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The big bad is Mr.Negative
Based on the men wearing masks similar to those worn by Inner Demons.
  • At the very least, he's confirmed to be in the game as of the 2017 trailer. His Demons are moving in on Kingpin's territory.
  • Him being the big bad is possibly Jossed in the E3 2018 gameplay preview, which shows him working with Electro, Scorpion, Rhino, and Vulture, under orders from someone else.
  • Half-confirmed. He's one of the main villains of the story, the other being Doctor Octopus, who serves as the final threat.

There will be DLC of Spidey as a teen.
With Homecoming having been released, it would help; plus, it could show the contrast between the experienced Spidey in the game, and the rookie he was when he started.

James Arnold Taylor will do a Role Reprise as Spider-Man
Just to throw in one more connection with the Ratchet & Clank series, considering the game is being developed by the same company and even runs on the same engine.

There will be stealth missions with Peter Parker
In situations where going in as Spider-Man and beating up bad guys isn't an option, he'll instead sneak in as Peter Parker, with the objective of taking pictures without being noticed.
  • Partially jossed. This is the exact function of the Mary Jane stealth missions, though there is one mission in the base game where Pete is looking for evidence to convict Martin Li as Mr. Negative inside F.E.A.S.T, and another in the Silver Lining DLC where Pete follows two Hammerhead Thugs in his normal persona to gather intel on Hammerhead’s whereabouts.

Amongst the possible unlockable/DLC suits, there will be...
  • The classic, iconic suit
    • Confirmed. The player starts the game in the classic suit.
  • Symbiote
    • jossed
  • Iron Spider
  • 2099
    • Confirmed with both black and white suits
  • Noir
    • Confirmed.
  • Miles Morales
  • The original suit (from Amazing Fantasy #15)
    • Any version of his wrestling/proto-costume
      • Confirmed
  • Captain Universe (which will activate God Mode when worn)
  • Bombastic Bag-Man
    • Confirmed as DLC
  • Scarlet Spider
    • Ben Reilly's spider-suit
      • Spider-Carnage
  • Future Foundation
  • "Stealth" Spider-Man
    • Confirmed
  • "Armored" Spider-Man
    • Confirmed with Spider-Armor MKII MIII and MKIV suits
  • The Raimi Films Spider-Man
    • Confirmed as free DLC
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man
    • Confirmed in a sense. The Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War will be making an appearance.
      • Confirmed with the Stark suit
  • Prodigy
  • Electro-proof suit
    • Confirmed
  • Man-Spider
  • Jack Kirby's original design
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Supaidaman: Summoning a human-sized (to keep it from being a Game-Breaker) Leopardon will be his special ability.

Spidey's big three arch enemies will all be heavily involved in the game's story mode, in some way, shape or form.
  • Half-right. Doc Ock is the final Big Bad for the story and Norman might be on his way to being a Goblin and is an enemy regardless. Venom however is nowhere to be seen.
    • Three-quarters right. While it doesn't figure into the game's main plot, the Venom Symbiote appears in The Stinger

The game is the start of a Shared Universe of Marvel Comics video games
Since it's confirmed to take place in its own universe independent of both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Shared Universe approach has worked for both the movies and TV shows in the MCU, this game would be the perfect starting point for a similar video game universe, potentially leading into video games based on the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Young Avengers, Excalibur and Defenders, and maybe even a Crisis Crossover video game (acting as a Spiritual Successor to Marvel Ultimate Alliance) and another crossover with Capcom's franchises.

The white Spider symbol is related to the symbiote.
Since Insomniac have said on Twitter that there's a reason for the white Spider symbol, and it resembles the symbol on the Symbiote suit, the story may involve the Symbiote slowly taking Peter over, with more black parts appearing on his suit over time until it's just straight-up the black suit. Near the climax of the story, Peter will reject the Symbiote and return to his classic costume.
  • Jossed. The devs mention that the white portions of the suit are a flexible carbon fiber.

Spider-Gwen will appear
In this continuity, it will be Captain Stacy that was killed by the Green Goblin. She'll have been bitten by the radioactive spider that bit Peter, but didn't act on her abilities until her father died. Wanting to avenge her father, she'll don her own Spider costume to seek out the Green Goblin. She'll also not be very fond of Spider-Man because part of her blames him for her father's death.]
  • Jossed.

Venom will be playable...again.
Whether it be an extra mode or DLC, Venom will be a playable character - also protecting the innocent. But, true to his character, his ways of doing so are a bit more...lethal.

The Green Goblin is responsible for all the trouble in the city, so he can become mayor of New York City
Assuming that it's Norman Osborn, of course he would be behind all the crime waves, especially since the Kingpin is in prison. Not only does it cause problems for the Wall-Crawler, but it probably also fuels his mayoral campaign on "cleaning up" the city of crime.
  • Jossed. Norman Osborn is shown to not (yet) be the Green Goblin in this series. The true mastermind is Doctor Octopus.

Peter will be killed off, retire or incapacitated at the end of this game, thus setting up Miles Morales as the protagonist of the sequel.
There might be some foreshadowing in the trailer with Peter discussing wanting more time to "just be Peter". It could also be the reason why they closed the age gap between Miles and Peter, and made Peter a veteran of the hero business. They are trying to tell a story of one hero passing the torch to another and it was more natural if Pete and Miles already know each other.
  • Possibly Jossed. Peter Parker of this game confirmed to appear in upcoming Spider-Geddhon series, which take place after the game event.
  • Close, but Jossed. Spidey almost sacrifices himself to stop Otto, but manages to survive and recover.

