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Everything is double, no triple marinated with meaning!
Enokido Yoji, Blatantly encouraging this sort of thing.

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Takuto is slightly evil.
Or is at least a Byronic Hero. We know that he has a dark past (based on Tiger's reaction to him when he was going to see Sugata), some serious family issues, and is Chaotic Good, leaning toward Selfish Good because it's pretty obvious that he's only being the hero so he can be with Wako. All this adds up to show that there's a lot of potential the he has a dark side.

The Fish Girl's Story Was A Warning To Head
Why was Head so upset about the story's end? Because it was about him. Fish Girl's story was basically a fanciful way of telling the man she loved that he's probably going to end up sacrificing what he really loves for this plans, which will be successful but pointless in the long run.

Head is depressed.
He seems listless and tired most of the time, but he asks for the story from Fish Girl because "he can't sleep." Depressed people are always tired, but have trouble sleeping. His outburst at Fish Girl after her story was because anger is a common symptom of depression in men. And the depression made him lose interest in the things he used to like, which is why he stopped painting.
  • You might be closer than you think. All crux members are based off characters from the 1943 children's novel The Little Prince. The prince meets a king who can only tell the stars to move on their appointed course (Emperor), a banker who covets everything in the sky (Adult Bank), a drunkard who drinks to forget his self made troubles (Bouganville), a lamplighter doomed to keep a fire burning forever (Filament), a geographer who spends all his time making maps of places he will never go (Science Guild), and...... a conceited man who wants to be loved by everyone but is doomed to loneliness by his pride (Vanishing Age).

The Cybodies are supposed to be Emphatic Weapons
Because the "skirt" of Tauburn turns into Attack Drone right the moment when Takuto believes in Mizuno's "be alright" spell. Also how else can he activates Pile Crusher/whatever in a mech that has no cockpit? And judging from Ayingott, the Cybodies have the potential to be sentient as well.

Ayingott has been cursed
What we know about Ayingott is that it:
  • Is an evil Cybody
  • Is "King Type", like Samekh
  • Has been found broken and in giant hand
  • It's pilot is Marino, who may not be a real person but Mizuno's creation.
My theory is that Ayingott has been cursed by the same force that broken it (possibly Samekh) so no person can pilot it. That's why it's pilot is a girl that doesn't even exist.

The school is a mental institute
The kiraboshi members are the staff and breaking the seal is the treatment. That's why they can leave the island afterwards.

Everyone who Head is interested in has a name that starts with an "S".
Sakana, Sora, Shingo, Sugata, and as of episode 22, Sarina. And let's not forget the story Sam the Squid Piercer.

The fish girl's story started after Sarina's play ends.
  • To add further, there might be a possibility of it being completely related to the Cybodies' past.
    • Confirmed by Word of God, Columner is the King in Sam's story. Both of them were Samekh's drivers.

The "ghost girl" is tauburn

the play was the start of a truly bizarre Mind Screw
That's the only think i know from episode 22.

Sarina is, somehow, related to Sora
It explains how she knows about the cybodies and about Reiji's real age.
  • Jossed, Sarina is one of the aliens who created Cybodies, and so is Vice, and is now in charge of looking over them without interfering.

Sugata always knew about Keito's "bed intruding".
He just let her be because, well, he's a pimp. He just was waiting for the right moment to pretend to be awaken and make her confess.

The whole anime is based on sexual innuendo.
Because, c'mon, it's too likely to be true. The whole deal of this show is about teenagers discovering themselves.
  • Don't forget that about half of the cast have the goal of breaking the maiden's seals. To add fuel to the fire, an old term for the hymen is a ''maiden''head.
    • Technically, Shrine Maiden is a rough translation of Miko. Nothing to do with virginity; as a matter of fact, historically, there were miko.

