with a Bob-omb, and you start the match with 300% damage - you have to survive until time runs out, as if you were the Engineer trying to protect his sentry.
  • Saxton Hale is a Legend-class Spirit represented by a relentless yellow Captain Falcon with occasional critical hits.
  • Merasmus is a giant gray Ganondorf, with the rain of Bob-ombs event to represent the effects of the Bombinomicon.

  • Watts and Rosalene are a Shield-type Ace spirit puppeting a Dr. Mario and female Robin. Their battle appropriately takes place in Magicant, being a stage taking place inside the memories of Ness. They have a no-frills battle. When beaten, they are a spirit with three slots who is more powerful than a typical spirit but has no special power.
  • Johnny and River start as a Ganondorf, then when defeated Simon and Zelda pop up, then Luminary and Daisy, then finally Villager and Isabelle. This is a reference to the backward progression of time in Johnny's memories while Neil and Eva are in his mind, with Ganondorf, Simon, Luminary, and Villager being Johnny, and Zelda, Daisy, and Isabelle being River. The reason why only Johnny appears at first is because River died earlier than Johnny. As for stage, they get Luigi's Mansion as a nod to their mansion.
  • Faye is an Attack-type Ace spirit puppeting a Daisy and also taking place in Magicant, alluding to her being Colin’s imaginary friend and thus only appearing in his memories. She has a permanent Franklin Badge, referring to her ability to block projectiles Neil shoots at her, and occasionally invincibility, referring to her initial invincibility to Neil’s attacks. When obtained, she is a two-slot spirit providing Jam Final Smash.

  • Chicken Man Man is a Novice spirit puppeting a giant red Mii Brawler who quickly summons smaller Mii Brawlers as reinforcements, and all of them have Cucco when they appear. In addition, Cucco spawn often and in waves, and the Miis often grab them. Of course, when you get him, he is a Support spirit who lets you start a battle with a Cucco.

  • Rumia is a Novice-class Primary Spirit. She is represented by a gray Isabelle and the Nightmare Assist trophy spawns often to represent her darkness abilities. In the player's hands she's a Joke Character similar to Dan Hibiki.
  • Cirno is a Novice-class Spirit that is represented by a pair of blue Ice Climbers puppet fighters. Freezies often spawn as well. When defeated, she offers Water/Freezing Resist.
  • Hong Meiling is an Advanced-class Spirit. She is represented by a yellow Corrin (because a green Corrin is male) who has her physical attacks enhanced. If the proper DLC is purchased, she is instead represented by Min Min.
  • Patchouli Knowledge is an Advanced-class Spirit who is represented by a pink Robin who spams her specials and is accompanied by a red Meta Knight, representing her familiar Koakuma. When equipped she grants Initial Damage 30% to both compensate for her higher than average stats and to reference her being an Ill Girl.
  • Sakuya Izayoi is an Ace-level Primary Spirit. She is represented by a dark blue Sheik who spams her neutral special and is gravitated towards regularly spawning Timers.
  • Remilia Scarlet is an Ace-level Support Spirit who is represented by a pink Bayonetta fought on Dracula's Castle. She is attracted to frequently-spawning shooting items and her Spirit grants Shooting Items+.
  • Flandre Scarlet is an Legend-level Primary Spirit represented by a red Pit fought on Final Destination. Similar to Remilia's Spirit Battle above, she is attracted to shooting items; and also have her own projectile attacks boosted in power. Her Spirit has 3 slots and Critical Hit+, as Flandre is a Person of Mass Destruction.
  • Marisa Kirisame is an Ace Attack Primary represented by a white-clad Peach. In battle, Peach is equipped with a Star Rod, referencing her being a witch, and often times, Daybreak parts spawn around the arena. When equipped, Marisa grants Magic Attack+.
  • Suika Ibuki is an Advanced Support Spirit represented by a purple Inkling. In battle, Inkling has permanently increased attacks to her punches, kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes, referencing Suika's insane strength, and will occasionally turn giant. When defeated, Suika grants the Giant effect.
  • Aya Shameimaru is an Advanced Support Spirit represented by a Dark Pit in white robes. In battle, Dark Pit is equipped with a Tanuki Leaf, a Gust Bellows, and accompanied by Yuri Kozukata Assist Trophy. Deku Nuts also spawn throughout the match. When defeated, Aya grants the user a Deku Nut.
  • Reiuji Utsuho is an Ace Attack Primary Spirit represented by a giant green Dark Samus and fought on Frigate Orpheon. In battle, Dark Samus is accompanied by a red Mewtwo, which represents Rin Kaenbyou, is armed with a Steel Diver, and prefers to use Specials. The floor of the stage is on fire and occasionally, Bob-Ombs start dropping on the stage. Upon defeat, Utsuho grants the Steel Diver to the user, which is a reference to her Third Leg.
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji is an Advanced Attack Primary represented by a blue Kirby and fought on Green Greens in the base game, and Yggdrasil's Altar if the DLC is purchased. In battle, Kirby is accompanied by a green Lucina armed with a Killing Edge (Or Sephiroth in his green alt if the proper DLC is purchased), and Kirby is attracted to food items and gains a stat increase after eating. Upon defeat, Yuyuko grants the Stats ++ After Eating ability, a reference to her fan portrayal as a Big Eater.
  • Byakuren Hijiri is an Ace Attack Primary represented by a black-clad Palutena. In this timed battle, Palutena is accompanied by an invisible Wario who prefers his Side-B. Palutena also has increased magic attack and gains random buffs occasionally. When defeated, Byakuren grants the Magic Attack + ability.
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba is an Ace Support spirit represented by an Inkling in her school outfit, or a purple-haired Mii Gunner in Cuphead's body if the proper DLC is purchased. In battle, Inkling/Mii Gunner has increased shooting attack power and is accompanied by a tiny Daisy and both are equipped with a Bunny Hood. The battle takes place in Mario Galaxy, loosely representing the space aspect of Imperishable Night, and occasionally, the screen will flip and controls will reverse, representing Reisen's Lunatic Red Eyes ability. Upon defeat, Reisen will grant the Shooting Attack + ability, referencing her ability to use a Finger Gun in battle.
  • Fujiwara-no-Mokou is an Ace Support spirit represented by a red Zero Suit Samus. In battle, ZSS has increased power to attacks involving fire and kicking and heals over time. The stage is also on fire and chicken items spawn on occasion, representing the fact that Mokou owns a yakitori stand. The battle takes place on Garden of Hope Omega, loosely representing the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Upon defeat, Mokou grants the Great Autoheal effect, in reference to Mokou's immortality.
  • Yukari Yakumo is a Legend Support Spirit represented by a purple-clad Zelda. In battle, Zelda prefers to use Up Special, referencing Yukari being a "gap youkai", and is accompanied by a blue-clad Fox and a red-clad Peach, representing Ran Yakumo and Chen respectively. Upon defeat, Yukari grants the Reflect Dodge ability, which allows the user to reflect projectiles by dodging alone.