     Cameos and References 
The following could actually appear, be mentioned, or if they're going in wholesale on the influences from the Arkham games be referenced in conversation or through Daily Bugle articles.
  • Fantastic Four- "Explorers return from space, Demonstrate fantastic abilities", "Portal to another world found in Baxter building".
  • Iron Man- "Who is newest security guard at Stark Industries?", "Tony Stark rescued from terrorists, ends all weapon production at company", "Armored figure seen in Middle East. Agent of Tony Stark?".
  • Captain America- "Super soldier found frozen alive in Arctic", "WWII legend returns to action in battle against Serpent Society", "Shock of the year! Steve Rogers turns in shield!"
  • Hulk- "Noted gamma researcher disappears after military test failure", "General Ross announces manhunt for missing scientist", "Appearance of strange green creature coincides with military operations".
  • Thor- "Crater created in New Mexico, Unmovable hammer found at center", "Drifter claims to be Norse god, seen carrying unliftable hammer", "Journey into Mystery: Astrophysicist has adventure in Asgard".
  • Ant-Man- "Tale to Astonish! Actual shrinking man fights crime in San Francisco", "Pym industries CEO reportedly has mental breakdown".
  • Wasp- "From trendsetting to crimebusting, Van Dyne heiress gives sting to newly formed group of heroes".
  • Doctor Strange- "Famed surgeon has hands ruined in car accident", "From medicine to magic, former surgeon moves to Greenwich Village and offers consultations of a mystic variety", "Greenwich residents report strange sightings, claim involvement of Stephen Strange", "Surgeon paralyzed in car accident", "Wizard takes up residence on Bleecker Street."
    • Confirmed. The Sanctum Sanctorum is present in the game.
  • American Chavez - "Latina-American
  • Black Panther- "Jungle Action! Explorers claim calamitous run-in with cat man", "Wakandan prince petitions UN for country's entry, sightings of cat man in capitol not seen as coincidental".
    • Confirmed. After taking a photo of the Wakandan Embassy Peter will muse about how king T'Challa got his powers.
  • Captain Marvel- "Air force pilot injured in explosion, awakens with amazing abilities", "Aliens among us? Blue skinned being seen fleeing from observatory destruction".
  • Quicksilver- "Crime spree committed by unseen criminal, people claim mutant as culprit", "Terroist turned savior? Sokovian speedster joins Avengers, speaks out against HYDRA".
  • Scarlet Witch- "Sokovians speak of haunting nightmares, blame Witch of Wundagore", "Sokovian refugee seeks safety in States, believed hunted due to mutant status", "Avengers welcome little witch, newest member makes Earth's Mightiest even mightier with magic touch".
  • Falcon- "Former paratrooper breaks up AIM actions on abandoned island", "Falcon flies high! Captain America's new partner".
  • Vision- "What measure is a man? Synthezoid specter proves value as an artificial Avenger", "Attacks on major science labs continue, survivors describe culprit as unearthly vision".
  • X-Men- "Charles Xavier opens School for Gifted Students", "Anti-mutant sentiment on the rise, unknown group increases activity", "Government announces "Sentinel Project" in response to alleged mutant terrorism, controversy ensues."
  • Cyclops- "Suspected vandal taken in as first student of Xavier School for Gifted Children", "Red light seen during property destruction, orphan held in suspicion."
  • Jean Grey- "Charles Xavier visits Grey parents, daughter awakens from coma", "Doctor Grey enters debate on topic of mutants".
  • Beast- "Doctor McCoy outed as mutant in light of physical mutation", "Blue beast seen around Brand Corporation, suspected as mutant".
  • Angel- "Worthington heir comes out as mutant, pulls company support from controversial projects", "Worthington heir has wings clipped, believed dead in plane crash".
  • Iceman- "Mutant menace after all? X-Men member seen aiding Spider-Menace", "A new X-Team? X-Men members seen recruiting other heroes in Los Angeles".
  • Nightcrawler- "Not a cheap trick! Circus performer recruited as newest X-Men member", "Controversy arises as Church plans to ordain mutant".
  • Storm- "Savior of the Savannah! Tribes of Africa thrives thanks to supposed storm goddess", "Wedding of the Century! Member of X-Men to wed Prince T'Challa of Wakanda".
  • Wolverine- "How far will the X-Men go? Evidence comes to light that one member has blood on their claws", "Yakuza family broken up, claim man known as "the Wolverine" to be responsible".
  • Dazzler- "Singer more gifted than thought? Light shows done at concerts the result of mutant ability".
  • Gambit- "Impossible thefts pulled of in New Orleans, police suspect rumored Thieves Guild", "Signs of explosions found at scene of crimes, testing shows no evidence of bombs".
  • Magneto- "Mutant terrorist steals nuclear weaponry, UN gathers to discuss response", "Mutant criminal Magneto to go on trial for crimes, public opinion varies on results deserved".
  • X-Factor- "Man comes out as mutant, opens detective agency to public approval".
  • Daredevil- "Mysterious vigilante officially dubbed Devil of Hell's Kitchen", "Matt Murdock to prosecute in the Fisk case".
    • Partially confirmed. One of the backpack collectibles is a business card for Nelson & Murdock, but Spidey doesn't appear to know about the Daredevil.
  • Luke Cage- "Bulletproof man believed to be active in Harlem", "Hero for Hire actually escaped convict? State of Georgia pushes for extradition of Harlem resident".
  • Iron Fist- "Return to form for Rand Enterprises? Danny Rand returns to New York", "A savior in the shadows? Ninjas struck down by man with glowing fist".
    • Confirmed. A Rand Industries tower is present in the game.
  • Jessica Jones- "Hidden hero of Hell's Kitchen? Local investigator shows super strength in secret". "Plague of the Purple Man? Several citizens come forth about experiences with menacing legend."
    • Confirmed. A sign for Alias Investigations is visible in a window in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Punisher- "Ex-soldier goes on rampage, victims are all confirmed criminals", "Shoot-out between rival gangs has confirmed casualties, widowed veteran rages at police station".
  • Runaways- "New group of heroes active in LA, authorities concerned by age of members", "Rumored criminal organization the Pride supposedly broken up, criminal activity on the rise".
  • New Warriors- "New heroes gather to form own team, boast of surpassing Avengers one day", "Ambitious or overwhelmed? A discussion on the merits of being free of government oversight".
  • Nova- "New hero claims cosmic powers, showcases self as Human Rocket", "Earth entering the cosmic arena? An overview of our involvement with events from the stars".
  • Firestar- "A shining star debuts, Spider-Man's Amazing friend".
  • Inhumans- "Were we ever alone? A new race of humanity appears, claim ancestors were altered by aliens", "Truth about Terrigen, the secret behind worldwide transformations for select individuals is revealed".
  • Ghost Rider- "Unknown figure seen riding America's roads, supposedly Spirit of Vengeance", "Vengeance comes to LA? Skull headed figure seen attacking criminals".
  • Blade- "Sword-wielding figure seen active in streets of New York, bystanders report as vampire hunter", "Supposed vampire hunter attacks Michael Morbius, scientist declines to comment".
  • Man-Thing- "Scientist killed in lab explosion, body lost to swamp", "Unknown figure seen lurking in swamp, mysterious deaths possibly connected".
  • Sub-Mariner- "Sunken civilization discovered, unknown figure seen near ruins", "maritime attacks continue, reports of strange creatures prevalent"
  • Captain Britain- "British invasion in reverse, Britain's new hero clearly inspired by Captain America", "British intelligence agency to create own version of Avengers".
  • Deadpool- "Chimichanga-eating mercenary wreaks havoc!", "Scientist Killbrew restarts Weapon X Program"
  • Doctor Doom- "Sovereign of Latveria attends United Nations meeting", "Owner of Domashev Enterprises rumored to be magic supervillain"
  • Howard the Duck- "Man-Duck walks among us?"
  • Masters of Evil- "Industrialist Bruno Hogan announces partnership with Professor Nathan Garret and Dr. Chen Lu", "Actor Simon Williams missing, authorities suspect known war criminal Heinrich Zemo"

