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    Pre-Release Theories 

Possible appearances from existing MCU characters
  • Steve Rogers/Captain America
    • Confirmed.
  • Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange
    • Jossed.
  • Matt Murdock/Daredevil
    • Jossed.
  • Jessica Jones
    • Jossed.
  • Luke Cage
    • Jossed.
  • Daniel Rand/Iron Fist
    • Jossed.
  • Frank Castle/The Punisher
    • Jossed.
  • Nick Fury
    • Jossed.
  • Maria Hill
    • Jossed.
  • Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
    • Jossed. (Though she does get mentioned by Flash.)

Carnage will appear
  • Why not? We have been waiting for Carnage to appear since the original trilogy, and he appeared in the second Amazing Spider-Man game, so what is Sony waiting for? Give! Us! Carnage!

Spider-Man will keep getting cut off when he tries to recount his origin story.
We've seen Peter Parker get bitten by a special spider twice in the last 15 years, with Pop Culture Osmosis to boot, so anyone in the theater would know how Spider-Man came to be. So, instead, they make a Running Gag out of it, where he tries to talk about it, but no one cares, or is else too busy to listen.
  • Just like when Kurt keeps getting cut off when he calls himself "The Incredible Nightcr--".
  • Or, like The Incredible Hulk we'll get a brief one during the opening credits. Showing only key moments, such as: Peter picked on by his classmates, bitten by the spider, in a fight with Flash Thompson, wrestling Crusher Hogan, letting the burglar go (either because he needs to look out for number one, he'll miss the part where it was his problem or it's not his policy), found Uncle Ben lying dead, confronts the burglar, left him hanging for the police, and lastly becomes Spider-Man stopping mostly robbers and regular criminals.
  • Jossed. The most we get is him mentioning he was bit by a spider.

Spider-Man will cross paths with Spider-Gwen and her Web Warriors
He won't necessarily recognize them, but he'll run into an older Gwen Stacy and William Braddock. The latter two will make a comment on how "maybe this version of him will stick", implying that they've already had to deal with the destruction of the previous two movie Spider-Verses (or maybe just their Spider-Men). Fortunately, this could be done in a tie-in comic in the event that it goes over the heads of the movie audience.
  • Jossed.

Somehow, someway, Venom will be the Big Bad of the Spider-Man film.
Brock-Venom, to be more specific.
  • Definitely jossed. He's likely not even going to be a part of the MCU at all, given Sony's current plans.

The characters will be Wrong Genre Savvy.
Kevin Fiege said that Spidey's movie will be like a John Hughes movie, so maybe the supporting cast in the high school will act and treat everything like this is an actual John Hughes high school movie in the 80s. If they decide to go with Sally Avril for the cheerleader, she will expect Peter to act like the typical nerd who is crushing over the head cheerleader in these type of high school movies and mistake his struggling over his double life as just him struggling with how to act on his feelings to her. The principal out to get Peter Parker who due to his powers and his double life accidentally causes trouble would be seen as Peter's friends and to the principal as the Big Bad of their high school movie like Dean Rooney but is nothing more than a distraction in Peter's superhero life and is in actuality a Big Bad Wannabe as they have no idea they are in Peter's superhero story.
  • Jossed.

Possible Spider-Man love interests, including superpowered ones.
  • Black Cat: a teenage athlete who becomes a cat burglar and purposely lets Spidey onto her trail so they can meet having a crush on him.
  • Squirrel Girl: possible classmate for Peter who due to being a "gifted" is part squirrel and helps Peter out by talking to squirrels, becoming a composite of Chat from the Marvela Adventures comics.
  • A Canon Foreigner.
  • Betty Brandt: A slightly older intern at the Daily Bugle where Peter sells his fight footage as Spider-Man.
  • A character based on Angelica Jones from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: She wouldn't be Firestar or be a mutant though. She could possibly have an Adaptation Name Change so her last name isn't "Jones", based upon both the X-Men embargo and the surname already being associated with Jessica Jones. But she'd have Ms. Lion!
  • Silver Sable: She'd have an Age Lift and be Peter's age, making it appropriate. They did hook up in a "What If?" issue after Black Cat died in it.
  • Mary Jane Watson.
  • A teen heroine as a civillian.
  • Chat Sanduval: adapted more traditionally than fusing her with Squirrel Girl like mentioned above. This way she's still a Latina.
  • Mattie Franklin, J. Jonah Jameson's niece who could become Spider-Woman in a sequel.
  • An expy of the Ultimate Kitty Pryde.
  • Liz Allan
    • Confirmed. But unfortunately for Peter she has to move away due to the events of the movie and the relationship is over before it really gets going.
  • Michelle

The movie will not feature any of the villains from any of the previous Spider-Man movies.
That means no Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, Lizard, or Electro. Given that the Rhino was in only two scenes in Amazing Spider-Man 2, a version of him wouldn't be retreading much.
  • If the action figures revealed at SDCC are of any indication, this is as good as confirmed—the antagonists of the movie are Vulture, Tinkerer, and Shocker.

Adrian Toomes will take the Falcon's wing pack and becomes the Vulture.
After the rumor that the Vulture may be appearing in Homecoming, I came up with the theory that, after Captain America and his team are arrested for disregarding the Accords in Captain America: Civil War, their weapons and equipment will be confiscated. This includes Sam Wilson's jet pack with built in wings. And who else will come across this tech? None other than Adrian Toomes. They can set this up in a mid or end-credit scene in Civil War and have Spider-Man fight the Vulture during a Cold Opening.