  • Being based on the Mother franchise, the main character Frisk is represented by their inspiration's equivalent Ness. The fight is a stamina battle to represent the battle system, and Heart Containers appear throughout the stage to represent the heart-shaped SOUL that the player uses to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Flowey is a tiny yellow Ivysaur (since Piranha Plant is a DLC character, and most Green Thumb spirits are represented by Ivysaur) who favors special attacks. After a while, both fighters will take serious damage akin to Katrina's battle and leaving them extremely vulnerable, referencing Flowey's "kill or be killed" philosophy.
  • Napstablook is represented by a white Mr. Game and Watch, fought in a no-frills battle representing how Napstablook's fight isn't as interesting as the other fights later in the game (and boy, are they aware of that). However, the closest thing I could think of that resembles Napstablook's fight is the spirit battle taking place in [WarioWare, Inc. with "Stay dry" being the only minigame, as it features damaging rainstorms similar to Blooky's Swiss Army Tears.
  • Toriel is a "dark" Zelda (since this palette swap has a coloration similar to Toriel's) who uses Din's Fire to represent her pyrokinesis. Since Toriel's fight introduces the moral dilemma present throughout the game, her fight has a "survive until the timer runs out" rule where you must either choose to spare or kill her in order to win. And to top it all off, all fighters have decreased attack to show Toriel's reluctance in harming Frisk as well as the Player Punch the fight imposes.
  • Papyrus is a white-clothed Chrom, with a cape similar to Papyrus' own. During his spirit battle, your gravity will intensify to represent the Unexpected Gameplay Change of his battle introducing a platforming aspect. In a manner similar to Malon's battle, a tidal wave of a certain type of food will appear, in this case being sphagetti (his Trademark Favorite Food). Starman appears as a hostile assist trophy, since it was the original inspiration for Papyrus' design.
  • Papyrus' brother Sans is represented by a blue Robin, who was not only the puppet fighter representing the similar character Death, but has a relationship with Chrom in the lore. As Sans' battle is a spoiler in the lore (unless you know in one way or another), this spirit battle will be filled with spoilers as well. Sans will periodically turn invincible similar to Super Star and Shedinja to reference his ability to dodge attacks easily, and he starts with a Staff to represent the Gaster Blasters he uses. The stage will have a slumber floor to represent Sans' laziness, as well as his plan to stall the player into exhaustion, only for him to be exhausted instead. He is accessible as a primary spirit, but he can be enhanced into his "Bad Time" mode, with Easy Dodging as his ability.
    • Alternatively, Sans is represented by Blue Mario (due to his height compared to his brother), and it's a Stamina battle that replicates the Genocide route. The first opponent is Purple Rosalina with 80 HP (Toriel, reflecting her motherly nature), then Fire Luigi with 100 HP (Papyrus, acting as a tall brother with unorthodox jumping physics), Greninja with 30 HP (Undyne, due to their aquatic nature and ability to turn water into weaponry), Metal Greninja with 150 HP (Undyne the Undying), Metal Bayonetta with 20 HP (Mettaton-NEO, because both of them have nice legs), and lastly, Blue Mario with 10 HP, a Bunny Hood and periodic invincibility to reflect Sans' dodging ability.) The Battlefield is The Great Cave Offensive, to represent the vastness of the underground.
    • Now that his costume is confirmed, it only makes sense that if Sans gets a spirit, it'll be a Mii Gunner dressed as him. All the above special conditions can still apply, of course.
  • Monster Kid would be a small yellow Yoshi, fought on the Great Cave Offensive. He would avoid conflict, while a blue Terry (as Undyne), then a blue Bayonetta (as Armored Undyne) attempt to protect him. As with many other Undertale spirits, the objective is to survive until the timer runs out, or alternatively, KO everyone.
  • Undyne is represented by a blue Bayonetta, who is powerful enough on her own. Your fighter is easy to launch yet starts with a Back Shield to represent the way Undyne's boss fight introduces the green SOUL, which can't move and must rely on a shield to defend itself from attacks. She is fought in a stamina battle referencing her willingness to fight, even defying death. She is available as a primary spirit, but can be enhanced into her One-Winged Angel form, Undyne the Undying.
  • Mettaton EX is a metal Captain Falcon, represented in his white and pink coloration for good measure. Like Blaziken and Hitmonlee, this is another example of a puppet Captain Falcon with enhanced kicks and knee strikes, to reference Mettaton's famous legs. As he is a famous star in the underground, the Squid Sisters appear in the fight as his guest stars.
  • Mettaton's creator Alphys is represented by a yellow Yoshi. As she can't be fought in-game, her puppet fighter avoids conflict with Mettaton's puppet fighter doing the fighting for her, although she as the main fighter must be defeated to win.
  • Asgore is represented by a yellow-colored Bowser, who has a similar role as being a villain in the perspective of the good guys, yet is a good king and a father to his subjects and children alike. He starts with a Beam Sword, the closest equivalent to Asgore's trident, and he has super armor to represent his toughness.
  • Asriel Dreemurr: The object of this fight is to survive until the timer runs out (which is set to five minutes). It starts off as a yellow Piranha Plant that is dispatched easily. But after that, a giant Mewtwo spawns and it has increased attack and defense power, the ability to heal when it hits you and sudden Final Smashes. It's also easily distracted by items, which include Dragoon and Daybreaker parts. Should you knock Mewtwo out, another one spawns and this repeats about five times (once per minute). Once obtained, it is a Legend-class defense primary spirit with no ability and no slots but high stats (similar to Akuma).
  • The Fallen Child/Chara is represented by a green-clothed Isabelle, who has a similar perpetual smile. Contrary to popular belief, Chara didn't start as the villain, only when they become corrupted through their experience in the Genocide route. As such, Chara's spirit battle is similar to Aegislash's two-phased fight: the fighter starts docile and avoidant of conflict at first, but when you defeat them they will be replaced with a more hostile version willing to strike you down. It also has a "Survive until the timer runs out" rule, so you can either spare Chara to make them remain docile, or force them to fight you. Taking the latter option will give Chara a Killing Edge. This fight is a reminder of Undertale's morality system: you can be kind or cruel, so choose wisely.
  • Asriel's spirit battle in his child form features his and Chara's puppet fighters starting with Lip's Sticks to represent their plan to use Golden Flowers to incite the human-monster war (as well as Asriel becoming a flower himself, see Flowey above). The enemy fighters will avoid conflict, but they will use their Lip's Stick on you if they have to. They're basically re-enacting their plan. As for Asriel's puppet fighter, I went with Yoshi in his Crafted colors, which in turn is a reference to Deltarune's mention of "Super Smashing Fighters" in which Asriel's favorite character was "the green egg-laying lizard". Basically, Galeem trapped Asriel in the body of his favorite fighter. Hey, they referenced Sans in the quote "If you try to dunk someone with it, you're gonna have a bad time" in the tip about Toon Link's down aerial. The cross-references between Smash and Undertale are definitely possible.
  • The Human Souls, a Legendary spirit are represented by a small Marth who prefers sword moves (Patience and their Toy Knife), small Little Mac who prefers punching moves (Bravery and their Tough Glove), Bayonetta who prefers kicking moves (Integrity and their Ballet Shoes), female Robin who prefers special moves (Perseverance and their Torn Notebook), Peach who prefers moves involving her frying pan (Kindness and their Burnt Pan), and Joker who prefers Gun (Justice and their Empty Gun). They give you Great Autoheal when obtained.
  • W.D. Gaster is a black Mewtwo (resembling the Mystery Man speculated to be Gaster himself) whose special moves have increased power to show Gaster's mysterious world-altering abilities. However, Mewtwo is permanently invisible to represent how Gaster was shattered across time and space, and he has to experience a world in which he is nonexistent, only showing up here and there in certain timelines. Isaac appears as a hostile assist trophy with his power to create giant psychic hands, since Gaster is known as the "man that speaks in hands" and fanmade Gaster battles depict him as using disembodied Wingding hands in combat. He is fought in Frigate Orpheon, which resembles the CORE and Alphys' abandoned lab.
  • Omega Flowey is represented by a giant green Ridley. His boss fight is a Bullet Hell which is hard to replicate in a fighting game, so Omega Flowey starts with a Super Scope (which resembles a machine gun) and summons Mother Brain as a hostile assist trophy. His spirit strengthens shooting attacks.
  • Kris is represented by Lucas in Claus' colors, referencing how they are the Contrasting Sequel Protagonist to Frisk like how Lucas is very different from his predecessors Ninten and Ness. They start with a Belt Sword, referencing Kris' signature weapon in the Dark Realm.
  • Susie appears too, but due to sharing a name with another Susie, she is referred in-game as Susie (Deltarune). Her puppet fighter is a purple Simon, who favors using Axe to represent Susie's signature axe.
  • Ralsei is represented by a yellow-clothed Sheik, who has a red scarf on her mouth like Ralsei's own. The floor will be sleep-inducing to represent his ability to sing lullabies to soothe enemies, and he will avoid conflict to show his pacifistic nature. Ralsei heals over time, referencing his status as the healer of the party.
  • Lancer is a blue Wario who favors the Wario Bike and has increased movement speed, since he is a Badass Biker. Susie's puppet fighter will appear alongside him as a reinforcement, referencing Susie's betrayal and team-up with Lancer, which she later grows out of.
  • King of Spades is represented by a white King K. Rool, a fellow Adipose Rex and tyrannical king. He favors using Crownerang as well as grabs and throws to reference his throwing abilities and harpoon.
  • Jevil has increased movement speed and is easily distracted by items, being shooting weapons. All shooting items have increased power, referencing Jevil's fight being yet another challenging Bullet Hell. His puppet fighter is Sonic, which shouldn't be surprising as not only does the hedgehog's blue coloration and quills resemble Jevil's outfit, but the franchise is just as meta-aware as Jevil himself.

  • Captain Viridian is an Ace support spirit where you fight a cyan Mr. G&W on battlefield form of Balloon Fight and sometimes the screen will flip upside down to reference how he can flip his gravity. 5 more G&W's can spawn to represent his crew mates but you only need to defeat the main fighter. When defeated the spirit grants gravity change immunity.

  • Excalibur is a Novice Attack Primary. He is represented by a white-clad Snake fought on Gaur Plain. In battle, Snake is equipped with a Killing Edge, representing the Exalted Blade, and occasionally, his Special attack will increase. Upon defeat, Excalibur grants you the Killing Edge Equipped skill.
  • Hydroid is an Advanced Support Spirit. He is represented by a Greninja and is fought on Wuhu Island. In battle, Greninja wields a hammer, and is assisted by a Burrowing Snagret, representing the water tentacles the Hydroid can summon. Upon defeat, the Hydroid grants Water Attack +, in reference to the Hydroid's water-based abilities.
  • Councilor Vay Hek is an Ace Defense Primary. He is represented by a yellow Captain Falcon and is fought on Gaur Plain. In battle, Captain Falcon is covered in metal and is armed with a Super Scope. With each attack, Falcon lands, he will heal himself for a portion of that damage. Upon defeat, Vay Hek will grant you Giant and Metal, in reference to his Terra Frame boss battle.

When the Past was Around
  • Eda & Owl make up a Novice spirit that inhabit a Zelda and Falco respectively. Eda spawns with a Meloetta Poké Ball, referencing the music motifs of the game. Food makes them both slightly stronger, as a reference to the latter half of the story where Eda has to give medicine to Owl.