     Possible Villains 
  • Anti-Venom- Will appear working against Mr. Negative and one of the missions will be Spider-Man trying to work out how to deal with the symbiotes new powers. He also might become a hero as well.
    • Jossed - The symbiote appears in the stinger attached to Harry Osborne, but seems to have no connection to Li.
  • Doctor Octopus- One of the main villains who is focused on stealing scientific research from various places, such as the Baxter Building or Horizon Labs. He could also form the Sinister Six.
    • Confirmed. Ock does form the Sinister Six, although his main motivation is Revenge against Norman Osborn.
  • Chameleon- One of the missions could be tracking him down while he's in disguise and thwarting various sabotage attempts.
  • Vulture- Will fly out of nowhere to attack Spidey, beginning a mission to chase him down and eventually ending in a boss fight where he gets taken out midair. Will have the highly armored look he had in Homecoming.
    • Confirmed: He's one of the villains Electro breaks out of the Raft.
  • Sandman- Will be a hired goon to whoever claims they can help him get custody of Keemia. A mission will involve Spidey creating a method of beating him.
    • Partially confirmed. He's mentioned in a story by Aunt May,and a vial containing his \"core\" is inside one of the backpack collectibles.
  • Electro- A mission will focus on him attacking Jameson and Spidey having to stop him.
    • Partially confirmed: He breaks into the Raft and freed all the other villians including Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture, but has no connection to Jameson.
  • Mysterio- He will be responsible for Mind Screw sections of gameplay, similar to Scarecrow from the Arkham games.
    • Half-jossed. Mysterio himself doesn't appear, but one of the guests at a Halloween party dresses up as him and roleplays a battle with Spider-Man. Also, there is a segment similar to the Scarecrow sequence, but it's caused by a neuro-toxin used by Scorpion.
  • Kraven- A mission will focus on him either hunting Spidey or capturing civilians to lure him into traps, similar to the Riddler challenges from the Arkham games. This will lead to an actual fight against Kraven though.
  • Lizard- A mission will be about Conners being forcibly turned into the Lizard again and Spidey chasing him down to cure him.
  • Shocker- A mission will focus on him being hired to kill Spidey, who will focus on stopping him so he can get back to worrying about the rest of the criminals running around.
    • Confirmed, Shocker was shown in the PGS 2017 trailer.
  • Rhino- Shows up out of nowhere to get revenge on Spidey, leading to a boss battle to stop him.
    • Confirmed: He's one of the villains Electro breaks out of the Raft.
  • Scorpion- Will have been genetically altered even further than he already was, attacking Spidey at the behest of whoever is responsible in exchange for a cure.
    • Confirmed: He's one of the villains Electro breaks out of the Raft.
  • Morbius- Spidey will be investigating apparent vampire attacks and will run into him.
  • Jackal- Will run around causing trouble because of his genetics work.
  • Tinkerer- A mission will be about having to stop an arms dealer who's been providing crime gangs with advanced weaponry, who will turn out to be this guy and Spidey will actually have to fight him while he's armed with a matter shifter.
  • Molten Man- Will try stealing vibranium to increase his powers.
  • Silvermane- Will fight Spidey after getting turned into a cyborg.
  • Hammerhead- Will be an enforcer for Silvermane.
  • Calypso- Will either be working for Kraven or will go after Spidey because of his defeating Kraven.
  • Hydro-Man- Will cause trouble at either the docks or in the sewers and like Sandman Spidey will have to come up with a way of beating him.
  • Carrion- A mission will focus on an unknown villain committing impossible murders, with Spidey's investigation leading to Carrion. Bonus points if Jackal is responsible.
  • Spot- Will appear because of Spidey looking into darkforce research in order to fight Mr. Negative. He will either by an ally to Negative or an enemy, either reason being because of their darkforce powers. Spot will also be a Knight of Cerebus with his appearance and powers being displayed to unsettling effect.
  • Tombstone- Will be a crime boss fighting Negative.
    • Confirmed, he is the leader of a gang who is actually helping out Mr. Negative.
  • Beetle- Will be a mercenary hired to get rid of Spider-Man.
  • Swarm- An experiment that breaks loose, with Spidey having to stop it.
    • Partially confirmed. At one point during his broadcasts Jameson blames Spider-Man for, among other things, "A NAZI MADE OF BEES!".
  • Ringer- Will be a scientist looking to prove how good his tech is by beating Spider-Man.
  • Vermin- He will serve a Killer Croc like role, appearing out of nowhere to attack Spidey. Bonus points if this happens in a sewer.
  • Basilisk- Will be a thief who developed powers from an object he stole from a museum and his powers will give Spidey a difficult fight.
  • Cardiac- Will be an enemy of Mr. Negative who is attacking his clinic because he knows the truth about him.
  • Clash- Will be an enemy who wants to prove himself better than Spider-Man by using his tech to defeat him.
  • Juggernaut- Will be in New York seeking to steal mystic artifacts and his actions will get Spidey's attention.
  • The Hood- Will be a rival crime lord looking to take down Mr. Negative. His presence will bring magic into the game.
  • Magneto- Will be in New York searching for a hidden Sentinel production facility and Spidey will be torn between helping him despite his unsavory methods or working against him because of those methods.
  • Loki- Will appear wanting revenge for Spidey tricking him in a past encounter.
  • Wrecking Crew- Will appear as hired muscle and Spidey will have to worry over how to beat four Thor-level enemies.
  • Absorbing Man- Same deal as the Wrecking Crew.
  • Doctor Doom- Seems to be the only Fantastic Four character that Marvel feels safe using in other media so an appearance is likely, especially if Spidey has to protect the Baxter Building from him. Either by helping the Fantastic Four or by himself.
  • Venom (Eddie)- Won't care about the crime war going on - he will go after Spidey and Spidey alone, and may be a Recurring Boss.
    • Jossed. The symbiote is shown attached to Harry Osborne in the stinger, and Eddie Brock's signature is visible on Peter's farewell card from the bugle.
  • Carnage- His mission would be similar to his in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - he kills a ton of people and reanimates them as symbiotic zombies, and plots to do the same to New York as a whole. Spidey and Venom must pull an Enemy Mine to stop this. If there are still any villain sidequests in postgame, his would be the primary one in said postgame.