Toomes' motivation could be that he was the originator of the Falcon's flight tech before his work was appropriated by the U.S. Government, essentially doing to him what they tried to do to Tony Stark in Iron Man 2.

His rig is much larger and bulkier than Falcon's and includes a full helmet with face mask, which lends some weight to the theory that it's a less advanced model of the same design.

  • Jossed as far as the appearance from the Vulture in either of Civil War's stingers, though the Falcon harness was temporarily appropriated during the film. The rest of the theory has yet to be confirmed/jossed.
  • Jossed.

Kraven the Hunter will be a secondary antagonist.
He will be introduced by establishing him as a game hunter, currently famous for subduing the Jotunheim monster let loose in Greenwich at the end of Thor: The Dark World; like the above theory, Kraven will be contacted by the main villain to help him bring down Spider-Man. Spidey and Sergei will meet and Kraven will be defeated, likely in public to tarnish his reputation. This will set up for a Kraven's Last Hunt adaptation provided the character isn't chosen for an eventual Sinister Six team-up in the MCU.
  • Jossed.

The Sinister Six will be the secondary antagonist
To add more to the theories above I believe the true Big Bad of the movie will assemble a team of supervillains to take out Spider-Man. He will hire Not one. Not two. But six enemies to take down spider-man. to properly introduce them, use a Cold Opening that shows peter fighting them in the past and establish why they work together. This could create a conflict different from other Spider-Man movies and Sony could finally make that Sinister Six movie they wanted to make.
  • Jossed, though they are hinted to make a future appearance in The Stinger.

The villain will also be in high school
A great way to emphasize the teenage-centred themes of the movie will be to have the villain be a teenager at Peter's school who's also going through a similar identity struggle by becoming a supervillain. This is likely to have an Age Lift applied.
  • Jossed. Vulture is an adult.

The villain will be one of Peter's teachers
Another way to emphasize the teen-themes of the movie is to make it a generational struggle, something that rings true both now and in many classic Hughes movies. Imagine Mysterio in the vein of Dean Rooney.
  • Jossed. But given that one of the teacher's surname is Warren...perhaps an MCU Clone Saga is coming?

If Vulture is the villain, he will have invented the Falcon's wings.
Relating to a previous WMG, it will be shown he invented the wingpack for the government and is now using an approved model for his evil plan.
  • Jossed; Vulture made his wings for himself out of what is essentially stolen Chitauri tech. (Sure, he found it first, but t was looted from a site that Damage Control had jurisdiction over)

If Vulture is the villain, Spider-Man will joke that his flying gear looked better on Falcon (or something to that effect)
Because that's an easy Continuity Nod to make, and the MCU usually makes such allusions when appropriate.
  • Jossed.

Richard Rider will be reimagined here as one of Peter's schoolmates.
It'd be a nice way to at least make a reference to one of Spider-Man's more popular allies, even if James Gunn doesn't feel like using him.

Sure he's hunting Spidey, but he's just doing what he's told.
  • Jossed.

Tony Stark will serve as a mentor or even as a stand in for Uncle Ben for Peter. But they'll eventually have a falling out.
After bonding during the events of Captain America: Civil War Tony will support Peter and his aunt financially since Uncle Ben won't be around to pay the bills anytime soon. He will teach Peter how to truly be a responsible hero. Basically being a Parental Substitute but throughout the movie they'll ever fight over a disagreement or simply part ways so Peter can learn to be a hero on his own. Potential causes of the fallout:
  • Peter taking a different stance from Tony as far as the accords go. Remember, Peter was recruited by Tony basically because Tony got there first, but his personality and worldview edge much closer to Steve. Also keep in mind Spiderman's pivotal role in the conflict in the original comics, which was Adapted Out of the film version. Tony is seen often telling Peter to stay out of certain situations, and the Accords may have something to do with that.
  • Confirmed, both they make up by the end.

In the movie or sequel Kamala Khan will appear as a visitor from New Jersey.
Setting her up if they want to make a fellow teen hero for an ally of spidey, and maybe a larger role in a Captain Marvel movie or sequel, she could appear in New York on vacation. Kamala could bond with a Peter over their love of the Avengers and Kamala will already be shown as a fan of Carol Danvers as a famous Air Force pilot. It could be a hilarious in hindsight due to the shippers of Kamala and Miles. Therefore if they want to make a Young Avengers movie with the in the team, it could set it up them already knowing each other.
  • Jossed.

This movie and its sequels will serve as a "bridge" between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony's Venom spin-off movie
Similar to how the Hulk can only appear in the MCU via "ensemble" movies like The Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok due to Universal holding distribution rights to the character's films (the difference being that the Hulk's own standalone film is actually considered part of the MCU), the title character of Sony's Venom movie will only be able to appear in the MCU and interact with its characters through the Spider-Man movies.
  • Jossed.

The theme song from Spider-Man (1967) will be played or sung at some point, like in the Spider-Man Trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Since Peter is such a big fan of Captain America he may try to emulate him by coming up with his own theme song.

The theme song from Spider-Man: The Animated Series will be played or sung at some point
Give that a shout-out for once.
  • It could be played during a school dance.
  • Jossed.

It will be discussed how most of the MCU heroes don't have secret identities.
Like in a scene wondering if Tony would have ever considered not revealing his identity to the public.
  • Jossed.

Peter will one day meet and become friends with Harley from Iron Man 3.
Two young prodigies of science who have met and helped out Iron Man, they would instantly bond.
  • Jossed.

