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The Walter Girls are not human.
  • Walter Girl Paige greeted a follower on Twitter with "Hello, fellow human female!" which seems just a bit too...specific. Plus, Bunny Bennett once mentioned that the satin striped fabric used for the bots' costumes is meant to convey an artificial, man-made quality about them, and the labcoat dresses worn by the Walter Girls are made of the exact same fabric, but white. My guess? Walter Robotics has gotten a lot better at making their robots look human over the years.
    • Perhaps Peter A. Walter VI hasn't revealed this because he doesn't want The Spine to know about it just yet. He doesn't think he's ready to transition.

Weyland Industries is a much older company than we've been led to believe.
  • Check out the logos for Weyland Industries and Walter Robotics. Both companies are headed by a scientist named Peter who's eccentric to say the least. Both use technologies that verge on indistinguishable from magic, seemingly out of nowhere. Both companies make robots.

"Honeybee" was pretty much just a huge misunderstanding
Listen closely to "Brass Goggles", namely the lines about "living things have(ing) feelings". It seems fairly strongly implied that our favorite automatons don't have emotions *at all*.

So how could it be that a robot with no true emotions like Rabbit could fall in love at all? Perhaps instead, Rabbit merely *believed* that she was in love, hence the extreme melodrama that seems to follow, "Turpentine erase me whole" etc. etc.

Rabbit merely acted on protocol, and adapt to surroundings. She did what she believed was right.

No one let her watch soap operas, mmkay?

After the Retcon with Hatchworth, Clockwork Vaudeville became The Jon's backstory
Given that The Jon is no longer one of the original robots and was instead Hatchworth's replacement after the latter's malfunction, perhaps he was the kid who was turned into a robot, maybe in the early 1900s, but was in reserve until the 1930s. Thing is, he came to regret it, and that's why he wants to be a human so badly. He was once, and wants to be again.

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