Mark in the play and Sam in the story respectively represent Takuto and Head/ Tokio
If the King in the story is Columner from the play, then his galactic ship must be Samekh. Tokio can't be 'Mark' due to not receiving the family mark, while Takuto did. 'Sam' craved the galactic ship over everything else, including the girl (who represents Sora in particular and life on earth/the future in general) and willingly sacrificed her for his goal.
  • It's also a warning to Tokio that if he succeeds with his plans, he's still going to be unhappy - while 'Mark'/Takuto chose 'Kleis' in his story instead of the ship, and got a happy ending.

The Entropeople...
...Are from the Fish Planet!

Star Driver goes through seasons.
Monochrome (Winter) plays through a few episodes, Wako sings Komorebi no Contact (Spring) in episode 4 shifting to the next season, Mizuno sings Innocent Blue (summer), next is Keito's Akiiro no Aria (Autumn). In episode 25, Monochrome plays shifting to Winter, but soon after Komorebi no Contact turns it back into Spring.

Takuto is a Child Soldier
In one of the episodes, a character comments that Takuto had been trained, since childhood to be a Star Driver. Suddenly, the fact he's so cheerful and upbeat makes this troper wonder if it is partially a mask. I mean, to be as good as he is shown to be he'd had to have been put through Training from Hell at least. When he was a kid. Makes you wonder just how much he's holding back...

At the End of The Movie
The Maidens will form a idol group.

Somehow connected to Accel World
Zero Time=Brain Burst. Hard to say if all this is before or after. Probably after, when some Acceleration Research Society member causes a catastrophe that sets the tech level back a little.


    The Phases & Zero Time 
There's something past Third Phase
We know there are four maidens, and three Phases to Cybodies. The Crux seems to have reached Second Phase by breaking the North Maiden's seal, and they want to break a second seal to reach Third Phase. What happens if they were to break two more phases, if only one more seal is needed to reach Third Phase (and allow non-zero time movement to Cybodies)?
  • I had thought that Third Phase was full Motion Capture Mecha control of the Cybody, but that real-time movement would require a further Phase (Fourth or Fifth). Taubern is a Third-phase Cybody and it still never appears outside of Zero-Time.
  • ONE (Seals Intact): Cybodies nonfunctional. Star Drivers have powers.
  • TWO (North Seal Broken): Cybodies can move in Zero Time; must be piloted from Cybercaskets.
  • THREE (West Seal Broken): Cybodies can move in Zero time; can be directly piloted.
  • FOUR (East Seal Broken): "Can form a deeper connection with Cybodies" or rather Samekh is liberated
  • FIVE (South Seal Broken): Cybodies can function in the real world and Samekh regains his power of control over the flow of time.

Takuto's first phase is his anti-gravity hair

The Glittering Crux member's lifespans shorten each time they use a cybody
Which is also another motive for them to release the cybodies to the rest of the world so they can bipass aging with Zero Time.
  • This actually makes some sense for anyone who doesn't get frozen with Zero Time. In Zero Time, everyone else has their bodily functions stopped in time - alive yet not (slowy) dying (because they're not functioning). People who are active during zero time age faster because their bodies are working during a time when "time" is frozen. In essence, they're accelerating their aging - if Zero Time for once lasted, say, 10 minutes, people active during Zero Time (Crux and those who have a Mark) have aged +10 minutes in comparison to everyone else in the world.
  • It also would give a plausible explanation for why so many of the Glittering Crux members are Younger Than They Look . They spend so much time in Zero Time that they actually are significantly older than people expect them to be. Or, you know, it's just anime.

Tauburn is always one phase ahead of the other Cybodies
Glittering Crux can now access third phase, but Takuto is still overpowering them, and seems to have more control than before. This fits with fourth phase creating 'a deeper connection with Cybodies.' This is also why Head doesn't want someone breaking the third seal before they can break the fourth as well - once they break the third seal Tauburn will reach fifth phase, be able to move in real time, and enable Takuto to smash the rest of the Cybodies to pieces whilst they're still immobile. Fighting 4th phase with 3rd phase is probably the best chance Crux has to beat Takuto.
  • Fourth Phase fuses those with True Marks into their Cybodies as one, but become trapped in Zero Time. Fifth Phase is the ability to bring the Cybodies out of Zero Time. That is the reason why both seals need to be broken simultaneously. This is all mentioned in... whatever episode Vanishing Age takes over.
  • They make offhand allusions to this ("Did you think we were the only ones who upgraded?") but its more likely that Taubern is just a very special phase 3 cybody.