Possible ideas for Stan Lee's role
  • J. Jonah Jameson since J. K. Simmons will be busy in Gotham being Batman's best friend on the police force.
    • Alternately, J. Jonah Jameson, Senior.
  • A teacher or janitor who is actually an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent assigned to protect Peter.
  • Jossed. He plays a neighbor.

Crusher Hogan will appear
In a flashback or appearing on TV in an interview, bragging that it took an actual superhero to beat him.
  • Jossed.

Zendaya Coleman's character is Michele Gonzales
See here for info .
  • Jossed.

We'll learn that Zendaya Coleman's character's last name is Morales.
"Michelle" could be a female version of "Miles" & the franchise will set her up as Peter's eventual successor or partner in Spider-Man-related activities. Or she could be related to Miles, giving an excuse to bring him in, then she serves as a sort of mentor for him when it's his turn to be Spider-Man.
  • Jossed.

Who is Zendaya Coleman's character
... either Ava Ayala or Greer Grant, but she won't be transformed into her super-hero alter ego until either very late in this movie or in one of the sequels.
  • Jossed.

Marvel will find a way to get J. K. Simmons back for J. Jonah Jameson
They'll either hold off J. Jonah Jameson from appearing in this film until J.K. Simmons is fully available or they'll negotiate a compromise with DC to have J.K. Simmons do double duty like Martin Freeman did with The Hobbit and Sherlock as well as Michael J. Fox with Family Ties and Back to the Future.
  • His role in Justice League is said to be pretty small, so they theoretically could make it work.
  • Jossed. Jameson is not in the film.

At some point Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will cameo
Because how awesome would it be to have all three Spider-men in one scene (even if two aren't in suit)
  • Andrew and Emma Stone will have a picture cameo as Richard and Mary Parker.
  • Tobey in flashbacks as Uncle Ben.
  • It would be funny if Jameson was producing a "documentary" on Spiderman and they show Peter Parker on the set doing publicity shots with either Maguire or Garfield playing the role of the "Spider Menace."
    • Peter doesn't work at the Daily Bugle (yet), so he probably wouldn't be doing professional photography work.
  • Jossed.

One possible cameo will be Shinji Todo
  • Jossed.

Otto Octavius will be introduced into the films as younger than his 616 counterpart, akin to the Ultimate Comics.
Otto could be introduced as at the very least a senior college student with severe "Well Done, Son!" Guy characteristics over his shoulder like his mainstream portrayal. He could be working for one of the big Stark Industries rivals (A.I.M., Roxxon, maybe even Hammer Industries), which is where his tentacles come in and potentially his fusion experiment as well. And just like the Ultimate version, he'll go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the guy who commissioned (or in his eyes, sabotaged) his experiment in the first place (and given that Justin Hammer's currently in prison, it probably won't be him; most likely a Canon Foreigner or a Composite Character).

Peter Parker will get a job at... Marvel Comics.
  • J. K. Simmons is not available. Someone else playing J. Jonah Jameson will be rejected by the fandom, simply because he's not J. K. Simmons.
  • We have already seen Peter Parker as a freelance photographer.
  • Being a photographer ain't what it used to be, now that every random dude in the street is a photographer (cameras are a standard feature of all cell phones worth their name).
  • It allows Marvel to exploit the fourth-wall breaking that Deadpool made popular. An organization within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that publishes comic books based on the great superheroes? Or even films? Hilarious!
  • It would be a fountain of cameos. And may even justify a longer guest appearence of Stan Lee. "Hey, Stan Lee, don't you want to be Peter Parker's boss in the new Spider-Man film, and even give him a No-Prize?"
  • And, the most important part... it has already been done in comics.
    • Jossed. Peter has a lot going on.

Jameson will be played by R. Lee Ermey.
Just to set up a scene with him yelling about Kingpin, played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

  • Jossed. No Jameson.

And after that, Matthew Modine is cast as police chief George Stacy and Adam Baldwin as Eddie Brock.
  • Jossed.

Most of the Sinister Six have already been beaten by Peter
Just as how it's been said that his origin won't be the focus of the movie, neither will the origins of several of his villains. Several members and possible members are already imprisoned, and their fights with Spidey will be touched on in conversations over the course of the movie. By the end of this film their will be five of them in jail, and their official formation will begin when either Doc Oc or Green Goblin frees them and has them join up with him.
  • Partially Jossed. Peter is still coming into his own and taking on Vulture, a single super criminal, is a big deal for him coming into his own. However, The Mid-Credits scene has Mac Gargan allude to friends of his who want revenge on Spider-Man, which implies the Sinister Six have yet to become full on villains, but have still been defeated as uncostumed crooks and are on their way to becoming the Sinister Six.

Michael Barbieri's character is Harry Osborn
Self-explanatory. Having a more optimistic take on the character is probably to distance the movie from previous takes on the character.
  • This actually could be possible since he does look similar to Harry Osborn in the comics. However, he's rumored to be playing a role in the movie named "Jason".
  • Jossed. Harry doesn't appear.

Kenneth Choi's character will note that his father fought in World War II in an offhanded way
...Which would strongly imply that he is the Identical Grandson of Jim Morita.
  • An alleged callsheet lists his surname as being Morita. Possibly confirmed.
  • Confirmed. A WW2-era photograph of his grandfather can be seen hanging in his office.

Martin Starr's character will at one point mention working at Culver University.
He'll also mention that he is often mistaken for the son of Helen Cho, then promptly laugh at how insane that is (him being a white guy who is older than her and all).
  • Jossed. Though Word of God did confirm that they were the same character.

