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Possible conclusions to the Gainax Ending
At the end of the game, after the entire game was seemingly revealed to be Gary's dream, Gary notices a few similarities to his 'dream' and 'real life' (assuming it doesn't happen before he first had that dream, though Garry passing out before he could eat part of the patty could disprove that), with the biggest of all being the Alaskan Bullworm eating SpongeBob right in front of Gary, causing Gary to pass out. This could mean that: a) everything in this game really happened, and Old Man Jenkins may or may not have been eaten again, b) Gary may still be in a dream, and it might not even be his, or c) Gary really did awake from his dreams and now that he passed out from the bullworm, he's going to have them fresh in his mind when he dreams again...
  • If b) is correct, then the dream just might actually belong to Mr Krabs, as not only is the Big Bad a Krabby Patty, someone with poor and abusive views of people around him wouldn't have been from a Nice Guy like Gary, it would be from a Mean Boss that loves to torment SpongeBob; as he loses his boating license that he's been giving over a million attempts to get, get his car destroyed by Piston!Patrick, falls down a chasm, gets eaten by a Bullworm (twice!), and gets captured by Plankton, Patrick; as he's clearly 70% oblivious to what's happening around him, saves a civilian from a train, only to find out that he's an Ungrateful Bastard who constantly demands for his clothing back, fails to defeat his own counterpart, gets launched into space, gets attacked by a Patty UFO's Laser, and gets knocked out when he tried to eat the Krabby Patty, Plankton, who he delivers several hope spots to, only for them to get crushed seconds latter, such as when he grew a crumb into a patty, only for it to come to life, seemingly escaping the patty, with Laser-Guided Karma results for Plankton turning into a Smug Snake, Plankton failing to permanently capture the patty while big, no matter how close he gets, gets beaten up by Patrick, out of all the people, and then gets his Krabby Patty utopia crushed, then the Chum Bucket gets flattened right he thinks The Krusty Krab will be squashed, and Squidward and Gary, who he seldom cares about; with them, besides Gary in "Diesel Dreaming" and the real ending, only getting minor mentions. Whenever something good happens for a change, such as SpongeBob escaping the Bullworm, Plankton growing 50 feet, and Patrick Defeating Plankton, it's when his benevolent side kicks in, though it doesn't last long as he's back to watching the three suffer.
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  • If b) or c) is corrent SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton are probably all astral projections, as seen in "Sleepy Time". The evidence toward this is that all three of the playable characters are true to their portrail in the show, which can include details such as SpongeBob wanting to be more mature (hench the edgy design when he's driving in "Diesel Dreaming"), Patrick wanting to be an all-loved hero, and Plankton having a therapist and building a utopia for Bikini Bottom , which are private details that neither Gary or Mr. Krabs (though Gary might have known about the details about SpongeBob) could have known about. Also, just like in the episode, SpongeBob wants to get his license (and does this time), Patrick ends up riding something (a stupid rocket traveling faster then the speed of thought instead of a seahorse kiddy ride, and instead of losing his last quarter, he gets attacked by a laser), and Plankton grows 50 feet and the Krusty Krab gets endangered (but survives this time,) which would've been altered by the likes of Gary or Mr. Krabs. Which would explain why they do activities similar to what they did in their dream in the true ending.

In the episode "Sleepy Time", it's shown that SpongeBob can't even get his boating license in his dreams, yet he's able to drive fine in this dream, which would mean that he was able to see in that episode, but he still couldn't have gotten his boating license legally because you're not allowed to drive blindfolded. So Ms. Puff choose to go along with the SpongeBob having a 'real' license as long as SpongeBob didn't get into any boat/car crashes (she was nowhere to be seen when SpongeBob drove into a chasm due to being distracted by his bragging), unaware that SpongeBob can't even see.

The phone guy is Bill Fagerbakke.
If he was a character In-Universe, how would he know about the controller buttons? Plus Patrick has had more than one encounter with humans in the past.

Garry must have resorted to memes to cope with his his stress after he saw his owner, SpongeBob, get swallowed alive, right? Garry has shown some intelligent in the past, so he probably knows how to use a computer.

The game takes place during the shows Seasonal Rot
Throughout the game, the three playable characters and Karen all suffer from Flanderization. SpongeBob is almost always smiling and acting as positive as possible, regardless of the situation, while the original SpongeBob would show a changing degree of emotions, somehow believes that Plankton has a new haircut, and then desires to help Plankton after he rampages through the city, something that would be too much even for a All-Loving Hero like him. Patrick has his ditziness and obliviousness taken Up to 11, mistaking The Dreaded Patrick's Evil Laugh as to him reacting to a joke, believing that by 'clean[ing] up the' city, he needs to wash it with laundry detergent, taking several seconds to realize he's in space, noticing something that's black and a hole, yet failing to determine what it is, when he heads back to Earth, he doesn't realize there's a emergency brake button until the last possible moment, and when the Doctor, aka The Krabby Patty, removes his disguise, Patrick has a Delayed Reaction. Sheldon J. Plankton takes his full name with stride as opposed to being offended by it. Finally, Karen proves herself to be dumber then Plankton, failing to notice that the shrink rays coordinance was wrong, talking with No Indoor Voice when Plankton tries to sneak away from the giant patty, and when Plankton uses the shrink ray on himelf with the correct coordinance, she points out that he has grown bigger. And as usual, Garry is Out of Focus and stuck with cameos until the true ending.
  • That being said, Patrick does retain some of his Genius Ditz moments, lampshading the unusual events in the game, such as having no use for all of the laundry detergent he collected, getting defeated by the Arc Villain The Dreaded Patrick, being surprised on how easy it was to remove the previously inescapable ropes that he was tied by, and he states that riding an out of control rocket is a bad place to fall asleep at.

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