Tauburn isn't trapped in Zero Time the same way as other Cybodies.
When a Cybody is activated it's just popped into Zero Time, but Tauburn has to break in. It could possibly be because it's a foreign Cybody and is trapped in a separate space similar to Zero Time but can enter other Zero Times. It could be a lot of things to be honest.
  • More or less confirmed, as Tauburn was created specially for humans, and it is heavely implied that Takuto could summon it into the normal world any time and regenerate it without a long and risky proccess, as seen in the battles agains Reshbal and Samekh, were Tauburn regenerated in middle of the battle.

Takuto and head's first phase is to be Immortal
If head is takuto's father, then that's why he hasn't aged. The immortality can be type 1 or type 2. That also can explain why we see head a little...bored.
  • Actually, it hasen't nothing to do, as they got different marks. But yeah, Reiji's First Phase is to stop aging (or perhaps time in itself).

Takuto/Tauburn's first phase is to be in the third phase sooner
We still don't know what Takuto's first phase is; if it was some useful power in the fight against the Glittering Crux, wouldn't he have used it by now? On the other hand, why could Tauburn move without the mask/Cybercasket arrangement, when even the other marked pilots needed it, in the initial half of the series? This also fits with Takuto's Hot-Blooded personality.

Tauburn is immune to the maids seal's
because he is a Cybody made specially to humans. Tauburn can enter the fourth phase any time but just if Takuto show enough Libido.

Takuto's first phase is that he can see...the future!
Most importantly, Takuto can see and identify his best possible future. That's why he was shouting all that stuff about still being able to see 'it' during the final episode. If Takuto can still see the future he wants, he can still make it come true if he fights!
  • That's also why we get the sense that he's got more going on with him than he lets on: Takuto can see a lot of things he doesn't want to see as well. That's why he used to be The Stoic.

    Secret Identities 
Head is Takuto's father
What we know of Head:
  • he is the de-facto leader of the Glittering Crux
  • he is an isomniac
  • he "seems more mature than his appearance lets on"
  • he is the representative of the section, Banishing Age
  • he used to paint
  • he is on the island
  • his real name is probably Reiji Miyabi
  • He has a painting signed with an "R"
What we know of Takuto's father:
  • he ran off sometime in Takuto's childhood
  • he paints
  • he signs his paintings with the initial "R"
  • he is probably somewhere in Southern Cross Isle
It's entirely possible.
  • Confirmed as of episode 20

The Vice-President is Takuto's grandfather
The granfather that Takuto is looking for on the island is probably the fox that follows around the drama club members. He's been right under his nose and he hasn't even realized it. This has been done before. See: Pet Shop of Horrors.
  • Takuto's looking for his dad though. So Vice President is Takuto's father?

Alternately, the Vice-President is an aspect of Ginta Ryou's First Phase
You know how he can use animals to spy on people, right? Well, between that and the show actually showing how competent he is, he could have been using Vice-President to spy on Midnight Flight, Genre Savvy enough to know anyone who gets close to the Vice-President quickly turns into a pile of mush and leaving him the advantage on getting intelligence from his enemies.
  • Both of these are jossed, Vice-President is an alien, just like Sarina, one of the creators of the cybodies.