Who said there cannot be visual novel spirits?
  • For Higurashi:
  • For Umineko:

  • Kouji Tagawa is a Novice-class Primary Spirit. He is represented by a white Chrom. As a fellow Camera Fiend from a horror game, Yuri Kozukata appears as a hostile Assist Trophy. When equipped, he grants Trade-Off Attack (a nod to his higher than average STR stat and his memetic reputation for brain damage).
  • Kirie Minami is a Novice-class Support Spirit. She is represented by a female Robin with increased magical power. When equpped, she grants Magic Attack Up.
  • Mizuki Hamasaki is a Novice-class Support Spirit. She is represent by a pink Daisy, and the Squid Sisters appear as a hostile Assist Trophy, as she too is an Idol Singer. When equipped, she grants increased stamina.
  • Aiko Takahashi is a Novice-class Support Spirit who is represented by the default Wii Fit Trainer. She has her movement speed boosted, and when equipped grants the Swimmer effect.
  • Haru is a Novice-class Primary Spirit represented by a white Snake. He occassionally receives boosts to his speed, which are followed up by him having his own speed reduced (representing Nicotine Rush and Nicotine Withdrawal, respectively). When equipped, he allows 2 slots for Support Spirits.
  • Kana is a Advanced-class Support Spirit. Befitting their Ambiguous Gender Identity, they are represented by a cyan Villager. Many tiny black Mewtwos appear as back-up, representing the eels they are often associated with. When equipped, Kana grants increased shield strength, replicating how they functioned as an ally in World of Horror.
  • Cthac-Atorasu is a Legend-class Primary Spirit. It is represented by a giant black Greninja. Your speed is reduced and the floor is sticky. When equipped, it grants Sticky-Floor Immunity and 3 support slots.
  • Ithotu is a Legend-class Primary Spirit. It is represented by a black Ken which has a boost to his fire attacks. In addition, the floor is lava. When equipped, it grants Fire / Explosion Resist and 3 support slots.
  • Ath-Yolazsth is a Legend-class Support Spirit. It is represented by a giant white Kirby, and the Moon often appears as a hostile Assist Trophy. When equipped, it grants Metal and Giant.
  • Goizo is a Legend-class Support Spirit. It is represented by a giant indigo Inkling fought on Wii Fit Studio (which has mirrors). When equipped, it grants Invincibility after Eating.

  • Yeah, Jam and Fury are an Ace-class Support Spirit that are represented by a yellow Ness, a cyan Sonic and a white Incineroar on Super Mario Maker. Yeah starts with a POW Block, Jam starts with a Hammer and Fury's physical attacks are boosted. When equipped, they majorly increase stats after eating (referencing their love for mangoes).

  • Yooka-Laylee will be represented by Banjo & Kazooie in their Grunty color scheme equipped with a Screw Attack. Being a Spiritual Successor of the original duo, it makes perfect sense.

  • Adol Christin is Roy fought on Pirate Ship, cutely nodding to his tendency to get shipwrecked on an isle of adventure. His spirit would enhance to feature himself and his constant companion Dogi, and their granted buff would be Impact Run, as in the old Ys Bump System of battle.

  • Poniko is an Advanced-class Spirit represented by a green Zero Suit Samus who prefers to flee from battle. Once defeated, a black Kirby (representing Uboa) appears who prefers to use grabs and throws. Once obtained, she can be Enhanced into Uboa, who grants Strong Throw.


Video Game Tie-In Characters

  • Old Man Owl would be a novice spirit and be portrayed by a blue King Dedede atop the Pilotwings stage. All fighters would have uncontrollable movement, referencing the old man's subpar piloting skills.
  • Metal Robotnik would be portrayed by a Giant Metal Wario on the Midgar stage, in reference to Eggmanland/Robotropolis. In addition to several ranged weapons being available during the match, the floor will also be sticky in reference to Metal Robotnik's glue bombs (the Wario Waft could easily serve the same purpose). After the Wario is defeated, a regular-sized red overall Wario (referencing the doctor's classic look) and a red Zelda (referencing his hostage Sara) will appear and avoid you; defeat Robotnik to end the fight (though you can still KO Sara).

  • Ash Ketchum is represented by Ness. In a similar vein to Dr. Wily, Ash sends out his most experienced team of Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja and Incineroar (who was a Torracat at the time of writing). And as a bonus, the Pokémon will have sudden Final Smashes to represent the ways Ash is able to pull off lots of epic moments when he battles at his strongest.
    • Alternatively red hat Pikachu be the representation of Ash. After all, Ash doesn't do melee combat against other trainers when he loses. Also a reference to when he was transformed into "Ashachu"
    • As another alteration, Ash can come with most of the Pokémon characters except for Jigglypuff, Pichu and Mewtwo, as he has at least had a member of each line in his party at some point. In addition to the above-mentioned Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja and Incineroar, he's had a Squirtle with him, his Bulbasaur can be represented via Ivysaur (which Bulbasaur ironically refused to evolve into), and he recently got a Riolu that he evolved into a Lucario.
  • The Team Rocket trio are a Novice-class spirit represented by Bayonetta, Marth & Incineroar who are fought at Gaur Plains at 300% damage similar to the Buzz-Buzz Spirit fight. To obtain this Spirit, you have to send them blasting off again. In addition, the enemy starts with a Meowth-loaded Poké Ball. (Alternatively, they can use the Team Rocket Mii costumes.)

  • Tiff is a pink Rosalina, with the Lumas reflecting on her ability to call upon the Warp Star. In addition, Warp Stars frequently spawn. She's a Blue Novice-rank spirit.
  • Tuff is Lucas and fights with increased speed. He’s a Green Novice-rank spirit.
  • Tokkori is a yellow Kirby. He is fought in a no-frills battle, but similarly to the fight with Buzz-Buzz, him being exceedingly tiny will cause a lot of attacks to miss. He is a Green novice spirit.
  • Escargoon is a purple Yoshi who assists King Dedede (and is occasionally attacked by him). He is an Advanced-level Blue Primary Spirit that can be enhanced into Escar-droid.
  • Sirica is a female Corrin (4th alt.) who constantly uses items like fire flowers and Hocotate bombs against Meta Knight, referencing her Swiss Army Gun. You need to protect Meta Knight, and if he's KO'd, you fail the battle. Her spirit is an Advanced-tier green and it raises weapon-based damage.
  • Chef Shiitake is a white Meta Knight assisted by Chef Kawasaki. Alluding to their roles in Kirby Mass Attack, they will try to prevent the player from receiving Maxim Tomatoes, which spawn semi-frequently. He's a Red Advanced Spirit.
  • N.M.E. Sales Guy is a Pokemon Trainer (7th alt.), while the monsters are represented by his Pokemon. Nightmare spawns at the start of the battle. He's a Purple Ace spirit.

  • Chris Thorndyke would be a red Lucas as both start off as timid young boys in their respective series, and would be fought on Princess Peach's Castle as a nod to his family's mansion. He would be one of those Spirits that runs away, while Sonic himself eventually comes to protect him in reference to how he would always come and save the day at the last minute.
  • Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun would be a yellow Luigi, a white Mario and a Dark Young Link, respectively. The Young Link in particular would prefer constantly using bombs, which was the robot's specialty in his source material.
  • Cosmo is an advanced spirit that pits you against a green Villager who also prefers to keep her distance, this time being protected by a Mii Gunner in a Tails costume. The fight will take place on the Lylat Cruise, in reference to the Blue Typhoon, while also serving as a nod to the episode where Shadow tried to assassinate her because she was an unwitting sleeper agent for the Metarex. In addition, she can be enhanced into her transformed state, which would be a Legend spirit that increases grab duration, much like how Cosmo's tree form held the Final Mova in place so Tails could finish them both off.
  • Dark Oak is a Legend spirit that has you fight a Metal Chrom, as both wield swords and hold positions of leadership. He is accompanied by two other metallic swordsmen: a Metal Lucina to represent Black Narcissus, and a Metal Marth to represent Pale Bayleaf. Beating the three of them will cause a giant Bowser, Charizard and Ridley to appear in reference to both their Mover Mode that they had as organic lifeforms, and the Final Mova that they fuse into for the final battle. Also in reference to the final battle, the fight takes place on Mario Galaxy, a nod to the planet that makes up the monstrosity. His effect outside of battle starts the player off in a metallic state.

    Comic Books 
  • Nicole is a purple Corrin that's fought on Fourside, which has a cybernetic feel to mimic Nicole's own artificiality, as well as slightly referencing the virtual Digital World. When equipped, she would be an advanced support spirit that can be enhanced into Overclocked Nicole, a legend spirit that grants increased electrical damage.

  • Super Sonic (Fleetway) is a legend spirit similar to the normal Super Sonic spirit, in that it's a golden Sonic that frequently uses its Final Smash. Unlike regular Super Sonic however, it will be fought on Northern Cave with the Lifestream simulating the exess Chaos Energy that led to this Super Sonic being created in the first place. It will also have increased attack power due to this version of Super Sonic being far more dangerous. In the player's hands, he's a primary attack spirit that has a chance of giving the user a Final Smash right out of the gate.

