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Whoever is behind CLEO is well-meaning but doesn't understand how the zombies hear sound
Their beacons keep attracting dangerous zombies because they didn't expect so many zombies would be able to hear the noise their packages make. They probably thought it would only attract small groups, and chance of Freaks showing up would be low.

The Black Fever was created by accident
Sasquatch speculates that the disease is not natural and may have been created artificially. He could be right, but whatever its creator intended, the zombie apocalypse was not what they wanted.

Doctor Horn created the Black Fever, dooming humanity
Why did the doctor blow his own brains out, despite being an 'expert' in this kind of thing? He caused the whole mess. He knew he wasn't infected, but WAS having a My God, What Have I Done? moment. Notice how terrified his assistant gets when your PC at the time says they want *only* the lab reports? Sasquatch claims this whole thing is synthetic. Was this his goal? The destruction of humanity? Only one who can say now is dead.

The coach in the State of Decay 2 video log did take the cure
In this video. There's some debate on YouTube comment sections over this, and there's enough evidence of early playthroughs to show you die within a few days due to the blood plague at best.

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