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Mario is an alternate universe counterpart to Superman, and all other Nintendo characters correspond similarly.
Warning, this is the longest part of the Page. You have been warned. Scroll to bottom for sorted out list.
  • He wears a red and blue costume, has a similar name — "Super Mario" — gains special abilities from the environment of his adopted homeworld (tying in with the "mushroom kingdom has lesser gravity" theory mentioned above, which was the same explanation for Superman's powers in the original stories from the 30's — note original Superman had the same basic powerset as Mario — super strength, speed, and enhanced jumping ability), and is the primary hero in his universe. Most of Mario's additional powers come from plant life, such as mushrooms and fire flowers, which absorb sunlight through photosynthesis — similarly to Superman's solar-fueled powers. Note that Mario's powerup abilities are similar to those of Superman:
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  • Fireflower - Heat vision
  • Starman - Invulnerability
  • Raccoon/Cape/Wing Cap/Red Star - Flight (especially the cape)
  • Iceflower- Freeze breath
    • Yes, this is a very loose connection, but consider the Tangent universe Superman, a bald black guy with ESP, and the numerous other bizarre elseworlds versions (German Expressionist Superman anyone?) and it's relatively believable.
      • Additionally, this also solves the mystery of Wario's origin, as Wario is quite clearly the alternate universe counterpart to Bizzaro, and is therefore most likely an imperfect clone.
  • Furthermore, transitive equality means that Sonic is therefore an Elseworlds Goku, which makes sense what with the super-sonic form being oh so obviously Super Saiyan.
    • And suddenly, "NOW I'LL SHOW YOU!" actually becomes evidence for this. I mean, just listen to it after hearing Goku a few times!
  • Even further, this means Link is an Elseworlds Batman, what with all his weaponry and gadgets, popularity, and stints between being a stoic badass and being cartoony.
    • In keeping with this, SSB64/Melee Link is pre-Flashpoint post-Crisis Batman, while Brawl/SSB4 Link is New 52 Batman.
    • So does this make Super Smash Bros the Crisis?
      • Yes. Melee is Infinite Crisis, and Brawl is Final Crisis.
      • But wouldn't that in turn make the alloys and wireframes the O.M.A.C.s?
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    • QED Sheik = Catwoman.
  • To really run this into the ground, Samus is Wonderwoman (raised in a isolated, utopian society and granted powers by the gifts of the gods/ sufficiently advanced aliens), Mew is the Martian Manhunter (Pokemon could be from Mars right?), Team Starfox are the Blackhawks (elite freelance mercenary unit of pilots), and they all live on Earth 64.
    • Samus can also potentially fit as a Distaff Counterpart to Batman, as they are both Badass Normals utilizing a suit with many abilities and utilities. This, by extension, would make Ridley a counterpart to the Joker, as they are both associated with purple, are Ax-Crazy, have a sadistic sense of Black Comedy, have a deep obsession with their enemies, and can never die.
    • Braniac is either Andross or Mother-brain.
  • No, Samus is Iron (Wo)man. Oh wait, that's Marvel.
  • Pit is Hawkman. Okay, now I'll stop.
  • And Meta Knight Doctor!!
    • That doesn't make sense, as Meta Knight and Kirby are both Nintendo characters from the get-go. As Kirby shows signs of imitation of Link, who is Batman, when he has a Sword power, Kirby is Robin, and batlike Meta Knight, a darker mentor to Kirby, is Nightwing.
      • No, no, Meta Knight is simply a Kirby who has swallowed a Batman.
  • Wait, since "Toon Link" is the successor to regular Link, that makes him Robin. Kirby would be Green Arrow. Evidence: Green Arrow's arsenal contains a near-infinite assortment of arrows, including boxing glove arrows and bubbly fire-extinguisher arrows, which match up perfectly to Kirby's Fighter and Bubble powers.
    • Alternatively, "Toon Link" is the Terry McGinnis to Link's Bruce Wayne.
      • Kirby is obviously an organic AMAZO.
      • Considering how Kirby is a Warpstar Knight, he may be the analogue of another interplanatary law-enforcement officer — Green Lantern.
      • Which would make Meta Knight one too...
      • To be exact, Meta Knight would be Sinestro.
  • Ganondorf is Darkseid. This is fun!
    • Considering that Ganondorf is Link's arch-enemy, he'd probably be the alternate of a Bat-foe. The only one who fits him, though, would be Bane.
      • Ra's Al Ghul would be a better fit — immortal meglomaniac with a sweet cape (needs to be a trope), and a love of engaging the hero in dramatic climactic swordfights? Obviously, skull-kid is scarecrow, while the Dekus and Gorrons are races progenated by the benevolent counterparts of Posion Ivy and Clayface respectively.
  • Also, Pikachu is Flash.
    • No, Sonic is a Goku/Flash combo-Expy. Pikachu is Static. That's even the name of his ability.
      • Nah, Captain Falcon is Flash. Pikachu is Thor.
      • No. Captain Falcon is god.
  • But doesn't that make Dr. Mario Clark Kent?
  • I kind of want to say that following this logic, the Chosen Four must be the Runaways... but then I remember they're Marvel and I brainfart.
  • And would this make Olimar Squirrel Girl? I mean, a character who uses his many small minions to defeat opponents who are much stronger in canon?
    • No, as she is of Marvel, and Pikmin was a 1st party game. Judging from his ability to command legions of plantlike creatures, who become more powerful by being around him, he's a good alternate version of Poison Ivy, more limited in abilities because Good Is Dumb.
      • He's Poison Ivy IN SPACE who, due to Hocotatian DNA corruption, ended up male and benevolent.
      • Two words: Swamp Thing. Space changed him.
  • Having played sub-space emmissary, and taking the above into account this troper can now confirm that Master Hand is the Monitor, Crazy Hand is the Anti-monitor, and Tabuu is Superboy Prime — he was the protagonist of a game that Nintendo never got around to making (possibly Project H.A.M.M.E.R), and like Superboy-Prime, is taking his revenge on the core universe for his lost chance to be a hero.
  • Luigi... let's see... same powers as Superman/Super Mario, except weaker and faster, with a completely different attitude... would that make him Supergirl? Sheesh, Luigi can't catch a break even in WMG...
    • He could also be Mon-El...
    • I'd suggest Krypto, only now I've got the mental image of Luigi saying, in a London accent, "Oh my God, I'm the caped dog!"
    • He could be Captain Marvel, a thinly-veiled Superman Expy that DC later bought the rights to.
      • The Krypto analogue is most likely Yoshi... Damn it! Now I have the mental image of Yoshi responding to all Mario's instructions with an electronic, slightly camp "YES MASTER".
  • Bowser is a fusion of Pre-crisis Lex Luthor and Doomsday — He has the former's meglomania, and penchant for insane schemes, but not his mad science skills (which seem to have gone to Bowser Junior), and the latter's physical power and immortality, but not his adaption abilities (note that lava hurts him in both the original Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Galaxy).
    • Which in turn would make Mario's cosmically mischievous, sparsely-appearing foe King Boo Mr. Mxyzptlk!
    • Bowser seems more like a Darkseid to me: "I am many things, Mario - but here, I am a god!"; "I never settle. What I cannot have, I destroy.". Seriously, it writes itself.
  • Solid Snake, then, would be the alternate of John Constantine. Not sure why, but it seems to fit, and puts Snake distinctly outside of normal canon (but within easy reach for a crossover).
  • The Ice Climbers are, of course, the Wonder Twins.
  • Tabuu would be a malevolent Doctor Manhattan... with butterfly wings.
    • And Porky is Ozymandias, Lucas is Nite Owl, and Ness is Rorschach.
      • Tabuu is almost certainly the Anti Monitor.
  • All I want to know is when we're going to see Nintendo VS Mortal Kombat.
  • Since they're both joke characters, would Mr. Game & Watch be Ambush Bug?
    • Maybe Mr. Game & Watch is the incarnate of all pre-Superman comic book characters.
      • Specifically, Mr. Game & Watch is the first comic strip character: Yellow Kid!
      • I say Mr. Game & Watch is Martian Manhunter. He's from another world, he changes shape, doesn't speak much (even by Nintendo standards - he just beeps), and his world (the Game & Watch Series/Black & White 2D simple games) is kind of dead. Plus he doesn't exactly have a place outside of Smash Bros. Alternatively - Elongated/Plastic Man.
  • I guess this makes Mega Man...Optimus Prime?
    • Nah, he's an amalgamation of the Metal Men, keeping with the DC theme.
      • Kirby matches up almost perfectly with Amazo; Metaknight would be OMAC (or vice versa).
      • Pokémon Trainer could be Dr. Will Magnus, and his Pokémon are the Metal Men.
      • Solo Charizard could be Firefly, for obvious reasons. Or it could be Firestorm; in an extra bit of irony, Firestorm is a case of Sharing a Body, while Charizard is a Decomposite Character. Or Jonah Hex could fit, if we're going for "badass character that isn't well-known at large but is incredibly popular with the core fanbase".
    • Greninja is Katana, also for obvious reasons.
      • I don't get the Jigglypuff/She-Bang comparison.
      • Maybe Jigs can be Scream Queen or Silver Banshee, just as other sound based characters. there's no one in DC Comics thats known for their singing voice.
  • No, you guys have it wrong. Link is indeed Batman, but Toon Link is not Terry. In the Batman comics, there was an alternate-universe version of Batman called Bat-Mite who was a big-eyed cartoony thing with a huge head and a small body that did everything Batman did but with an extra "goofy" cartoonish flair. And that is who Toon Link is in the Smashverse.
  • Blanca is The Question.
  • If Beyonetta is in SBB 4, would that mean that she is Crimson Avenger?
  • Now we've got Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man to sort out... I'm not sure about the others but Mega Man could easily be Astro Boy.
  • An optimistic bystander-turned-hero in a World of Badass? Quite clearly the Villager is Jimmy Olsen.
  • The Wii Fit Trainer is obviously Black Canary. That just leaves Rosalina.
  • Someone really should make this WMG into a webcomic.
* This troper sorts it out something like this, along with the reasons stated above:
  • Mario: Superman - Main most iconic hero, variety of powers, Primary-Color Champion
    • Dr. Mario: Clark Kent. Superman in professional attire, barely disguised.
  • Luigi: Captain Marvel/Shazam - Same powers, deliberate expy
  • Peach: Lois Lane - recurring Damsel in Distress for Superman/ Mario. Alternatively Supergirl as Mario's female counterpart.
  • Daisy: Lana Lang - spunky redhead originally introduced as an alternate option for the hero to save. Alternatively Mary Marvel as Luigi's (Shazam) equivalent to Supergirl above.
  • Bowser: Lex Luthor/Doomsday - most often recurring/greatest physical threat to Superman
  • Rosalina: Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) - Space based, potentially unlimited powers
  • Yoshi: Krypto - Superman's Animal Buddy
  • Wario: Lobo (in WarioWare Biker costume) - super powered biker on par with Superman, introduced as villain, became an antihero
  • Bowser Jr: Alexander Luthor Jr.
    • Alternatively, his use of the Koopa Clown Car could make him the equivalent of Toyman.
  • Piranha Plant: The Floronic Man
  • Link: Batman (No intrinsic powers but tenacity, wit, tons of gadgets, stoic badassery and good looks just like Bruce Wayne. Equally iconic to the brand as Mario / Superman)
  • Young Link: Dick Grayson - the original Junior Counterpart Robin to Link's Batman, who left and the mantle was later taken up by...
  • Toon Link: Tim Drake, a more recent a relatively upbeat replacement for the original Robin (not as brooding as Jason Todd or Damien)
  • Zelda: Barbara Gordon, with the slower and more intelligence-based Zelda form being Oracle, and the speedier and more physical Sheik being Batgirl
    • As of U/3DS, Sheik is now Huntress Helena Bertinelli.
  • Ganondorf: Amalgamation between Ra's Al Ghul (immortal nemesis sometimes tied to origin story) and Bane (colossal Genius Bruiser fist fighter who's succeeded in killing/incapacitating Link/Batmannote , taking over Hyrule/Gotham, is also sometimes tied to Ra's himself, and is ambiguously Middle Easternnote )
  • Samus: Wonder Woman Main female hero, during the Metroid Prime era was often seen as a third to Mario and Link.
    • As of U/3DS, Zero Suit Samus is Wonder Girl.
  • Ridley: Ares - powerful, sadistic warrior with ties to the hero's origins, and also a literal Cunning God of Death
    • Alternatively Giganta because they're both too big.
  • Dark Samus: Superwoman, the Earth-3 version of Wonder Woman and her evil counterpart
  • Fox: Green Lantern Hal Jordan Inter-planetary peacekeeping squadron
  • Falco: Green Lantern Guy Gardener (smarmy, wise cracker and the second lantern) or John Stewart (second most prominent and well known after Hal/Fox)
  • Wolf: Sinestro
  • DK: Aquaman (King of a biome)
  • Diddy: Aqualad
  • King K. Rool: Ocean Master (megalomaniac ruler who seeks to overthrow DK/Aquaman) with physical elements more akin to King Shark
  • Mr. Game And Watch: Vintage Superman - Old
  • Captain Falcon: Flash - Super Speed, flashy personality or Booster Gold as a Campy Large Ham coming from a futuristic world.
  • Kirby: Amazo - copies powers
    • Alternatively, Robin.
  • Meta Knight: OMAC
    • Alternatively, Nightwing or Jason Todd.
  • Dedede: Penguin
  • Pikachu: Black Lightning - uses electricity
  • Pichu: Static - younger equivalent
  • Jigglypuff: Shebang
    • Alternatively, Silver Banshee or Scream Queen.
  • Pokemon Trainer: Will Magnus - controls a team of six robots
    • Pokemon are the Metal Men
  • Charizard: Firefly, as a solo character - Flying Firepower and pyromania in general (though Charizard's is unintentional) or White Dragon (fire-wielding dragon-themed characters)
  • Lucario: Soul Power
  • Greninja: Katana - Ninja
  • Mewtwo: Amalgamation between Brainiac (super-genius psychic supervillain) and Doomsday (genetically created monster)
  • Incineroar: Cross between Firestorm (take a guess) and Wildcat (pro wrestler)
  • Marth: Shining Knight (Sir Justin) - Medieval times hero
  • Lucina: Shining Knight II (Ystina) - Medieval hero, woman disguised as a man
  • Roy: Knight II
  • Chrom: Knight I
  • Ike: Atomic Knight
  • Robin: Zatara and Zatanna for male and female mages.
  • Corrin: Jason Blood/Etrigan. Capable of freely switching forms between a human and a beast. Both forms can fight, but the beast is more vicious than the human in combat. Member of a royal family.
  • Olimar: Martian Manhunter - Stranded on earth
    • Alternatively, Adam Strange.
  • Pit: Hawkman - Angelic winged fighters
  • Palutena: Hawkgirl
  • Dark Pit: Hath-set (tied to Pit/Hawkman's existence/reincarnation)
    • Alternatively the DCAU version of Shadow Thief, born of Hawkman's dark thoughts.
  • Ice Climbers: Wonder Twins - Twins
  • Ness: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) - variety of powers awakened/acknowledged by space based bug
  • Lucas: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • R.O.B.: Red Tornado
  • Snake: John Constantine
    • Alternately, if third party = Marvel, Snake could be Agent Venom. I dunno, it just seems to fit. Could also be Captain America, as a super-soldier participating in fictionalized versions of real wars.
    • Golgo 13, if we're going with Manga vs Comic counterparts.
  • Sonic: Spider-Man (as rival company's most iconic hero, popular by being a witty teen in contrast to Mario/Superman's clean cut adult)
  • Villager: Kamandi. Only human boy in a world full of super-intelligent animals, anyone?
  • Isabelle: Flower
  • Mega Man: Iron Man (if third party = Marvel Comics, with Sonic as Spider-Man)
    • Or Astroboy (if third party = Anime/Manga with Sonic as Goku)
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Black Canary - known for physical fitness (Canary was also the trainer on Young Justice)
  • Little Mac: Muhammad Ali
    • Either that or the Atom (Al Pratt)
  • Duck Hunt: Wonder Dog
  • Shulk: Genderbent Rose Wilson (Beam-sword wielder with precognitive powers)
  • Inkling: Beast Boy (Teenager with attitude and animal morphing powers)
  • Pac-Man: Yellow Kid (as a precursor to videogame heroes similar to Game and Watch)
    • Could also be Captain America as a original iconic Marvel hero before Spider Man showed up and is much closer in age to Mario / Superman.
    • Speed Racer as the Anime/Manga equivalent.
  • Ryu: Wolverine (Marvel vs Capcom 3 rival, connection to Japan, Capcom's rough marketing equivalent to Link (most popular "realistic character") just as Wolverine is the rough marketing equivalent to Batman; if third party = Marvel Comics.)
    • Kenshiro (One of the first notable action heroes of anime; if third party = Anime/Manga.)
  • Ken: Iron Fist (American hero who learns an Eastern style of fighting and spirituality)
    • Shin (Kenshiro's blonde rival)
  • Cloud: Thor (blond haired fantasy hero known for wielding a really heavy weapon) or Captain America (blond, blue-eyed scientifically enhanced super-soldier and another inter-company rival to Link/Batman).
    • Either Kenshin or Inuyasha as an iconic anime swordsman of the 90s. The former has a troubled past as a soldier, but the latter has a BFS the size of a boat oar.
  • Bayonetta: Genderbent Deadpool. Gun-toting Heroic Comedic Sociopath who wears a skintight bodysuit and says sarcastic quips and one-liners at every given opportunity. Also a relatively new character compared to the others.
  • Simon Belmont: Dr. Strange
  • Richter Belmont: Wong
  • Joker: Ant-Man (Scott Lang)
  • Tabuu: Anti Monitor
  • Master Hand: The Spectre
  • Crazy Hand: Parallax
  • Fighting Polygons/Wireframes/Alloys: The Manhunters
  • Hell, let's not leave out the Assist Trophies:'
    • Waluigi: Black Adam (evil counterpart to Luigi/Captain Marvel, pointy ears)
    • Ashley: Mr. Mxyzptlk, as a powerful, playful sorcerer from the Mario/Superman mythology.
    • Ghirahim: The Joker (crazy, playful and completely insane and dangerous enemy to Link/Batman)
    • Skull Kid: Scarecrow, as stated above (similar appearance, known for causing fear on a large scale)
    • Tingle: Bat-Mite (Cartoony appearance reminiscent of the hero whom he idolizes, has powers which produce, strange, "random" effects)
    • Mother Brain: The Brain (Somewhat obviously)
    • Nightmare: Dr. Destiny (Similar appearance, can manipulate dreams)
    • Dillon: Vigilante (Wild west hero)
    • Shadow the Hedgehog: Venom, if Sonic = Spider-Man. And he's obviously Vegeta if Sonic = Goku.
    • Grey Fox: The Winter Soldier, if Snake = Captain America (Former friend of the hero turned enemy, enhanced with cybernetics after his apparent death)
    • Elec Man: Living Laser, if Mega Man = Iron Man. Alternatively, if Mega Man = Astro Boy he's Zero/Electro.
    • Starman: Carapax (Robotic appearance, enemy of Blue Beetle/Ness, uses projectile attacks)
    • Magnus: Speed Saunders (Badass Normal ally to Pit/Hawkman and Palutena/Hawkgirl)
    • Phosphora: Hummingbird (blonde-haired female enemy to Pit/Hawkman and Palutena/Hawkgirl)
  • And if you're feeling kind to the Pokémon characters, you can fit them in the Watchmen mold. Pokémon, like Watchmen, is a well-established "sub-franchise" that's often depicted as distinct from the main Nintendo/DC universe. Here you go, the best fanart idea ever:
    • Pikachu: Nite Owl (yellow color scheme, a bit softer than the other members but still badass)
    • Charizard: The Comedian (Rated M for Manly badass who uses a flamethrower and is sometimes depicted as a Jerkass)
    • Lucario: Dr. Manhattan (bright blue and glows blue with obvious "spiritual" superpowers)
    • Greninja: Rorschach (wears a scarf, dark and mysterious with a laughably silly voice, Crazy Awesome, uses sharp-pointed/bladed weapons)
    • Mewtwo: Ozymandias (the "villain" of the group, purple color scheme, the smartest and strongest of all)
    • Jigglypuff: Silk Spectre (the token "female")