Head is related to the Shindou Family
See above coupled with the following:
  • "There are several portraits of a certain girl on the premises of Southern Cross Academy. (part omitted) It appears that the Shindou estate is in possession of a number of works by the same artist."¹

Keito Nichi is the East Maiden
So far revealed: North Maiden (Sakana/"Fish Girl"), South Maiden (Wako), and West Maiden (Mizuno). There's a scene in episode 8 where Sakana is leaving the island, and possibly had all four of the maidens appearing together. Looking back on the scene with new information from episode 9, there were three. Come on, you can see them pulling off a "coincidence" that the four maidens met on a bus by chance right?
  • Episode 10 reveals that Keito, Sugata, and Wako used to hang out together when they were younger. How interesting.
  • Further evidence in favour of this: Look at the 4 "seals" in Zero Time. The broken seal is clearly marked with Sakana's mark (Nun - see [1]) and the others consist of three rotating sections - turn those sections to the right orientation and they would be marked with the symbols Waw, Mem and Heth. Wako's symbol is Waw, and the symbol on Keito Nichi/Ivroigne's mask is Heth. (This also implies that Mizuno's mark is Mem.)
    • And here's the cherry on top. The letter Heth looks like the kanji 日, which can be read "nichi," like Keito's last name. If she isn't the east maiden the only explanation is the writers pulling a Mind Screw on us. Knowing these writers we should probably prepare for that though.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 15.
    • What confirms is is when, in episode 14, we see a quick flash of a dark-haired girl in Ayingott's visions. Then, jumping to the end, Keito asks if the Marino has seen the West Maiden. Marino says she didn't; then, she asks "what about me", to confirm if Ayingott was working, clearly stating that she is the East Maiden.

Head is the East Maiden.
Just wait.
  • Jossed, but it's a hillarious theory anyways.

The Cybodies and families of mark bearers are aliens in origin.
Because the Crux speak of preparation for a "departure". While this can be understood as releasing the Cybodies to the real world, Keito's speech to Benio "Will you stay here watching us depart?" seems to imply that the Crux may want to get into space. Also sans Takuto, the mark bearers seem to live exclusively on Southern Cross Isle, so that isle may be originally a colony of aliens.
  • What Sarina says in all recent episodes since the play might make this theory more likely than one thinks.

Sakana aka Fish Girl is Takuto's mother.
So it's implied that Takuto's mother died when he was born, since he was raised by his grandfather. And if I remember right, all the maidens were born on the same day. What if she got reincarnated or...something into the North Maiden? They look vaguely similar, aside from the hair color. Kind of. Also it might possibly explain why Head is so fixated on her. She liked him back, after all.
  • Jossed, his mother is an islander who met Head 17 years ago.

Takuto and Sugata are twins
  • they were born on the same day
  • Fish girl's story, which seems to be about Head's past, prominently features the colors blue and red
  • Head's paintings are hanging in the Shindou house
  • Head basically says he loves Sugata and that Sugata is fated to be painted by him
  • Sora's last name is conspicuously unmentioned, but the fact that she's betrothed to someone with a mark makes it likely she's a Shindou.
  • Sugatas are forbidden to leave the island under pain of death, which explains why Ikarou would have taken Takuto but left Sugata behind.

All characters who have a true mark are aliens
Or descendants of aliens. Takuto is the only full human that has a true mark and thus pilots Tauburn, the only cybody that was built for non-aliens.
  • Jossed, the aliens gave their marks to their families before leaving the planet, though.

Sarina is Sora.
Okay, it already treads into Epileptic Tree territory, but considering all things, might not be too farfetched, even if it's through reincarnation/rebirth.

The Maid's represent the four elements
The north Maiden represent the fire, as it seems that, after broke the North Maiden's seal, the vulcan started to awake. Wako represent the water. Because she do that kind of ritual in water. Mizuno represent the wind. Why? because she seems to be pretty faster and agile. she love to sit on the bus ceiling. and other things...
  • I would argue that Sakana represents water (being the "fish girl" and all), Mizuno represents wind (her personality is carefree and really "wind-like", she has an affinity for birds), Wako represents earth (calm, kind, immovable), and Keito represents fire (scornful, though not completely malevolent).