     Possible Heroes 
  • Black Cat- Will be an ally who uses her thieving skills to help Spidey.
    • Semi-confirmed. She does have a side mission but she isn't exactly an ally.
  • Silver Sable- Will appear hunting enemies of Symkaria who are hiding in New York.
    • Sorta Jossed. In the game Silver Sable has been hired by Norman Osborne to lead the team hunting down Spider-Man. How sympathetic she is in relation to Spidey remains to be seen.
    • Confirmed. Silver Sable is opposed to Spidey for much of the game, but warms up to him near the end and briefly becomes his ally before abandoning Osborn.
  • Prowler- Will appear as an ally that Spidey calls in when he needs backup. His tech will be upgraded for new air-based powers like flight, enhanced striking power, and barriers.
  • Puma- Will appear hunting foreign criminals and enlisting Spidey's aid to find them. Will also have new powers like shooting spikes or flaming claws.
  • Daredevil- Will appear because of Spidey needing help against the criminal gangs or because of the Hand causing trouble leading him to get Spidey's help.
    • Partially Jossed: Spidey mentions having met Matt Murdock but apparently either doesn't know about Daredevil or hasn't made the connection.
  • Captain America- Will appear investigating a lead on HYDRA or Crossbones and gets Spidey's help to look into it.
  • Fantastic Four- Will appear needing Spidey's help to deal with Doctor Doom or some other enemy attacking the Baxter Building.
    • Human Torch- Will be house sitting while the rest of the team is away and allow Spidey access for research or will be called in to help with Anti-Venom.
    • The Thing- Same deal as Torch but will help Spidey against enemies that need more brute force.
    • Mister Fantastic- Will help Spidey by performing research.
    • Invisible Woman- Will be investigating a plot by Doctor Doom and gets Spidey's help for it.
  • Iron Man- Will appear because of Stark Industries being attacked and will help Spidey out against tech-based enemies.
  • Doctor Strange- Will appear to help Spider-Man deal with mystic threats, particularly the Hood, that have been appearing.
  • X-Men- Will appear because of either Juggernaut or Magneto causing trouble.
    • Cyclops- Will be investigating a hidden Sentinel production facility in New York.
    • Beast- Will appear to provide assistance in dealing with cases of genetic alteration that have been popping up.
    • Iceman- Appears to help out Spidey because of their friendship.
    • Wolverine- Will appear just minding his own business until one of the crime factions makes the mistake of ticking him off.
    • Gambit- Will appear using his thief skills to look into an anti-mutant conspiracy.
    • Havok- Will appear working a case for X-Factor Investigations.
  • Deadpool- Will appear because he was hired to kill Spidey but will change his mind because either because he was lied to about his target or because he thinks it would be more fun to go after his employer. There will be fourth wall breaking.
  • Black Panther- Will be investigating stolen vibranium.
    • Partially confirmed. Peter mentions the Black Panther after photographing the Wakandan Embassy, but he doesn't appear in the game.
  • Punisher- Will appear trying to solve the crime problem his way.
  • Black Widow- Will be investigating possible HYDRA activity in New York.
  • Cloak and Dagger- Will appear because of Spidey seeking them out for help against Mr. Negative's powers.
  • New Warriors- Will appear because of the rival gangs fighting against each other. Members will consist of Firestar, Speedball, and Nova.
  • The Inhumans- Will appear investigating stolen Terrigen crystals.
    • Black Bolt- Will be in New York to establish the Quiet Room and just gets drawn into whatever trouble is going on.
    • Medusa- Will appear at the Baxter Building by invite and just gets drawn into trouble.
    • Crystal- Same deal as Medusa but she will mention she and Johnny are exes and flirts Spidey, who is uncomfortable because he's dating Mary Jane.
    • Ms. Marvel- This superhero fangirl will be trying to help against the rival crime gangs and Spidey has to mentor her somewhat in order to keep her from causing to many problems.
  • Spider-Woman- Will be investigating HYDRA.
  • Daisy Johnson- Same deal as Widow and Spider-Woman.
  • The Fabulous Frog-Man! Will show up in a DLC for comic relief. Yuri will call Spidey about a possible return of Leap-Frog (who Spidey easily caught years ago), but actually it's his son trying to emulate Spidey. As usual he will be in the way but occasionally save the day through sheer dumb luck. Then be dragged home by his irate father.

Possible locations in the open world map
So far we know about the Daily Bugle, the Sanctum Sanctorum, Avengers Tower, Fisk Tower, and the Wakandan Embassy. Other possibilities are...

Marvel Universe locations:

  • the Baxter Building
  • a SHIELD office, like the barber shop or the Triskelion
  • Empire State University
    • Confirmed,
  • the Big Sky Billiard Room from the Spectacular series
  • the Latverian and Symkarian Embassies
    • Half-confirmed. It's actually the Wakandan and Symkarian embassies.
  • Ravencroft Asylum
  • Yancy Street
  • the Hellfire Club Mansion
  • Fogwell's Gym in Hell's Kitchen
  • the Gem Theater
  • the Coffee Bean (it's a Spider-Man game, after all)
    • Confirmed.
  • One Roxxon Plaza
  • Offices of Nelson & Murdock

Real life locations:

  • the George Washington and/or Brooklyn Bridge, triggering a Tear Jerker cutscene of remembering Gwen (much like Crime Alley in Arkham City)
    • Confirmed but with no cutscene, as Gwen Stacy isn't mentioned in the game. Also cannot be reached in game.
  • Grand Central Station
    • Confirmed.
  • Empire State Building
    • Confirmed.
  • Chrysler Building
  • Madison Square Garden
    • Confirmed.
  • Times Square
    • Confirmed.
  • Liberty Island
    • Confirmed, visible but not reachable in normal gameplay.
  • the Flatiron Building
  • the United Nations
  • Rockefeller Center
    • Seemingly confirmed. Radio City Music Hall can be seen in the open world trailer.
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