In response to the DC comics connection above
If Mario is Superman then Sonic is a composite mixture of the Superman clones.
  • Goku
    • Super Sonic transformation similar to Super Saiyan
  • Sentry
    • Dark Sonic form similar to The Void
  • Captain Marvel "Shazam"
    • Manga Sonic was a kid who transformed.
    • Captain Marvel moved from a smaller publisher to DC comics, Sonic primarily makes Nintendo games with troubled exceptions. But in the past they were rivals to the other company.

Alternatively, the Smashverse is an alternate version of the Star Wars universe (no relation to the Lucas WMG below.)
  • Link is Luke Skywalker. They are both among the most prominent heroes of their respective franchises and have similar hair colors, eye colors, and general builds. Every Zelda game features Link growing from an ordinary boy to a Master Swordsman able to conquer evil, much like the Hero's Journey that Luke himself went through. Bonus points in that Twilight Princess Link (playable in Brawl and Wii U/3DS) started out as a farm boy, just like Luke.
  • Mario is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both are also very prominent heroes in their respective franchises, often receiving first billing (the prequels in Obi-Wan's case), and are Standardized Leaders depicted as senior to Link/Luke. And they also have similar hair and eye colors (in Obi-Wan's youth), as well as facial hair.
  • Ganondorf is Darth Vader. He's already something of a Darth Vader Clone in Twilight Princess (although Zant is also one in a different way), and his relationship with Link/Luke for this WMG makes it even more obvious.
  • Captain Falcon is Han Solo. They're both no-nonsense manly captains, beloved by their respective fanbases, carry guns of some sort, and pilot spacecraft named after falcons (Blue Falcon and Falcon Flyer/Millennium Falcon).
  • Zelda is Princess Leia, as a Brainy Brunette princess with a connection to Link/Luke. Complete with a more masculine alter-ego disguise used to avoid attention from villains (Sheik/Boushh).
  • Samus is Boba Fett. They're both armored space Bounty Hunters with their own personal spacecraft sharing their color scheme, and use guns, missiles, bombs and other gadgets.
  • Mewtwo is Emperor Palpatine. They're both physically frail antagonists who are nonetheless incredibly powerful, highly intelligent, master manipulators, and attack with some sort of magical energy.
(Feel free to add your own)

Marvel Comics equivalent to the above WMG
There's also the possibility that the characters are alternate universe equivalents to Marvel characters, especially given their colorful stable of more widely-recognized solo headliners.
  • Mario: Spider-Man (red-and-blue Everyman, Fun Personified, Jack-of-All-Stats and company mascots)
  • Donkey Kong: Beast (big, strong, furry humanoids)
  • Link: Captain America (blond, blue-eyed, purely heroic, uses a shield, another one of the company's flagship characters)
  • Samus: Iron Man (very similar Powered Armor. By proxy, Zero Suit Samus is Tony Stark.)
  • Yoshi: Reptil (Kid-Appeal Character dinosaurs)
  • Captain Falcon: Deadpool (wacky, Crazy Awesome Breakout Character with a red mask and tight suit)
  • Peach: Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen (blonde love interest for Mario/Spidey who occasionally shows similar powers)
  • Charizard: Lockheed or Sauron (both dragon-like characters)
  • Cloud: Batman (brooding, edgy, dressed in black and flagship character for his company, and rival to Link/Cap)
  • Ridley: Fin Fang Foom (giant evil dragon serving as an occasional enemy to Samus/Iron Man)
  • Wario: Venom (Evil Counterpart, Slasher Smile, occasional Nightmare Face, Anti-Hero tendencies)
Feel free to help fill out this list

Lucario is a Saiyan.
No, he is not a Pokemon. Even in the Pokemon universe, he secretly belongs to a race of Saiyans. Seriously, Just look at his final smash.
  • If so, he must be Sonic's minion, as he has never been able to become a Super Saiyan as Sonic does.
  • Lucario replaced Mewtwo by killing him in a seven-episode-long battle, after he discovered that Mewtwo was related to Frieza, the destroyer of the Saiyan homeworld.
  • If you guys are just kidding, sorry, but SERIOUSLY. He was just VOICE-acted by Vageta. And the aura....

Mewtwo is Frieza.
Both have a white/whitish and purple color scheme, both use telekinesis, both are uber powerful, they both have tails.... Coincidence? I think NOT!
  • And he was replaced by Lucario who is similar to — and voice acted by the same person as — Goku.
    • Alt theory... he could be another one of Frieza's race.

Tabuu isn't evil.
This is actually the basis for a Fanfiction I want to write at some point with alot of alternate dimension stuff, so watch out for brainfarts.

Tabuu is from an alternate universe, where instead of there being a creative and a destructive force, Tabuu is both at once. Since this is an alternate version of the Brawl universe, all the characters in this alternate world are similar but different. Maybe he's a Nintendo fan, or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Whatever the case, Crazy Hand makes the subspace dimension, which explains its destructive power, and uses it as a bridge between dimensions. Crazy heads into Tabuu's world and forces him into subspace, then closes the portal behind him, explaining why Crazy isn't in the Brawl storyline.

Then Tabuu appropriately goes mad and uses subspace to get revenge by destroying what he thinks is Crazy's universe; in a way, he chose the right place, but destroying it would only make Crazy happier. Anyway, Tabuu starts his evil plan to destroy Crazy's own personal world using the power of the subspace dimension, and meanwhile Crazy is tearing his universe into confetti. The reason why Tabuu doesn't destroy things, and instead creates the "great maze", is because he's trying to rebuild his own universe. Of course, the Heroes trophify/destroy him, and before Subspace closes, Crazy returns through it. Essentially dooming a entire universe forever with his power.

Crazy just destroyed a universe and got away with it. While Tabuu tried to BUILD one and got destroyed.

Bet you feel a bit guilty now.

  • Nnnope.
  • But since the characters obviously have some sort of communication (how else did Lucario and Meta Knight convince Snake to help them?), Tabuu should have been able to explain. They knew Crazy Hand was missing, so that part, at least, was believable. Furthermore, why didn't he just steal building materials from the various worlds?
    • For the second question: He kinda was. For the first: Since we're assuming the smashers communicate without talking, then we don't know if Tabuu was doing the same, and the Smashers just didn't care.
  • He didn't bother to try explaining himself, he made evil clones, was the man behind various villains, and there's the whole "mass slaughter of R.O.B.s via Subspace Bomb detonation" bit. Yeah, I still enjoyed beating him down.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are controlled by the next evolution of Wham Bam Rock.
First we had Wham Bam Rock in Kirby Super Star, with stone hands that did a lot of the things that Master Hand does, swatting, smashing, grabbing, etc. Then in Kirby Super Star Ultra, we get Wham Bam Jewel, who upgrades to using Master-Hand style finger gun moves and such. He will most likely continue to escalate his form until he reaches a godlike amount of power, perhaps with a wish from NOVA, and become Wham Bam Master.

Master and Crazy Hand are the Mirror Universe versions of Wham Bam Rock.
In a parallel to the above, we see Master and Crazy Hand in the Mirror World in Kirby: The Amazing Mirror. The Mirror World has opposite copies of several Kirby characters: Kirby himself, Meta Knight, and Whispy Woods (King Golem) to name a few. Wham Bam Rock is a deity-looking stone idol with unattatched hands made of stone. Master and Crazy hand are deities with perfectly humanlike hands. Both have very similar attack patterns, although Wham Bam tends to use falling stones more than lasers. Just close enough to be fitting, and yet worlds apart in implementation.

Tabuu is Doctor Manhattan.
Blue, bald, terrifyingly powerful. Doctor Manhattan states his intention to create humanity before leaving at the end of Watchmen. Tabuu creates the Primids. Possibly, the long, lonely trip through space has made him insane, possibly to the point of hallucinations and delirium, hence the destruction the Subspace Army causes and the aggression towards the player characters.
  • If only Rorschach had timed his dodges right...
  • Actually, he's a program written by Dr Manhattan, which is why he looks kinda like him, because TRON looked like his creator too.
  • If he was Manhattan, that does raise the question of what happened to his... y'know... I mean, Tabuu's naked as Manhattan always is, but he doesn't have the parts. Did he cut them off or something?

Nintendo and Microsoft are secretly allied.
They plan to take down Sony by hoarding all the good games, splitting them between each other. The fact that the Xbox is releasing Katamari Damacy and Metal Gear Solid games only serve to confirm this.

This really doesn't belong here, but the other place I have it is hard to find.

The SSB world is a Crapsack World.

Think about it. They are all kept as slaves, only released out of their trophy forms to fight in front of thousands as entertainment. The SSE is the chronicle of their escape, and SSE army is trying to reclaim them back.

SSE is a parable encouraging harmlessly weird hobbies.
Master Hand is still the avatar for a collector of Nintendo trophies, but he isn't a child anymore. He's a grown man, and pressure from the outside world, represented by Tabuu, has made him try to break with his "childish" past. He stops displaying his collection in his living room, starting with Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, Dr.Mario, and Young Link; eventually, he gets into a shouting contest with a close friend about his hobby, set off by the Ganondorf trophy. The friend says that such things are childish and that he should focus on more adult things. At this point he gives up and puts the whole collection in storage, and Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, Dr.Mario, and Young Link are broken or lost by the move.

Some time later, he finds the King Dedede, Ness, and Luigi trophies. Hit with waves of nostalgia, he decides to look into the online presence of trophy collectors and finds a surprisingly active and friendly community — people the same age as him, even. He's finally inspired to bring the collection out of storage by someone whose favourite trophy is Sonic. He gets into further arguments now and then, but Tabuu's wings have been clipped, and Master Hand shines even brighter for it. He then goes and buys Toon Link and Wolf.

In the Brawlverse, King Dedede is a pimp.
  • Evidence 1: 3 of his costumes are stereotypical "pimp colours" (Pink, Baby blue, and Purple) and his normal outfit is red, which means he flies the flags of a Blood. He also has the Playboy logo on the back of his Pimp coat.
  • Evidence 2: When he trophyfies Luigi, which is his way of making you a hoe, he gives him a pimp slap, to show him who's boss.
  • Evidence 3: He puts two buttons on Ness and Luigi but sacrifices his own to put in on a Princess, because they would generate the most profit.
  • Evidence 4: In the SSE, he lives in the Playboy Mansion.
  • Evidence 5: When Bowser wrecks Dedede's mansion, Dedede looks up and just lets a huge concrete block knock him out, obviously because he smoked one too many doobies and it messed up his reflexes.
  • Evidence 6: As soon as all the fighters are beaten by Tabuu, the badges activate, because that means he was not one to buy the services of his ladies.
  • Evidence 7: He pimp slaps Bowser in the face, which automatically makes Bowser shut up, evidence of a strong Pimp hand.
  • Evidence 8: He throws his hoes at you.
    • Okay, that made me crack up. Hoe-Throw attack...

The Crazy Hand is the kid's wanking Hand.
  • Which is why he is crazy.
    • That doesn't sound right to me — That's about the age you stop playing with toys. Unless this kid has some weird, weird interests.... Rule 34 and all that... But if that were true, the game wouldn't be about Nintendo Characters fighting.
      • Which is why he doesn't show up until Melee — at which point the kid has entered middle school and is having trouble putting away his toys/experiencing an awkward sexual awakening. By the time he's in high school, he's done with the toys and has settled for writing Nintendo crossover fanfiction (SSE), which in turn explains why Crazy Hand doesn't show up in SSE.
      • Somehow, the introduction of Zero Suit Samus in Brawl, along with Zelda's more realistic design, only reinforces that for me.
      • This goes along perfectly with the concept of Master Hand and Crazy Hand being the hands of Christian Weston Chandler.

Tabuu is a program created by Master Xehanort.
  • They look exactly alike; Tabuu has the neon glow. Also helps that Tron has been a world in Kingdom Hearts II. And that the two games happen to share a scenario writer. This, of course, has the supplementary WMG that Brawl is in fact a game on Ansem's computer network, because his apprentices loved to have late night Smash Bros. marathons.
    • This troper now imagines Xehanort, Lord of The Heartless, using Dark-Toon Link in a game against Sora, who's using Kirby... hilarious.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are Rayman.

They have no visible support. They're like white gloves. They're right and left. Yeah. They're Rayman.

  • It took a while, but it seems Rayman's trophy in Smash Bros. Wii U Jossed this theory.

The whole "the Smashers exist only to fight" in the backstory is simply an allegory for their status as video game characters.

Lucas came to our world and became famous.

OK, first, consider the character of Lucas himself. His name is Lucas, his symbol is a planet, his hairstyle is... well, let's say it's distinctive, and he fights with a mystical energy that surrounds us all. He comes from the world of Earthbound / Mother, which has very strong ties to alien mythology, so we know he was exposed to that kind of story from an early age.

Next, Lucas gets thrust into the Smashverse. There, he's a young kid who is not very courageous, but in the Subspace Emissary he learns to man up and do the right thing for the common good after Ness cares for him, and he decides to go on an adventure to avenge him.

In the Smashverse, he also learns (and meets, of course) a group of people devoted to protecting a huge multiverse from a tyrannical ruler. These people (the other smash characters; Mario, Link, Samus, etc.) have extraordinary abilities, but they're up against a group with similar abilities that uses them for evil. Also, note that there are many more good guys than bad guys in the Smashverse.

OK, now fast-forward to After the End of the Subspace Emissary, when everything has been saved. Lucas, now an expert at leaping from universe to universe, comes to our world, where he grows into an adult. He still has fond memories of all his adventures as a child, but realizes that in this world nobody would accept them as truth. So he writes the whole thing over again, changing the setting and a couple of names, and so it comes to pass that Lucas, first name George, creates a pop culture phenomenon.

See, in Star Wars, Luke, who is obviously another name for Lucas, has blond hair and lives a simple life until Empire agents attack the Lars Homestead. This is exactly what happened to Lucas; he was a blond-haired kid who led a simple life until an agent of the Empire, in this case Wario, attacked and "killed" someone he cared for, thus sending Lucas on a quest to avenge him.

In Star Wars, the main villain is a tall guy in black who wears a long flowing cape, but then turns out to be controlled by a hunched and even more evil figure who was controlling everything from behind the scenes. Ganondorf obviously translated into Darth Vader, whereas Tabuu was the Emperor.

The "good guys" in the Smashverse translated into the Jedi Council, whereas the "bad guys" became the Sith. Notice that in the Star Wars universe, there are only ever two Sith, the master and the apprentice. This is exactly the same as in the Smashverse; Ganondorf serves Tabuu (or his puppet the Master Hand), but there are many subordinates doing their dirty work, such as Wario and Bowser. Bowser in particular is clearly General Grievous, because he transforms his victims into trophies and then uses their "evil trophies" for his own good. General Grievous steals and uses the lightsabers of fallen Jedi.

I rest my case.