The maiden's songs are fragments of a sole song
Well the Four songs do play in a row in the last episode.
Keito Nichi is asexual.
Keito's motivation is to free herself (and everybody else if its convenient).
She thinks that she's the Big Damn Hero in this show trying to move southern cross island into a brighter future, and that Takuto is a villain for trying to prop up a decrepit system that imprisons people both metaphorically and literally. If a few people get murdered by giant robots in the process, well thats the price of progress. Her song lyrics hint at this theory pretty strongly. Destruction marks a new beginning / For a single life / Even though nobody know that / life still harbors within our hearts / All who see the truth are tied with a bond / Forever
  • As of Episode 24, seems to be very likely.
    • As of Episode 25, Jossed, Disastrously

Sakana-chan left the island because she was pregnant
... With Head's child of course. Head probably sent her away to the main land because of the obvious parallels between Sora and her. This is why Sakana-chan threw away her clothes because they were getting too tight for her. She doesn't know about Sora so she just says "it didn't work out."

Sugata didn't fall into a deep slumber nor died not because of Takuto, but because of Keito.
Her maiden powers, together with her overflowing libido, might have passed the energy onto him (during her "adventures"), allowing him to have enough libido to survive his first apprivoise.
  • Apparently confirmed as of Episode 24?

The Maidens are related to the four seasons
It goes like this: North - Winter, East - Spring, West - Fall. At least three maidens are seen remarking that the wind of their season has come when they're the major focus of the story arc. Also, it shows that the series is averting Comic-Book Time entirely: Sakana and Wako sing when it's spring, the beginning of the school year. Mizuno sings during the summer term, and Keito sings in the autumn.
  • More like South - Spring, West - Summer, East - Autumn and North - Winter (judging by the fact she seems to like the idea of snow and her song even mentions it). Which is different from the usual set: usually, it is North - Winter, East - Spring, South - Summer and West - Autumn, as was said before.

's ability to see Takuto's flashback was caused by two Cybodies.Her first phase is to create a sister/clone, who in turn apprivoised with Ayingott. Ayingott's ability was primarily 'looking for the maidens', but that could easily be extended to a general divination ability. So looking at Takuto's backstory wouldn't be out of place as a first phase.

    Plot Twists 
Head is a Reverse Mole
At this point everything he did only makes things harder for Crux. He set them up to compete for leadership, put Marino in charge of finding West Maiden, practically sealing their only way to reach Third Phase and convinced Sugata to use his powers to help Takuto. It seems like he doesn't want Crux to win and does everything to torpedo their every chance to defeat Tauburn. Maybe he and Takuto really works together to take it down?

Head somehow benefits from Crux defeats
Alternative to theory above. Head wants Takuto to destroy all Crux Cybodies. Maybe he sacrifices them through the battles to empower himself or something else, or drains the power from pilot's emotions or fights themselves. Or maybe he wants Takuto and/or Sugata to reach certain level on power, at which he will use them in his real plan?
  • Partiarly confirmed. Head resurrected all Cybodies broken by Takuto as his servants in final episode.

Head will use Sugata in his Cybody as Shinada did
In the new opening, there is a blue cybody that looks like Tauburn using the sword that Sugata once gave to Tauburn. He is talking to Sugata too, slowly, to use him in his battle against Takuto and as Head is, maybe, the strongest of Kiraboshi he will avoid giving the Cybody's control to Sugata.
  • As of Ep 23... It might happen. Or it might be Samekh itself.
    • It was, he took over both Suagata and Samekh

Takuto, Sugata, or some other protagoinst will die during the final episodes.
Despite evidence that Star Driver is a series where Nobody Can Die, there's been quite a few background characters that have done so (ex. the previous owners of the King Cybody that 'never woke up'), and a flashback in Episode 16 shows Takuto attending his friend Natsuo's funeral.] And wouldn't something like this be the perfect spark to ignite a last-minute drama bomb?
  • Jossed, everyone in the entire world ended up being alive and well.