Donald Glover's character
  • The Tinkerer
    • Jossed, that's Michael Chernus's part.
  • The Prowler
    • Confirmed... Although he's not the Prowler just yet.
  • The Beetle
  • Rand Robertson
  • Phil Urich
  • Childish Gambino

Hydra will not be involved
To show that Hydra's threat in the MCU, thanks to the Avengers and SHIELD is just about over.
  • But one or two might show up, desperately trying to rebuild. Or Hydra is reduced to a few Neo-Hydra gangs (like Neo-Nazi/white supremacist gangs).
  • Confirmed.

Abraham Attah will play Miles Morales.
And in a nice Casting Gag, Donald will play his dad.
  • Jossed. Attah is playing Abe and Glover is playing Aaron Davis.

The majority of the characters will be more obscure outside of Spidey, Aunt May, Iron Man, and the main villain.
By which I mean more obscure to general audiences. Perhaps Robbie Robertson will finally make his live action debut. Peter could have a friend in school who isn't Harry Osborn. It could help this film stand out as different if Peter Parker is seen interacting with a cast that isn't the same as the first two series. No one behind the scenes seems to want to retread what has come before.
  • Confirmed.

This movie will finally introduce the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Specifically through either a brief cameo (the Baxter building appearing in a panning shot, Reed Richards' name appearing in a newspaper article, Stan Lee reprising his cameo-role as Willie Lumpkin, etc.), a throw-away line (Spidey noting that he had to outsource his costume from someone else for a while... during which he wore a brown bag over his head since his source didn't provide masks), or an after-credits stinger. Some noteworthy bits of info that would support this guess...
  • Fox and Marvel have denied rumors that there are plans to bring the Fantastic Four into the MCU. Similarly, Marvel and Sony did the same thing in regards to Spider-Man, denying rumors that there were plans to bring Spider-Man into the MCU by crossing it over with Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man Series... before it was eventually revealed that Spider-Man really was being brought over into the MCU (albeit ignoring The Amazing Spider-Man Series and instead starting from scratch).
  • Fox and Marvel are already developing two television series together. If they can work together to produce TV shows, they could also probably produce movies as well. note 
  • Fox's past attempts at bringing the Fantastic Four to film have ranged from So Bad, It's Good at best to In Name Only at worst, and they've poisoned the brand to the point that the two best options they have are either striking a deal with Marvel to bring the Fantastic Four to the MCU like Sony did with Spider-Man (which would allow Fox to still profit from the brand while Marvel handles the movies, and could also open up the doors to bringing the X-Men to the MCU as well) or simply letting the rights revert back to Marvel anyway (like what happened with Daredevil, coincidentally another superhero that Fox once owned the rights to). They could also try and make another Fantastic Four film by themselves (even after Fantastic Four (2015) bombed horribly, the success of Deadpool (2016) showed that Fox can still put out good Marvel movies when they get the right people for the job and take a hands-off approach), but that would be quite the long shot.
  • Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four are closely associated with each other (Spidey himself applied to be a member at one point and is good friends with the Human Torch, to say nothing of his time as the Bombastic Bag-Man, Dr. Doom is just as much a Spider-Man villain as he is a Fantastic Four villain, and both were co-created by Stan Lee). If Marvel wanted to introduce the Fantastic Four via another MCU movie (like how Spider-Man was introduced via Captain America: Civil War), a Spider-Man movie would be most appropriate.
    • Jossed. Kevin Feige has stated that there are absolutely no plans to introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU, nor any discussions about it. Repeatedly. Even while promoting upcoming films. He states this quite often, actually. They wouldn't keep it secret.

Angourie Rice is playing Gwen Stacy
Rice physically resembles the character, and it's unlikely Gwen will be left out of the setting entirely. However, to differentiate from The Amazing Spider-Man Series, her relationship with Peter will be purely platonic.
  • A conflicting rumor places her as Betty Brant—which would make sense, given that Ned Leeds is apparently high-school aged in this continuity.
  • She does look like Gwen Stacy in the trailer and in a group shot with the other characters.
  • She actually might be Gwen apparently.
  • Jossed, she does indeed play Betty.

The Shocker will be a recurring villain over the course of the series...
Culminating in an adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man #122, when he manages to defeat Spider-Man in a stroke of luck, then kidnaps and tortures him as revenge for all of the humiliation Spider-Man has heaped on him.
  • Jossed. He's completely absent in Far From Home.

Michelle isn't Michelle Gonzales, but a different woman named Michelle from the comics.
  • Jossed. She's the counterpart to Mary Jane.

Anthony Michael Hall will play Uncle Ben
  • Jossed.

Zendaya is actually playing Felicia Hardy, but in witness protection
Her father was a cat burglar, and in this story he was able to evade being charged with anything by reporting on the mob. Eventually this caught up with him and he was killed, leaving his daughter Felicia in danger. She was given a new identity (Michelle) and sent to a new location, hopefully safe from the mob. However, she intends to follow in her father's footsteps by becoming an Anti-Hero Classy Cat-Burglar, as well as take revenge on those who killed her father.
  • We saw a different girl with what looked like pure white hair in the trailer, so she could be MCU Felicia.
  • Jossed. She's the counterpart to Mary Jane.

Michael Barbieri's classmate will have the civilian name of an obscure Spider-Man villain.
It'd be a Mythology Gag instead of anything significant, kind of a wink and a nod to anyone who knows the obscure villain.
  • Jossed.