  • Tangle the Lemur is an orange Zero Suit Samus that loves to use her energy whip, referencing her Prehensile Tail somewhat. Alternatively, she could be portrayed by Pikachu Libre and mainly use attacks that use her tail. The fight takes place on Town and City, the closest the game can get to her hometown of Spiral Hill where she meets Sonic. When equipped, she's a primary grab spirit that increases grab duration.
  • Whisper the Wolf is a green Lucina (as both are known to wear a mask) that starts out with a Beam Sword to mimic the Variable Wispon. Items would appear frequently to simulate the modes that it has: Staffs for the Laser Mode, Rolling Crates for the Cube Mode, Super Leafs for the Hover Mode, Rocket Belts for the Rocket Mode, and Uniras for the Spikes Mode. She's fought on Castle Siege, due to her reputation as the Guardian Angel during the war against Dr. Eggman. As a spirit, she's a support spirit that takes up one slot and gives the user extra power for all item attacks.
  • Jewel the Beetle is a novice support spirit fought on Golden Plains, a peaceful location with a lot of shiny objects in reference to the jewels in her museum. She's portrayed by a ribbon hat Jigglypuff with reduced gravity similar to Tails or Cream, constantly jumping around in the process. When equipped, she grants an extra jump.
  • Dr. Starline is an advanced support spirit represented by a purple Joker on Dr. Wily's Castle (no hazards). The opponent will frequently turn invisible, referencing the Warp Topaz's ability to create wormholes for him to warp through. Launch Stars also spawn to replicate this effect. The fight also constantly flips the screen upside-down to simulate his hypnotic inventions, which equipping him gives an immunity to.
  • Rough and Tumble would be a novice support spirit portrayed by a black Wolf and an orange Incineroar fought in Garreg Mach Monastery's marketplace, which stands in for the town that they enslaved during their first appearance. Toxic fog will cover the battlefield, referencing their stink clouds. When equipped, they would grant a slight attack buff.
  • Mimic is an advanced primary spirit represented by a dark Mewtwo that constantly turns invisble, and is fought on Pirate Ship (Battlefield) to stand in for the Diamond Cutters' former base. On occasion, a random Assist Trophy will appear to assist Mimic, incorporating his ability to shapeshift into other people. As a spirit, he briefly turns the player invisible.
  • The Metal Virus is an ace support spirit that puts the player under a 3-minute time limit, as if fighting off the virus themselves, and the stage is Onett (no hazards). It's a multi-man fight against several metal opponents, each one referencing a character on the heroes' side that got completely turned into a Zombot. The metal opponents are Pichu (Charmy), Squirtle (Cheese/Chocola), Sonic (Shadow), Rosalina (Vanilla), King K. Rool (Vector), Jigglypuff (Jewel), Pikachu Libre (Tangle), Incineroar (Big), and Mii Brawler (Knuckles). Once equipped, the spirit predictably makes the user metal.

  • Sonic (2020) would be a light blue Sonic with increased movement speed and Special Move power. He would be fought in Onett, which stands in for the town of Green Hills. Outside of battle, he would greatly increase a character's speed.

    Western Animation 
  • King Koopa would be an ace spirit fought on Yoshi's Island (Melee), and is preceded by the Koopalings in the order they're dealt with in the SMB3 episode "7 Continents for 7 Koopas". Like the Phantom Thieves' boss fight, taking too long to defeat one will cause the next Koopaling to assist the previous one. Roy (Bully) would be fought first, followed by Ludwig (Kooky), then Larry (Cheatsy), then Morton (Big Mouth), then Wendy (Kootie Pie), then Lemmy and Iggy together (Hip and Hop), referencing them being twins in this incarnation. A green Bowser is fought at the end, and comes equipped with a Super Leaf. King Koopa can be enhanced into Super Koopa, which makes all power-up items last longer.

  • Captain N is a Legend-class Primary Spirit fought on the Battlefield version of 75m. The actual battle is a no-frills battle against a Mii Gunner (representing Kevin Keene himself), a green Mega Man, a blue Simon, a red Pit, a purple Zelda (as Princess Lana) and a yellow Duck Hunt (as Duke). When equipped, he increases the power of shooting attacks.
  • Captain N!Alucard is represented by a black Sonic who spams his dash attack and has increased movement speed. The real Alucard also appears as a hostile Assist Trophy. Defeating him grants you screen-flip immunity, representing Captain N!Alucard being a turn-coat.

  • Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH) is an ace defend spirit that is portrayed by a brown King K. Rool atop Spiral Mountain, with the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair standing in for his own base. He's flanked by a green Falco and R.O.B. who are easy to take out, with Robotnik having a Rocket Belt and being larger than normal. When defeated and equipped, he can be enhanced into Supreme High Robotnik, a legend spirit that makes the user giant.
  • Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts are a Novice spirit that would take a few cues from their respective Sonic the Hedgehog 2 counterparts and be respectively represented by a green Falco with a Ray Gun (Scratch is based on the Clucker enemy), a green R.O.B. with a Drill, and a white Diddy Kong with a Deku Nut. They would be fought on Green Hill Zone, as it's the closest to the artstyle of their show. Outside of battle, they would be a Support spirit that simply gives the player a Bob-omb.

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)note 
  • Sally Acorn is a brown Daisy with a Beam Saber. She would be an ace primary Spirit with enhanced laser and blade damage, as Sally is proficient with both, with a default Sonic assisting her throughout. The stage fought on is the Garden of Hope, which stands in for the secluded village of Knothole. The fight only ends once both opponents are KO'd. When equipped, she'd be a neutral spirit that grants extra power to laser attacks.
  • Bunnie Rabbot is a metal Isabelle with a Bunny Hood. She'd be an advanced spirit with increased attack power that's fought on Shadow Moses Island, referencing the general stealth missions in Robotropolis. She would be an attack spirit that grants higher physical attack power.
  • Antoine would either be a dark blue Lucario or a brown Roy, depending on whether his SatAM incarnation or the version from the comics is being referenced, with a Killing Edge and a tendency to run away. He'd be a novice spirit that's fought on Distant Planet, another stand-in for Knothole. Equipping him as a support spirit gives the user extra damage from sword attacks.
  • Rotor would either be a giant purple Squirtle or pink Donkey Kong, depending on the continuity being referenced. He would be an advanced spirit that's fought in the Great Cave Offensive, which references Knothole's underground depiction in the comics pre-Genesis Wave. As a support spirit, Rotor would grant extra power from all items, referencing his role as The Smart Guy.
  • Dulcy would be a green Charizard that's fought on Spiral Mountain, who constantly spams her Flare Blitz in reference to the original Dulcy's frequent crash-landings. When equipped, she's a novice support spirit that increases fire and ice attacks.
  • Dr. Robotnik (SatAM) would be a Wario with the red biker outfit that's fought on Midgar with no hazards. He's an ace spirit that's flanked by a tiny gray Meta-Ridley standing in for Cluck and three navy blue R.O.B.s with Ray Guns acting as SWATbots. Wario would be harder to knock off than normal, and the stage will frequently drop shooting weapons. When equipped, he makes the opponent metal in reference his usual modus operandi. Despite being the Big Bad of the show and early comics, he'd actually be a support spirit, referencing What Could Have Been with him undergoing Villain Decay and assisting Naugus in the planned season 3.
  • Snively would be a novice spirit represented by a white Luigi on Frigate Orpheon, also flanked by navy-blue R.O.B.s. He starts out with a Steel Diver, but is otherwise one of the easier foes to K.O. He's a support spirit that leaves the player with a speed boost in exchange for a 30% damage tradeoff, referring to him turning against Robotnik in both continuities.
  • Naugus is a legend neutral spirit represented by a purple Ganondorf with increased special attack power that is fought on Final Destination, referencing the Void where Robotnik had him trapped. Speaking of Robotnik, the red Wario representing his spirit and the white Luigi representing Snively would assist him, referencing Naugus's planned role of usurping the two as the Big Bad come season 3. When equipped, Naugus would have no support slots but a ton of power, and would grant players the same special boost that he has.

  • The Sonic Underground would be an advanced spirit where you fight three Sonics, two of which wielding Staffs and the other wielding a Boomerang. The Staffs are in reference to Sonic's bass and Sonia's keyboard shooting lasers while the Boomerang is a nod to how Manic throws his drumsticks in a similar fashion. Periodic earthquakes will also ravage the stage as Manic's drum set has been known to cause them. The stage where the fight takes place would be New Pork City, referencing the brighter dystopian city that Robotropolis had become in that show. As a development nod, the music playing will be "Open Your Heart" as Sonic Adventure was released around the time the show was airing.

  • Sticks the Badger would be a red Daisy (similarly tomboyish in nature) that starts with a Boomerang, much like her method of attack in both the cartoon and the games. In addition, her stage would be the Distant Planet in reference to her Wild Child aesthetic. Her effect outside of battle, of course, gives the player a Boomerang.
  • Team Sonic (Boom) would be a summonable ace spirit that requires Tails, Amy, Knuckles and the aforementioned Sticks and can be fought on the Spirit Board any time after first performing the summon. The fight plays similarly to Geno's with three starting the fight and the other two jumping in when one is KO'd. Sticks would once again be Daisy with a Boomerang, Amy is a purple Inkling with a Hammer (much like her own spirit battle), and Tails would be portrayed by either a yellow Fox or his gunner costume. Knuckles however, due to being a Top-Heavy Guy in this series, would not be a Mii Brawler in his likeness, instead being portrayed by a red Donkey Kong. Sonic, of course, would be Sonic, except in his light blue alt in reference to his blue arms.