Head has stolen Takuto's father's body
As well as all his abilities, mark and painting skills. He currently wants to do the same with Sugata. Also, Takuto's father is now trapped in Vice President's body.

Marino was real... until she got into Ayingott
Anyingott basically retconned her existence into an illusion creature by Mizuno but because it was still only in the second phase and because it was destroyed the effect wore off once Mizuno left the island. Ayingott was destroyed in the first place because this wasn't the first time that it had done strange things to its pilot.

Shingo will end up as the Big Bad
Tokio didn't seem to distance himself from Sora and Ryousuke until after his appearance with Shingo, where it's implied that Tokio seduced him to access his mark. However, Shingo could have been manipulating Tokio, planting something in him to exacerbate his resentment of Ryousuke and Icaro, causing him to abandon Sora and succumb to his ambition. Shingo then betrays Tokio, falling into a coma to preserve his mark, while waiting for his plan to come to fruition...
  • Knowing the series' tonal and symbolic similarities to Revolutionary Girl Utena, the writer could very well be playing with the audience's preconceptions about manipulation and seduction in storytelling.
  • Come Episode 20, the hints upcoming sympathy points towards Head, with the reappearance (presumably in flashback) of Sakana-chan, she having reawakened the humanity suppressed by his ambition.
  • The audience is, by now, too familiar with Head to make him the biggest bad of the story. He's just not enough of a threat any more, the Nipple Stud Lesbians are too goofy, and the rest of the Crux members are either barely there or leaning towards Takuto's side. Something bigger needs to happen to close the third act. Shingo, Star Driver of the 22nd Cybody, could be a Chekov's Gun.
  • Head describes him as 'falling into a coma', but that's just because of the primitive state of Cybody science at the time. With our modern knowledge, it's clear that his condition is 'Sugata's Syndrome' — tapping into the power of an immense King-type Cybody. When he wakes up, everybody is going to be scared.
    • Apparently Jossed.

Takuto will die in the final battle
Or Ascended To A Higher Plane Of Existence

The other Crux members (Adult Bank, Filament) will team up with Takuto to bring down Vanishing Age
  • This is looking more and more likely, as all the crux leaders are getting both Pet the Dog moments and motives to Heel–Face Turn. Professor Green got passed over as head of the science guild, Kanako is increasingly realizing she's the Only Sane Man in the group, Benio is going to wig out when Emperor Sugata (inevitably) passes her over, and god only knows whose side Keito is on at any given moment.
  • Or since its looking like Vanishing Age aren't the problem anymore, Samekh
    • Guess what, some Crux members do get to take down Samekh's evil Cybody minions.

Everything was a plan by Fukubuchou.
Because Star Driver always pokes a bit of fun of some tropes and pop culture elements. So, why not poking fun of Puella Magi Madoka Magica as well and make the apparently cute critter as the evil mastermind?

Takuto will lose the final battle.
He's up against the most powerful Cybody, Samekh, plus his dad, who supposedly has one the strongest warrior Cybodies. From a meta perspective, the most earth-shattering plot twist the show can have is if The Bad Guy Wins; this time there will be no New Powers as the Plot Demands, heck, they probably used that trope just so they can subvert it now! Additionally, there's still a bunch of plot threads still waiting to be explored. Which leads to my next WMG...

There will be a second season for Star Driver.
  • Or probably a movie, like Utena.
    • Original poster here: since it looks like I've been proven wrong, I'm now betting on a special episode or two for Star Driver's epilogue. It would bring the episode total to a nice 26.
    • Actually, there is now mention of a movie coming out in February so...YAY!

Takuto doesn't have a first phase...because he has no mark
His family doesn't have a mark, it is a lie takuto's grandfather tell to him and Head. Takuto is able to enter in zero time because of his extreme levels of libido...