  • Even though this is about the most far-fetched thing I have ever read, I congratulate the troper who created this for having such an imagination.
    • Why, thank you! I wrote a more extended joke essay where I plotted out both stories directly, noting the similarities, ("coincidence!? I think not!") and gave every Smash character a Star Wars expy that matches, but that's too long to put it up here.
  • First, I want to say that was awesome. Second, there is some kind of thing that you can put long things into on this site. Like it's a little button that says "long" and when you click it, it expands and your long essay or whatever is inside. I'm not sure how to make one though. If you look on the Super Mario Bros. page, I think you can see some and just edit to see how to make it.
  • Ganondorf is Darth Vader? Ganondorf? To say nothing of his brother?
  • That kind of thing happened in Lucas's own game, too! IT'S TRUE!

Tabuu was created from an unintentional crossover of the Nintendo verse and the Square Enix verse.

The Heartless were invading the TRON world when some sort of universal shift occurred, spawning several powerful Noise. These Heartless/Noise possessed/attacked a computer program, which was written into the Nintendo verse. Thus we have Tabuu, who looks like a Tron program, creates creatures that look suspiciously like Heartless, and has Noise-like wings.

The Home Run Bat is the Casey Bat from EarthBound.
It's a baseball bat with supreme power tempered by the fact that it's wildly inaccurate, missing at least 75% of the time due to the slowness of the smash (or SMAAAAASH) attack.

Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu are actually Dante, Trish, and Lady respectively.
  • Perhaps it was a VERY slow business night, no jobs needing doing and what have you. So they perhaps got some action figures out of Dante's secret drawer, figures which Dante and Vergil used to play with when they were kids. Call it killing time. And since this is DANTE we're talking about here, awesome can only ensue.

Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu are Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, and Kyo Kusanagi, respectively.
They're having a fight to see who becomes SNK's mascot.

The Void of Super Paper Mario and Subspace are one in the same.
They both exist between realities, have a purple-black color scheme, eat worlds, have a theme of overall emptiness, and a slight Cosmic Horror Story feel if you think about it for a while.

  • And also Luigi's negative zone.

Suda51 created the graphics for the subspace emissary
Suda51 of Killer7 and No More Heroes was the one who did the graphics for the subspace emissary, specifically the purple world eating blob things. Killer 7 had similar effects when an enemy was shot. Suda51's name is in the credits.

The Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu are all elements of the kid's personality.

Master Hand is the side of him that likes creation and is responsible for creating the smash universe, Crazy hand is the destructive side of his personality that makes him want to force his trophies to fight over and over, and Tabuu is the side of him that knows how weird his hobby is. The Subspace Emissary is a metaphor for when he decides to put up his trophies for good (represented by Tabuu defeating Master Hand), but eventually deciding to bring them all out of storage.

The stages of all three games were brought to Smash World by way of Subspace Bombs.
Sections of Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Planet Zebes, etc. (and Alaska) were pulled into Subspace by RO Bs with Subspace Bombs. You get ring outs when you touch the walls of the bubbles they're in. This is also why the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule look different in every game they've appeared in.

The Smashers are professional wrestlers.
Nintendo's characters came together and decided to get into wrestling, creating fictional characters and storylines for themselves; they aren't really enemies, just faces and heels.
  • This is why they all have grabs and holds.
  • Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Pichu, Roy, and Young Link retired their characters.
  • And why matches only end by ring outs? Because instead of staging mat wrestling or mixed martial arts, the Nintendo characters decided to be different and stage over the top sumo wrestling.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are YOUR HANDS!
  • My hands do not shoot out lasers and bullet bills, thank you very much!
    • Mine do, if I drink 2,000,000 truckloads of redbull.

Tabuu is Cyrus reincarnated..
  • He wants to reshape the world to his liking.
  • ROBs are completely expendable, and not part of his New World.
  • Mr. Game & Watches are just weapons.
  • Everything was created for Tabuu.

The Subspace Emissary is a Take That! to Modern Gaming.
It explains why the landscape is so bland, most of the music is over-the-top orchestrations, a lot of epic character moments, and tons of gun-play action. It also explains why Mario, Link, Samus, Snake, and Kirby had such enormous roles, since they were characters from The '80s, in which gaming wasn't about spectacular graphics or high-end commercializing, but simply about goofing around and having fun. However, it also mocks really old gaming, as ROB and Mr. Game & Watch are villains.
  • You call those backgrounds bland?
  • Kirby's first video game appearance was in 1992 — but then again, his first game was on the Game Boy, and gaming wasn't really about amazing graphics in the early '90s either...

Master Hand is actually Will Wright, and he's trapped in subspace.

Think about it. Japan created Pac-Man, Mario, Metal Gear, Mother, and Pokémon, all games spanning different genres and stories, whereas the only thing Americans created were games like Halo, Spyro, Space Invaders, and many other games in which all you basically did was kill things. However, Will Wright was one of the very few on the west that could impress the Japanese because the games he made were mostly built around creating things, like cities, families, and even cute little critters. Hence, since Wright likes to create universes, he was "reincarnated" in the game world as Master Hand. However, the Nintendo characters feared his presence because while he did manage to create, he could also destroy.

So by the time we're in the Subspace Emissary, Tabuu is actually the representation of what American gamers want; to create havoc upon various worlds. However, because Master Hand (Wright) was able to earn some appreciation and respect with the characters (the different parts of the world), and Tabuu just controlled Master Hand to convince whoever wanted to pay attention that creating subspace zones were "creating things". This, of course, would lead the other characters to notice that something was dreadfully wrong, and well, it explains why people like Mario a lot again...

  • One problem: Dr Wright's assist trophy.

Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu are Wild Dog, Arche Klein, and Shao Kahn respectively.
  • Smash Bros doesn't HAVE to make sense.
    • Furthermore, WMG's don't have to make sense.

Tabuu is secretly Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

SSE is the Doctor Who universe, in which the Doctor has turned evil.
OK, here we go, because we don't have a detailed example yet- Tabuu is the Doctor, turned evil for some reason yet to be explained, and Master Hand is the Master under his control, just as he initially intended. The Shadow Bugs are an alternate form of the Toclafane. The ROBs are an as-yet unknown hybrid of a Cyberman and a Dalek, making Ganondorf a physically superior Davros who does not need a wheelchair. Kirby is the Abzorbaloff. Ridley is a Reaper/Chronovore. Sonic is the meta-crisis doctor (all in blue, of course) who has dimension jumped to stop Tabuu. The Halberd is the Valiant. The actual world of SSE is Wales, the floating island is just Cardiff, and subspace is the rift. The Halberd is the Vanguard. Captain Falcon is actually Captain Jack, and Olimar is Ianto, and the other 'mercenaries' (Fox, Falco, Snake, Samus) are other members of Torchwood. Zelda is Gwen Cooper, and Link (Rhys) is accepting of her undercover persona Sheik. The Pokemon are all soldiers in UNIT, mooks that do their master's bidding. Peach is Sarah Jane Smith, and Mario is a humanoid form created for Mr. Smith. Yoshi is K9, and Luigi is actually the Trickster. That's all I can think of for now, but feel free to add more...
  • Alternatively, SSE is a Doctor Who/Stargate crossover: Tabuu is the Valeyard; The Doctor Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence after his final regeneration (Daniel Jackson); Samus is a regeneration of the Doctor's daughter (can't remember her name), who at an earlier point regenerated into Sam Carter; Snake is actually the result of a noodle incident involving Jack O'Neill, the Jack mini-me/clone made by Loki, and Todd; ROB is in fact Dalek Caan; King De De De is Merlin; Ganondorf is a much younger Davros; Pit, Mr. Game & Watch, and Sonic are Timelords who opposed James Bond; the other Smashers or Tok'ra of the Wheeping Angels/SG Team members/Companions; and all the mooks and elite mooks are (evil)Time Lords/Daleks/Cybermen/Gou'ald/Wraith/(evil)Asgard; The Island of the Ancients did in fact belong to the Ancients (why the hell do you think it was full of Subspace Bombs?!)

The Brawl-verse is Subcon.
Ever wondered why Subspace exists? The Subspace in SMB2 and the Subspace in Brawl are one and the same. The entire world in Brawl is the dream world twisted by Master Hand/Tabuu to put his plan into action. All the fighters are dream versions of themselves.

"The Kid" who is playing with his toys as Master/Crazy Hand is, in fact, The Kid.
He's playing with his toys in elaborate mock battles as part of his training to be The Guy.
  • Right, except for the fact that there not a single shred of evidence to support this anywhere in either game. Or maybe it's the fact that the first Super Smash Brothers game came out years before I Wanna Be The Guy was released, let alone conceived!
    • Yes, it's true that SSB came out before I Wanna Be The Guy... but again, The Kid was doing it in preparation. By the time IWBTG is released, it's already time for The Kid to go out and be The Guy. So what was he doing before it was time? That's right. Preparing.
  • The Kid is young Jak.
  • No, no, The Kid is Mr. Mew.

Super Smash Bros. is Smosh. Master Hand is Anthony Padilla, Crazy Hand is Ian Hecox, and Tabuu is the Teleporting Fat Guy.
Anthony could be Master Hand because in most videos, he seems smarter and more creative than Ian, and Master Hand is smarter and more creative than Crazy Hand. Also, it is not easy to pressure him into doing things (in "Going to the Mountains," it was said he is immune to peer pressure), but if someone forces him to do something (Tabuu forcing Master Hand to do his bidding), he will do it. This would also explain why Master Hand would rule over a land where figurines come to life, as Anthony's favorite movie is Toy Story.

Ian is Crazy Hand because in most videos (especially Food Battle 2008), he seems very angry and destructive, but not very smart.

When the Teleporting Fat Guy teleports with his Nintendo Power Glove, there is a flash of light that is almost the same color as Tabuu. Perhaps his Power Glove malfunctioned and trapped him in Subspace in a form made of hard blue light. Over the years, he could have grown angry at Nintendo for creating the Power Glove that trapped him there, so he decided he would trap all of Nintendo's characters and their world in Subspace.

  • Jossed. Super Smash Bros. has genuinely funny moments.

Sonic was sent by Crazy Hand, who had no knowledge of King Dedede's Gambit Roulette.
As many have noticed (This Troper included), Crazy Hand was suspiciously absent for the entire run of SSE. There were no hints of his presence, even though his brother/alter-ego/crazier opposing force of nature/other half/whatever spent the entire game forced under Tabuu's servitude via Chains of Light. Then came the (somewhat) unexpected Just in Time Big Damn Hedgehog moment from Sonic...

Crazy Hand is definitely one unhinged character. His Evil Laugh instead comes off as Laughing Mad and his fingers twitch ad infinitum, unlike the more composed stance of Master Hand. Although many of his moves ramp up the crazy factor (to the point that he "spider walks" and has hand spasms that create seismic waves), Crazy Hand is more of a threat than Master Hand.

When Master Hand was captured by Tabuu, Crazy Hand went into hiding. Sensing that all of the heroes were trophified by Tabuu's Off Waves (and not knowing of the Dedede Brooches), Crazy Hand searched for any other possible heroes that could help turn the tides. The call was answered by Sonic, a free spirit who won't stand by when evil is afoot. Apparently, Wolf, Toon Link, and Jigglypuff couldn't be bothered, because the former two were out on an adventure and the latter was too busy practicing for a concert (that probably wouldn't even happen if Tabuu had his way). After pointing Sonic in the right direction (i.e. Subspace) and sending the Blue Blur on his way, Crazy Hand laid low again. After all, if Tabuu were to find him, he'd have control of both the forces of Order and Chaos. And well, that would suck. Luckily, Dedede's Gambit Roulette only served to bolster Crazy Hand's plan, as Sonic then teamed-up with the revived heroes and finally vanquished Tabuu, thus reuniting Crazy Hand with his brother.

Long story short, Obfuscating Insanity at its finest.

The "original" enemies in the Subspace Emissary are alternate universe versions of enemies from other games.
Glires and Roaders resemble Flamers and Wheelies from the Kirby series. Shellpods may look like giant beetles, but in every other way they could be related to Koopa Troopas. And if the Ticken — a robot chicken that falls to bits and releases a tiny bird when you destroy it — isn't a reference to the Sonic series, I don't know what is.
  • I didn't even know that the puppits weren't ripped straight out of Twilight Princess when I saw them. And the location where they appear is suspiciously similar to the Sacred Grove, complete with dimension doors to parallel the time door.

Pichu is the offspring of Pikachu.
(Original title was "Pichu is the offspring of Pikachu and Jigglypuff")

Or maybe I'm just a sucker for romance in a fighting game. Go figure.

  • Actually, that does make a lot of sense.
  • ...but by Pokemon rules, it means the original Pikachu would have to have been female, and Jigglypuff male.
  • Pikachu/Ditto anyone? I'm writing a fic to "celebrate" HGSS and Generation V. Consider this: Pikachu is top tier in SSB64, as well as second tier in Pokemon battles, but only when holding the Light Ball... which is needed to get a Pichu Volt Tackle. By breeding with a Ditto (or another Pikachu or Raichu) Pikachu could be Pichu's father.
    • As a follow up to the above, Pikachu is based on Ash's Pikachu from the anime, which wasn't confirmed male until after Melee came out, but before Brawl. Therefore, Pikachu in SSB64/SSBM could have been female.
    • Considering Pikachu's Final Smash is Volt Tackle, which only Pichu can get (through breeding), this makes a bit of sense.
      • Except the Pichu in Melee is from second-gen. Volt Tackle didn't exist then.

The Subspace Emissary storyline originally had Master Hand weakening Tabuu so the other fighters could beat him.

The real reason Sonic is absent for so much of Subspace Emissary is because he was a very late addition to the game, stuck in when most of the story had already been completed and introducing him earlier would have necessitated throwing out a huge chunk of what was already present. However, based on events leading up to the final battle, it's pretty clear that someone or something needs to weaken Tabuu in some way to make it defeatable.

Master Hand features prominently in the storyline, even though you never get to fight it. Its corpse is clearly visible when the characters enter Tabuu's inner sanctum, so it seems like the writers originally intended it to play some role in the final battle. Furthermore, Master Hand is the only non-Tabuu antagonist whose name appears on-screen in a cutscene that doesn't team up with the heroes in the final battle. Rather suspicious.

There's also the fact that, well, even after being defeated by Tabuu, we can still see Master Hand's corpse. In all three games, when a player character defeats Master Hand, it sort of crumples up, withers, and fades away. This suggests that the corpse we see is still alive, but unconscious, perhaps because Tabuu still had some use for it.

Thus, it seems likely that the original script called for Master Hand to turn out to be Not Quite Dead, and use its lasers to cut Tabuu's wings, likely being incapacitated again by Tabuu at this point. When Sonic was added, the least disruptive way to stick him into the story was to cut Master Hand's final scene and let Sonic do it instead.

  • This explains why Sonic can suddenly become a laser beam. They probably just let players assume that it was just Sonic at high speed; in reality, it could have been an attack from Master Hand, with Sonic noises edited in.
  • Maser Hand's laser beams are continuous. If that was originally meant to be Sonic, it should have been a flash of blue, not on screen as long. Alternatively Geno; music of the maze where Geno is found was dummied off the disk and Geno also shoots blue lasers. It could have been both, even (two lasers were shot), but Square did not allow it, which led to Sonic getting shoehorned in.

The Pikachu in the original game died of old age prior to Brawl.

This is an extension of the earlier theory about the Pichu in Melee evolving. Basically, the Pikachu was in his prime during the original SSB, but, being a rodent, ages fairly quickly, and was on his last legs in Melee, explaining the significant nerf. Sometime between Melee and Brawl, he finally passed away, and the producers decided to evolve the Pichu from Melee and hope nobody noticed. Unfortunately, that required a Trainer to bond with, per how Pichu evolves in the Pokémon games, and after evolving, the now-Pikachu didn't want to leave the nice Trainer. As a compromise, they made him a character in Brawl.

  • That or the nice Trainer is Samus, which dovetails nicely into the storyline.
  • Pikachu have lived for 50+ years in canon. That makes this theory rather unlikely.
    • In the anime, not the games. Smash Bros is mainly game based

Most of the stages in the series are Dissidia versions of the characters' worlds.
Ever wondered why Luigi's Mansion is located on a floating island in the sky, unlike the actual game? The same goes with stages such as the original's Peach's Castle stage.
  • Because they are table top the toys/trophies fight on modeled to look like a game world?

The world of Super Smash Bros. is only a small subset of the M.U.G.E.N universe.
I think the title speaks for itself...

Master Hand will return and seek revenge.
In the next game's story mode, Crazy Hand will somehow get into Subspace and rescue Master Hand, who wasn't really dead, just unconscious and stranded. Master Hand will be angry that the characters who fought Tabuu did not find time to save Master Hand from Subspace, and he will create armies to get his revenge.

Porky and his statue in this game are robots or Shadow bug clones.
This would explain him actually being here, as he trapped himself in the Absolutely Safe Capsule for the rest of time.Tabuu likely found out about him somehow, and not being able to bring the real thing to fight for him, had a substitute made. This could also explain why he doesn't look like the MOTHER 3 Porky; the details weren't gotten quite right.

