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Spoilers probable

Tricerachops will Heel–Face Turn.
I've hoped for this from the first issue. The most glaring reason is simply that Tricerachops wears SD & co.'s exact color scheme. The rest of the Dino Men wear all black armor, but she wears SD's colors. Also Tricerachops doesn't seem inherently evil. All she wants is to free the Dino Men. My theory is that The Exile will do something to lose 'Chop's allegiance and after a period of free agenting she'll join SD's team. Maybe she'll take her mask off as a form of Good Costume Switch.
  • With The Reveal that The Exile is an alien trying to conquer Earth this is looking even more likely.

Erica will at some point become a Dino Man.
Erica and SD are both lonely. A 'Dino-fication ray' sounds right up the series' alley. Also Erica never wanted to go to the Dynamo Dome, her becoming a Dino seems fitting somehow.


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