The serie is All Just a Dream
In the climax of the final battle...Takuto will awake from the accident were he made his scar, discovering that everything was just a dream, he never knew Sugata and Wako, he never fought against Glitterning star in a FABULOUS style and a FABULOUS mecha, he never become a Chick Magnet and never kissed a girl...until his grandfather tell him the exactly same words showed in Takuto's flashback

    Grand Unifying Guesses 
Zero Time and Cybodies were created by the events of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Remember the Megaton Punch that made one of Anti Spiral's constructs break through the reality? What we have seen in hole it created looked similar to Zero Time. That construct was sent to the Star Driver Universe and Cybodies were created by reverse engineering its technology, just like Laganns. Zero Time is a link between both Universes and Cybodies work only there, because it's full of Spiral Power, leaking from the TTGL Universe.
  • Also, the story North Maiden was telling Head is legend based on Simon's history, that suffered Adaptation Decay. Sam is Simon, the girl is Nia, King is Lordgenome, Squid Emperor is Anti-Spiral and ship is Cathedral Terra.
  • While listening to Mizuno's story about evil demon king, who sealed magic, because he didn't wanted people to use it, anybody else has though of Anti-Spiral?
  • Samekh is wrong Cybody that wants to consume all libido/life force/spiral energy in the world. Therefore, it's an aspect of Spiral Nemesis
  • Leeron was clearly involved in setting up society somehow. Seriously.

Sugata is an alternate version of Lelouch
They have the same voice actor, they are from royalty (Sugata's cybody is called "King of the Cybodies" for something...) the two are pretty...close to his best friend, both has a cool power, in some way relationated with the word "King". An, more important, both of them have their own army with mask's!
  • Except the Glittering Star isn't under Sugata. They did try to recruit him and fail, however.
    • Or did they?
  • Takuto is the alternate version of Suzaku, as the ace pilot best friend.

It's an (almost) perfect match:
  • They both live in a universe with Humongous Mecha.
  • They're both Ordinary High School Students involved in a routine of Get Up, Go to School, Save the World.
  • They're both pretty nice people, unless you annoy them (how easily you they get annoyed, however, varies from one to the other), if you do, run the other way.
  • They both awaken their powers in one of the first episodes.
  • They usually leave most of the fighting for the main character, but are useful in helping him fight.
  • They are both involved in a Love Triangle with one person of their own gender and one of the other.
  • They both have a scene in the bath with their romantic rival.
  • And of course both have blue hair.

The north Maiden is Eureka, either in the past or the future
Seriously, the likeness is frightening. Did Eureka Seven ever say why Eureka was made the way she was?
  • The Scub coral based the appearance of the titular character of Eureka Seven on the Sakana/"Fish girl", or that they used Sakana/"Fish Girl" as some sort of template.
    • Eureka Seven was around first, though. Perhaps, some 1000 years after the end of Eureka Seven, this is possible.
  • I thought the same as the original poster when I first saw Sakana. And the long blue hair and gold ring around her neck didn't help things.
Utena is Takuto's mother
where to start...

The Cybodies are Daleks
...or at least some other menace from the Doctor Who milieu. The Book of the War spells it out:
The enemy is known to be capable of creating an artificial form of time, known as "zero time," which in effect adds extra time in which to re-fight a battle yet again.

Star Driver happen in the same universe as Utena
And, befire the serie ends, we will see a cameo of Utena.

Star Driver is based on Cthulhu Mythos
With Samekh being either counterpart for:
  • Great Cthulhu, as they both lie asleep on Earth And would bring The End of the World as We Know It if awakened which means there is set of even more powerfull Cybodies in the space.
  • Azatoth, with four Maidens and Zero Time being counterparts to Elder Gods, keeping Azatoth asleep. And in last episode Head tried to become one with Samekh just like Nyarlatothep is one with Azatoth.

Fukubuchou and Sarina are from the same planet as Kyubey.
But instead of contracting little girls to gather their energy, they decided to take energy from the libido of slightly older teenagers (and a few adults) of both genders.


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