The Smash Brothers series is canon with all the series that cross over into it, and it is set in the Nintendo Universe's equivalent of Doctor Who's Death Zone.
Master Hand occasionally plucks several heroes out of time and space and places them into the Nintendo Death Zone in order to enjoy watching them fight, and then decides to fight them himself. As he is fond of the heroes and recognises them as such, he will always allow them to "defeat" him in battle and is never truly defeated. Tabuu and The Subspace Army then decided to invade the Nintendo Death Zone. Tabuu acquired the chains of light, which were powerful enough to contain Master Hand, and he wished to have control over it. The 'plucked from time' aspect also explains a few things. Firstly, Young Link and regular Link in Melee were both taken from the two time zones in Ocarina of Time. Toon Link and regular Link from Brawl were taken from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (as somehow, he can reach into numerous timelines). Mario is taken out of the events of Super Mario Sunshine in Brawl, which is how he can have FLUDD on his back (even though FLUDD died). Wario's two alternate outfits are two versions of him from different times; Wario in his regular outfit is from his early appearances and in his WarioWare outfit from the events of one of those games. Dr. Mario was taken from the time of the game of the same name and this is why he and Mario can appear at the same time. The reason that at the start of the game Mario is seen as a trophy and is then thrown into the arena before coming to life is as follows: In Doctor Who, with the arrival of a new Doctor in the Death Zone, the villian of the story recieved a small model of this Doctor which he placed onto a map where he wanted them to be. In the Nintendo Universe, it doesn't quite work the same, and when they are brought into the Death Zone, they initially appear as a giant trophy. Master Hand assures that the deaths of 'heroes' are not permanent by turning somebody into the easily revivabl, trophy form the second they would die; he does this because if they were to die in the Death Zone, it would be too damaging to the timeline. This also explains Sonic's appearance at the end of Brawl's storyline; Master Hand was free from his chains at this point and so decided that he would pluck another hero out of time in order for them to defeat Tabuu. Finally, just like Doctor Who, when they are returned to their original place in time and Space, their memory of the events is erased, which is why they are never referred to outside of the Smash Brothers series!

Tabuu is a Friend; Subspace is the Other Side.
He's second in command to Chernabog. Just like the other Friends, he brings evil into the world by remotely manipulating other villains.

Captain Falcon is a Blaziken in disguise.
Think about it! All Pokemon in Smash Bros. have 4 true Pokemon moves between their Special moves and their Final Smashes. What are Captain Falcon's special moves? Neutral Special is a powerful punch that requires time to charge, and if the opponent attacks while it charges, it fails. Sounds like Focus Punch, doesn't it? His Side Special, when it connects, is a flaming punch, but not nearly as powerful as Focus Punch. Clearly this is Fire Punch. As for his Up Special, it seems like a Seismic Toss with a bit of flaming mixed in. And the clincher? His Down Special is a flaming kick. Obviously Blaze Kick! What Pokemon learns all these attacks and is famous for Blaze Kick? Blaziken.
  • What about Infernape? It can learn all those moves too.
    • It's Captain FALCON. Blaziken is bird-like.

Tabuu is actually a criminal who broke into Master Hand's house.
He ran in with a gun and held Master Hand hostage, forcing him to preform acts to benefit his needs. The person symbolizing Crazy Hand then proceeds to roundhouse him in the face and start fighting him until he falls down. Combine this with my above 'Nicholas and Tara' mini-theory for a better effect.

Sonic had never left subspace before the game.
For the sake of argument, this assumes that MH creates the trophies, imbuing them with the powers and memories of the original characters, then puts them in the World of Trophies to live their lives. He had just finished making Sonic when Tabuu grabbed him for his evil plan. Sonic wakes up in Subspace, not knowing where he is or how he got there, and wanders around for a bit until stumbling upon Tabuu and the others having a final battle.

The reason Luigi's Final Smash looks so weird is that, thankfully, You Cannot Grasp the True Form.
It's Luigi in a dress which, if rendered in full 3D with the Wii's capabilties, would shatter the minds of every Smash player who witnessed it.

Whoever programmed the minigame at the end of Brawl's Classic and All-Star modes really hates the in-game franchises.
You're shooting at the in-game characters. Enough said.
  •'re shooting at the trophies and their pictures. Not the actual characters.

SSE is canon to the Pokéverse, taking place within Red/Green/Blue.
Just think of it. Red starts with Squirtle and later catches an Ivysaur and Charizard. He could have easily caught Pikachu after SSE, and he uses all four of them in the battle with him in G/S/C/HG/SS.
  • Official artwork and in game data implies his starter was a Bulbasaur in Gen 1 and a Charmander as of Gen 2, though.

Alternatively, SSE takes place within a Generation III/IV counterpart of Pokémon Yellow.
Red's starter was Melee Pikachu, who he raised the happiness of by spamming vitamins on her (remember, potions don't work at full health in Gen II and later.) Since Pikachu's happiness was so high, the girl in Cerulean City gave Red a Bulbasaur, but it ran away and evolved into Ivysaur, and was later captured during SSE. Squirtle was caught via the Mew glitch as Pikachu's Special Attack stat (the equivalent of the Gen I Special stat) was 177 as Pikachu was at level 89. Red then leveled Pikachu up three more times and Mew glitched again to reach ghost Missingno which increased his supply of Rare Candies to 128. He then bred Pikachu (who was holding a Light Ball) with a Ditto and hatched Melee Pichu, who eventually evolved into Brawl Pikachu after being fed a bunch of glitched Rare Candies.

Team Rocket later stole a Snag Machine and captured both Pikachu.

Red appears in the intro to the first game
The guy that walks by while Pikachu is rolling on a Pokeball. His shoes don't seem to match though..
  • Maybe he doesn't have the running shoes yet. It was still Generation 1 after all in that time.
    • It's clearly Ash.

The World of Trophies is a reward for characters who have proved themselves popular enough.

When the heroes in the various worlds prove themselves popular enough, Master Hand, the embodiment of creativity, thus something that inspires the imagination enough would appeal to him, brings them to his world as reward. Justification: In the World of Trophies, most characters are pretty much immortal, they just get turned into trophies that can be revived in an instant by another character. The heroes can do as much good as they want and fight each other to prove themselves to one another, or just for fun, and they can go all out on the villains without a second thought because they can't kill them. Meanwhile, the villains can actually WIN and not pay for it, the heroes just get revived so they won't get bored from missing their rival, the world doesn't end ether, so that's nice. The non-Smasher bosses (other than the ones Tabuu made himself) are simply there to keep the Smashers entertained, and are brought back if killed. Master Hand is stated to wait for them to fight him, which is to test their power.

Tabuu is an out of control creation of Master Hand.

See above point. Master Hand creates challenges to keep the Smashers and himself entertained. He got bored with the existing villains so in the first game, he revived Bowser as Giga Bowser for something new. Then, when Giga Bowser got boring, he gave the power to normal Bowser and started on something new. He made Tabuu but made him too powerful, so Tabuu turned on him and decided to conquer Master Hand's domain for himself.

The reason why Snake says he doesn't like Sonic in his codec message...

Before Sonic was confirmed, Snake was the only non-Nintendo character in Brawl, thus recieving glory and attention. When Sonic was confirmed, Snake was no longer the only non-Nintendo character, meaning Sonic took some (or more) of the limelight.

  • It's actually a voice-actor in-joke. In Japanese, Snake is voiced by Ōtsuka Akio, who is the son of Ōtsuka Chikao, who provides the voice for Sonic's arch-nemesis, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.

After the events of Melee, Young link, and therefore the Adult Link from the Ocarina of Time timeline were murdered by Ben. Being replaced by the Links from the Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker timelines.

If you take in mind that each game's Link is a different person and that the Smash Bros universe is a Crisis Crossover then it makes sense that Link encounters his younger self and Links from alternate realities created by the Ocarina of Time. But then, why aren't the Ocarina of Time versions of Link no longer present in Brawl? Well, Young Link set out in his quest to find his friend and ends up in Termina, which itself is an alternate universe to Hyrule which has counterparts of evry person of Link's universe. Ben is this universe's Link, manifesting itself as a statue when Link plays the Elegy of Emptiness, which reveals the true nature of his soul. There seems to be an alignment revearsal too, with the Dekus being, while not outwardly friendly, civvilized and lawful and the Happy Mask Man being rather creepy compared to his Hyrule counterpart and often speculated to be evil. So Termina's Link, Ben, is the complete opposite, instead of a warrior of light who brings salvation, Ben is a horrifying dimensional warper destined to ultimately destroy Termina.

Being bound to Link's soul the moment he entered Termina, Ben forces Link's unconcious to produce a temporal anomaly (known to us as the Fourth Day glitch) that would free himself from Link's soul and allow him to get Majora out of the way. After torturing Link, Ben removes Young Link from existance, which in effecr also destroy's Adult Link and his universe , for Young Link no longer exists to open the gates of The Temple Of Time and pull out the Master Sword. Master Hand got notice of the death of both Links and the possibility of Ben spreading across the Multiverse if he ever linked Termina to the Smash Bros Universe again, so he cut off Termina from Brawl and replaced the old Link with two Links from different timelines to prevent a time paradox from destroying another Universe. Master Hand also replaced the Zelda from the Destroyed universe but since Ganon had nobody to stop him in Young Link's universe (Which ended up in the Great Flood which gave birth to the Wind Waker timeline) and The Ganon from the future being sealed by the sages into another dimension, saving him from the Destruction of his Universe (to be later released back in Twilight Pribcess)), The Ganon we see in Brawl, is the same Ganon we see in Melee. That's right folks Ganondorf exploited Ben's actions to his advantage.

Smash Balls are the exploded remains of Tabuu.
Tabuu is light blue and glowy, with some other colors thrown in when he uses a technique, like gold-ish. Smash balls are light blue and glowy, and the character who catches it's eyes turn gold-ish until it uses its Final Smash. Therefore, they must be related. LOGIC.
  • But if that was so, wouldn't the smash balls have the subspace symbol instead of the smash symbol?
  • Not if he's dead. What is the smash symbol anyway? The symbol of the non-subspace world? Maybe they were imprinted with it when he went blooey and bits of him fled through the recreated parts of the world.

Capcom will make their own Smash game.
Think about it. Capcom probably has the most recognized characters besides Nintendo. I Capcom were to make a Smash game featuring characters from the various Mega Man (Classic) series, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Dead Rising, Resident Evil, and all their other series, it would be pure awesome. And it could lead to a Nintendo vs. Capcom.

Eventually, Smash will take it to the next step and crossover with a crossover, Super Robot Wars to be exact.
Then we get to play a fighting/strategy game where nintendo characters pilot giant mechs to fight each other. Just how awesome would that be?
  • Metal Gear vs Gaogaigar? I would've bought that game.

Super Smash Bros. takes place in a weird version of the Team Fortress 2 universe.
In it, we have two long-standing video game rivals, Mario and Sonic, who are red and blue respectively. Much like the rival brothers Redmond and Blutarch. Red and Blue are also team colors, and various characters fill the roles of their TF 2 equivalents.
  • Mario = Redmond Mann
  • Sonic = Blutarch Mann
  • Captain Falcon = Saxton Hale
  • Tabuu = Zepheniah Mann
  • Master Hand/Crazy Hand = Announcer
  • Snake = Soldier
  • Charizard = Pyro
  • Ness = Scout
  • R.O.B. = Engineer
  • Ike = Heavy
  • Wolf = Demoman
  • Link = Sniper
  • Lucario = Medic
  • Meta Knight = Spy

The deleted characters from Melee had their trophies smashed.
  • Except Roy is the only one who doesn't have an in-game trophy. And with the exception of Young Link (who is pretty much reincarnated in Toon Link anyway) and Pichu, they were all clearly intended to return but were scrapped due to time issues, according to unused game files.
    • What do you mean, had their trophies smashed? As in they basically committed "suicide?" (Well, as well as a trophy can?) Please, if you mention Roy, neer suggest that again. I hope I'm wrong and misunderstanding you.

Master Hand is the embodiement of a child's imagination, Tabuu embodies an external force that wants to destroy it.
Tabuu can be seen as a parent, a teacher, older sibling, etc. who seeks to stop the child's activities because he/she finds them immature and pointless. Tabuu controling Master Hand is the attempt at forcing him to destroy his work. The characters in the game are the embodiement of the child's fantasies, which give him the strength to fight back and keep following his dreams.

Unfortunatley, there won't be another Super Smash Brothers game.
  • Some of the marketing campaign poster's and merchandise had the words "the brawl to end them all". I do hope this doesn't happen, though.
    • Jossed, as of E3 2011. The head honcho himself announced that there would be another Smash Bros. game for both the 3DS and the Wii (or was it the Wii U?).

The player characters are all Robos.
  • Like Robos, the charactes are mere inchs tall and controlled by unseen forces.

The next Smash bros. game will be called "Super Smash Brothers Free-for-All".
Considering the past names were "melee" and "brawl" and there aren't many more synonyms left.
  • Rumble? Skirmish? Smackdown? Fray? Bout? Clash? Fracas? Quarrel? Ruckus? Scuffle? Tussle? ..."Disagreement"?
    • How about Smash Bros. Riot? When I first got Brawl I liked the idea.
  • Super Smash Brothers Swoonnote 
  • Super Smash Bros. Frenzy, maybe?
  • I'm hoping for something like "Dairantou Smash Bros GX" for the Japanese name. "DX" and "X" are already used, and they used "GX" for FZERO once, so why not for the next Smash too? Heck, they can even bring it to Smash 4 for US! "Super Smash Bros GX"!
  • Alternately, they'll take a cue from Left 4 Dead and name the game "Super Smash Bros. Free 4 All" instead of using the word "for." The story mode may also involve the characters, good and bad, organizing a revolution against an oppressive villain, created especially for the game.
  • I think Smash Bros. Extreme would be cool.
  • How about Super Smash Bros. Rampage?
  • Jossed; it is simply called "Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U".

Pokémon Trainer will have a deeper voice in the next game, and Link will be based off the newest incarnation.
The trophies are updated every game. Pokémon Trainer is based off Red in his Kanto journey, where he was eleven. He's fourteen in HGSS, which was released after Brawl. That's a sizable time span for him to have at least entered puberty.

If Snake is in Super Smash Bros 4, he will mistake Alex for Samus, then offer the idea/be suggested to that Samus is her descendant.
Then the conversation will get into Metal Gear Solid 2 style insanity to mirror insanity effects (Bonus points for Psycho Mantis/The Sorrow appearing).
Campbell/Paul: I thought I told you to turn the game console off!
Snake: This isn't... really... happening!
  • The character of Colonel Campbell has been retired. Jossed.

Smash 4 will be a crossover with a crossover.
The question is...which one?

Smash 4 drop all third party characters.
Because Sakurai was weary on adding them, did not want to go farther than Snake and said three tops. Smash will be back to just Nintendo but another possible game may become a crossover.
  • This would be for Nintendo's benefit since Brawl gave free advertisements to Nintendo's competitions as well as some low quality third party titles. With them out of the way their can be more future previews to stuff Nintendo will make profit on, such as when Melee had Production Foreshadowing for Cubivore, Animal Crossing and the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem.
    • Jossed. Mega Man is was revealed to be playable. Further Jossed with Sonic's return potentially meaning Snake could return as well.

The Pokemon Trainer wasn't catching Ivysaur and Charizard for the first time.
They were already his Pokemon to begin with. They had been stolen and released (or escaped) from PT, and he needs to get them back. Why he has pictures of Ivysaur and Charizard is to show other people what they look like. Like "I'm searching for my lost Ivysaur and Charizard! They look like this! -shows picture-" It's why he's in the middle of nowhere by himself when Lucas runs into him, he's still searching for his Pokemon.
  • To elaborate further, PT started with Charmander, it's why Charizard is the only fully-evolved Pokemon. He then traded with friends/whoever to get a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle. He went and trained Bulbasaur to an Ivysaur, and then the SSE trouble started and Ivysaur and Charizard were stolen away before Ivysaur could evolve further.
    • And it's why all he has is a measly Squirtle to start with. And then he teamed up with Lucas, and then getting his own Pokemon back would be piece of cake!
  • So why do Charizard and Ivysaur fight PT? Obviously they are effected by the negative energy of Subspace and are acting irrationally (or if they escaped don't want to be with PT and are trying to chase him away). That, or Subspace made them like Shadow Pokemon where they need to be "stolen/recaptured" again to begin trusting their trainer again.
    • ...this IS Wild Mass Guessing, and I get bugged by how people are saying PT is trying to catch Ivysaur and Charizard. But yeah, it's what I think. -shrugs-
  • If my dreams come true, several of my video game characters will be in the next Super Smash Bros. Game. I've already been thinking of a good plot for the next SSB game's adventure mode.
  • That could explain why he only has 3 Pokemon instead of a full team. The other 3 were lost and never found.

SSB4's roster will be the biggest yet
  • This is actually the combination of three separate ideas I had:
    1. The Brawl roster will be reused for the next game.note 
    2. The Melee exclusive fighters will return.note 
    3. Highly demanded fighters will be used.note  This is partily confirmed due to Mega Man being confirmed.
    • And now we have four: There is talk from the creators about the possibility of downloadable content.
  • Confirmed, though not in the same way.

The game is a Post Modern metaphor.
In the beginning of the first game, we see a hand, the Master Hand making the action figures fighting against each other and the final boss is the same Master Hand. Master Hand is the hand of the owner of the figures and the figures must defeat him.

Banjo, Jonna Dark, Conker, and Vela & Juno were meant to be characters in Melee.
But, due to Rare being bought out by Microsoft this idea was rejected. Evidence, is with the motion sensor bomb in Melee.
  • The motion sensor bomb was in the original to but they were not. Lupus would be the only character from that last game getting in anyway.

Otacon's piloting the helicopter for Snake's Final Smash.
He's the only helicopter pilot on Snake's Codec roster. The whole Final Smash seems to be a shout-out to Metal Gear Solid 2, so why not have his partner in the driver's seat? This does make his conspicuous absence from the trophy ranks even more conspicuous, but that's a rant for another time.

In SSB4, characters will...
  • Be offered as Downloadable Content (Confirmed)
  • Have some exclusivity between Wii U and 3DS (Jossed)
  • And be transferable between the two consoles. (Jossed, if Amiibos don't count)
  • Stages and items (like Assist Trophies) are more likely. Sakurai of all people would know that making things as important as characters exclusive in some manner would seriously stagger the gameplay.
  • The credits minigame will be on the controller as opposed to the big screen.