The mysterious leader of the Sinister Six is...
  • Venom. Word of God says that symbiotes will be omitted from the game; but what if that's there to avoid spoilers? The bright light at the end of the trailer could potentially be Venom, under a very elaborate disguise just to screw with Spidey; the entire plot would have been caused not because he wants to kill, but because he just wants to destroy Spider-Man and make his day hell. If he does manage to kill off Spider-Man, Venom's very next step is to take over the city ala Spider-Man: Reign, except this time it's a case of Utopia Justifies the Means: ensuring maximum protection for all innocent lives and that all criminals, petty or serial, meet a grisly end.
    • Jossed. While Venom's omission was to avoid spoilers, only one symbiote shows up in a Sequel Hook, heavily implying that he will appear in a follow-up.
  • Mr. Ditkovich. Going back to Peter mentioning to his aunt that he’s having trouble with his rent, Mr. Ditkovich manages to deduce that he’s Spider-Man and forms the Sinister Six to get his revenge. After all, Peter flirted with his daughter back in Spider-Man 3 and he needs the rent money to put her through college.
  • Doc Ock. As he's the most consistent leader of the Six, and he hasn't shown up or been mentioned in any promos yet- A little suspicious given how he's a A-List spidey villain. His plan would be to use stolen technology to take over the New York underworld, and then rule the city as a whole. Or perhaps a slightly more noble goal, like exposing Mayor Norman Osborne for causing his accident (Like in Spectacular spider man). The light could have been coming from his tentacles, or from a helicopter he hijacked. And the reason he wants Spider-Man alive is because of an attempt to do a Superior Spider-Man (which won't succeed, though beating him will get you the superior outfit.)
    • Confirmed as the leader and as out for revenge against Osborn.
  • The Green Goblin. Good 'ol Normie is already in the game, and is menacing spider man by sending Sliver Sable after him, But Norman wouldn't jut settle for that-as he would try to torment spider man on 2 different levels by using the Goblin persona to try a more direct way of attacking Peter. The light could be from the glider. And the reason he wants Spidey alive is so that he can break peter mentally before killing him. Evidence is the same as Doc Ock as both are Top Level villains who haven't been referenced so far (No indication that Norman was the goblin, or if the goblin even exists in the universe yet.)
    • Semi-jossed. He isn't the Big Bad, the leader of the Six, or even the Goblin but it seems like he's being set up to go down that road.

Venom is saved for DLC.
  • Rather then have him in the campaign, Venom will be Promoted to Playable in a DLC-With carnage as the Big Bad. The plot would involve a Enemy Mine between Venom and Spider-man to stop carnage. Symbiote spider man will be unlockable.

The game will be set in the same universe as the upcoming Crystal Dymanics Avengers game.
  • Marvel Already has a cartoon universe, a cinematic universe. What's next? A video game universe.
  • The Devils Breath attack and subsequent chaos could trigger other NYC based characters like Matt Murdock to get started as Superheroes, possibly having their tutorial level be set during the climax of Spider-man.
  • It's possible. Marvel has dubbed Earth-1048 (the universe that this game takes place in) as "the Gamerverse" and two Spider-Man comics (City at War and Velocity) have already taken place in this setting. Furthermore, during the game, it's mentioned that the Avengers are on the West Coast during the events of the game. Where does the (currently-released) Avengers game footage take place? San Francisco.

A DLC will add Queens and Brooklyn
  • Peter is from Queens, and he can't afford his Manhattan rent. Having him move back there makes sense, especially with May gone. We know Pete asked MJ to move in with him before, the two of them might get an apartment in their old neighborhood. This would open up new exploration and landmarks.
  • One of the new landmarks will be a museum, "Captain America's Childhood Home." Or possibly multiple competing ones claiming that title.
  • Jossed. Patching has mainly wrapped up and with the exception of a couple new suits, development for the game is now essentially over.

Black Cat will be playable and a hero in her upcoming DLC.
  • The only thing Felicia actually stole for keeps was her Black Cat gear. Her messages suggest she liked Spidey for wanting to save her. So she decided to live up to his faith in her by becoming a Robin Hood style heroic thief. Spidey will track a string of big heists targeting rich, powerful bad guys and companies. After each one he'll find a story of generosity from an anonymous hottie. Then there will be a flashback to the player as Felicia in a stealth based mission. The climax will be Felicia taking on Osborne, needing Spidey's help and leading to a Start of Darkness for Norman or Harry or both.
  • Felicia is not playable in The Heist and serves as a quasi-antagonist.

  • For extra fun she will kiss Pete (in costume) recreating this page and someone will post a pic that goes viral. MJ will be at least somewhat pissed. Pete will defend himself by pointing out his mask was still on.

"Spoiler" isn't really dead.
  • As part of its intended function as a super healing serum, The Devil's Breath placed their body in a state of deep suspended animation. Cue Peter facing yet another Sadistic Choice to help revive them or disable Harry's Symbiote but somehow managing to Take The Third Option and save them both.

An abandoned Homecoming suit design will be re-purposed for this game
  • Namely this one. Considering that it was already based on Otto's Superior suit, it'll be repurposed as the Superior Spider-Man suit in a future DLC.

The punisher is another country at the time of the game
  • That's why Yuri choose to go get justice sooner.

The copycat Spider-Man is Flash Thompson
  • As it sounds, really. Going out dressed as Spider-Man and doing a decent job fighting crime out of admiration for Spidey fits the more recent characterization of Flash. Peter hasn't seen him in a while, which is why he doesn't recognize him.

Guesses for the teased Fantastic Four content
Because we might as well speculatenote :
  • A Fantastic Four themed Spiderman suit.
  • A mission that loosely adapts "What If?" #1, which had Spiderman join the Fantastic Four and they became the Fantastic Five.
  • There were two suits added: the Bombastic Bag Man and the Future Foundation suits.

The PS4 version of Spider-Man will eventually appear on other consoles including Xbox, but not as a whole game...
He'll make cameos. Future Marvel games not published by Sony (Like Marvel's Avengers) might be in a Shared Universe (Earth-1048), Sony and other publishers (Such as Microsoft) might decide to make fans happy and negotiate cameo appearances of their Marvel character in each other's games in a similar way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, technically meaning we'll see this particular Spider-Man on Xbox if the people in charge allow it.
  • Maybe in a Deadpool or other X-Men related game Spider-Man will appear, and Deadpool will make a joke about the fact he's only on PlayStation in the Xbox and PC versions. Bonus points if the game is a PC or Xbox exclusive.

