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The Husband and Wife are indeed Madarame and Kasukabe

Shimoko is making use of this series slow pacing and long release schedule to tie with Genshiken's ongoing 2nd Part; being clever in not naming the protagonists till Genshiken 2 starts opening (or finishes with) the way for Madarame and Kasukabe to start a relationship, so far he's only giving subtle hints for fans to catch on it, and only then he will make all connections clear.

The Husband and Wife are not Madarame and Kasukabe

Knowing that the pairing is popular with shippers, Kio Shimoku wanted to troll his fans.
  • With the release of chapter 80, this looks like the case. Well, okay, maybe not the trolling part.
    • Madarame got rejected as a young adult in Genshiken II, we don't know how old the Husband and the Wife are in this series, many things could have happened through the years for Saki to have changed her mind or other factors disrupting her relationship with Kousaka. Unless Genshiken II or Spotted Flower says word for word that the Husband and Wife aren't Madarame and Saki, speculations are still in the air.
    • Well there's also the fact that they have nearly none of the features that either of them have, and they also have different eyes.
    • That and the way Nidaime is going, Madarame is going a different route altogether.

Hato decided on MTF transition after Yajima confessed she would always love him

Yajima's braveness would've been enough to make him realise that it's "okay to be you" and follow your heart. Chapter 16.5 would suggest they are also in a sexual relationship.
  • and Chapter 17 pretty much confirms it.

The new baby that is born is the exact same Saki in Genshiken.

  • I mean, seriously, with the latest chapter (20) that's her name. And her mother looks exactly like Saki, and people say that the baby looks like her mother. -sdarkpaladin

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