Other Non-Video Game Characters:

    Anime/Manga characters 
  • Izuku Midoriya/Deku is a green Lucario, fought in a Stamina Battle to represent how using his power takes a toll on his body. As Deku channels One For All, Lucario's aura has increased power and gains increased attack and speed after a little while. His spirit gives Trade-Off Stats to represent the aforementioned Power at a Price.
  • All Might is a yellow Donkey Kong who always has increased attack and speed, since he's been using One For All more than Deku has. He likes to charge his neutral special, representing his "Smash" moves. And what better way to pull of his ultimate Smash... in Smash... than have a sudden Final Smash? Okay, I'm done. Anyway, he is a primary spirit who gives increased attack.
  • Katsuki Bakugo is represented by a green-clothed Snake, who prefers to perform smash attacks to represent his ability to generate explosions at close range without any harm towards himself. He starts with a Bomber, which he aims to use when he's near you. He is a primary spirit who strengthens fire/explosion attacks.
  • Ochako Uraraka is a white-dressed Daisy, whose stage has low gravity to represent her Gravity Master abilities. She will frequently levitate and use her up special to float above the ground. Her spirit grants floaty jumps.
  • Frog girl Tsuyu Asui/Froppy is represented by a green Greninja who loves to jump and spams its up tilt. Her spirit grants higher jumps.
  • Tenya Iida/Ingenium is represented by a white Captain Falcon, who has increased move speed and deals damage by dashing. His spirit has Impact Run.
  • Minoru Mineta is a purple Villager whose stage is full of Gooey Bombs which he will frequently throw, resembling his Quirk Pop Off. His spirit gives you a Gooey Bomb.
  • Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead is a black Mewtwo who favors Disable, referencing how his Quirk, Erasure, lets him disable Quirks through eye contact. Your fighter's attack power will lower after a while, representing Aizawa's ability to stop Quirk effects from manifesting (as shown when he nullified Shigaraki's Decay at that point before it could do any more damage) as well as his controlling nature.
  • All for One is represented by a giant Snake in his black costume. The choice is an Actor Allusion: Akio Ohtsuka is well known for voicing both of them. He will frequently use his down throw, which puts you in a downed state like how All For One leaves his victims helpless as he steals their Quirks. As the fight progresses, his attack power increases after a while to signify his newfound strength from stealing powerful Quirks. He is a Neutral primary spirit who gives higher attack.

  • Kinnikuman / King Muscle is represented by a Blue Incineroar.

  • Haruka Haruno, Minami Kaido, Kirara Amanogawa, and Towa Akagi from Go! Princess Pretty Cure could appear as a whole team as, collectvely, a Legend-class spirit. Their puppet fighters would be Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and a red-alt Zelda, respectively, since they bear some resemblence. They would gain sudden Final Smashes since those are their finishers, and their physical, aerial, and magical attacks all gain increased power since they're Magical Girls who specialize in hand-to-hand combat. You gain an ally in the form of a giant, black-alt Bowser, who serves as a stand-in for a Zetsuborg, but even it won't last long against them. They also tend to chain together their Final Smashes to help simulate their group finishers.
  • Kanata would appear as an Ace-Class spirit possessing a white Marth. He favors shielding and his shield has increased strength due to him being a Barrier Warrior. He is also a shield type spirit in the battle, but a support when equipped since he supports the Precure. A pink-alt Daisy stands in for Cure Flora, and she aggresively attacks you, but you only have to defeat Marth to win the battle. Math also likes to get in between you and Daisy with the intent to protect her despite him being the one you need to beat, which represents his desire to protect the Precure. When equipped, he'll increase your shield durability.
  • Princess Twilight would be an Advanced-Class spirit possessing a black-alt Zelda since, at this point, she is the Black Princess of DysDark; she has white hair and wears black, just like Zelda's dark alt. She favors her melee attacks and seldom uses her special moves since she didn't use such attacks against the Precure. At level 99, she would turn into Towa Akagi/Cure Scarlet, her true form after being purified, and she would strengthen fire attacks due to her being fire-themed.
  • Close would be a Novice-Class spirit possessing a black-alt Falco due to his true form being avian. He would favor air attacks, and h would be accompanied by a giant-sized green-alt Ridley as a stand-in for his Zetsuborg. At level 99, he would enhance into his stronger form seen later in the series, and it would have the unique ability to start you with an Assist Trophy since he and his fellow generals summon Zetsuborgs in a similar manner.
  • Dyspear would be a giant-sized Palutena in her black-alt to match with her dark clothing. As the main antagonist of the series, she would be a Legend-Class. To get to her, you would need to fight a guantlet of normal-sized and giant fighters representing the generals and their Zetsuborgs (Falco and giant green-alt Ridley for Close, red-alt Pikachu and giant black-alt Bowser for Lock, yellow Incineroar and giant purple-alt Donkey Kong for Shut, green+yellow alt Ice Climbers and giant white-alt King K. Rool for Stop and Freeze). Her magic attacks have increased power due to her being a witch, and the stage is covered in poisonous fog to represent the crushing despair she seeks to drown the world in. She is a support spirit since she mostly stays out of the fight and grants her subordinates power; she grants the unique ability to enhance both the power, defense, of Assist Trophies, and even lengthens the time they stay. For certain ones, at least.

  • The spirit battle for μ's would be against Daisy, representing Honoka, with the minion fighters being default female Corrin, default female Byleth, Cordelia-colored Lucina, Sheik, Isabelle, Peach, schoolgirl Inkling, and Zero Suit Samus representing Kotori, Umi, Maki, Rin, Hanayo, Nico, Nozomi, and Eli, respectively. Daisy's neutral attacks will have increased power (referencing Honoka's Catchphrase "Faito da yo!"), Corrin's jump power will be buffed (a nod to Kotori's name being "little bird" in Japanese), Byleth will mostly use Failnaught to attack (Umi's archery skills), Lucina will unleash random critical hits (Maki's condition being the same as Severa's), Sheik has increased move speed (Rin's the athletic one in μ's), Isabelle's stats are buffed upon eating (Hanayo's a Big Eater), Peach will taunt a lot (Referencing Nico's "Nico Nico Nii!") Inkling will mostly use grabs (Nozomi's "washi washi" gag), and Z.S. Samus can heal over time. They will be a Legend support Spirit, 3 slots, with Team Power Up++, as they are True Companions.

  • Popuko and Pipimi's battle starts with the default Inkling Girl and Boy, whose hair colors match the girls. They are fought in PictoChat 2, the stage with the most random stage events in the game, to represent the show's creativity and unpredictability. Since the girls are known for being portrayed by many famous seiyuu throughout the series, an army of many different fighters will show up during the battle. The playable fighters that appear are the ones voiced by seiyuu who participated in Pop Team Epic as seen on the "Characters" page: Female Corrin, Lucina, Chrom, Pichu, Little Mac and Lucario have appeared in the first season, Bayonetta, Cloud, Roy and Marth appeared in the TV specials and Snake appeared in Takeshobo Quest. All of these fighters will try to Zerg Rush you, but regardless of which fighter they are, they will always taunt, referencing Pop Team Epic's dark humor.
  • Retsuko is represented by Isabelle. After being hit a couple times, she becomes faster and more powerful, and at one point ingesting superspicy curry as the music transitions to something resembling death metal; all a reference to the character's Rage Breaking Point.
  • Lupin III would be a Legendary spirit represented by a red Joker assisted by a black Zero Suit Samus, a black Mario, and the Takamaru assist trophy, who respectively represent Fujiko, Jigen, and Goemon, on New Pork City. Joker and ZSSamus are easily distracted by items, while Mario starts the battle with a Ray Gun. The most common item to spawn are the Smoke Bombs, a reference to how easily Lupin and the gang can slip away. In the player's hand, Lupin would be a neutral primary that happens to grant item gravitation.

    Western Animation characters 
  • Aang is represented by a Toon Link (7th alt.) that is equipped with the Gust Bellows and is fought on Battlefield Temple. Dangerously high winds are also blowing and Toon Link is unaffected by it. It is an Ace-class defense primary spirit that can be enhanced to become Avatar Aang, which is a Legend-class defense primary that increases magic.
  • Jimmy Neutron would be an Ace spirit represented by a blue Lucas (since his brunette hair for that alt greatly resemble's Jimmy's hairdo) assisted by a Biker!yellow Wario, a yellow Villager, and a metal Duck Hunt (as stand-ins for Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, and Goddard respectively) on Onett. Hocotate Bombs, representing Jimmy's signature rocket, spawn constantly. In the player's hand, Jimmy would be a support spirit that increases weapon attack.
  • The Loud siblings: At first it seems like you're facing off against an orange Shulk in Onett, but as the fight starts, there are four different fighters: A blue spandex Zero Suit Samus (Lori), green Rosalina (Leni), purple girl Inkling (Luna) and a regular Daisy (Luan). As the fight continues, more fighters spawn: red female Wii Fit Trainer (Lynn Jr.), orange Shulk (Lincoln), black Lucina (Lucy), regular Ice Climbers (Lana and Lola), green female Villager (Lisa) and finally a Flower-eared Pichu (Lily).

