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Charlie Stoker has a personality disorder — but not the Hollywood version of sociopathy.
  • He has schizoid personality disorder — he's solitary, emotionally detached and weird but clearly not devoid of feeling, and has a few intense interests. His letters and accounts of his 'travels', as given in the screenplay at least, aren't the stuff a cover story is made of; he clearly has an intense fantasy life maintained, one where his family didn't essentially abandon him. He is capable of pretending to be sociable and charming, probably through study, and isn't ignorant of social rules, merely indifferent. He has few to no genuine relationships; he has more hopes for a meaningful connection with India that won't make him uncomfortable because he's never known anyone like himself, and hopes that she'll be a better choice of intimate. What bearing this has on the crimes he commits is probably negligible — a similar narrative of a seemingly "together" but weirdly hollow individual trying to find a family of people he can be close to could definitely happen minus the murder, but you probably wouldn't make a film about it.
    • Not a bad theory but his rich fantasy life was due to being locked up in a nut-house all those years and therefore not able to form a social connection with anyone but one nurse. Remember Hannibal Lecter also had a rich inner fantasy world which got him through his time in captivity (his "Mind Palace"). Schizoids aren't generally known for pretending to be sociable or charming whereas sociopaths and psychopaths are, through study. Like schizoids, they are not ignorant of social rules or norms, merely indifferent and sometimes, not even that. Due to their desire to blend in so that they can get whatever it is they want from people, psychopaths and sociopaths are actually more likely to observe social rules and norms, whereas schizoids don't care about being rude because they just want everyone to fuck off! Still, the fact that he hopes for more meaningful and genuine relationships with people is more a trait of a schizoid than a sociopath/psychopath.

India Stoker is a Kryptonian.
  • Extraordinarily acute senses — check. Extraordinarily keen reflexes as a result — check. Dark hair, blue eyes, and mysterious purpose circumventing what one might be societally expected to become? Double-check. She was found as an infant in those gorgeous fields near her home and taken in as Richard and Evelyn's own; Richard is more aware of her potential destructive capabilities, so he tries to keep everything under wraps. Perhaps her speed/strength/other Flying Brick qualities are simply being psychologically inhibited unbeknownst to her. (God knows what Charlie is.)
    • My all makes sense. Maybe Charlie is one of the Zod's agents that hid after the final battle?
      • Charlie is the son of Zod. The Stokers just took him in. He inherited his father's psychopathy. When they had Jonathan he was worried that his parents and Richard would love him more than him because he was a blood relative, ala Loki. India is the daughter of Zod. When Richard and Evelyn found her and took her in, Richard was determined to raise her to turn out differently from his adoptive brother. This explains Charlie's obsession with her: He knows she's a blood relative from the same planet. This would make his eventual sexual attraction to her more a case of The Caligula than Creepy Uncle, though no less disturbing.

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