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    Mario's Castle 
"Mario Land," including the castle on it, were given to Mario as a way of saying thank you, from Toadstool and/or Daisy. After he got it back from Wario, however, he realized he didn't need a whole island to rule or a big castle to live in to be happy, which is why in future games we see him living in a small house; given his blue-collar roots, he likely finds it much more comfortable.

Mario Land is a theme park
Think about it: six main areas surrounding a castle in the center. Seem familiar?
  • Might even be the same "Mario Land" we see in the intro to Mario Party 2. Incidentally, Wario tried to seize control of that one as well.
  • It would explain why Mario has a "castle" in this one, but lives in a small house with his brother in all other games. It was never "his castle" to begin with, it's just the central attraction of the Mario Land Theme Park.


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