     Potential Sequel (unmarked spoilers ahead) 

Harry won't become Venom
  • Eddie Brock is too well-known and liked for him to be omitted from the game without any backlash. Instead, Harry will be a lesser-known Symbiote user, like Toxin (which is fitting considering his condition) or a new identity altogether. His character arc will involve him being a vigilante who lets the Symbiote control him into brutally killing criminals. Once Peter makes him come to his senses, Harry will discard the Symbiote and it will end up on Eddie.

There will be a series of side-missions involving Cletus Kasady pre-Carnage
  • It'll be like the Hush sidequest in Batman: Arkham City, where Peter finds a few dead bodies and has to figure out where the killer is. The sidequest will end with the implication that he will become Carnage in a later installment.

Gwen Stacy will have a supporting role
  • It'll build up to her becoming Spider-Gwen in the third installment.
    • Or alternatively, Venom's presumed role in the sequel will allow them to set up Carnage-Gwen like in the Ultimate comics.
  • She'll be a worker at Connors Labs with Eddie Brock, like in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

Venom's identity will be subject to some Telltale-style player's-choice-dependant determinism
  • Either Harry or Eddie will be a possible Venom, depending on what choices the players makes. Perhaps whoever winds up symbioteless winds up dipping into Goblin serum instead.
    • The deciding choice will be picking between working on a cure for Harry or helping Eddie get out of a dangerous situation: Developing a cure will mean that Harry won't have to rely on the symbiote for treatment, but leaving Eddie to fend for himself would alienate him towards Peter and/or Spider-Man and the symbiote will hate Peter for separating it from Harry, causing it to seek out Eddie. Helping out Eddie will cause him to keep a positive view of Peter/Spidey, but Harry will remain dependent on the symbiote and it's influence will eventually corrupt him into becoming Venom.

Ned Leeds will be introduced, based on his reasonably-popularHomecoming incarnation
  • And, like in the comics, he will be hinted to be Hobgoblin (or equivalent Goblin-character), but this will be a Red Herring. And, yes, it would be a bit odd for a supposed good friend of Peter's not to get any mention throughout the first game, but there's a trope for that.
    • It'd be hard to assume that he's the Hobgoblin if we're going for the Ganke Expy from Homecoming.
      • He gets a bit older, starts using Goblin serum. I can see it.

The Sinister Six members in the next game
  • After they failed him the last time, Doc Ock (if not led by anybody else) will look for new villains in the Sinister Six to help him. Possible candidates include:
    • Doctor Octopus: He'll be the Red Herring for the real Big Bad of the game.
    • The Lizard: Curt Connors will start involuntarily transforming into the Lizard, so Doc Ock offers to help him find a cure. He will be a reverse "Get Back Here!" Boss where as the Lizard, he uses his keen sense of smell to track Peter down and he has to lead him to a trap.
    • Kraven the Hunter: He will be a bounty hunter he hires. His missions will play similarly to the Deadshot sidequest from Arkham City where he keeps attempting to shoot Peter, and he has to figure out his pattern.
    • Mysterio: Doc Ock uses his illusions to help him break out of prison. He will be Scorpion's replacement for the nightmare level.
    • Chameleon: He uses his ability to hide in crowds, and Peter has to figure out the right one.
    • Venom and/or the Green Goblin: With the Sequel Hook, they're inevitable.
    • Another potential candidate is the Sandman, who could conceivably somehow escape the vial Peter has him trapped in. He'd join the Six to get revenge on Spider-Man for imprisoning him for so long and for keeping him away from his family.
    • Hammerhead: After having his plans to completely take over the Maggia and eventually the City thwarted by Spiderman despite essentially turning himself in a cyborg that can be brought back from the dead with just a high enough electrical voltage to jumpstart him, he would be laying low until Doc Ock comes to recruit him and his faction if only to provide the Six with disposable mooks like Li did with the Demons. Of course, Hammerhead will refuse at first, but is ultimately kowtowed when the other five completely trounce the gangsters Hammerhead brought and he himself becomes outnumbered 5 to 1, with Doc Ock then threatening to completely disable the resurrection effect on Hammerhead's suit and killing him off permanently. Considering the fact that was perfectly capable of fulfilling his side of the bargain with members of the previous Six, which includes possibly CURING CANCER, Hammerhead is not willing to risk going against the scientist.
    • Aaron Davis/The Prowler: With Miles starting his superhero career, it would make sense to pit him against his criminal uncle.
    • Lady Octopus: A person with a connection to Octavius who believes hes right and comes a counterpart to Peter as a friend who follows him down into villany.
    • Screwball: Last minute choice as a person who can distract Spider-Man and the cops.
    • Yuri Watanabe/Wraith: Having fully become Wraith, she'll join the Six under the pretense of wanting to remove people like Norman Osborn from power, but is actually planning on foiling the villains' plan from the inside before executing them all, thereby proving to Spider-Man that her methods are superior to his....unfortunately, Otto will be fully aware of her intentions and will use her to distract Spider-Man for him while he accomplishes his goals, at which point he'll discard her.

Other superheroes will make a cameo in the next game
  • Since places such as the Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, Wakanda Embassy, and Alias Investigations existed as landmarks in those games, that means the heroes associated with these places might show up as well. They might do it like in those classic PS1 games where other supers appear for a moment as cameos to help support Spidey from time to time, but the main focus will be on Spidey himself. Plus, with everything that's going on in New York in this game, those other heroes just can't simply ignore it and may take a more active role in keeping the peace. My guess as to which heroes will show up is: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Man, and possibly Nick Fury and SHIELD.

One of the plotlines in the sequel will be about Richard and Mary Parker
  • Maybe Insomniac will take the idea that Richard and Mary Parker are government or SHIELD agents and run with it. Maybe the reason for their untimely deaths can be traced back to Norman Osborn and his secret projects.

Toad will appear in a sequel, and be changed into a woman
  • Toad from the X-Men comics will appear in the next game and be gender-bent. She’ll be a one-time villains

Taskmaster will become the “Riddler” of this universe
  • More specifically, in a sequel he’ll always be hired under somebody’s guise laying out challenges for Spidey among other things.

The Brotherhood of Mutants will make an appearance

Taskmaster was hired by SHIELD
  • It would make sense since Spider-Man would only work for a “Good” organization and any employers would be quick to realize this. Though SHIELD may be an “End justifies the means” type of group in this universe. Also in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon Spidey did work for SHIELD for a considerable amount of time.

Richard Fisk, AKA The Rose, will appear in the sequel to take over his father's domains for himself.

