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This series will allude to the Kelvin timeline.
It may not be able to reference anything, as 7the inhabitants of the "prime reality" seem to have no way to bear witness to the "Kelvin timeline", but obviously there is still the same branching-off event.
  • Well, at least the destruction of Romulus will be involved.

The "greatest rescue armada" in history is an emergency evacuation of Romulus in 2387.
Heavily hinted at given Word of God that the series deals with fallout from the destruction of Romulus.

The show is set in 2402.
Following on from the previous WMG — fifteen years after the destruction of Romulus in 2387.
  • The series is said to be set 20 years after Star Trek: Nemesis (set in 2379) putting it in 2399 and the rescue armada mission sometime in 2384. Although, the 2387/2402 scenario could work as the devastation following Romulus would certainly be a compelling impetus to Picard resigning from Starfleet.
  • The Comic-Con trailer still hasn’t solved this issue fully.

The series may note the death of Spock.
In this context though, they probably assumed he died being pulled into the black hole as Nero having absolutely no idea they were both thrust back in time and in an Alternate Timeline.

Possible returning characters
Other characters from The Next Generation might show up. It wouldn't be wise to go too overboard since the show's supposed to be about Picard specifically, but maybe characters with close ties to him might appear- Dr. Crusher, Q, and Guinan might work well.
  • One might hope any TNG-era characters would cameo or at least be referenced including, but not limited to Will Riker, Deanna Troi, Geordi, Worf, Miles and Keiko O'Brien, Katherine Janeway; Ben Sisko, etc.
    • Confirmed. The San Diego Comic-Con trailer confirms Seven of Nine and Hugh’s appearance. Data will also be reassembled somehow. One of the writers also mentioned Troi and Riker’s return in a future cameo.

The series may borrow or even canonize plot points of the Star Trek: Countdown comics.
There are some consistencies, like Picard having retired from Starfleet, but it might be in a Broad Strokes manner.
  • Judging from Data’s “corpse” reappearing in the trailer, it looks like Starfleet will resort to taking his memories from B4.

Most of the TNG characters died aboard the Enterprise-E when Romulus was destroyed.
The trailer alludes to a humanitarian mission, presumably involving the imminent destruction of Romulus. Said mission is implied to be Picard's Cynicism Catalyst, and since Riker and Troi (who were on the U.S.S. Titan, per Star Trek: Nemesis) are the only TNG cast members other than Picard and Data confirmed in the show, it's easy to imagine that the Enterprise-E and her remaining crew died in the disaster. Picard likely blames himself if so, which prompts his "impulsive" retirement.

The woman approaching Picard for help is actually a Borg Queen.
At least, a former drone who has the capacity to become one. The overall trailer implys the story will focus on the Borg and the woman's connection to them. My own interpretation of this and from the trailer shots leads me to believe that in this series, Janeway's virus in Endgame utterly crippled the Borg, rendering the Borg to being both severly weakened to the point of no longer being a threat to anyone and leaderless. This lead to Borg ships across the Galaxy shutting down, which could explain the damaged cube here, allowing it the be found and studied by the series' antagonists.They began a process of un-assimilating the drones onboard, but one, the women wanting Picard's help, escaped with her memories wiped. The reason why she is treated as important though is that this particular drone has the capacity to upgrade into a Queen.This would explain why some characters are treating her with dread, as she could potentially become a new Queen and rebuild the Borg back to their previous power. Similiar stories have appeared in beta canon novels, which show the Borg utilising a "Royal" protocol in the event a new queen is required. It would also explain how she feels safe around Picard. She knows him, at least subcounsously, as Locutus.This will make things difficult for Picard, as he will walk a moral tightrope of helping her and her fellow drones escape and discover their humanity, whilst trying to keep them from becoming full drones again and creating a reign of terror under a new Collective.

The woman seeking Picard's help (Dahj is apparently her name) is actually Lal, rebuilt and with her neural pathways repaired, but with her memories locked away.