The Daily Bugle will be a school paper
Since so many of the staff members appear to be Peter's classmates. Extrapolating from this, J. Jonah Jameson will go from their Bad Boss to their Sadist Teacher.
  • Jossed.

Cindy will develop her own powers in the Stinger
Assuming that Tiffany Espensen's character Cindy is in fact Cindy Moon.
  • Jossed. Maybe in the sequel.

Peter/Spider-Man will be a Clueless Chick Magnet
In school, Peter has caught the interest of various girls, but his antisocial mindset and bullying from peers makes him fail to realize it.

As Spider-Man, many are initially fawning over him. People like Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones admit to finding him attractive...only to be absolutely grossed out upon realizing that they found a fifteen/sixteen year old sexy.

  • Jossed.

Tony Stark will have less screentime
He won't be in the movie for long and it's likely he will NOT suit up due of Sokovia Accords. His screentime might be similar to Nick Fury's Iron Man 2; an extended cameo.
  • Confirmed.

Michael Mando's character will have at least one Actor Allusion.
Specifically one where he attempts to 'educate' Peter on the definition or insanity or makes some allusion to the game.
  • Jossed.

This will be the film that finally references the Netflix series
First, it is the only film in the current lineup that would make sense to make a reference towards them. It is set in New York, Peter definitely had to see on the news or heard in school about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and possibly Luke Cage. Second, they really deserve a mention at this point.
  • Jossed.

Turk Barrett will appear
Continuing his Butt-Monkey status from the Netflix shows, he will promptly get his ass kicked by Spidey. Hey, he said he was skipping town at the end of Luke Cage. It'd be a nice way to tie the Netflix series into the movies, even if none of the Defenders themselves appear.
  • Jossed.

Flash will be a fan of superheroes like Peter.
  • Since comics Flash was a Spidey fanboy, it could be used as a parallel between Peter and Flash due to them being academic rivals who like the superpowered heroes.
  • Confirmed in Far From Home

Possible mid or end credits scenes.
  • An assembly is held in Midtown High and the guest speaker is Colonel Carol Danvers.
  • Peter Parker sees Matt Murdock and they both say "hi" to each other. Matt through his radar sense sees Peter tinkering with his hiding web shooters and then walks way with a smile.
    • Bonus points if Peter helps out Matt because he really thinks he's "blind" blind.
  • A shadowy figure finds interest in Spidey while watching news footage of him. The camera then pans over to reveal a Green Goblin mask.
  • The Shocker swearing revenge on Spider-Man, only to be interrupted by the ending production logos.
  • A red-skinned demon taking interest in Peter and musing about how he'll enjoy taking his happiness away from him. Then Doctor Strange (2016) shows up, kicks his ass, and tells him to leave Peter alone.
    • The demon will leave in a huff and said he'll focus on Ghost Rider anyway.
  • Eddie Brock publishing a news article to the Daily Bugle...said article features a certain substance having been discovered on another planet.
    • Jossed. There is going to be a new cinematic Venom, but it's going to be separate from the MCU made by Sony to try to establish a franchise without Marvel Studios' involvement.
  • Aunt May is watching a live news report about a space shuttle mission headed by Col. John Jameson, whose shuttle is experiencing technical failures during the landing sequence. "Oh my god, Peter are you watching this? Peter?!" Cut to Peter's bedroom with the window still open.
  • Peter goes as Spider-Man to a Halloween party, thinking that people will think he's just wearing a costume. He then bumps into another kid wearing a Spidey costume and it turns out to be Miles Morales. After some silence, the two say "Well this is awkward."
  • Vulture is shown in prison with five other individuals, complaining about how annoying Spidey is and that they should team up. A guard then barks to them that they have a visitor and in walks Norman Osborn, who has a little proposition for them.
  • The Vulture receiving an offer to upgrade his equipment...from Otto Octavius.
  • A couple in Algeria are living in a low-income apartment. While the woman is making dinner, she sees news footage of Spider-Man. Something about him makes her react in shock. When her husband asks what's wrong, the wife explains that she thinks the person on the screen might be their son.
  • Spider-Man is swinging when suddenly his Spider-Sense has gone crazy. He stops and looks around, thinking it's a fluke he shrugs it off and swings away. Then we pull back to reveal he's indeed being watched, through a crystal ball by a blind, paraplegic, elderly woman in a dark cobweb-filled room. She enigmatically says something about his destiny. Then a heavily scarred man bursts in.
    "Al, what the... And you give me a hard time about cleaning my room?!"
  • Zendaya shows up to tell the audience once and for all that she's not playing Mary Jane.
  • A woman is assaulted by a group of criminals. A familiar 'thwhip' of a web is heard, and the criminals get yanked into the dark one at a time...but then the woman is seen fleeing, as the viewer can hear the mysterious vigilante attack the criminals...strangely, it sounds more like violent mauling. Soon, it ceases. The vigilante is still not seen, but the viewer can hear a deep laugh, as the camera pans to under a street light. The figure's shadow is seen on a brick wall...and it's revealed that the figure has a fanged maw, and a long tongue. The Venom symbol flashes on screen, before cutting to black.
    • Jossed. There is going to be a new cinematic Venom, but it's going to be separate from the MCU made by Sony to try to establish a franchise without Marvel Studios' involvement.
  • A character whose face is obscured is shown to have a collection of information about the heroes and villains of the MCU, and refers to their "master plan", implying they are the Master Planner.
  • At the end of the movie, Aunt May is cleaning Peter's room when she finds Peter's backpack. While Peter is chilling on the couch, he hears his aunt screaming and quickly runs over to his room. In his room, he sees May crying, with his backpack on the floor...and his Spider-Man suit in her arms. She looks at him and whispers, "You...You're Spider-man?"
    • Jossed. She discovers he's Spiderman, but she walks in on him wearing the costume and drops a Curse Cut Short.
  • Tony is searching around the government's database on superhumans, monitoring the various enhanced people popping up around the world (could lead to some Defenders/Doctor Strange/Inhumans cameos). He sees a tab that is titled strangely: "Spider-Men?" At first, he giggles, thinking that it's about Peter. Then, he starts reading it and is surprised by what he sees. Not only is there a file on Peter but there are files and video clips of others. A Hispanic girl at some cult-meeting in Brooklyn, a Hispanic teenager working as an intern at Alchemax, a young black kid meeting his uncle at prison, a blonde teenager in a white hoodie beating men up, an asian girl fighting some baddies near Peter's school,...and a photo of Michelle. He'll quickly steal this info, uploading it to a hard-drive or something, and shuts off the computer. (Cut to black)
    • Jossed. The real tease is much more small scale and direct, by simply introducing Mac Gargan.
  • Peter is walking down the street with a grocery bag of eggs when suddenly his phone starts ringing. He assumes it's Aunt May or Tony Stark until he picks it up. "Is this Peter Parker?" the caller asks. Peter is immediately confused on what's happening until the caller says this. "My name is Nick Fury, and I know who you are."
  • Peter's in the doctor's office... Doctor Strange that is, telling Peter that Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy were both Ret-Gone. You know how it happened.
  • In a party supplies store, some kids are in the Halloween costume aisle and one kid is shown a bootleg Spider-Man outfit, but he doesn't like it as "the eyes are the wrong shape". A heavily scarred man points a gun at the kid, saying "oh you WILL like it."
  • A young man reads an online news story about Spider-Man and then smugly says "Wait till he meets me." We then get a Wham Shot of Kraven the Hunter's lion vest on a mannequin, surrounded by weapons.
    • Jossed. Plus, it turns out Sony is considering making a film with Kraven in it.
  • Michelle goes to a secluded location where we are shown a young man who will be the villain of the next MCU Spider-Man movie. It turns out she is a Canon Foreigner; the sister of the future villain, who will be his Morality Pet.
    • Jossed.
  • By introducing the one character who has plagued Spider-Man for all his days and has come closer to defeating him than any of his deadliest foes: J. Jonah Jameson.
    • Jossed. He's not in the film in the slightest.
  • A Troper adds a troll-ish mention of Zendaya to someone else's theory. Michelle walks in and tells them it isn't funny anymore. The audience will listen. The joke will end. We shall rejoice.
  • At an airport, Michelle's family is handing over their luggage, as they are going on an overseas holiday. The mother then gives the family's passports to an official, who checks it over. A Wham Shot can show that Michelle's passport reads "Michelle Jane Watson".
    • Jossed. You're fighting a battle already lost.
  • All Jossed. The Vulture meets Mac Gargan when he is locked up in the Raft and the only implication for the sequels is that he'll become a villain in the next Spider-Man film and also that some criminals are teaming up to exact revenge, implying that we'll finally get a proper live action Sinister Six.