Jiro from the new game The Rolling Western will be playable in SSB4.

Super Smash Bros. is, at its most basic level, an elaborate advertisement for Nintendo games. Any character's inclusion (in this case Jiro) will generate interest in that character's game(s). It's in Nintendo's best interest to advertise this new IP as much as possible.

The lost cutscene chronicling the Subspace Army stealing the Halberd was supposed to introduce Mr. Game & Watch.
This is why Mr. G&W doesn't have a subtitle appear at any point during the Subspace Emissary.
  • Then why do Meta Knight and Dedede have ones?

Super Smash Bros 4 will include character banter before and after matches.
Why? Why not! Ok, a lot of the characters are Heroic Mime, Pokémon Speak or such, but it would be cool.
  • It would be interesting to see how characters from different worlds interact, but I don't know if they would actually do it.

No Melee exclusive character actually left.
Hear me out, really. Think about it:
  • Little Link(Young Link) got an animation upgrade.
  • Mewtwo is powerful enough to have made an illution and we just think he's Lucario.
    • Or we were playing as a Ditto the whole time.
    • Project M has now hacked Mewtwo into Brawl, along with Roy, so neither of them are truly gone.
    • Also, he's back as DLC.
  • Pichu, of course, evolved.
  • Dr. Mario... is Mario. Duh.
  • And last but not least, Roy is Ike. Yah, yah, I'm crazy. But I've always had a theory tha Roy was Marth's 'adopted' brother at least, and Ike would be Marth's twin... despite the canon not allowing that. But still. Same general move-set, same hair minus colour.... maybe it's that Roy knew he'd be kicked out so he took a make-over and got a new name. Or maybe this is one troper's failure to except her favorite character has been tossed aside like a broken toy.
    • Project M has now hacked Roy into Brawl, along with Mewtwo, so neither of them are truly gone.
    • Also, he's back as DLC.
      • And now, Ultimate has all Melee veterans.

Pit will return with some of the new weapons introduced in Uprising.
  • Something to replace angel ring most likely. Possibly a new final smash and or a replacement to the beam sword.
    • Confirmed. His moves include the use of the Guardian Orbiters and the Upperdash Arm.

If Lucas returns, there will be a Shout-Out to the MOTHER 3 Fan Translation in the English version.

The Master Hand is the Ego, the Crazy Hand is the Id, and Tabuu is the Super-ego.

About half of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme music is actually about Sonic.

Imagine this: A world, loaded with Nintendo characters, minor and major (minor ones becoming somewhat major due to the popularity of the game itself), dueling among themselves in a bid to see who's the best. Suddenly, disaster strikes, and most of this world is thrust into a darker dimension. The Big Bad defeats everyone in one blow. Then they get revived for Round 2, thanks to the work done by an unlikely ally]], and he tries his ridiculous attack again. A blue blur shatters the Big Bad's tools, preventing the attack, and reveals himself to be Sonic the Hedgehog. A foreigner to the world of Nintendo, and effectively becoming a Big Damn Hero with these actions, naturally, he would fit with the lyrics of the theme. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Almost (from a loyal Sonic fan's point of view) brilliant!

In the next Smash Bros, characters will be able to fight in water.
Melee had water, but it was purely cosmetic and functioned exactly like air.Brawl had water, and it functioned like water, but all you could do was jump out, swim left and right a little or wait about 10 seconds and drown.4 will have water, and it will be awesome rather than uneccesary. Characters could do roughly the same things in the water that they could do on land, bar a couple of changes to the standard attacks.You may say this idea is stupid, but why else would they put such a useless mechanic in Brawl if they weren't planning on expanding- Oh darn, tripping.
  • Jossed; it would have been cool though.

Every game features a different Link.
Each game gives Link different costumes, slightly different weapons and attacks, and various other quirks.
  • Smash 64: This is the shakiest part of the theory, given his entrance and since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the only 3d game out when 64 was released, but if Pit, Marth, and Roy can do it, so can Link. However, his costumes feature blue, red, and white/lavender tunics, possibly representing the Blue and Red Mails, along with the Blue ring from the original. A Link to the Past gave Link much the same equipment (even the hookshot!) with a similar look, but NO BOW.
  • Melee: Adult Link is undeniably The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Link this time, and the boomerang is a carry-over from Smash 64. However, something stands out about Young Link that keeps him from being OoT's child Link: he has the bow, which he cannot use in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, in Majora's Mask he gets not just the bow, but the Fire Arrows!
  • Brawl: Following the split timeline introduced in Melee, the two Links come from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.
  • SSB4: The next game will probably feature the young Link from Spirit Tracks and the adult Link from Skyward Sword.

Given Rayquaza's status as the Sky High Pokemon and its territorial nature, it only makes sense that it would have tried attacking the Halberd, seeing it as a threat. The Halberd managed to overwhelm Rayquaza, forcing it into a lake to recover. That would explain why it was so far from home, and why it managed to be defeated by two characters that should be far less powerful than it.

Super Smash Bros. takes place in a universe very similar to the show ReBoot.
The characters live together in peace until the User turns the game on and forces them to fight to the death. The character chosen by the user is generally safer than the others though. This is why the characters controlled by the computer all like to gang up on the human player.

Snake has the infinite ammo bandanna in Brawl.
That would explain why he never runs out of grenades and such.

The Hands actually belong to NiGHTS.
The game is actually a dream that the Smashers are having, with NiGHTS controlling everything. He/she never actually means to harm the Smashers, only wishing to have fun, hence why they only turn into trophies when KO'd.
  • Think about it. The Hands are two disembodied hands with white gloves. NiGHTS wears similar gloves, and doesn't appear to have wrists, his/her hands instead floating inches from his/her sleeves.
  • To further support this theory, who shows up right at the very end to save everyone? None other than fellow Sega character, Sonic. NiGHTS must've reached out to him in a last-ditch effort to save everyone.

Red actually has six Pokemon with him.
He just doesn't use them in battle either because of regulations, or he simply chooses not to.

In a few years...
Super Smash Bros. will become an actual Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny (or whatever it is). Every cartoon character and video game character in exisistance will be playable and stages based off of everything. (See! Timmy Turner kicking Cloud Strife's bum in Silent Hill! See! Waluigi KOs Johnny Bravo and Johnny Test in Stormalong Harbor! See! Elmo and Winnie-the-Pooh take on Jack Sparrow and Geno! See! Gumball and Darwin face Master Hand!) That would be a fitting finale for SSB, as well as being totally awesome! (Remember, this is Wild Mass Guessing)

Tabuu is a ghost from Geist.
Look at them and know this theory only makes more sense if you know the two. The slight difference in Tabuu's appearance and his different powers can be explained by him being a natural ghost, not one created by technology and subspace is the same place the natural ghosts, demons and other monsters came from in Geist. The reason Tabuu could not directly influence the outside world is because no one was dumb enough to invoke him but he still managed to somehow catch Master Hand and indirectly draw the world into subspace anyway. This also means John Raimi might be in a new Smash Bros, because Geist is a Nintendo game.

There are Melee Pikachu belongs to Red now
That's why it never appears. This goes along with the "Brawl!Pikachu is Melee's Pichu" theory.

Real time damage will appear in the newest game.
The series has a habit of taking things left out of previous games and adding them into later installments.

More character-specific victory quotes
In Brawl Fox, Falco and Wolf all had victory quotes they would only say to the other two. It doesn't make sense to not give other characters quotes like these also, even if it's just giving Mario a "So long big-a Bowser!" Though I'd like to see Luigi really rub a victory in Mario's face.

Furthermore, there could be more stages and characters who can Smash Taunt.

If Super Smash Bros Memories has all classic characters, even Pac-Man and Dig Dug...
  • 9-volt of Warioware will somehow make a appearance. Let's check the major fact of this game. There are classic characters everywhere. 9-volt makes classic Nintendo microgames. It seems like a easy idea. He will either take 1 of the following roles.
    • He will be a fighter, obviously. If he is unlocked from the get-go or unlock-able is up to you.
    • He is either a boss or the final boss, and he has a move set of everything from classic Nintendo Accessories to the Wii-mote and nunchuck combo!
    • He is the head honcho of the game, and will be allured to in the ending to classic mode. When the credits roll, the screen shall zoom out to show 9-volt on the computer working on his latest project, a all star classic fighter game, made solely on classic video game characters. The screen will end with 9-volt booting up whatever game the character you had finish on was.

Sonic reached Subspace by getting sucked in by the black hole in [[Sonic Colors
It could have been that Sonic never really (almost) did outrun the black hole (and that the black hole operated by the same principle as the Subspace Bomb) but in fact he REALLY did got sucked in by it and ended in the Brawl dimension, and he got later rescued by the Wisps to return to Planet Wisp for the end of the game

The reason Mr. Game & Watch has no concept of morality is because of the "Egg" game.
In that game, you're a fox trying to eat the eggs from hens, which could be considered an evil action. Since Mr. Game & Watch is a composite of all the playable characters of Game & Watch games, that character was factored into him and cancelled out the good influences of the other characters, making him have no morality.

The entire Smash Bros. Series is a game played using miniature figures.
The models were all made with no licensing or anything by two bored teenagers obsessed with video games. They were very low in detail at the start, but were painted with god-like perfection. They were occasionally painted with different outfits for fun, thus resulting in the alternate costumes that we see in every installment. The two teenagers had done a lot of work on them, but sometimes would fail resulting in the Fighting Polygon Team, every single one left unpainted. Nowadays they have a lot more skill, but sometimes didn't paint others. The reason for this is because the main painter had ended up with a problem with his hand by painting too much, now being known as Crazy Hand. This is also why, Tabuu, their latest creation, also lacks any paint on him. They managed to get a new painter in time for the next installment.

Pit will have Smash Taunts.
Just like Fox, Falco, Wolf, and Snake could talk to their support team on their stages, Pit will have a secret taunt to talk to characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Mostly Palutena, but Viridi, Medusa, and Hades could also work well.
  • Confirmed!

Solid Snake is a permanent Super Smash Bros Character.
With the announcement of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, everyone assumed that Solid Snake, being one of the reasons you bought a PS1, would be there. Well, now the entire cast for the game is up:

Big Daddy (Bioshock)
Cole MacGrath (InFamous)
Evil Cole MacGrath (InFamous)
Colonel Radec (Killzone)
Dante (DMC: Devil May Cry)
Fat Princess (Fat Princess)
Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
Jak and Daxter (À la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust. Also, Jak and Daxter)
Kratos (God of War)
Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
PaRappa the Rapper (PaRappa the Rapper)
Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)
Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet and Clank)
Sackboy (Little Big Planet)
Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper)
Spike (Ape Escape)
Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
Toro Inoue (Sony Japan's mascot. Originally featured in Doko Demo Issyo)

Notice that Raiden for Metal Gear Rising is on there, but not Solid Snake. Why is this? Well, it's simple really. Solid Snake is a permanent member of Super Smash Bros. The creators of Metal Gear Solid probably doesn't want to put Snake in what they see as a Rip-off, and Nintendo probably went into negotiations with Konami so that Solid Snake can only be in their fighting game, not anyone elses. So while there is representation for Sony's game from Metal Gear, Solid Snake will always reside within Super Smash Bros. No ifs, ands or buts.

  • Word of God is that Snake wasn't added to Playstation All Stars because almost all the third party characters were included in that game to promote then-upcoming titles, so Raiden was used to represent Revengeance. More to the point, Kojima also didn't want to include both Raiden and Snake because he knew people would make them fight each other to see who's better, which is something Kojima has generally tried to avoid outside of parodies that poke fun at the idea.

Tabuu is the personification of the game's save file/memory.
And Sub-space is actually the programming which is used to save data. Tabuu was sick of dealing with the player constantly altering his realm, so he planned on turning everyone into trophies—that way, they'll stop playing the game and thus his realm can't be altered.

Tabuu is the Walpurgis Night of the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Trophyverse.
In the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe, it’s established that Kyuubey’s race the Incubators travel to all sorts of worlds to search for contractees to become Magical Girls to fight Eldritch Abominations called Witches. However, once these contractees descend into complete despair or use up all of their soul gem’s magic, they transform into Witches themselves, and then the Incubators collect the energy released from these transformations to counteract the heat death of the universe. What’s to say the Incubators hadn’t traveled to the Super Smash Brothers Brawl universe to find contractees to go through this unfortunate and deceitful process? In the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Trophyverse, Tabuu is an immensely powerful entity because he is an amalgamation of these fallen Magical Girls (and possibly Boys, since Word of God confirms Tabuu as a male entity) like the Witch Walpurgis Night of the Madoka Magica universe. Also like Walpurgis Night, Tabuu is so powerful that more often than not it takes several warriors to defeat him unless one particular warrior is exceptionally gifted or well trained in combat. Tabuu's status as the male Walpurgis Night of the SSBB Trophyverse also accounts for his diverse and deadly attacks in battle. Additionally, the large diversity of enemies present even outside of the Subspace happens to be Tabuu’s familiars, and the Subspace itself is Tabuu’s Warlock barrier.

But why is Master Hand, and by extension, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Wario, working for Tabuu? Tabuu warlock-kissed Master Hand, and then the brainwashed Master Hand controlled these three Nintendo villains to perform Tabuu’s dirty work. King Dedede turns out to be the Homura Akemi analogue of the SSBB universe, since he alone already knows about Tabuu’s dangerous whereabouts and powers long before any other character, and has also developed some techniques (the badges) to counteract the Warlock. Luckily for our video game heroes, no one has to contract with Kyuubey to become Puella/Puera magi in order to defeat Tabuu, since all the video game characters already come with their awesome, enemy-defeating abilities. If Homura Akemi can defeat Witches and familiars using mundane, non-magical weapons such as golf clubs and military-grade artillery, who’s to say Ness can’t use his baseball bat or Fox can’t use his laser gun to help defeat the Warlock Tabuu?

Jigglypuff is a boy
It's only been heavily implied to be a girl.

Pokemon Trainer won't be replaced, but he will be aged up
Probably to his HGSS role of age 14. He'll look older, have a deeper voice, be taller..
  • Unfortunately, jossed.

Red will be named next game
Going by the "they're toys being played by kids" logic, the children playing with only new Red from FR/LG so they didn't know his canon name. He's popped up twice since Brawl, named twice.
  • Unfortunately, jossed.

The 4th game will not be a Fake Crossover.
  • In other words, the fighters in Super Smash Brothers For Wii U / 3DS are the real characters from the canon games, legitimately invited to take part in Smash Brothers. There's a scene at the beginning of the Villager's introduction trailer in which he receives a letter stamped with the Smash Brothers emblem, and runs off excitedly by the next cut. This is proof enough that, at the very least, the fighters aren't just magical trophies that come to life when you touch the base.
    • Snake's introduction in Brawl had him being invited to join (via the Colonel), but the game itsaelf was still a Fake Crossover. It seems more likely that the Villager's intrpoduction was as much a part of the in-universe game as the kerfuffles themselves.

The 4th game will have Team-Final Smashes
In Brawl, the cool big thing (other than Snake and Sonic) was finishing moves finally. How do they go one step beyond? By giving each combo of characters some kind of team-up Final Smash. It could be a pair of smaller Smash Spheres connected by a chain, and whatever two characters get them team up to do their finisher. Besides, the game is already emphasizing a little cooperation by being on both 3DS and Wii U, so including this could lead to a title like Super Smash Bros Tag Team or something.
  • Unfortunately, jossed.

Tatanga will be the Big Bad of the 4th game.
  • Few years late, but jossed.

Smash Bros. 4 is why Nintendo didn't have an E3 conference.
Can you imagine how LOUD the roar would be when Mega Man's inclusion was announced? They'd have gone deaf, no wonder they stuck to Nintendo Direct.
  • But most people aren't allowed at E3 anymore, right?

The newest games will canonicalize the "It's an interdimensional tournament" theory
For years fans liked to write the game as Master Hand taking characters from their home universes and making them fight for varying reasons. In the original trailer Villager is in his town and gets a letter.

Villager will have an adult voice
The source games imply the hero is an adult but the series Artistic Age makes them look prepubescent. Alternatively he'll have a mid-teens voice, not quite too deep but not quite young.
  • Or he could just not talk. At all.
  • Jossed. As of the U.S. demo, he doesn't talk.

Luigi's reveal will be the best one.
At the time of this edit, it is currently 2013, which Nintendo has dubbed "The Year of Luigi". If they decide to reveal Luigi as part of the starting roster for the fourth game this year (assuming that the man in green himself is being included in the first place), he will get a reveal trailer that is so awesome, epic, and amazing that it makes Mega Man's reveal trailer look boring in comparison.

The Subspace Emmisary is actually a prequel to the Kirby series.
In the beginning, the series takes place in Dream Land, which is not as bright as it is in Kirby. Here, every Nintendo character come to this world for fights. But, there are two characters who are indigenous to this world, not hailing from another: Kirby, who is a baby and trains under his mentor Mario, and King Dedede, a penguin who tries to be an Evil Overlord, but isn't a very effective one. Meta Knight, a mysterious swordsman with ambitions of conquest, was sent by Tabuu to conquer the universe for him, but that failed when Meta decided to do it for himself and not his master. So Tabuu sets the game in motion to stop Meta before he can put his own plans into action. Dedede is initially led by Tabuu because he wishes to get rid of Meta Knight and be a better bad guy than him, but decides to be a better person to save the universe upon learning Tabuu's true plans.