Peter will gain new employment as a teacher for Midtown High or working at Horizon Labs with Max Modell

A future game will adapt the Superior Spider-Man storyline
  • It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Otto to figure out how to use the neural interface to pull a body swap with Peter before the disease renders him paralyzed. It could possibly serve as a kind of Redemption Arc for this version of Otto.
  • I doubt it would lead to a redemption arc, the comics found it hard enough to get people to accept Otto, how do we expect them to push a game where you play a former bio-terrorist who stole the body of a hero we have loved for a long time, presumably murdering him. The fact is that while some people have grown to like the story some, like myself, still despise it, and it would be a major risk, like them trying to use the Clone Saga for a plot line.

The sequel will feature a co-op mode

Namely, Peter and Miles.

Flash Thompson will be in the second game.
  • Though not in person, but as the host of his own podcast show that works to build up support for Spider-Man (harkening back to his old role as a Spidey fanboy) in direct opposition to JJJ's efforts. They'll have a fierce rivalry, with the two often responding to each other's broadcasts and having heated debates, though Jonah will try to be respectful towards Flash since he's a veteran—but only just barely.

Curt Connors' laboratory will become an important location
  • With Otto out of the picture, that's where you'll go to do your little science-related minigames. Oh, and some plot stuff might happen there too.

Peter will replace the Advanced Suit.
  • Peter won't want to wear something that reminds him of what happened to Otto, so he'll craft a entirely new suit and wear it as his primary costume. The Advanced Suit will still be available though, as an unlockable suit.
Mary Jane will wind up getting Spider powers.
  • Given the disappointment over the Bait-and-Switch used to give Miles his powers and the feel that they They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot of giving MJ powers they may give her powers in the sequel. There are actually a few ways they can do this.
    • The obvious is that she encounters another Spider, that is more inclined to bite her. They could try that, though it would risk claims of being derivative and recycling the plot for a third time (Peter was bit as some point as well)
    • She could find a suit able to replicate Peter's powers, similar to the suit she wears in Renew Your Vows.
    • Or if Harry as Venom (or another symbiote) is a key part of the second game, MJ could get a symbiote, again homaging the story in Revew Your Vows, as well as her role in the last few episodes of the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon, which her reporting job already homages.
  • Furthermore giving MJ spider powers would allow Spider Gwen, Jessica Drew, Maday and other popular female spiders to be given roles in the game as costumes, Like Ben, Kaine and Miguel have such a role for Peter without the massive Gameplay Story Segregation putting those costumes onto the male Peter would cause.

To explain further, in the sequel Spiderman will meet up with Black Cat again, but instead of her living it up in the lap of luxury, it will turn out she is merely living on a modest upper middle class in the middle of nowhere, on purposely keeping to herself. Black Cat does confirm that she actually has a son, but heavily stresses that the kid is actually adopted. Despite being his son, only technically. Before Peter can ask further, her son reveals himself.....and he's actually this universe's version of the Doppleganger! Black Cat further explains that after she and Peter broke up both professionally and romantically, Black Cat did go straight for a while, but then became press ganged by S.H.I.E.L.D. to rob the headquarters of AIM to find evidence that would put away the organization forever. Black Cat discovers that AIM had been attempting to create artificially grown super soldiers, with the base of these soldiers taken from Norman Osborn's research on Spider-man's powers. The only successful result was the Doppleganger, a horrifically mutated clone of Peter Parker that barely looks like the original with the intelligence of a five year old. Feeling pity for this creatures and having intense maternal instincts flair up, Black Cat decided to steal the Doppleganger along with the evidence she collected. SHIELD wanted the creature destroyed, but Black Cat refuse to let them, so the thief was sent to steal the flash drives containing the Maggia's collective bank accounts as a compromise, with the loot being split 50/50 between SHIELD and herself, which was still enough to make her filthy rich. She decided to spend the rest of her life living in solitude and raising her clone child, her antagonism towards Spidey during the first DLC her attempt to try and push him away in order to completely do away with her past.

Of course, there is a reason for Spiderman trying to find Black Cat again, and she's forced to come out of retirement to help out. She will also have an added Berserk Button that is pressed whenever someone refers to the Dopplegangar as "it" and/or "that".

The group that hired Taskmaster to vet Spidey is...
A.I.M. They're confirmed to exist in this 'verse (check the labels on the boxes in Otto's lab after he gets 'alternative funding'), and they're defiantly the sort of group Taskmaster would associate with. It also makes sense why they would want Web-Head to work for them since a) his skills, equipment, and abilities would make him on Hell of an operative, and b) as a group of MadScientists, they'd be champing at the bit to study him with the intent to replicate his powers.

Miles' suit, if he dons one, will have an original design and not be the one used in the comics.
Because why not, since Peter got one.

Possible suits that were not included in the first game:
  • Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 suits
  • Spider-Man 3 Black Suit
  • Comic Book Black Suit
  • Raimi Wrestling Suit
  • TASM 1 Vigilante Suit
  • Superior Spider-Man Suit
  • Japanese Spider-Man Suit (Toei)
  • Far From Home Suit (Possibly called Stark Suit Mk. II or something along those lines)
    • Jossed; it was included in the original game as "Upgraded Suit".
  • Spider-Man Unlimited Suit
  • Captain Universe
  • Sensational (Ben Reilly)
  • Spider-Carnage
  • Ricochet, Hornet, Dusk, and Prodigy
  • Arachnoman
  • Into The Spider-verse version of Noir with hat and trenchcoat (alongside the original Noir suit).
  • if Miles is playable, he could have his own set of suits, like the Halloween costume from Into the Spider-Verse (with or without cape)
  • Spider-Gwen

There will be a spin-off game that deals with the civil war in Symkaria
The civil war in Symkaria gets a lot of focus in Silver Lining that it's just impossible to leave it hanging. While Spider-Man stays in New York, MJ goes to Symkaria to cover the story. This entertains a possibility that Insomniac might be developing a new superhero game set in Symkaria, but it may star other superheroes instead. MJ will show up as a news reporter, though, and there will be references made about events happened in this game. Also, if this takes place internationally, then SHIELD might appear and play a big role as well.

The Punisher will be in the sequel.
But it won't be Frank Castle. Yuri will become The Punisher as opposed to Wraith.

Jameson will run for Mayor.

Doc Ock will try to switch bodies with Spider-Man
and become Superior by beating a new Sinister Six (that he created)and will end up a Boss Battle for Miles.

Peter, Miles, and Mary-Jane will meet Peter's clones
both bad and good.

Peter will get the Black Suit for a certain portion of the game
After he discards it and it latches on to whomever becomes Venom, the boss battle will have the computer use the player's most frequent combat strategies against them.