Nick Fury will cameo by means of process of elimination.
To clarify, it's been said that he'll be making another appearance before Avengers: Infinity War. They've already said that he won't be showing up in Thor: Ragnarok, and obviously he has no place in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so the only remaining options for an appearance are Spider-Man: Homecoming or Black Panther (2018). The latter is a bit too close to the release of Infinity War to make the impact of his cameo very meaningful (though it could happen, since both films are being shot around the same time), so Spider-Man would be the best fit. Such a cameo could even be one of the movie's mid- or post-credits scenes.
  • Jossed.

Peter will get a job at Stark Industries
Three reasons and two of them put Stark in a Big Good style role.
  1. Tony can be Peter's benefactor in superheroics; the new suit and spidey-signal are just the start. It's also an ideal set up in case Peter has to run off during work hours for superheroing. I.E. "Hey, where did Parker go?" "He's running an errand for the boss; something urgent".
  2. Tony can help the young Gadgeteer Genius get his foot in the large-scale industrial engineering door; he was quite impressed with the webbing in Civil War.
  3. It's an excuse to chat up Peter's attractive aunt.
  • Jossed.

Happy Hogan's role is to chauffeur Peter to the Homecoming dance
While in the car he'll remark, "It's still better than being Ironman's bodyguard".
  • Jossed.

Assuming he's using his real surname, Crusher Hogan will turn out to be a relative of Happy's
Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Jossed.

The vice-principal will be an undercover SHIELD agent.
Possibly Sharon Carter
  • Or Zendaya.
    • This is clearly a joke, but Michelle is a student.
  • We never even see the Vice Principal.

How the villains codename will be used:
Since Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames (kind of):
  • Phineas Mason's creating of the gadgets will be called tinkering.
  • Herman Schultz will follow up usage of his signature gauntlets with: "What a Shocker!"
  • Adrian Toomes shows up. Spidey does his usual thing which in this case ends up being something like: "You're like an evil version of Falcon or something! Like a-a-a Crow? Buzzard? V-Vulture? Vulture! There we go!"
  • Spidey himself names his villains since he is something of a Promoted Fanboy. Note that many of names Spider-Man villains have, while descriptive, are rarely flattering.
    • Jossed. Jackson Brice calls himself the Shockerand Toomes and Horton simply aren't called their names directly.