When Tabuu Off-Waves everyone, canonically, no-one gets out other than Ness, Kirby, Dedede, Bowser and Luigi (and Sonic). Kirby is then the hope of the universe as he becomes "the new Mario", and leads his group through the Great Maze to defeat Tabuu and save the day. Afterwards, Ness lives out the rest of his life in his world, Sonic leaves in search of new adventures, Luigi and Bowser retire into seclusion (Bowser does this because with Peach gone, things aren't as fun) and Dedede becomes "the new Bowser" of Dream Land (only even less threatening) since Kirby's the new hero. However, as he dies, Tabuu uses the last of his Shadow Bugs to create a blue Kirby clone, who becomes the new Meta Knight. As a result of Subspace's end, Dream Land eventually becomes a brighter and jollier place.

The dark secret behind the chimney in the Onett stage.
Why are puffs of smoke periodically coming from the chimney? It's clearly summer, so there shouldn't be a fire burning, and if there was a fire, it would be one long pillar of smoke, not a series of irregular puffs. There is therefore only one possible explanation: meth lab. Yep, the Minch family is breaking very poorly.

Alternate Outfits
In Brawl, Wario had not only his WarioWare biker outfit, but also his classic overalls as an "alternate outfit" selectable through the same way one selects alternate colors. In Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, they could give characters alternate costumes that, while not altering gameplay, would change the characters' appearances and possibly even sound effects and voices. A few examples would be...

  1. Mario - Dr. Mario, Striker Mario
  2. Yoshi - Boshi
  3. Bowser - Dry Bowser, Bowletta
  4. Peach - Daisy, Nurse Toadstool, Rosalina
  5. Pikachu - Spiky-eared Pichu, Raichu, Pachirisu
  6. Samus - Metroid Prime (Dark Samus)
  7. Mega Man - X, Bass, Protoman
  8. Olimar - Louie, Alph
  9. Luigi - Mr. L
  10. Fox - StarFoxAssault Fox
  11. Link - CDI Link

The fourth game's Adventure Mode will rely more on dialogue than Brawl's.
Sakurai recently said he's dropping cutscenes from the new Adventure Mode. Note that in this edition of Iwata Asks, Sakurai talked about how important the story of a video game has become in recent years. This indicates that the new Adventure Mode will have to use new means of conveying the story. Since Brawl was on one end of the Sliding Scale of Visuals Versus Dialogue, why not take the fourth game to the opposite end?

Bowser's new appearance in the fourth installment means he'll be using more of the moves he's used in the spin-off Mario titles.
Particularly, moves from Bowser's Inside Story will probably be utilized, to take advantage of his new characteristics.

the combat system will be customizable in the new game
The reason that Mega Man had so many moves in the trailer was because the game will allow you to choose your four basic moves (At least) from a selection of unlockable tricks. For instance, Pikachu will be able to replace Skull Bash with a true Quick Attack and demonstrate other moves like Brick Break, Grass Knot and Iron Tail. Perhaps you can even change Final Smashes, with Pikachu changing Volt Tackle for Surf.

One of Villagers costumes be of the original costumes
He'll keep his shirt but he'll wear a matching hat.

Pokémon Trainer's Squirtle and Ivysaur will have fully evolved between games.
With their new mega forms, he can have three different final smashes!

Mr. Game & Watch will either receive a Distaff Counterpart or be revealed as a Mrs. at some point in the future.
Just look at the track record of the non-clone characters that were introduced in Melee. Peach is a woman. Zelda is a woman, and Sheik is no different. One of the Ice Climbers is female. Bowser got a female form only two years later. Marth's next FE appearance turned out to be a woman. Mewtwo's next movie appearance turned out to be a woman. Who's left?
  • Falco? Ganondorf?

All three games have an overarching storyline.
  • The first game was relatively simple; we only see the first stages of the story, but we do see some signs. Master Hand, behind the scenes, was experimenting with a miniature world.
    • The toys in this game are prototypes of the trophy fighters we see later, and they were brought to life by the Shadow Bugs, which we know are a primordial substance extracted from the Game & Watch race. (That's also why Mr. Game & Watch isn't in 64; he was too busy being experimented on.)
    • Later on, we see the Fighting Polygon Team; failed prototypes that were created before the toys, being of a very crude shape and keeping the color of the shadow bugs that made them. It's also possible that they became self-replicating, the shadow bugs reading off of each other and endlessly generating new polygons.
    • The Metal Mario we see in this game is a more advanced one; possibly a Polygon Mario that absorbed more of the shadow bugs and took a more solid, more powerful form.
    • Even the stages reek of deterioration; Battlefield appears to be off the side of a cliff, fading into purple. Coincidence? Then, the metal cave; that wouldn't happen naturally. The Metal Mario battle takes place in an environment that had absorbed the shadows and hardened as much as Metal Mario himself. Finally, Final Destination, which is floating right in the middle of Subspace; hell, we even see the clouds of shadow bugs drifting down in the middle of the battle!
  • In Melee, the experiments have succeeded. The trophy fighters have been finalized and put to the test. As the experimentation is finished, the Game & Watch race is allowed to join the others in the fray, and all of the ones used to create the trophies are fought at once at the end of All-Star mode.
    • At the same time, however, the polygons have evolved into a more humanoid organized form; the wireframes. Even Metal Mario has reproduced into the other 25 metal characters.
    • Battlefield has collapsed into Subspace like Final Destination. The stone relics that made up the original stage have crystallized and mutated into the metal, energy-filled form we're familiar with.
    • Along with the evolution of the Polygons and the Metals, the first Shadow Clones have begun to take form; the Bowser at the end of Adventure Mode, which is large and unstable, even mutating into the horrible Giga Bowser upon being broken.
  • Brawl sees the culmination of everything.
    • Final Destination is still lost, but Battlefield's destruction has settled; it appears to be a distant memory, the cliff having been blown away and the entire area grown over. The unchanged form in Wii U/3DS supports this; it's gone through all of the changes it had to face.
    • The wireframes have evolved further into the Alloys, gaining the metallic shells of their counterparts in the metals along with boosted abilities.
    • A further evolved wireframe is Tabuu, who had become giant and gained the powers of the shadows. This is what allowed him to take action and set the Subspace Emissary storyline into effect.

Battlefield and Final Destination are the same location
  • I've always thought this since I first played Melee, if one looks, the two stages are very similar. My theory is that the Battlefield platforms can merge into the floor, expanding it into Final Destination. I always imagined this transition between the two stages during Classic and Adventure mode.

An updated version of Dragon King will be a playable character
This could serve as a throwback tribute to what SSB once was, a.k.a. Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness. One of each for the Polygons, Wireframes, and alloys could also be playable characters in their own SSB roster.
  • Bless our hearts, we keep hoping...

The Super Leaf from the Mario series will be an item in some way in the fourth game

It's been in two platformers for the 3DS, the system's Kart game, the tail appeared in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and it has been 3D World. Nintendo seems to like giving this powerup comebacks lately. Maybe an equippable badge that slows falling speed, like the "Flying" version of Pokemon Stadium 2?

  • Confirmed.

Little Mac will replace Meta Knight as the highest tier.

  • Think about it, in the trailer if he performs enough punches to fill up his meter, he could KO anyone. Unless he doesn't manage to knock Bowser offscreen when the latter's at 0%, he could be overpowered.

The Boxing Ring stage is not the Punch-Out!! stage.

  • The one we saw at the beginning is the new Final Destination. The Punch-out!! stage was shown to have walk-off ledges. The Initial Boxing Ring appears to have traditional Ring-Out gaps.
    • It's possible it may have been the Final Destination variant of the Boxing Ring: the April 8 Nintendo Direct video did confirm each stage would have one.

Little Mac will have a secret taunt...
In which he consults Doc about the characters he's currently fighting. Doc will then outline the fighter's capabilities, background, and a bit of snarky commentary. Because, really, they had to have given him a speaking role for some reason besides to give a few stock lines. This is doubly likely if Snake doesn't get back in for whatever reason.

Zero Suit Samus's design in the fourth game is actually an Early-Bird Cameo for a new Metroid game.
  • While the Super Smash Bros. series has changed some characters' designs considerably in the past, it usually only happens to characters that haven't had a new game for a long time, like Pit. Zero Suit Samus, however, has had a consistent design in the Metroid series for quite a while now, yet her design in this game is very different, even if you ignore her new rocket heels. What's more, since the series runs on Rule of Fun, it seems unusual that Sakurai would add justifications for Samus's new abilities unless they tied into something else.

Ridley will be both a playable character and a boss.
  • In true Sakurai fashion, he'll reveal that the game has two Ridleys. One will be Ridley as he appeared in Metroid: Other M, serving as the boss on the Pyrosphere. The other will be a playable character, being Ridley as he appeared in a different game like Meta Ridley from Metroid Prime. This is justified because the Ridley from Other M is actually a clone of the original Ridley, so it's perfectly possible to have two different Ridleys.
    • Alternatively, Other M!Ridley will be both playable and a boss, but when Ridley is on the Pyrosphere as a playable character, we get in his place...Robot Ridley. It would be similar as to how Toon Link can be both a stage element and a playable character regarding the Spirit Tracks stage, with Alfonzo replacing him whenever he's on stage.

Bowser's Final Smash in U/3DS will be Dreamy Bowser
  • Even after being beaten in that game, when he gets a Final Smash, it activates the residual power of the Dream Stone shards still inside him.
    • Jossed. It's Giga Bowser.
  • Alternately, Bowser's buffs in 3DS/U are caused by the residual energy of the Dream Stone; although Bowser lost his reality-warping powers after Mario and Luigi defeated him, he still retained some of the power and speed the Dream Stone granted him.
  • Alternately, Bowser's buffs are a result from all the Level Grinding he did in Bowser's Inside Story (with some help from the Bros., too, though he'll never admit it).

Half of Wii Fit Trainer's palette swaps will be the male trainer.
  • Wario in Brawl had twelve palette swaps, six for WarioWare clothing, six for Wario's World clothing. When Greninja was revealed, one of it's images had the MALE Wii Fit Trainer in it. It's not unreasonable.

There will be several options.
  • Wii U: Off-TV Play, because hey, why not?
  • 3DS: The option to have either the camera focus on all 4 fighters, or just the 3DS owner.

Snake will return at E3
Considering that Snake's reveal was a big E3 moment back in 2006, why wouldn't Nintendo capitalize on it again to bring Snake back?
  • Jossed.
  • ...and then confirmed on E3 2018. Snake will come back in Ultimate.

The fourth game will not include any elements from Pokémon Origins
Greninja having Pokémon Speak pretty much confirms this. This also increases the chances of Mewtwo being Femtwo, if it returns at all. The only possibilities for Origins elements would be voice actors for the human characters (Red, Oak, Brock, etc.), who are unlikely to make full appearances, let alone voiced ones (with Pokémon Trainer already deconfirmed).
  • (OP) Actually, a possibility is that Charizard and Mewtwo have their Origins portrayals while all other Pokémon portrayals based on the main anime. It wouldn't hurt for the developers to add a third version of canon to the mix.

The trophies are portals to the SSB Universe
Bear with me on this, but after the first game, when the trophies are introduced, the trophies are actually a sort of portal/battlesuit/simulation for the actual people the trophies are modeled after. This is related to the fact that it's seen that Villager is shown getting an invitation to the fight. When the trophies take too much damaged or are knocked out, the actual person gets released from the simulation and are sent back to where they come from, while the trophies get turned into, well, trophies. However, something strange happened during the Subspace Emissary, where with the introduction of Subspace and the Subspace weapons, they were no longer released from the whole thing and were stuck in permanent stasis when in Subspace or when struck by one of those arrows, which is why everyone treats Subspace as such a big deal (besides, y'know, the whole world being destroyed and etc.). It also explains why everyone looks so serious in the game; not very fun to brawl when there's a chance you are essentially dead if you lose. But by the fourth game, the threat of Tabuu and Subspace is gone, and so the whole thing looks more bright and colorful. Some people do still look serious, but for the most part the threat is gone now, and the brawlers can have fun now again.

Mii Fighters were included so anyone could become Captain N.

Pit and Palutena will have secret taunts.
The two did chatter quite a bit in Kid Icarus: Uprising, so why not?
  • Supported by Palutena's trailer, in which Pit and Palutena talk about her fighting in the game. Viridi is heard too, making it possible that we may hear from other characters such as Hades, Medusa, and Viridi.

Greninja's E3 demo voice is a placeholder.
Currently, it uses what seems to be Ash's Froakie's voice. While this is logically the "next closest thing", it only fits for Greninja if it was meant to be an Ugly Cute Badass Adorable all along and not a straight-up manly badass like Lucario, with many thinking that it would turn out to be the latter from its reveal trailer. It could be that the localization team is waiting for Greninja's voice to be cast in Pokémon: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction to finalize its voice in Smash. While this shows an even more sickening dependence on the anime, it at least gives a chance of a more "manly" Greninja as some fans were hoping for.

The Mewtwo from Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened will be playable.
It's the second-stupidest thing Smash could do by following its "anime canon only" rule for portrayals of Pokémon, next to making Ash a playable character. While the Smash fanbase at large would accept it because they just want any Mewtwo in the game, and Femtwo wouldn't suffer from the same continuity problems that she does in the anime itself, the choice to include her after months of fan backlash would firmly establish her as a Creator's Pet. And on top of that, she's the least popular choice for which Mewtwo to include, even though fans think she's "better than nothing".

Marth will have an English voice actor in the new Smash Bros.
The most likely candidates for an English VA for Marth would be Laura Bailey, who voiced "Marth" in Fire Emblem Awakening, or Spike Spencer, who voiced "Mars" in the ADV dub of the Fire Emblem OVA.
  • Laura Bailey is already returning as Lucina, so she's out as Marth's VA.
  • Surprisingly jossed since he still speaks Japanese in this game.
  • ...And then confirmed for Ultimate.

The Classic and Smash Run modes of SSB4 take place in the remains of the Great Maze, or X-island
Remember the ending of The Subspace Emissary? SSB4's Smash Run seems like a mish-mash of various settings seen in SSE much like The End Of The World contained stuff from Dwarf Woodlands, Castle Of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion and the teleporters from the Mirage Arena. Similarly, the map-like layout of Classic Mode in the 3DS version is also reminiscent of the Subspace Emissary altogether, which kind of explains why, instead of living trophies, each character is his or her own original self, summoned from his/her home game (see the Villager's introduction).[theory by Alex Sora 89]

Peach will turn into Pink Gold Peach after collecting 100 coins in the Golden Plains stage
And she will unleash "Bronze Toad" instead of regular Toad as part of the transformation.
  • Jossed - she just turns golden like all the other fighters in the game.

The actual titles for Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U won't be revealed until the game is released.
In true Sakurai fashion, he won't have the games' actual titles revealed until the day of release for the 3DS version. Think about it... When a character is revealed for Smash (either as playable or not), he or she is never referred to by name beforehand. If we apply the same logic to the game itself, then what seems like a stupid and bland title suddenly makes more sense as a coverup for the real title.

I'm calling it if it's right. Josh, you better have that cookie ready.

The power suit "Samus" in Smash 4 isn't Samus...
It's the SA-X! Which justifies Samus being split into two characters. Similarly, Sheik is actually Impa disguised as Sheik.
  • You beat me to it at the Impa part (this might explain why her expressions are way too different this time around)! Also, the standalone Zelda is actually Toon Zelda in disguise, explaining her sudden ability to summon Phantoms. It was all a plan by the real Zelda/Sheik to make them playable in her place.
  • Alternatively, the playable Zelda is the princess from Twilight Princess, while Sheik is the princess from Ocarina of Time.

The "Smash Run" stage is constructed from fragments of the Island of the Ancients from Subspace Emissary, and Master Core is Tabuu.
The floating island that is the setting for Smash Run is cobbled together from pieces of the Island of the Ancients after its destruction in Brawl. This is a result of Tabuu trying to recover his power and invade the World of Trophies himself. However, Tabuu was badly injured during the final battle of Brawl, and his powers are quite unstable, such that he can't maintain a completely corporeal form. As such, he is hiding inside Master Hand as part of the Master Core to continue recovering. At higher intensities, the player completely overwhelms Master Hand, forcing Tabuu out to confront them before he can fully recover. As a final act of defiance near the end of the battle, he uses the last of his power to take the same form as the player in a bid to defeat them and use their body as a new host. Once that form is defeated, he only has enough strength left to try in vain to not be destroyed in his bare "core" form. In this form, getting KO'd destroys him once and for all.

Alternatively, Tabuu was after the Master Core inside Master Hand during Subspace Emissary
but failed to obtain it.I like the idea above but wanted to change the way of thinking. The Master Core looks like a Smash Ball. The only way it shows up is if Master and Crazy come together and when they're terribly wounded. Crazy Hand is missing in Subspace which makes me believe Master got Crazy to flee and got captured. Tabuu then as Master hand promised the Master Core to the villains if they helped put the world into Subspace and find Crazy. The Subspace Bombs are flawed Master Cores as even with Master Hand's knowledge, Tabuu cannot replicate the original.

The Master Core is the result of Crazy Hand deciding to try and take direct control of Master Hand
.It's been noticed that when you initiate the fight with Master Core, Crazy Hand just disappears and then Master Hand is clearly writhing in pain before exploding into this monstrosity. I think Crazy Hand had had enough of holding back and decided to try and take things in his own hands (pardon the pun). Alternatively, he may have felt that Master Hand wasn't doing a good enough job and wanted to take over. Either way, it's not really clear what happened to Crazy Hand or where he went so, I would guess he went into Master Hand. Of course, when you put the spirit of destruction into the spirit of creation... you end up with something that ain't pretty. And considering that this whole mess doesn't happen unless Crazy Hand is present, he has got to have something to do with it.This would also explain why the very final appearance is a (very corrupted-looking) Smash Ball. The two hands are more or less the symbols of Super Smash Bros. What else would you get out of combining the two into one?