Prowler will be a villain
Assuming the next game will focus on Miles becoming his own version of Spider-Man, he'll eventually have to deal with his Uncle Aaron AKA The Prowler, who be The Dragon to the main villain.

Peter will get a job, or get an interview, at Horizon Labs

Venom is going to be the second-to-last boss (or at least the Climax Boss) while Green Goblin takes the position as Final Boss.
Putting aside that it's been a long time since Goblin got to be the final boss in a Spider-Man game, nothing spells "climatic" like Spidey having to face off against two of his greatest nemeses back-to-back.

Venom won't just be bonded to one host...but three.
The Stinger does show the symbiote, but what if it may not be the whole thing? It would certainly be enough to keep Harry under life support, but not enough to turn him into Venom right away (keywords). The other two portions will end up going to Peter and Eddie. After Norman had taken the symbiote in, he could only keep one third of it as the rest of it fled his lab - one part goes to Peter at one point, creating the iconic black suited Spider-Man; and shortly after his reputation tanks, Eddie gets the other part. Once Peter and Harry come across each other, the latter will go into full-on Venom mode, which could resemble Ultimate Marvel's interpretation of him. Upon defeating him, the symbiotically influenced Spidey will rip the symbiote from Harry's body and seemingly dispose of it somehow, killing him horribly. Right after, Spidey realizes what he just did and tears his part of the symbiote off...Eddie will recollect the other two parts of the symbiote to make it whole, and fully become Venom, looking much closer to the traditional/mainstream Venom design than Harry. Of course, since he is now Venom, Eddie bears full knowledge of Spider-Man, his identity, his secrets, everything as per tradition...and the fact that he murdered Harry. Which will be the perfect evidence to slander the spider and get his vengeance upon him once and for all: and earn Norman's trust, who will no doubt become the Green Goblin once hearing about his son's death.

Peter and Miles will continue to work at FEAST
If we assume that FEAST survives the events of the game it'd make sense for Peter and Miles to continue working there for 2 reasons:
  • Reason number 1: It would be out of character for Peter, the hero who embodies responsibility and helping the little guy, to abandon people who he's helping.
  • Reason number 2: It would be a good way to honor May, to continue her work.
Connecting to this...

Tony Stark will be revealed to have started bankrolling FEAST
Presumably Martin Li's assets have been seized, and even if they haven't, anyone still in charge would be unlikely to keep using the terrorist's money for fear of backlash. However FEAST still needs money so presumably it would need help from some Philanthropists. It would be a decent way to introduce Tony, and by extension the Avengers into Peter's world without them appearing as heroes and potentially overshadowing Spidey.

Spider Bot will be a deployable gadget players can use at any time for reconnaissance
The frequent use of Spider Bot in The City that Never Sleeps suggest that Peter has managed to make them regular use, so in the sequel perhaps they will be usable in a similar way to the RC Car from the Watch_Dogs DLC Bad Blood, or the Jumper from Watch_Dogs 2, or possibly the Qaudcopter if the Spider Bot can fly like it's MCU counterpart or the combat Gadget Spider Drone

Peter will have the Hacking app in the sequel
With Miles as Peter's protege there is no way that he wouldn't eventually bring up the hacking app to Peter, and it'd then make sense for Peter to implement the app into his Spidey Gadgets. It's also possible that MJ would begin using it, assuming her stealth segments return, while them not having Miles use it as Kid Arachnid (or whatever he goes by) would just not make sense.

The Goblin Serum will be developed as a cure for Harry's illness
One of the effects of Harry's disease is that it makes him physically weak, so Norman brews up the Serum so that it'll at least allow Harry to leave his life support chamber. To test how safe it is, Norman uses it on himself, and it is soon revealed that the Serum has the unfortunate side-effect of making him more violent and aggressive, ultimately causing him to become the Green Goblin.

Gwen Stacy will appear in the sequel
But she'll be a teenager. Instead of the usual Peter, MJ, Gwen love triangle, Gwen is introduced as Miles' love interest similarly to Into The Spider-Verse. She may or may not get powers.

The sequel will expand combat to aerial and wall-crawling battles, like in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
With both the aerial superiority of the Green Goblin and Venom's augmented Spider-abilities, it stands to reason that Spidey has to be even more adaptable than he already is, all in order to combat foes that can match him on any terrain, whether it's when he's web-swinging or wall-crawling. Insomniac clearly took a lot from many other Spider-Man games, especially from the oft-revered PIZZA TIME, but let's not forget that the handy Web-Strike mechanic originated from the 2008 game, Web of Shadows. Its main draw was being able to switch from the Classic Red suit to the Venom Black Suit in a symbiote-infested New York, but a lot of people don't seem to recall just how innovative and unique its combat system was. In WOS, Spidey has a HUGE amount of combat abilities and special movies not only on the ground, but WHILE HE'S WEB-SWINGING or FIGHTING ON THE WALLS. Sure it was a little clunky at times, but being able to fight seamlessly between the ground, air, and walls (with a FULL MOVESET for EACH TERRAIN) is an incredible mechanic that I'm honestly shocked no other Spider-Man game has tried to do, including this one. It would be a natural evolution for Insomniac's mission to bring the best possible Spider-Man experience, by perfecting mechanics introduced in previous games and elevating them to a truly amazing experience. It also makes some amount of sense from a story standpoint; should Norman become the Goblin or Harry/Brock/Gargan/Aunt May's corpse/Miles become Venom. Norman would hire his own PMC group of glider-riding Goblin wannabes (like the Kingpin flying thugs in WOS) and Venom could spawn symbiote enemies that chase Peter down on the walls.

Silver Sable and Black Cat will remain villains in the sequel
Sable makes it clear she doesn't see herself as a hero in Silver Lining. She might teach the audience that working with a hero doesn't automatically make her a good guy. She might be committing war crimes in Symkaria, or simply fighting a retaliatory civil war with the intent of becoming a dictator. She is still a mercenary and may be at odds with Spider-Man again. As for Black Cat she's still a criminal that lied about having a son with Spider-Man simply to steal money from Hammerhead and only sided with him and Spider-Man for her and their mutual benefit.

Spider-Man and the police will be on worse terms.
With Yuri having become Wraith, Spider-man has lost his main liason with the police and his relationship with them will deteoriate, with the cops becoming a lot more suspicious of Spidey. Eventually, they'll completely turn on Spider-Man and there'll some missions where the cops will be gunning for him.

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