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The Nihil are a machination by the Sith.
  • Based on Light of the Jedi, this seems unlikely; the Nihil were apparently originally just a minor pirate gang until Marchion Ro's father Asgar gave them the Paths which allowed them to become much more powerful and dangerous. That said, Marchion repeatedly alludes to his family having some history and an old grudge with the Jedi, so there's still room for a Sith connection to the Ros, at least.
    • It's also possible that the Sith don't have anything to do with creating the Nihil, but that the hidden Rule of Two Sith of the High Republic era will nonetheless find some way to profit from the chaos the Nihil and/or the Drengir cause.

We will explore Lothal's past through Sy.
Concept art shows Sy with a lothwolf, and the ancient Lothal paintings in Rebels showed figures that looked like Tholothians.

The titular Acolyte is a Darksider, but is not a Sith
Although the most obvious choice is for a Sith or one's subordinate, it is also possible that "the acolyte" belongs to another branch of the dark side.

Lina Soh will be assassinated.
Charles Soule did say the High Republic is partially based on the Kennedy administration...

At least one of the characters will turn out to be in the same lineage as the main saga characters.
For example, it could turn out that Lula is the master of Thame, who will then train Dooku, who then goes on to train Qui-Gon, and so on.

The Acolyte will explore the more ancient past of Star Wars
Assuming that the titular Acolyte is a Sith, it would be important for an organization of two members, no more, no less, to learn as much as they can of what came before, offering a chance to recanonize aspects of fan favorite Star Wars Legends characters, such as Darth Bane and Revan. Both are currently canon, with Bane being acknowledged as the creator of the Rule of Two, but not much is known about either.

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