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are represented by four Greninjas in their respective colors (Leonardo is blue with a pink tongue, Donatello is purple with a green tongue, Raphael is crimson with a red tongue, and Michelangelo is black with an orange tongue). They are fought in the Mario Bros. stage, representing their sewer lair, where pizzas frequently appear as power-ups.
  • Timmy Turner is represented by Villager while Cosmo and Wanda are respectively Luigi and Jigglypuff, all in their default colors. The three of them are fought in Magicant, which heavily resembles Fairy World.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • SpongeBob and Patrick are represented by a yellow Villager and pink Donkey Kong respectively, fought on Great Bay and set to the Delfino Plaza theme (which sounds the most like the music from the show). SpongeBob grabs often with his net like SpongeBob's jellyfishing net, while Patrick has super armor to refer to how dense he is, both figuratively and literally. Both of them love to taunt to represent their playful nature.
  • Squidward is represented by a cyan Inkling Boy set in Dracula's Castle (which looks the closest to Squidward's moai house) and he starts with a Gust Bellows to resemble his clarinet and how he is known for being a Dreadful Musician. The battle will be timed and Squidward will mainly avoid conflict to show how he usually wants to be left alone. He will stay in his moai house and block the player's progression, but you must use SpongeBob and Patrick's spirits to lure him out (by annoying him) and make him fightable. After you gain Squidward's spirit, he will let you continue.
  • Mr. Krabs is fought in Golden Plains and is represented by a red Wario in overalls, both characteristic of Krabs' greed for money. With his BIG MEATY CLAWS, he favors grabs and his fist attacks deal more damage. He is a Primary Spirit who strengthens tosses and meteor smashes.
  • Sandy is a white Olimar fought in the Electroplankton stage. She would enhance strike attacks as a Support Spirit.
  • Plankton is a tiny green Wolf fought in Wily Castle, where he is assisted by Karen (represented by R.O.B.) as well as the Yellow Devil. Fairy bottles will appear and he will try to pick them up in order to recover health, alluding to his obsession with the Krabby Patty secret formula. His spirit enhances stealth.

Dora the Explorer

  • Dora and Boots are represented by a female Villager (specifically the 8th dark-skinned alt) and a Diddy Kong (the purple alt). They're fought on the Kongo Falls stage and they are easily distracted by items. (This is all assuming Arle and Carbuncle don’t get in)
  • Swiper the Fox is represented by Fox (the 2nd alt) and is on Mushroom Kingdom II. As with Dora and Boots, he's also easily (If not even more) distracted by items.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy are respectively green Donkey Kong, red Dr. Mario, and classic Wario. They are fought on the Onett stage because it resembles the Cul-de-Sac.
  • Gumball and Darwin are represented by Sonic and Inkling, respectively, in their standard forms. They are fought in PictoChat 2.
  • The Powerpuff Girls are represented by red Peach (Blossom), default Rosalina (Bubbles) and green Daisy (Buttercup). They are fought in New Donk City Hall. Eventually, a black Donkey Kong (Mojo Jojo) interrupts the battle by attacking the other fighters with a ray gun. The girls will then turn their attention to DK, allowing the player to gain the upper hand.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog is a pink Luigi fought in Luigi's Mansion. Katz, taking the form of default Incineroar, also appears as a neutral opponent.

Regular Show

  • Mordecai and Rigby are respectively Falco and a mini black Fox with increased speed; fought on Final Destination.
  • Skips is white Donkey Kong with increased strength and fought on Great Plateau Tower.
  • Muscle Man is green Wario assisted by Pac-Man Ghosts (a nod to High-Five Ghost) and fought on Gaur Plain, which represents the Crash Pit.
  • Pops is a Villager and fought on New Pork City.
  • Benson is a Mii Brawler under the superspicy curry effect and fought on Town and City.

Adventure Time

  • Finn is represented by a Mii Swordsman and Jake by Isabelle. They are fought in Palutena's Temple, where mushrooms and lightning bolts will appear in large quantities.
  • Princess Bubblegum is an ace primary spirit represented by Princess Peach.
  • Ice King is represented by King Dedede (alt. 5), accompanied by several tiny King Dededes and fought in Summit. Freezies will also appear, incorporating his ice powers.
  • Marceline is Bayonetta and fought in Dracula's Castle as an ace primary spirit.

  • Twilight Sparkle is a purple Zelda whose special moves have increased power, fought on New Donk City Hall to represent the city of Canterlot. She can be enhanced at level 99 into her alicorn form to improve your own magic attacks.
  • Rainbow Dash is fellow speedster Sonic in his orange color, fought on Skyworld to mimic the Greek trappings of Cloudsdale. She randomly gains an instant final smash, allowing her to speed through and obliterate you in ten seconds flat if you aren't careful. She grants lightweight as a support spirit.
  • Fluttershy is a pink Isabelle who does her best to avoid conflict - it's a powered-up bunny hood Pichu representing Angel who picks up the slack. However, if the battle goes on long enough, the Isabelle will gain increased attack power and begin fighting back, referencing how Fluttershy will stand up for herself if her friends depend on it. As a support spirit, she provides a Healing Shield.
  • Pinkie Pie is a group of four pink Yoshis with increased speed, fought in Town and City to represent Ponyville.
  • Applejack: Zero Suit Samus G. Attack-type Novice-level spirit (battle power: 3444), fought on Yoshi's Island (Melee), with "Humoresque of a Little Dog" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The opponent will constantly try to grab you. 2) Apples will periodically appear and gravitate toward the enemy. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 1008), health earned from apples increases.
  • Rarity: Peach D. Shield-type Novice-level spirit (battle power: 4000), fought on Fountain of Dreams, with "Floral Fields" as stage music. Conditions: 1) Tons of attack items will spawn, but the main opponent never uses them. 2) A tiny Charizard (H) will constantly try to protect her from you. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 1227).
  • Celestia is represented by a fellow light-themed deity, Palutena in her cyan colors, and fought on New Donk City Hall.
  • Princess Luna: Bayonetta H. Shield-type Ace-level spirit (battle power: 9836)Fought on Unova Pokémon League, with "JENOVA" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The Nightmare assist trophy occasionally shows up. 2) Three Dark Pit (F) minions must be fought before the main opponent appears. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 3093). Can be enhanced into Nightmare Moon.
  • Trixie: Robin B. Grab-type, Advanced-level (battle power: 5902) fought on, with "Battle! (Champion) / Champion Cynthia" as stage music. 1) If the player takes too long to defeat their enemy, a giant Banjo (G) will appear. Once obtained: support spirit with cost 2 and increased magic-based attacks
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders: Isabelle D. Neutral-type Novice-level spirit (battle power: 2493), fought on Smashville, with "2:00 a.m - Animal Crossing: Wild World" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy is aided by an Inkling (A) and a Jigglypuff (A). 2) Inkling tends to attack the player with wheeled boxes. 3) Jigglypuff spends most of her time singing to leave you vulnerable. 4) Isabelle will keep grabbing Hammers and Golden Hammers. Once obtained: support spirit with cost 1 and increases damage dealt with close-range items.
  • Discord is an orange Bowser whose choice of stage in Fountain of Dreams' battlefield form cycles through having a lava floor, a zap floor, a poison floor, and a slumber floor, befitting his chaotic nature. At random points the screen will flip upside-down as well!
  • Cadence and Shining Armor fight you as a default Peach (With her heart motif) and a white Marth (As Shining is captain of the royal guard) fought on Kalos Pokemon League in place of their home at the Crystal Empire's castle. They grant enhanced throws as a support spirit, referencing the wife toss.
  • Queen Chrysalis starts as a fight against... you, complete with the same alt color and spirit loadout you have equipped. Once you've defeated yourself - or rather, a changeling masquerading as you - you face Chrysalis herself as a black Daisy, mirroring how Cadence (Who she disguised herself as in her debut) is represented by Peach in her aforementioned spirit battle. As a support spirit, she increases transformation duration.
  • King Sombra: Ganondorf H. Shield-type Ace-level spirit (battle power: 10007), fought on Skyloft, with "Lord of A Dead Empire" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The enemy is metal and difficult to launch. 2) The opponent begins the fight with a Black Hole. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 3569)
  • Ahuizotl: Incineroar D. Grab-type Advanced-level spirit (battle power: 6127), fought on The Great Cave Offensive, with "Ruins - Wario Land: Shake It!" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The opponent is aided by several tiny Incineroar minions. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 2013), scratching-based attacks increase.
  • Lord Tirek: Donkey Kong C. Attack-type Advanced-level spirit (battle power: 6004), fought on Bridge of Eldin, with "The Arch-Illager" as stage music. Stamina battle. Conditions: 1) The enemy starts off as a Diddy Kong (A). 2) The main enemy is giant and will keep regaining stamina, forcing the player to hit him as much as possible. 3) The player takes sudden damage whenever the enemy heals. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 2633).
  • Starlight Glimmer: Corrin F. Shield-type, Advanced-level spirit (battle power: 5861), fought on "Skyworld" battlefield variant, with "Friendship" as stage music. Conditions: 1) The player must protect a friendly Sonic (G). If he's KO'd, you fail the match. 2) The stage alternates between Skyworld, Dracula's Castle, Castle Siege, and Distant Planet. Once obtained: primary spirit (base power: 2108)
  • Cozy Glow: Villager F. Grab-type Novice-level spirit (battle power: 3284), fought on Garreg Mach Monastery, with "Crash in The Dark Night" as stage music. Conditions: 1) Handicapped Lucas (Various) and Ness (Various) minions will keep spawning as long as the main opponent is alive. 2) The enemy usually attacks with magic-based items (Dragoon, Daybreak, Star Rod, Killer Eye). Once obtained: support spirit with cost 1, defense against magic-based attacks increases.

