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The normal levels are based on well known astronomical events, the hyper levels are theorical or not so known.

  • Hexagon is a sun.
  • Hexagoner is a black hole.
  • Hexagonest is the Big Bang.
  • Hyper Hexagon is blue star.
  • Hyper Hexagoner is a white hole.
  • Hyper Hexagonest is a supernova.

The game is a visual metaphor for conception.

  • The central hexagon is an ovum.
  • The player triangle represents a sperm attempting to penetrate the outer membrane of the ovum.
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  • The rushing walls represent the twisting sides of the female reproductive system, and the masses of other sperm in competition with you.
  • When the game is completed, the disappearance of the player triangle represents successful fertilisation and the formation of a single zygote.
  • During the final animation, walls and colours begin to "grow" from the central hexagon, representing the division and growth of the new embryo.
  • The final, beating hexagon represents the formation of a new heart.

The Hexagon is a black hole.

  • How else would it be bringing all that stuff into it? Maybe the Triangle is trying to escape the Hexagon. If it runs into a wall, it goes with it.
    • The triangle freezing in place when you die may be a sign of this, because if you fall into a black hole, time will freeze right before you do.

The triangle is a boy destined to beat the hexagon gods at their own game, and the six levels are the gods' homeworlds.

  • The first level is owned by the first god.
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  • The second level is owned by the second god.
  • The third level is owned by the third god.
    • The normal ending is you defeating the third god, and you watch as his homeworld is engulfed in uncontrolled walls.
  • The hyper levels are all owned by both the owner of the normal form of said levels, and the fourth god.
    • The true ending is you defeating the fourth god, where if you die, you watch as the entire universe collapses on itself.
  • The levels themself even follow this, as well.
    • Every time the level's color changes, it's just you attacking the gods, where if you do it, they try to push you harder. If you survive 180 seconds on a normal level, it means you defeated a god, and their death wish is to get help from the next god. In the case of Hexagonest, though, there are no more gods to get help from, so you're stuck in a black-and-white void of walls as far as the eye can see, until you get rescued. But to keep the game endless, you never will get rescued, so you're left to die.

Someone is going to make a homebrew port to the Super NES.

  • Just because they can.

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