Possible ways to use Spidey's other villains in future movies
  • Mysterio will use Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane.
    • Jossed. He's explicitly mundane.
  • Green Goblin will use a Chitauri glider.
  • Rhino will use a modified H.A.M.M.E.R. tech Iron Man suit.
  • The Lizard is an Inhuman.
    • As is Sandman, though his Terrigenesis occurred as he fell into the sand experiment from the comics and movie.
  • The Chameleon will use S.H.I.E.L.D. holographic disguise tech.
  • Kraven uses a inferior variation of the Super Soldier Serum to hone his senses. Maybe even Wakandan science. Or he could be a fraud.
  • Doctor Octopus creates four evil versions of Tony's robot arms.
  • Judas Traveller can be seen in the background at least once per movie and is used as nothing more than a cameo.
  • The cure for Michael Morbius's disease is modified by Hydra in an attempt to create a new super soldier serum.
  • The Spot mastered portal magic as a fighting style before leaving Kamar-Taj and now uses it to commit crimes.
  • Carnage was a result of HYDRA reverse-engineering the Venom symbiote to be a living weapon.

The Tinkerer will be the real Big Bad
The Vulture and Shocker rely on him for their tech, and he's using them as diversions from his real schemes.

Ned Leeds's username will be "Hobgoblin".
Alternatively, it will be Michelle.
  • Jossed.

Zendaya is a Lying Creator and will be playing MJ
In a sorta hybrid between Adaptation Name Change and Canon Character All Along she will reveal that her full name is Michelle Jane Watson.
  • Jossed.
    • Actually, kind of confirmed. She asks to be called MJ at the end of the film. No word if Jane is her middle name, but it could still be.

A sect of fans will never stop thinking or theorizing about a Zendaya Mary Jane
Never. Not after the movie comes out. Not after her character's full name is revealed. They will always believe she's Mary Jane, no matter what else happens.
  • Jossed. It's confirmed that she is more or less the counterpart to Mary Jane.

Toomes either killed Uncle Ben or his killer works for him.
Since they will probably have to address Uncle Ben's death, since Toomes in this movie is the boss of a crime gang perhaps he killed Uncle Ben or his gang is connected to it. It would give Peter a personal reason to go after him.
  • Toomes' vendetta seems to just be against Tony Stark and his company. Unless Ben worked for Tony (which is unlikely, given that no one mentioned that in Civil War), Toomes would have little reason to harm the Parkers personally.
  • Jossed. Vulture is completely unconnected to Ben Parker, whose death isn't a plot point at all, let alone properly addressed.

The sequel will be called Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
And it will have Kraven the Hunter appear as a significant secondary antagonist, who escapes and becomes the Big Bad of the third movie Spider-Man: The Last Hunt.
  • It will be called Spider-Man: Shut Up About Zendaya, She Isn't the Lead.
  • It will be called Web of Spider-Man, the name of a real Spider-Man title.
  • It will be called Spider-Man: The Big Game.
    • Jossed. It's called "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

General Ross will return (possibly as a secret last role for William Hurt) during Peter's consideration for Avengers
And upon hearing about his obsession with tracking down the Hulk, Peter will ask the General if he's acquainted with a Mr. Jameson.
  • Jossed.

Michelle is actually Jessica Drew during her Hydra days.
In the comics, Spider-Woman started off as a Hydra agent before finally breaking away from them. In this universe, maybe in an after-credits sequence, it will be revealed that she also has powers similar to Peter's and that she's spying on him in case he ever becomes a threat to Hydra or in case Hydra wants to recruit him. We need to find a way to have her be in the MCU somehow. Maybe she'll be an antagonist in the sequel.
  • That wouldn't work. Hydra has gone through serious Villain Decay and the remnants left were decimated by the military after Glenn Talbot used Gideon Malick's intel to arrange an attack on all of Hydra's bases. They haven't been been heard from since. The Watchdogs included former members of Hydra, indicating that the organization is in shambles at best. If they had an agent with powers on par with Spider-Man, they would use her as more than a spy for one person. All of the heroes are threats to Hydra if they are still existing in some capacity. If they are some would at least be gunning for Coulson.
  • Well, they could change her backstory so that instead of working for Hydra, she could be working for another organization like Hammer Industries or possibly A.I.M. or a group of Hydra sympathizers. Maybe they're spying on Peter because of how close he is with Tony.
  • Jossed, her full name is Michelle Jones and her initials are MJ.

Peter's parents won't be important to the story.
Many argued that this plotline wasn't interesting in The Amazing Spider-Man Series and that even in the comics, no one really questioned who Peter's parents are. Most readers simply accepted that he lived with Ben and May his whole life. So, to separate this movie from its predecessors and not have to juggle so many storylines, they probably won't bring up Peter's parents.
  • Confirmed. Peter's parents aren't ever mentioned.

There won't be a Spiderverse movie...
But there will be a huge spider-people team-up. To keep the story less complicated, the various different Spider-people will all be from the same universe, the MCU universe. It will focus on original spider-powered heroes rather than alternate universe Peter Parkers.

Spider-people that will appear in this movie or sequels
  • Miles Morales
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Miguel O'Hara
  • Jessica Drew
  • Venom
  • Julia Carpenter
  • Cindy Moon
    • Confirmed.
  • Anya Corazon
  • Kane
  • Ben Reilly

May isn't a fan of Spider-Man
Taking some notes from the Ultimate comics, May is disgusted by the idea of Spider-Man and doesn't like the idea of a superpowered vigilante running around and destroying stuff. Peter telling her will be a plotpoint in the movie, with either him deciding to not tell her by the end and her finding out in the sequel or May finding out by the end of the movie.
  • Partially confirmed. While she tells him to "run the other way" if any superhero conflicts happen when he's around, she never singles out Spider-Man.