  • The titular family is represented by Pac-Man (Homer), a green female Wii Fit Trainer (Marge), a yellow Ness (Bart), a yellow Inkling (Lisa) and a blue Isabelle (Maggie). They are fought in the Living Room stage. Homer can be vulnerable to attacks whenever donuts appear. Maggie, ironically, is the most powerful fighter, but seldom strikes.
  • Ned Flanders is a green Richter Belmont. At the beginning of the battle, he is fought in Battlefield alongside two Lucases (Rod and Todd). After his first defeat, the stage will shift to Skyworld, where Ned returns with a red Peach (Maude) by his side.
  • Mr. Burns is Mr. Game & Watch and fought on Golden Plains. He is assisted by Smithers and his hounds (represented by a light green Luigi and hordes of Duck Hunts, respectively). Eventually, Maggie returns to shoot at Mr. Burns with a powered-up ray gun.
  • Itchy and Scratchy are respectively a black Incineroar and Pichu in a blue bandana, fiercely fighting each other as well as the player with various weapons in PictoChat 2.

  • Peter is King Dedede in his monochrome color scheme, and fought on Spirit Train. A Burrowing Snarget (filling in for Ernie the Giant Chicken) also engages in the battle as a neutral assist trophy that both the player and Peter can bring down.
  • Stewie is Bowser Jr. and fought in Halberd. He is assisted by R.O.B., representing his inventive nature, and Builder Mario, whose outfit is very similar to Stewie's.
  • Lois is Palutena and fought in Living Room. Stewie reappears as a neutral opponent, trying to kill her and the player at the same time.
  • Chris is a blue Kirby who is easily distracted by items and fought in Gamer. The player is soon joined by Diddy Kong, standing in for the Evil Monkey.
  • Meg is Bayonetta in her Jeanne color scheme and fought in Battlefield. Sandbags frequently appear, referencing her status as the show's living metaphorical punching bag. She has enhanced strength, letting out her rage from all the abuse.
  • Brian is a Mii Gunner in a K.K. Slider outfit and fought on Mario Circuit. Stewie once again appears to assist Brian in battle.
  • Quagmire is a red Captain Falcon fought in Big Blue. Numerous female characters appear as his allies while the player is partnered with Brian, referencing the rivalry between the two characters.
  • Joe is a grey R.O.B. fought in Pac-Land. He chases the player down while gun-wielding Snakes and Duck Hunts appear (overall referencing a police force).

Animated Films
  • Shrek is represented by King K. Rool. The fight starts on Distant Planet (the closest stage to a swamp), where he is accompanied by Donkey Kong (representing Donkey). The stage soon shifts to Castle Siege, where they team up with a green Daisy (Fiona) and a red Ridley (Dragon).

  • Ladybug and Cat Noir will be represented by red-costumed Isabelle and black-costumed Wolf respectively. They both spam their side specials, resembling Ladybug's yoyo and Cat's Touch of Death. Their fight is set on Prism Tower, representative of their home of Paris, and jump around a lot, referencing how they are able to leap In a Single Bound across buildings as superheroes.
  • Peg and Cat are a blue female Villager and a small blue Incineroar, fought on the living room stage. Dr. Kawashima appears as a hostile assist trophy, both to represent the show's intention of dealing with math problems and to mimic the graph-paper style used for the backgrounds. When obtained, they function as a support spirit with Critical-Health Healing, referencing how Peg needs to calm down Once an Episode with Cat's help.
  • Martin and Chris Kratt are a blue and green Mii Brawler wearing Bionic Suits as an equivalent to the Creature Power Suits, accompanied by a blue Donkey Kong and dalmatian Duck Hunt, two of the more animal-like characters in the Smash Roster. As a support spirit, they increase transformation duration.

    Meme characters 
  • SCP-049 (Plague Doctor) is a Falco who summons Ganondorfs over time. Poison floor is also active, referring to the sickness that the SCP is trying to cure.
  • SCP-085 (Hand-Drawn Cassy) is a Peach in Pictochat 2 who has an assist Vince pop up periodically.
  • SCP-105 (Iris) is an Inkling who has an assist Yuri Kozukata helping her.
  • SCP-682 (Hard to Destroy Reptile) is a Legendary spirit puppeting a K. Rool in Omega Shadow Moses Island who is invincible half of the time, regenerates health once in danger, and has poison floor. Defeating it gives you invincibility for the first few seconds of a fight.
  • SCP-846 (Robo-Dude) is a Novice spirit taking the form of a grey(JP) or tan(US) R.O.B. who is distracted by the spawning firearms, representing its vast quantity of 'Robo-Accessories'. It also has a tendency to taunt, referencing the Robo-Dance it performs in its logged interview.

SiIvaGunner characters
  • The Voice Inside Your Head, an Ace spirit, is represented by a Robin who often uses Nosferatu. You have a small schoolgirl Inkling, alluding to Smol Nozomi, who you have to protect from dying, referencing the Voice’s anti-anime tendencies. This takes place in nighttime Moray Towers, the closest thing to Grandiose City. When obtained, he is a Primary Attack-type spirit with no special effects.
  • The novice spirit Wood Man (SiIvaGunner) is much like the original Wood Man, possessing a Mega Man and spamming Leaf Shield... and this Wood Man loves to taunt. It takes place in nighttime Moray Towers, just like The Voice’s.
  • Ace spirit Smol Nozomi is a small schoolgirl Inkling, also mentioned above, who summons a Meloetta to refer to her singing, and R.O.B, referring to her mech in the Christmas Comeback Crisis. She will also avoid fighting back. Only Nozomi has to be defeated. For extra pressure, there will be a time limit for the battle.
  • The advanced spirit Unregistered HyperCam 2 is a R.O.B. that starts with a Meowth Poké Ball. It can be enhanced to Unrestrained HyperCam 2, an Ace spirit who makes you start a battle big.

  • Bowsette is represented by a giant black alt. Peach. She's fought in Mushroom Kingdom U (The tower portion) and occasionally gets the Superspicy Curry effect. The spirit is a Advanced Spirit that increases transformation duration.
  • The Giantdad is a legendary spirit consisting of a golden Ike with increased speed and evasion, Super Armor, and a propensity for taunting. As an equip he grants Super Armor like Gold Mario, but you'll never see it because The Legend Never Dies.
  • Grand Dad is Mario equipped with an Ore Club. In reference to the game his source is a hack of, Mario is accompanied by two Yoshis (one purple for Dino and one yellow for Hoppy) and a green Olimar (for the Great Gazoo) in a Battlefield form of Distant Planet (to bring this close to a prehistoric setting).
  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a Legendary support spirit that takes up 3 slots but grants invisibility at the start of a battle. The battle is against a giant invisible Min Min on Final Destination.
  • The Grinch consists of the following to reflect the infamous hoax: You start off facing three Jigglypuffs using the up-special, exactly what the Chorus Kids spirit is, with a Shadow assist trophy appearing. After all the Jigglypuffs get knocked out, you face off against a Duck Hunt (for Banjo and Kazooie; bear in mind that this is months before the real Banjo-Kazooie got confirmed), Super Scope blue Captain Falcon (the Mach Rider spirit) and Super Scope Sheik (part of the Geno spirit), with Isaac appearing as an assist trophy. Then after all that, Ken (as the one confirmed character) appears, and standing in for the Grinch himself is, for ironic effect, a green Incineroar.
  • Here Comes Pacman would be an advanced spirit represented by, you guessed it, Pac-Man on Living Room. Pac-Man would be easily distracted by items, which references this version of Pac-Man's crack addiction, and he loves to taunt. In the player's hands, he grants Stats ↑ after Eating.
  • Omelette (A fan character that's Dr.Eggman's niece/daughter) is represented by Wendy in a battle field version of Wrecking Crew. No other gimmicks though.
  • Sonichu is a fight against Sonic and Pikachu on the Pictochat stage. A hostile assist trophies in the form of Vince and Nikki appears to obstruct your character or create obstacles.
  • The Sense of Right Alliance is a legendary support spirit that grants Team Power Up (similar to the Hero's Comrades spirit). To earn it, you must defeat a similar gauntlet of enemies in a Stamina battle. They consist of a Red Shiek (Spider-Man), regular Mario (Superman), regular Metaknight (Batman), Blue Captain Falcon (Blue Power Ranger), regular King K. Rool (Shrek) and a Roy from the Super Mario series (Lightning McQueen)
  • Ugandan Knuckles: Peach represents the queen and is fought on Tortimer Island while respawning Knuckles assist trophies attack the player.
  • Virgin and Chad consist of a black Shulk and a purple Ganondorf respectively. Both of them opt to walk to resemble their respective strides of the original meme, but otherwise actively fight back.
  • Grotesque Steve is an ace primary spirit and is fought as a default Steve (of course) that is fought in the Taiga biome of Minecraft World (for obvious, squicky reasons). The Steve is slightly larger than normal in reference to how some depections can tower over the other characters in renders, but can be taken out rather easily in this stage. However, Steve will then be replaced by a giant Mii Brawler with the model's face, which is where the real fight begins. This is due to Grotesque Steve temporarily becoming a Discredited Meme when Banjo was revealed, only to resurge with the actual Steve's inclusion. The Brawler also comes with an Akira Yuki outfit if you downloaded it, making Grotesque Steve look even more uncannily realistic. It constantly uses Suplex to fight, referring to its rather grabby tendencies, and will occasionally taunt when it lands a combo in reference to its arrogant nature and belief that it is the real Steve. Equipping this spirit has the added effect of further increasing your character's grab duration.
  • SMG4's Mario Bloopers consists of Mario, Luigi, Purple Mario (Closest alt to SMG4), Default Inkling Girl (Meggy), Lucina (Tari) and Bowser fight you on Paper Mario. Mario, Luigi and Bowser acts all wonky to represent the chaotic nature of SMG4.