Why would the above have come about? Perhaps, even after her death, Data had attempted to find a solution to what had caused her cascade failure. Further, he may have made arrangement with one or more of the relevant scientists he's met over the years (Maddox or Haftel, for instance) that his work be continued by them in the event of his death. Thus, some time after that happened, this work was completed. However, again possibly at Data's request, Lal's appearance was altered and her memories were locked away so that she would not have to deal with the grief of having lost her father until she had developed enough. To that end, the same methods of concealing the true nature of the android recreation of Juliana Tainer (Soong's wife) could be used... but perhaps them not being quite so comprehensive as initially believed has led to people being after her, and perhaps her locked away memories are starting to come forth in limited ways as well.

Why might The Borg be after her? Well, the Renegade Borg were interested in her father as potentially being the key to making themselves entirely artificial beings, and The Borg Queen expressed similar interest in Data. Anyone else after her may be trying to prevent The Borg from gaining this advantage, as no longer requiring a organic components may make them a much more terrible enemy than even before.

The woman seeking Picard's help is Tasha Yar's granddaughter.

Why her granddaughter? Well, remember in the episode Redemption, an alternate Tasha Yar went back in time and had a half-Romulan daughter named Sela? This new character is Sela's daughter. It would explain why the Romulans are after her if it was a plan by Sela to start a war between the Romulans and the Federation. Extra points if the father was a clone of Shinzon frotm Nemesis.

That isn't Data in the trailer, it's Lore.

With Data gone and nobody else to keep tabs on his case Picard has been visiting Lore on a regular basis while Starfleet Science has been working to try and stabilize his severe emotional problems. It's something of a last favor to Data who would want his brother looked after even if he is dangerous. They've made enough progress that he can receive regular visitors and remain assembled but it will be decades before he's ready to be released... unless someone with political pull got him out early for a special mission.

  • Or it IS Data, in B-4's body, and they went the path that the online game took with it, the memory copy Data did in Nemesis took root, Data was "revived" as a secondary persona in B-4's body, both personas in 1 body was too much, both wanted to erase them-self for their brother, B-4 beat Data to the punch. it would also explain why "Data" in the trailer is being civil with Picard, and not trying to kill him, for all intents and purposes Data in B-4's body is a medical patient, unable to rise to the same heights he rose to in his original, superior, body.
    • Or it's just a figment of Picard's imagination. Brent Spiner has confirmed that it is B-4 we see in the drawer. And since Data was blown to bits, maybe Picard is being "haunted" by the specter of his lost friend. This is further supported by the second trailer which shows Picard waking up after dreaming about Data.

Data's body will start to suffer with problems.
The problems with Data's body will be due to age. His artificial skin and hair will be beginning to brake down, which will cause wrinkles in the artificial skin as well as his artificial hair will start to lose it's colour and become a grey colour.

The show will introduce two new ships.
The U.S.S. Nimoy ship named after Leonard Nimoy, and the U.S.S. Yelchin ship named after Anton Yelchin.

Data is a hologram.
Perhaps it's Data's memories, extracted from B4 and put in a holodeck matrix. Data's body is still destroyed, B4 is disassembled, but Data himself isn't dead. Or, for a sadder tone, it's just Picard holding on to the past too much, which is why he doesn't want their game to end.

DS9 characters will appear.
Based on [ this tweet], possibly Nana Visitor as Admiral(?) Kira Nerys.
  • Unlikely: the woman in the trailer is an admiral but isn’t a Bajoran. Probably Jossed.

Starfleet has become much more military-oriented and exploration has all but stopped.
Let's face it - Romulus being destroyed would cause a massive shift in the balance of power throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. Starfleet might be forced to assume a warlike footing simply to avoid being a target at the expense of all of its other goals. Hence Picard's disgust with Starfleet as it is now - he's a diplomat and an explorer first, a reluctant soldier only when no other options are left.
  • To say nothing of Starfleet/the Federation's reaction to the persistent threat of the Borg (two of their vessels needed massive fleets to even go toe to toe against, and the both of them STILL reached Earth orbit before being destroyed) and the Dominion War, with the generation of officers now rising the ranks of Starfleet made up of people most familiar with Starfleet as a military force over science and exploration...

The woman seeking Picard is his daughter - biologically speaking.
Shinzon proved that the Romulans had Picard's DNA on file. Some Tal Shiar plot came up in like the wake of Shinzon (or, even, she IS Shinzon's daughter, which, genetically, makes her Jean-Luc's as well), got derailed when Romulus went BOOM, and now some element of what remains is attempting to put her down. This would explain why she feels drawn to Picard.


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