When Waluigi is finally announced as a final character in a future game, the announcement video will pull a prank on the viewer.
It'll start out as a different video and feature what seems to be in-game footage in which a Waluigi Smash Trophy is featured. Then the Smash Ball appears... and Waluigi smashes it. TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. will have a full length movie unlocked from the start.

It will explain the "Story" of the game, make a few team ups, and tell us about the Master Core, among other things. Sakurai said the cut scenes were a "reward" and we don't have a "Story Mode" because people posted the cut scenes on the internet. He said nothing about having them unlocked at the start.

Also, in the credits of the 3DS Version, there is a section that says "Movie". What could they be talking about?

Kirby has Japanese as his first language.
The fact that he calls Jigglypuff by her Japanese name ("Purin", in case you're wondering) and the fact that he has a Japanese accent when performing copy ability moves that involve speech (More noticeable with Palutina's "Autoreticle", Robin's "Thunder" and Shulk's "Monado Arts") both support this.

Zero Suit Samus's redesign is actually an Early-Bird Cameo for a new Metroid game directed by Sakurai.
Why else give her a new weapon that changes her fighting style, never before seen in any Metroid game?

Mewtwo will have different Final Smashes depending on the version.
Both Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y will be used; one for 3DS and one for Wii U. That's part of the reason why both games need to be bought.
  • Unlikely - if anything, they'd make the Final Smashes the same since Sakurai wants the experience between the two games to be similar.

The Mewtwo DLC will be released on February 6th 2015.
February 6th is stated to be his "birthday" in one of the Pokemon Mansion Journals, and SSB4 has been notorious in meaningful release dates regarding characters.
  • Jossed, I've found out it'll be late March/early April.

Tabuu wasn't trying to pull the entire SSB world into Subspace for his own ends.
He was doing it so that he could keep Master Core under control. But when Tabuu captured Master Hand, Master Core and the Swarm corrupted Tabuu, leading him to commence the Subspace attack.

Femtwo will be an alt for Mewtwo.
Think about it. Villager, Robin, and the Wii Fit Trainer. Four alts are male and four are female. Male Mewtwo would be a default and Femtwo would be an alt. Like stated with the others, they play the same, it is just the preference of the player. Femtwo does have some fans.
  • They look too similar, which makes it doubtful. The only significant thing that would be different is voice.

Master Core's forms will be done in reverse order for the Wii U version
During the 50 Must-See Things video, when going over the forms, note that the announcer goes through the forms in the opposite order that you fight them in the 3DS game. I think this may be hinting at the forms going backwards, so you first do Master Shadow, then Master Sabres, then Master Beast, and then lastly, Master Giant.
  • Jossed: Same order as in 3DS, although you do get to fight an additional form after Master Shadow at high enough difficulties.

At some point in development, Waddle Dee was meant to be playable, but was scrapped.
Note how King Dedede's side-special and Final Smash have been changed so that they no longer include Waddle Dees. Much like Palutena was removed from Pit's Final Smash so she could become playable, it's possible that they had similar plans for Waddle Dee (most likely the bandanna-wearing one from Super Star Ultra and Return to Dream Land). However, Sakurai decided that if he was going to include another character from one of his own games, it might as well be a game that didn't already have three reps. Thus, Bandanna Dee was replaced with Dark Pit, but the changes to Dedede's moveset were kept because there was no reason to change them back.
  • Jossed: Every character in the game aside from DLC characters like Mewtwo were planned from the start. Even Greninja (in spite of the fact that he was virtually unknown to the world at the time). Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario were originally designed to be alternate costumes for Marth, Pit and Mario, respectively, until Sakurai ruled that they should be separate characters due to them playing differently than usual.

Xander Mobus is literally an alternate reality version of the kid the games were about.
Like Andy from Toy Story, he grew in real time.

A Super Smash Bros. game will be Nintendo's final video game release.
Hopefully it will bea long ways from now, but there is no better franchise to end on than one that celebrates its history.

8 Player Smash came about as a result of the 3DS's limitations.
The limited power of the 3DS was given as one of the reasons for removing transforming/switching characters, which resulted in said characters being split. The Ice Climbers were cut for similar reasons, but while they insisted the rosters between the Wii U and 3DS version be exactly the same, there was nothing stopping them from giving them different game modes. Since the 3DS couldn't handle 8 characters at once but the Wii U definitely could, they decided they might as well take advantage of it somehow.
  • Jossed: Word of God stated that plans for 8 Player Smash existed since Melee. The only reason why it's introduced in Wii U instead of 3DS, Brawl or Melee is because of hardware limitations.

Boss Battles mode will return in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U... with a special surprise.
A hidden sound clip where the announcer says "Boss Battle" was found in the 3DS game, so it would make sense that it would appear as a game mode in the Wii U game. You pick a character and choose a difficulty from Easy, Normal, or Hard like in All-Star Mode. Here, you fight all the stage bosses in a random order such as Yellow Devil, Metal Face, Rayquaza and Ridley, all amped up in strength and aggressiveness from other modes, as well as Master Hand and Crazy Hand being fought alone in separate fights like in Brawl. After all of the bosses are defeated, you then fight all of Master Core's forms in the usual order, starting with Master Giant, then Master Beast, then Master Sabre/Edges, then Master Shadow, then Master Fortress, and then the core itself. On Easy and Normal, you stop there, but on Hard, there's one last opponent to face: Tabuu Soul. This monster is a stronger, amped up version of the final boss from Brawl's adventure mode, right down to the same music, and while he has different attacks, he keeps his infamous Off Waves, which comes out faster and has five shockwaves rather than three. Good luck!
  • Wasn't the Boss Battle sound used for the boss fights in Smash Tour?
  • Semi-Jossed: The sound clip was used in Smash Tour to denounce a match against a stage boss. That's the only time outside of event matches where the goal of the round is to defeat the stage boss.

Solid Snake is the person holding the light gun and helping Duck Hunt.
Duck Hunt is comprised primarily of the dog and duck, but as the Kid Icarus: Uprising characters point out on Palutena's Temple, there's a third fighter holding the zapper and shooting the cans and clay pigeons to help out the animals. Clearly, this person is Snake, since he uses guns in his games. He may be cut from the main playable roster, but that hasn't stopped him from getting in on the fun!
  • Jossed. Both him and the Duck Hunt team coexist, as of Ultimate.

The second male Villager is Billy from The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing wearing a different shirt and hair style.

Wii Fit Trainer's skin is photosynthetic
They draw their power from the sun, and they use it to nourish themselves like a plant.

In future games, the Mii Fighters will have more variations.
Right now we have Brawlers who fight hand-to-hand, Swordfighters who use swords and Gunners who has an arm cannon. There might be more kinds of Mii Fighters in future games, such as:

Wii Fit Trainer may be directly related to the Hands.
She has literal white skin and is a tad on the eerie side for some; perhaps the Hands wanted to see if they could make their own Smasher from scratch. Whether or not Wii Fit Trainer is actually allied with them is hard to say, but her morals don't seem to be as blue-and-orange.

Palutena x Lucina ship is all part of Robin's great plan.
(S)He's trying to find a way to let Morgan inherit Rightful God.
  • Morgan is Robin's child. Wouldn't Palutena x Robin actually be the only way Morgan could inherit anything from Palutena?

Sonic was a Hero of Another Story in Brawl, whose journey intersected with the main cast's at the very end
He wasn't being lazy and only showing up at the end, he just had other things to do.

No Kid Icarus characters will be available as DLC
Yes, I all know we want our Magnus, our Viridi, our Hades, what have you. However, the Palutena's Guidance conversations are a generic template that can conceivably be addressed to anyone... except Kid Icarus characters. Like it or not, there is one line in particular that would create a dramatic inconsistency that I doubt even Smash would overlook.
Palutena: I have no data on this fighter!

Whenever Mewtwo fights Greninja, he uses Miracle Eye just before the fight.
That's how his psychic attacks can hurt him, Miracle Eye takes away Dark type Pokemon's immunity to psychic.
  • Or more likely Greninja has Protean, and since it doesn't use any dark type moves in smash, is always a type that takes neutral from psychic moves, as for when Mewtwo hits Greninja first, Greninja is shown making a little bit of water in it's stage entry, so it always starts a match as pure water.

DLC Lucas in Wii U comes from Post-Game MOTHER 3.
He was more confident in later parts of his game, true, but there is joy now in his heart. His family reborn, his world either a bright mirror of what it was before, or something new none can tell; his burden is lifted.

The Orbital Gate Assault Stage occurs right after Star Fox 64 in the Smash canon.
This explains why the Star Fox team in the easter egg are using their SF643D voices, and why Krystal isn't present despite being a team member during the Aparoid attack. Here, instead of retiring, something happened to Peppy's Arwing here, which is why he's piloting the Great Fox in the stage.

The Ballot winners will be announced in October, but will come out early 2016

We will be getting a total of six DLC characters before the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot ends, and more will come later from the Ballot's final results.
A popular fandom theory is that because there are six blank character icon slates on the U/3DS webpage, we will only be getting six DLC characters, period. But with the bombshell that was the 6/14/2015 Nintendo Direct, this theory is looking Jossed.

As of the time of writing (6/18/2015), we already have four of the supposed six characters, and it's not even halfway through the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot's timeframe. In fact the Ballot wasn't even mentioned in the Direct, and there almost certainly wasn't a lot of support for Ryunote , heavily implying that all four of these characters were going to be made as DLC from the beginning. Ryu himself opens a can of worms, his third-party presence and highly nonstandard playstyle in Smash suddenly making a lot of other oddball characters seem a lot more likely. And as for Sakurai's statement that "we probably won't be able to make many"... it's Sakurai, the man is known for trolling his fanbase and backtracking on previous statements.

With the above in mind, I present the theory that we will be getting two more DLC characters to tide us over until the Ballot closes, and we'll be getting a handful more characters based on the Ballot results. There is simply too much time and too many potential candidates for the DLC roster to be limited to a hard six. Though this begs the question... who could the remaining two pre-planned characters be?

  • A recent interview with Sakurai lends credence to the theory. He confirmed that Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy and Ryu were going to be DLC before the ballot even started and has demonstrated several times that he has a good grasp on the big names that the fans really want (well, Ryu was out of left field, but it was still a very welcome surprise). He also said he's really working the fanservice angle and didn't say those four were the only pre-ballot DLC characters, so there's a high chance we could see something new before the ballot ends.
    • With his recent streak, I can't wait to see what happens next regardless. For all we know, we might just see all the lost characters return before the ballot is through. Well, maybe not Snake.......but I could definitely see a returning Wolf or Young Link (Majora Masked).
  • It took its sweet time being revealed after the ballot ended, but: Confirmed! Cloud and Corrin were pre-ballot characters #5 and #6, followed by Bayonetta as the ballot winner.

Lucina will eventually become her own character
Her style would be a middle between Ike and Marth, as noted before, her style is not only more based on powerful slashing moves than marth's fencing-like style, and that epic spin-jump she and chrom do in a cutscene just NEEDS to be in the game.

Either as Super Luigi U esc DLC, or in the next game, a new story mode will be made based on the Console Wars

Perhaps DLC would help avoid the concern of people Youtubing the disc space heavy cutscenes by avoiding taking up disk space?

As to the plot and story, I can see it be a multi staged plot.

Stage 1 represents the NES era. It can begin with Mario and a few other early Nintendo characters landing in a desolate new world, representing the post Crash gaming market. The NES era would focus on colonizing it, sort of speak, recruiting local groups that represent 3rd parties and building a Capital City.

Stage 2 would be the SNES era. It would be dominated by a war with a newly emerged rival empire, one based on Sega, led by Sega's IP's. Maybe also feature smaller empires based on Hudson/=NEC= and SNK? Perhaps even Atari as a Vestigial Empire?

Stage 3 would be based on the 64 era. The 3rd parties, that had become divided between the Nintendo and Sega landscape, would be highly enticed to join a new foe, the Playstation empire, with a variety of different foes to it inspired by classic PS Ip's like FF, Crash, and Jak and Daxter.

Stage 4 would be the Gamecube era, where more 3rd parties vanish, Sega dissolves as an empire, and the X-Box empire arrives, with Halo and other shooter inspired mooks.

Stage 5 would be the Wii era, with even fewer 3rd parties but overall an era of prosperity.

Stage 6 would be the Wii U era, with virtually no 3rd parties and a full out war that begun in the Wii era coming to a climax.

Stage 7, the Switch era, will be a Cosmic Horror Story and/or Zombie Apocalypse with a new faction or two based around Mobile gaming and/or soulless companies like Activision, with them bringing back third parties as zombies that players have to purify to their original selves.

Character use would be limited by Era. For example, Mario could be used in any era, while Pikachu could only be used after the Sega war. Pit could be usable in the NES era, but be unplayable until his return in the Wii era. Sonic would not be playable until at least the Wii era where you start seeing more and more Sonic Games in Nintendo platforms alone. Characters in the 3rd party bus, like Megaman and Ryu, would be a bit trickier to place as friend or foe.

The DLC would also come with characters: with new characters unlocked and playable during their eras. For example, you would unlock Banjo in the 64 Era, Bayonetta in the Wii U era, and Sceptile in the Gamecube era.

Maybe for the 3rd-Parties, conquering their empire would unlock them, such as Mai Shiranui?

I think it might be fun, and certainly worth it as DLC.

Cloud didn't actually win the ballot
Rather, Squeenix is pulling a Hideo Kojima and got Cloud in to promote the rerelease, possibly even putting a spoiler or two in.

Related, one of Cloud's alternate costumes will be crossdressing Cloud.

When Cloud wins a game, the Final Fantasy 7 Battle Results music will Override the regular Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Results music.

The next DLC 3rd party character will be a gun-wielder
With Ryu being a Bare-Fisted Monk (similar to the Mii Brawler) and Cloud being a Swordsman (much like the Mii Swordfighter), the next DLC 3rd party character will fight using a gun of some sort (Just like the Mii Gunner). If I had to hazard as guess, I'm betting it'll be either the return of Snake or Bayonetta.
  • People are holding out for Master Cheif, to have an "Xbox Rep" the same way Cloud is seen as a Playstation rep. He fits the gunner mold also.
  • Welp, I was correct! The Smash Ballot Winner is Bayonetta! A 3rd party character (developed by Platinum Games and Published by Sega) and a gun-wielder!

Lucario is not the Lucario from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
He's the legendary rescue team leader Lucario.

A future game will have an extra classic mode boss following Master Core...
...And it'll be none other than Tabuu.

Bayonetta will be the only DLC Character to get a unique Palutena's Guidance conversation.
Considering that she has a bit of a "rivalry" with the Kid Icarus cast as seen in her trailer, it would be incredibly likely.
  • Jossed unfortunately. She has the same generic DLC character conversation, which is kind of a shame.

There will be Palutena's Guidance conversations for all DLC characters.
Related to the above, we know that the KI cast was brought back to voice lines for Bayonetta's trailer. Seeing how it's the end of DLC and they've already brought them back, it would make sense to record more conversations for the rest of the DLC characters.

The only reason why there was no fully-voiced story mode in Smash Bros 4 and Brawl was due to budget concerns regarding the voice talent.
Some of us were a little bothered by how silent Subspace Emissary was in Brawl and were especially annoyed about how 4 didn't even have a story mode at all. (In which some of us were also annoyed by Sakurai's explanation about not liking the fact that people would upload SE segments onto Youtube.) But whats the real reason why the Smash series hasn't had a fully voiced Story mode yet? I think its just simply a matter of trying to afford the voice acting for it.

How so you ask? Simple notice how in the 1st two Smash games for the N64 and GC the VA cast was fully credited while the latter two just simply had a block of names? Simple the voice acting in the first two games was mostly done in Japan but a little bit in Seattle. But the latter two games use Voice Talent from multiple regions as the Smash Bros series tries to make sure all the characters are voiced by their current voice talent as much as possible. So in other words the latter two Smash Bros games uses voice talent from Multiple regions such as California, Seattle, Japan, New York and England. Oh sure a fairly good portion of the characters (both playable and Assist Trophies) may use stock footage audio clips but the point still stands here. Anyways while Nintendo could use clips from actors from Multiple regions as brief clips but getting actors from multiple studios to do a full amount of voice acting in one Story Mode? Sure it may sound awesome on paper but it would be very complicated and costly. This is why however despite this the latter two Smash Bros games do have a good amount of voice acting but only during the hidden help sequences in Training mode namely Snake's Codec in Brawl and Palutena's Guidance in Smash 4 (and to a lesser extent the Star Fox segments). This way Nintendo only needs to use one studio and a few voice actors to do some short skits (California for Snake's Codec and Palutena's Guidance and Seattle for the Star Fox crew).

Granted Nintendo along with Bandai Namco COULD still be able to make a fully-voiced story mode for the next Smash Bros. But in order to do this they most likely would end up using only one (maybe two) region and studio in which a good portion of the characters will most likely be given different VA's for this story mode. So in other words a fully-voiced Story mode for Smash Bros. would be using The Other Darrin a lot But still like I said they would most likely use one (maybe two) regions for the Voice Talent, most likely California (though Texas and/or Vancouver are possibilities). Granted one could point how the Smash Bros games are not entirely against hiring replacement voice actors as aside from both Pits and Viridi the Kid Icarus Uprising characters in Smash 4 were voiced by different people. But still to make a long story short for those who want a fully voiced Story Mode in a Smash Bros game it could happen but a good portion of the characters would most likely sound different.

