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The show is the backstory to Community.
A guy who lies about his law school history and passes as a lawyer for a time? What else could it be?
  • Cute as this is, Jeff is a completely different person. A lack of photographic memory, intelligence, motivation, etc. Also has far better people skills.
  • Also, technically, what Mike is doing (Practicing law without being a member of the bar) is illegal. Whereas Jeff is a member, so could legally practice law, and he even had a real law degree...he just lied his way into law school, so is being vaguely forced to go get the Bachelor's he should have had to start with. I don't think Community ever explained who was forcing him, but I think the assumption was it was his law school, under the threat of revoking his degree, which *then* would screw up his bar membership. Regardless, Jeff hadn't actually broken the law, and if he wanted to, he could legally walk away from that entire thing, whereas if they catch Mike, he's actually going to be arrested.
  • Vaguely supported in-show: S01E04 sees Harvey mention a Hawthorne Incorporated.

Louis and Donna used to date
This is supported by Sucker Punch and Meet the New Boss. In the latter, she talks about how, after a work relationship ends, the feelings just... go away. From his reaction, it's clear that Mike thinks she's talking about Harvey, but in Sucker Punch, Louis hammers her about her last boyfriend, knowing details that he really shouldn't have without some inside knowledge. He's also visibly upset when he realizes that he has Donna on the stand and isn't asking her these questions, likely questions that he's been wanting to ask for a long time.

Hardman is behind the entire plot of Season 2
The first thing he did after coming back to Pearson-Hardman was ordering Rachel to summarize all the cases he missed while he was gone, so he noticed that one case four years ago and planned his Xanatos Gambit to take down Jessica and Harvey using it. He was probably the one who gave the tip to Tanner's firm (or he is behind Tanner himself; remember Tanner came completely out of nowhere in Season 1, for some mysterious reason completely hell-bent on destroying Harvey? Who knows if he wasn't working for Hardman already?), and had that document planted with Donna's time stamp. That way he'd get Harvey disbarred and Jessica discredited or at least damn sure the latter.
  • Confirmed in the summer finale. However, Tanner was duped just as everyone else and is not happy about it.

Hardman wins at the end of Season 2 by taking over the firm. But Jessica retaliates by starting up a new firm... complete with most of P&H's clients and personnel, leaving Hardman with a huge building and expenses with no clients or people to work for him.
  • The action is suggested by Harvey but Jessica reminds him that they have a no-compete clause in their contracts
The statement in Contrived Coincidence will turn into foreshadowing...
... when Trevor ends up shooting Mike. This will also threaten to reveal Mike's secret.

The sports and culture Harvey and Louis like are reflections of their strategies and abilities as lawyers and people.
Harvey likes basketball - it's a constantly moving playing field where most strategies involving creating opportunities. Louis likes tennis - it's a static field where you succeed by getting the other guy out of position and taking advantage of their mistake. Harvey likes movies - a medium that most anyone can get into and talk about. Louis likes ballet - a medium that's more exclusive and difficult to talk to since fewer people enjoy it.

History will repeat itself in that Harvey will end up in the same situation as Hardman - equals with Jessica but on the verge of doing something really really terrible. The cycle will break though because Mike as Harvey's Morality Pet will be able to talk Harvey down.
Alternatively, Jessica will. Either way, there's certainly a lot of parallels between all three generations of lawyers so it seems a given that it'll come up at some point. the alternative happens.
If you shed a single tear at any point during season 2 for any of the characters, season 3 will have you bawling.

Mike will cheat his way into Harvard for Rachel so she can get a degree there.
Of course, she won't know about it but it will put him in a big hole he'll have to be very careful to get out of. And of course she'll get found out and potentially ruin her chances all because of him.
  • Highly disagreed. The reason Rachel this is highly, highly improbable is that Meghan Markle has to stay on the show, which is set in NYC.
    • Now that Markle has to conversely leave the show, it's a possible excuse.

At some point, Pearson & Whoever will drop the requirement for Harvard grads only. They'll still be picky and favor them but it won't be a strict requirement.
Probably to keep Rachel and/or Mike.
  • Rachel and Mike were considered exceptions to the still existent rule. As of season five, the requirement was completely dropped.

Sheila Sazs will turn Mike's fake degree into a real one.
Louis will find out at some point and let it slip to Sheila, who will be supremely pissed off that someone dared to fake a Harvard degree, causing the entire cast to pull numerous tricks in an effort to convince her not to sell out Mike. She will end up being impressed by him and deciding to help him out.
  • That's... not how degrees work.
    • She could put paperwork in some if not all the appropriate places. He's already in the computers she could add to the paperwork. As of season 4 Louis does know and could potentially slip the paperwork in himself without the need for Sheila finding out.
Jessica is still playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.
She is well aware of Harvey and Darby's deal, and already has a plan to stop it.

Mike is an !Alpha

Mike and Loui's new associate..
Are gonna have feelings for each other. Because Mike can't seem to be around a woman his own age without wanting to get it on

Louis will find out about Mike's lack of degree, however, he will become a secret keeper, possibly even a secret secret keeper.
Why? Because he likes Mike. It's shown that Louis, for all his faults, is loyal to those he feels have earned his loyalty and/or respect (see Rachel's Harvard situation). They've also gone through some rough times in regards to their relationships with the firm, sharing that common background. And unlike Jessica or Harvey, Louis doesn't really have any ulterior motives in regards to Mike other than just making sure Mike becomes a good lawyer.
  • Unlikely (at least at this stage) for two reasons. 1. Mike recently hurt Louis. A lot. and 2. Louis' loyalty is to the firm itself, Mike being there puts the firm at risk. Even if he liked Mike, he would probably still turn him in, unless Mike does something major for the firm.
  • Seems to be confirmed. Louis knows.

Devlin MacGregor is the same company from The Fugitive
Their line of business is not specified, but sexually harassing an employee, attempting to cover it up and hiring a decoy harassed employee, while not as horrible as faking lab samples in order to release a potentially lethal drug, sounds like something they would do.

Louis already knows about Mike's lack of a degree
He knew Jessica would have no choice but to take Mike back per his "wish" because he knows Jessica doesn't know he already knows.

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