    Literature Characters 
  • Greg Heffley is a White Ness on Onett.

    Misc. characters 
Advertising characters
  • Pepsiman is represented by a Metal Captain Falcon in Moray Towers. The main theme playing is obviously the Pepsiman theme. The puppet fighter is always running from the player and the stage is timed.

Comic characters
  • Snoopy is represented by a white Duck Hunt dog with the yellow-and-green duck representing Woodstock. They are fought on Pilotwings, a reference to Snoopy's pilot fantasies.
  • Garfield is represented by an orange Incineroar in Living Room. Instead of fighting him, however, a yellow Duck Hunt (Odie) and a blue Mario (Jon) pick up most of the slack. Garfield generally keeps to himself either by sleeping or eating any food that appears, only attacking if the player or his allies get in his way.
LEGO non-game characters
The LEGO Movie
  • Emmet is portrayed by Mario in his construction worker gear... But, like the Detective Pikachu battle, you have to pick him out of a crowd of other construction worker Marios, as he's pretty much a generic nobody outside of being the Special.
  • Vitruvius is a Palutena who fights alongside the Nightmare assist trophy, to give you a sense for his blindness. His battle takes place in Gerudo Valley to reference the Old West, and he can be enhanced into Ghost Vitruvius to make you Lightweight.
  • Unikitty is the equally-pink-and-cute Jigglypuff, who has increased defense (being hard plastic as opposed to a balloon), and gains massive power and a larger size at higher damage, referencing her Angry Kitty form.
  • Benny is a Fusion Suit Samus fought on Lylat Cruise (SPACESHIP!) with low gravity. The screen also randomly flips, as Benny's zero-G movements often include him being upside-down.
  • Lord Business has you fight a violet Ganondorf who favors kick attacks, referencing the massive shoes that are a part of his outfit. However, you also have to contend with the swarm of R.O.B.s that he sends your way.
  • Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi is a giant Mr. Game & Watch, who transforms for each of his moves much like she transforms throughout the course of the movie. She also quickly gains a final smash, referencing the monstrous form she briefly takes when introducing herself to the the heroes.


  • Tahu is a red Marth holding a fire bar to represent his fire sword, fought in Norfair to take the place of Ta-Koro. He focuses on shielding at high damage and grants Shield Durability Up, both referencing his Kanohi Hau.
  • Gali is a blue Zero Suit Samus fighting on the beach of Wuhu Island, who grants the Swimmer support skill when defeated, referencing her Kanohi Kaukau. During the battle, she automatically heals damage taken, calling back to how she used her water powers to help heal Tahu during Mask of Light.
  • Pohatu is a yellow Ken fought on Mushroomy Kingdom, who focuses on enhanced kick attacks using his Feet Additions. He also has enhanced move speed, and provides Speed Up as a support skill, both referencing his Kanohi Kakama.
  • Onua is a black Incineroar with increased attack power, referencing his Kanohi Pakari; his support skill Physical Attack Up reflects the same. He's fought in the Great Cave Offensive, taking the place of the underground village of Onu-Koro.
  • Kopaka is a white Link carrying a freezie to represent his element of ice, as well as fighting on the Summit stage. His support power skill is Fog Immunity, referencing the x-ray vision granted by his Kanohi Akaku.
  • Lewa is a green Robin fought on Distant Planet to represent Le-Koro. He wields a Killing Edge to represent his axe, and wears a Rocket Belt to mimic his Kanohi Miru's power of levitation. He also has a slower fall speed due to the mask's effects, and grants Floaty Jumps as his support spirit skill.
  • The six spirit battles above are represented by the Toa in their original "Toa Mata" forms - combining their cores allows you to summon them as the Toa Nuva, a Legend Spirit. Their spirit battle has you face all six of the above spirits, with vanishing buffs linked to defense (Tahu), autoheal (Gali), run speed (Pohatu), attack (Onua), dodging (Kopaka), and jump height (Lewa); these buffs represent their Kanohi Nuva's ability to impart their mask power on those around them, instead of just themselves.
  • Makuta is a giant black King K. Rool, with poison covering the ground to represent antidermis. He's fought on Spear Pillar to represent Kini Nui and his lair beneath, and while you only have to KO him to win, you have to fight through a crew of multicolored Ridleys representing the Rahkshi.
  • Takua is a red Villager who is distracted by items, as according to supplementary material he ran a business in Metru Nui that sold items he collected while travelling. He can be enhanced at level 99 into Takanuva, whose light powers increase the user's magic attacks.
  • The Chronicler's Company has you go up against a red Sheik that uses her up special to avoid you (Kapura), a blue Isabelle who focuses on using her water bucket down smash (Macku), a brown Mega Man who uses the Metal Blade (Hafu), a black Mega Man who wields a Beam Sword (Taipu), a teal Link who focuses on jumping (Tamaru), and a white Meta Knight that shies away from battle (Kopeke). They are fought at Spear Pillar, again referencing Kini Nui.

LEGO Adventurers

  • Johnny Thunder is a yellow Richter who focuses on his whip attacks, as he's a clear Expy of Indiana Jones. He's fought in the Mushroomy Kingdom, referencing the first Adventurers subtheme, Egypt.
  • Dr. Kilroy is a green Dr. Mario fought on Kongo Falls, representing the Jungle subtheme.
  • Ms. Pippin Reed is a green Lucina who appears with the Yuri Kozukata assist trophy, as she serves as a photographer for World Magazine. The stage she's fought on is Skyworld, referencing the online Adventurers game The Lost Treasure of Ancient Greece.
  • Harry Cane is a black Mario fought on hazardless Rainbow Cruise, as he's Johnny Thunder's trusted pilot. Strong winds appear in the battle to accentuate this, as well as reference a storm the group encounters in the puzzle book The Lost Temple.
  • Mike is a Reyn-colored Shulk who fights alongside a giant Yoshi, as he only appeared in the Dino Island subtheme.
  • Sam Sinister is a Shujin Academy Joker fought alongside three other characters to represent his allies from the Orient Expedition subtheme; a brown Ganondorf for Maharaja Lallu, a brown Dark Pit for Ngan Pa, and a red Ike for Emperor Chang Wu.

Web Animation
Happy Tree Friends
  • Happy Tree Friends: In Super Happy Tree, the player first faces off against Cuddles, represented by Isabelle in a Bunny Hood. He is soon joined by Giggles (bow-wearing Jigglypuff), Toothy (purple Villager) and Lumpy (blue Bowser), who attacks the player as well as his own colleagues in a nod to his lethal stupidity. More opponents appear, including Petunia (Blue Daisy), Handy (Builder Mario), Sniffles (blue Dr. Mario), Nutty (yellow Villager with enhanced speed) and Flaky (red Kirby equipped with an Unira as a stand in for her quills). All this chaos will cause them to accidentally attack and potentially kill each other. The final opponent is by far the most formidable: Flippy (represented by a green Snake with enhanced strength), who kills any remaining fighters while attempting to defeat the player.


  • Team RWBY appears as red-colored Robin with increased speed and Death's Scythe, white-colored Zelda with an extra midair jump and Beam Sword, black-colored Sheik with improved dodging and a Killing Edge, and yellow-colored Bayonetta with strengthened melee attacks and a Rage Blaster.

Sock Series

  • Sock's spirit is an orange kirby with fire resistance, referencing Sock's fire powers. He also has health regeneration in reference to Sock's Healing Factor. He's equipped with a tail so he can can float in the air like in his source material and he prefers to use his dash attack since Kirby's dash is his only attack with fire. The fight takes place on Fourside with the ground burning, referencing the city Sock engulfs in fire. When equipped, this spirit grants a unique fire immunity ability. If it's a primary spirit, there are no spots for support spirits, but if it's a support spirit, it takes all three spots.


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