The main requirement for joining the Smash Bros roster is to either defeat a God in one of their games, or be a God.
Theres a hole in this theory, as there are some characters that haven't defeated gods, but aren't already gods either; such as Little Mac, R.O.B, and Mr. Game-and-Watch, to name a few. Oliver and Wii Fit Trainer also don't align with this WMG.

Ridley will become playable in the fifth game, but with a twist.
His voice clips will be provided by Diabetus with his Ridley voice. "It's a livin'!"
  • Half yes, half no. Ridley is playable, but he just roars, as per canon.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are an amiibo collector's hands.

If there is a Smash 5 Sakurai will still be involved but will take up a much less stressful role in it's creation.
I mean he developed tendonitis in one of his hands, I mean taking up a less stressful role is pretty much the only way he can still be involved in future Smash Bros. game's creations without further damaging his health now.

The true boss of Smash isn't Master Hand... It's actually Arceus.
He created both the Pokémon and Nintendo Multiverses, and rules over both. Master Hand is his coworker who runs the Nintendo Multiverse when Arceus is busy. (Which means Mater Hand is in charge of Nintendo 97 percent of the time.)
  • It was Arceus who came up with the idea of Smash, as he wanted the heroes to get to know each other. Master Hand was on board with it, and ended up running the thing. They collaborate on the Tournament every three years.
    • (For Smash 4, Arceus wanted to participate, but he didn't want to shake up the Status Quo or unbalance the tournament. So he lurks in some of the Master Balls.)

Dr. Mario, Pichu and Young Link will be playable as reskinned versions of regular Mario, Pikachu and Toon Link.
This will be in contrast to making them seperate characters.

If the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games get a Pokémon-esque Updated Re-release...
The DLC characters will have better integration within the game, having proper Guidance dialogue, Custom Moves, and new Event Matches featuring them.

A Villains-Only Smash Bros.
It might seem ridiculous, but there's an appeal in playing a version of Smash Bros. with the only characters being villains and anti-heroes, with many newcomers, some serving as parallels to already existing heroic characters, even ones from other series.
  • Luigi: Waluigi
  • Pikachu: Meowth
  • Pokemon Trainer: Giovanni, using Persian, Nidoqueen, and Honchkrow. For a final smash, he can have some grunts unleash dozens of Zubats.
  • Charizard: Incineroar
  • Link: Ghirahim
  • Kirby: Metal Sonic
  • Palutena: Hades, or Medusa, maybe both.
  • Mega Man: Bass
  • Cloud: Sephiroth
And lastly...
  • Mario: Mario. He was the bad guy in Donkey Kong Jr. He can be a late-game unlockable.

No-brainer as it is, King Dedede returns in the next Smash Bros..
However, his hammer is no longer mechanical, just an ordinary wooden hammer...but his Final Smash is this.Upon pressing B, a red mechanical box with Dedede's emblem swoops in. The screen fades to black as sounds of the box opening is heard, as a familiar song's intro plays. Once the screen fades back in, Masked Dedede is shown, with the aforementioned song revealed to be his theme, suddenly blaring and replacing the stage music. Like Wario-Man, he is significantly stronger and faster, and doesn't flinch like Giga Bowser. The Super Dedede Jump can now go much higher than usual, and he can use it three more times in midair. He now has every mechanical hammer attack again, including Jet Hammer. He also has Waddle Dee Toss back, though he throws the Waddle Deesnote  at a comically fast speed, to the point where the player can barely see them as they launch across the screen. After 20 seconds, Dedede's new hammer suddenly opens a hatch on the top, unveiling his axe from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He then swings his axe-hammer at the opponent and leaps in the air, Great Aether style, before performing one final slash similar to Critical Hit. Afterwards, the music returns to normal as Dedede descends to the ground. The red mechanical box returns to pick up the mask and axe-hammer before flying away.

Canonically, Kirby never found Snake or the Ice Climbers' trophies
As we can tell from palutena's Guidance, the Subspace Emisarry is canon to the fourth game. While exploring su space, Kirby never found them.
  • Adding onto this, it's probable that Wolf's secret door was never visited. It's also possible that the other dimension Lucas came out of (as implied with Palutena's Guidance) is Subspace, explaining why these 4 brawl characters never appeared in game.
  • Jossed by Palutena's Guidance in Ultimate. Pit says he never expected to fight Snake "again" (meaning he had to have met him in Brawl), and he thought the Ice Climbers were banned for illegal teaming (which is actually pretty close to the truth — they were dropped due to technical difficulties getting their teaming to work on the 3DS).

The significance of the Master Core battle.
The dark Swarm surrounding the Master Core resembles the Shadow Bugs from Subspace Emissary, used to make all the original enemies. We also know that the Master Core, in its Smash Ball form, has an attack that looks and acts exactly like Tabuu's Off Waves. Master Hand spent the entire Subspace Emissary with Tabuu's Golden Chains embedded deep in his skin, controlling him like a puppet. Assuming Master Hand was able to recover after failing to fight off Tabuu, it's not hard to imagine this left a lasting impact.

Master Hand remains somewhat corrupted by Tabuu, either through Shadow Bugs or some superior form that Tabuu can generate. This corruption reaches all the way down to Master Hand's core. Master Hand might behave as usual for a while, but place him under enough stress, and all that corruption comes pouring out. This could be Tabuu trying to form a body it can use in the World of Trophies, or maybe it's just a lasting imprint of Tabuu's malice—something without a true will, only seeking destruction.

If we're building off the "Master Hand represents a child's creativity, Tabuu the adult interfering" theory... maybe this represents that child growing older and having the new burden of adult responsibilities "corrupt" how they now play with their toys?

Kevin Keene/Captain N is the user of the Zapper for Duck Hunt.
Now that Pit, Mega Man, and Simon Belmont are all in the game, it makes sense for Kevin to be in as well. It'd be even better if there were a palette option that made the Duck Hunt dog look like Duke.

Smash Bros. Switch Story Mode
  • Unlike Subspace Emissary this will be an actual crossover where the characters meet up because of something allowing the worlds they live in to interact with one another.
  • Said something will be the Master Core, who will turn out to be a case of Dark Is Not Evil while acting as a Big Good for the story. It will turn out that he is responsible for the Smash Bros. tournament to begin with by holding it every few years with the characters always looking forward to the next one.
  • The story will start out with a dialogue about how amazing and wondrous the worlds and characters that will be seen are and end with ominous dialogue along the lines of "Where the greatest light shines, the darkest shadows are cast."
  • After the dialogue it will show Master Core starting the next tournament with gorgeous visuals showing all of the worlds and characters that are involved.
  • The very first fight of the tournament will be Mario vs Bowser. After a typical match where Mario wins things start going wrong when Bowser turns into a Sore Loser and attacks Mario after his defeat while summoning his army.
  • Master Core is incensed by Bowser's conduct and tries to intervene only for the villain of the story to show up. Said villain will be a humanoid figure like Tabuu but diametrically opposite. Where Tabuu represented the hindering and outright prevention of creativity, the new villain represents the dangers of untempered innovation. For aesthetic purposes their color scheme is dark red or dark purple.
  • The new villain will be a mix of Looney Fan, Mad Artist, and It Amused Me who's doing what their doing because of an obsession with stories and think that Master Core is squandering his potential by just holding a friendly tournament every so often.
  • The villain defeats Master Core and binds him in chains of darkness, calling back to Tabuu's chains of light, and declares his intention to Take Over the World with all of the worlds that Master Core has reached out to while revealing his alliance with other villains.
  • Mario tries to help Master Core and after a brief fight manages to land a fireball right to the face, only for the villain to No-Sell the attack and trap Mario in dark crystal to make him a trophy.
  • Master Core uses the last of his power to create a fragment of it's very essence to save Mario by spiriting him away and freeing him from trophy form.
  • There will be full voice acting for the cast and usual silent protagonist's will remain as such or also be fully voiced. Mario especially will fall under this as either he won't be voiced or Nintendo will have him fully voiced in order to ease audiences into it for his upcoming movie.

The new Link for Smash Bros. Switch
  • Since the trailer revealed the fact that Link will have the Breath of the Wild look, one of the probable changes to his character might be an "equipment durability" mechanic. It would be similar to Robin's except that where Robin always loses a durability point regardless of whether or not he/she hits something, Link's equipment will only lose a durability point if he scores a hit on an object or opponent.
    • And if this were to be the case, then the last hit before a weapon becomes broken will always inflict bonus damage and Link will then have to wait 10-15 seconds before he automatically gets a new one. So if Link's sword breaks, then he becomes unable to use the A Button. And if Link's bow breaks, then he becomes unable to use the Neutral B Special Attack.
  • Another probable and major change is that Link might be given a "weapon switching" mechanic which would result in his regular and aerial moveset being changed accordingly. So instead of using the traditional Sword-and-Shield combination, Link can switch to a two-handed Greatsword (Strong damage and knockback but slow frame data) or a Spear (Long reach, fast frame data, but weak damage and knockback).

The reveal trailers for newcomers in Smash Switch will be just like the initial teaser revealing the Inklings.
They will all start out like a trailer for a brand new game in said newcomer's series. The entire video then dims almost completely to black, and the character turns around to see a giant flaming Smash logo and a mob of returning veterans only seen in silhouette (with a couple closer shots of certain characters like Mario and Link, as a way of confirming their return as well).
  • Jossed. It's the same as Smash 4's, albeit with a different slash animation.

The Inklings will have Smash Taunts on their home stage.
This time they will be communications like those in the single-player campaigns of the Splatoon games, featuring Callie, Marie, and Cuttlefish among others.

Link won't be the only character that's redesigned for the Switch iteration of Smash Bros.
  • Zelda will more than likely also be her BOTW design so they match. It calls into question whether Sheik would be updated to a BOTW-esque design (inspired by the Sheikah Armor set, or the robes the NPCs wear in Kakariko). And if Ganondorf might get an original design, or unesed concept art design which is what gave us "Twilight Princess" Sheik.
  • Another character who could be redesigned for the Switch game could be the Villager from Animal Crossing. Currently, they're represented by looking like their Wild World/City Folk appearances (with "stubby" proportions). The new versions of these characters could end up looking more like their New Leaf versions, as many spin-off games like Mario Kart 8, Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp all use the New Leaf design. This may also mean some gameplay changes (though not as drastic as Link's, just changing their hitboxes to account for their new proportions).
  • Depending on how far along development on Metroid Prime 4 is, Samus and Zero suit could be updated to those deisgns instead of Other M. Or even Samus Returns on 3DS designs.
  • The Star Fox cast could be changed from their Smash unique designs, to their Star Fox Zero look.
    • Confirmed

The final character to get own trailer or title splash in the Switch Smash Bros will be Pittoo.
He will finally get his own trailer, just one game late, and in it he will be the Butt-Monkey.

Wavedashing will return in Ultimate.
Given that Directional Air-Dodging is back, it's pretty safe to assume that this popular competitive tech will return along with it.

The Snake's Codec and Palutena's Guidance mechanics will reference each other.
Two different characters with taunts based around the same exposition gimmick are now going to be in the same game together? The Smash team would be missing out by not hanging that lampshade.

Echo Fighter character predictions
  • Dark Bowser and/or Dry Bowser to Bowser
  • Funky Kong for Donkey Kong
  • Sylux or Dark Samus for Samus
    • Dark Samus confirmed as of 8/8/2018.
  • Galacta Knight for Meta Knight
    • This one is likely Jossed. The official website heavily implies Galacta Knight will be an Alternate Costume for Meta Knight.
  • Sword Lords for Marth/Lucina - Eirika, Celica, Eliwood etc.
  • Sword Lords for Roy - Alm, Leif etc.
  • Sword Lords and Mercenaries for Ike - Chrom, Any "Ogma" etc.
    • Confirmed and subverted. Chrom is primarily a Roy Echo, but with a variant of Ike's Up-Special.
  • Any Pikmin Captain besides Alph for Olimar
  • Shadow for Sonic. They've apparently replaced his Assist Trophy with Knuckles for some reason.
  • Ms Pacman for Pacman
  • Ken for Ryu. Ken is the ur-example of a Moveset Clone and are the premier examples of Shotoclones.
  • Jeanne or Rosa for Bayonetta
  • Octoling for Inkling
  • Blood Falcon for Captain Falcon. Since Ganondorf is too derived to be considered a clone character, It would make sense to have an actual clone of Captain Falcon to be included.

Inkling Taunts
The "Woomy!/Ngyes!" soundbite and fist pump, the weapon firing animation from the E3 2018 trailer, and as an Ascended Meme, a quick squidbagging animation. Remember this is the younger Splatoon 1 squids, who are known for their less-than-sportsmanlike mannerisms.
  • Adding to my own post here, Octo Expansion features Agent 3 actually squidbagging you during their boss battle if you die, so it's even more possible now.

This game will be the Grand Finale of the series.
While Sakurai did say that Brawl and 3DS and Wii U would be the last ones, this time he seems to have taken the series to its utmost extremes after E3, featuring every playable character up until this point plus more. It may not be too likely that Sakurai can make an installment more groundbreaking than this; that and combined with it releasing 20 years after 64, it's very likely that he may indeed make this the very, very final game of the series.
  • What's more likely to happen is that the series will continue without Sakurai's involvement. Much like a number of other IPs, its too profitable for the parent company to just end, even if its creator feels like the series ran its course. the Kirby series is in a similar position. Sakurai no longer works on it, but Nintendo still makes new games for it.

Ultimate will receive DLC like Smash 4.
The previous game's DLC was very profitable and well-received, so even if the entire roster has been revealed already, there's still the possibility of more characters and third-party representatives (aside from Bomberman, who's out of the running) being added later after the December release.

Not counting Echo Fighters, there will only be 12 newcomers in Ultimate.
Sakurai went on record saying that we shouldn't expect too many newcomers in the game. Melee introduced 14 newcomers, while Brawl and Wii U/3DS introduced 18 and 19, respectively. 12 is probably a good number because it's the perfect balance—just enough newcomers, but not too many—unless DLC is included.

Master Core will return in Ultimate, along with a potential Crazy Core.
While Master Core could have even more forms in its disposal, it is likely that Crazy Core will be different; either taking on entirely different, harder forms or just being one Marathon Boss staying in one form until its source is exposed. Or of course, something very much different.

And with enough misfortune, the player could possibly end up in an even worse scenario. Fighting both at once.

Palutena's Guidance for Chrom...
...will feature the trio doing a Double Take. In the guidance for Robin in the Wii U game, Chrom was mocked saying he cannot be playable due to being too similar to other reps. Now that he's here as an Echo Fighter, he gets the last laugh. Bonus points if he gets a speaking part like before.

Of course, that means the one for Robin would need a ground-up makeover for Ultimate...

  • Jossed. Viridi simply remarks that he finally made it and the rest of the conversation revolves around the Falchion, with him not speaking during it.

No new hidden characters will be revealed before the game's release.
This would follow the pattern established by previous games, where only a couple major new hidden characters (IE Snake and Sonic) would be shown prior to the game being released or leaked.
  • Jossed. Every single fighter for the game was revealed prior to release, and it was also revealed that the grand majority of the game's roster would be unlocks.

If there is a game after Ultimate, it will be a spin-off game featuring the NPCs (Assist Trophies, NPC helpers, Spirits, etc.)
Considering how much of a Dream Match Game Ultimate is, and just how many characters can be played therein, there'd be no way to fit them all in a game if any comes after. If they had to bring in new characters for a game, the solution would be to make a spinoff and probably pull from the massive list of NPCs available. Plus, even if the Spirits are stuck in their current forms in Ultimate, it means they still exist in the Smash universe and can possibly be contenders if they're revived.

The title will be "Assist Wars" or something similar, referencing their ability to help the fighters in multiple forms even if they're not playable themselves. It would even draw on the franchise's Kirby ties, as it would be a Smash rendition of the Helper to Hero mode in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Pit is locked into his shape and form because his wings are crippled.
An angel's wings aren't just for flight. They also represent their power and Authority. In the Guidance discussion about Bayonetta, Pit brings up how the Light Is Not Good angels that Bayonetta fights are different from "nice angels" like him. Viridi brings up that there isn't that much of a difference because angels and goddesses can look like whatever they want. In fact Viridi's and Palutena's true forms are very different from what we're seeing. Palutena confirms this.

The next Smash Bros game after Ultimate will focus more on Quality Over Quantity to differentiate itself from its predecessor.
Given that Ultimate's status as a Dream Match Game will most likely ensure that any later Smash game's roster won't be as big or quite as "fan-pleasing" (and will most likely endure more than a few cuts, especially if Sakurai steps down and a new director comes up), the next Smash game should focus more on ensuring the remaining roster feels better to play all-round. Several major reworks for the existing characters should be expected, especially for characters like Samus and Ganondorf whose fans have been clamouring for major revamps (Samus to use projectiles and her various beams in her standard (non-specials) moveset, and Ganondorf to finally ditch his "Falcondorf" set and use swords and magic) for years now, which would put them on par with the SSB4/SSBU newcomers in terms of love and detail put into them.

Any future games in the Super Smash Bros. series will have all characters from the previous games returning.
Yes, Sakurai said that Ultimate could be the only time that all these characters can be together in one fighting game. However, he also said that each Smash game in of itself is a miracle. In addition, I'm sure Sakurai doesn't want anyone to be left out if their mains are cut. Therefore, he'll do his darnedest to try and bring back everyone and top his previous Smash game.

A stage based on Pokémon Sun and Moon was planned but Dummied Out.
There is an unusually large amount of remixes from Pokémon Sun and Moon, out of proportion of any other franchise without a new stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Development probably ran out of time but the remixes were finished, so they might as well put them in there.

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