Tony taking the suit away is actually a Dare to Be Badass moment
Think back to The Avengers (2012). Even though this was the actions of Loki trying to tear apart the team, Steve had a point when he attacked Tony for pretty much being nothing but a guy in a suit of armor. And Tony sees that in Peter. He's even said that he wants Peter to be better than him and, after the stunt with the ferry, he's in the position to force him into it.
  • Partially confirmed. It works out that way, and Tony takes full credit for it, but whether he planned it or not is ambiguous.

Michelle is the Vulture's daughter
Like the plan for Spider-Man 4, she will inherent her father's role in future movies.
  • This could explain the secrecy behind her character, how she seems to be an awkward genius, and how she will be important in the future of the MCU...though it would be weird to see Zendaya as a villain.
  • So the sequel will have the Vulturess played by Zendaya.
  • Jossed. Liz Allen is the Vulture's daughter.

Spidey will defeat Vulture by making him realize how much of a villain he is
Toomes is seen declaring that Stark doesn't care about people beneath him, and that he'll do anything he can to protect his family. But he's clearly violent, since he threatens Peter and his family, not to mention tearing the ferry apart. It wouldn't be surprising if he had a substantial body count through the film. At the end Vulture will try and give Spidey a Hannibal Lecture about the class and generational differences between the two of them, how he's just a hard worker trying to make a living, and Spidey will throw it back in his face—ask him about all the people on the ferry, all the people he's killed, don't they have families too? Aren't they just trying to make a living? And how would his own family react if they saw Toomes like this? It'll either shake him and cause him to surrender, or he'll deny the monster he's become and make Peter realize he's too far gone.
  • Jossed. Peter simply comes out on top.

At one point, there will be a reference to how the Avengers are fine with killing their villains
Tony has pretty much killed all of his enemies and doesn't really seem to have any guilt over them so it would be interesting to see if Peter is going to try a better route this time and either reason with the Vulture or non-fatally defeat him.
  • Jossed. The Avenger's methods are never mentioned.
    • Though it is sort of referenced by the spider-suit's kill options when fully unlocked, along with Parker's insistence to not use said options.

If the Daily Bugle, it will be revealed that it's a cover story made by Peter and Tony to explain to May where Peter is all of the time.
And if she ever tries to go to see Peter at his job, Tony will use some sort of tech to disguise himself and say that his name is J. Jonah Jameson.
  • Jossed. Jameson and the Bugle are never mentioned.

The Daily Bugle in this universe is a famous news website owned by Tony.
It focuses on superhuman news and the latest in advanced tech.
  • Jossed. Far From Home reveals that is a controversial sensationalist website.

May always knew that Peter was Spiderman.
Because if we're going for realism, she should be able to realize quickly how Peter hangs around with Tony and how Spiderman made his first big appearance to the general public right after Tony visited their house.
  • Pretty much jossed by the film's ending.

Desperate to stop him from getting killed, Ned will tell Aunt May about Peter's secret.
Peter is badly injured but still wants to go after the Vulture, which Ned is against. Around the climax, Peter arrives at his apartment, where Ned is and tries to get Ned to help him when May walks in slowly, crying over the realization. pissed, Peter will run out, acting brashly.
  • Jossed.

If Miles does appear...
It will be in a scene where Peter is going crazy trying to stop the Vulture and attacks Donald Glover's character, who is either Uncle Aaron or Miles's father. Peter's about to mess him up when Miles appears, pleading for Spiderman to stop. Peter will realize how crazy he's becoming and leaves quickly.
  • Jossed. Miles isn't in the movie, but Aaron Davis is.

Michael Keaton isn't actually playing the Vulture, Donald Glover is
In the trailer, we never see Toomes suiting up in the Vulture costume, and in fact one scene was edited so that it jumped from someone getting out of the suit to showing Toomes. Considering the "hidden villain" twist was used twice before, it's not out there to suspect that the Vulture isn't who we think it is. Keaton is also in his sixties, and it would be difficult to play a role as demanding as the Vulture. All the while, Donald Glover's character has been kept under a tight lip, which raises an interesting idea. What if Glover is playing the actual Vulture? While Toomes is more of a mastermind, Glover's character carries out the physical tasks as the Vulture, while Toomes acts like it's him. In the end, Glover will be a physical threat, whereas Toomes is more of a mental and moral challenge to Spider-Man.
  • Jossed.

The movie will have a Bittersweet Ending
Hooray, the Vulture is defeated and his plans are stopped. Except the result of the battle has dire consequences for Peter's life. The property damage is once again addressed and Spider-Man's seemingly reckless attempts at superheroics (coupled with the ferry incident) stirs up controversy and makes him a target for slander, particularly by the Daily Bugle. His obvious age brings up questions of how bad a role model Tony Stark and the other Avengers might be to inspire such damage at the hands of a single 15-16 year old. Liz Allen now thinks Peter is a jerk for his standoffish behavior at the Homecoming dance, specifically when he runs off to websling into action, and any chance of romance Peter was hoping for with her is ruined by this.

On the bright side, Tony is proud of Peter for managing to take down the Vulture without his upgraded suit, which he gives back, Peter is officially a standby Avenger, and he still has friends in Ned and Michelle, who is suspiciously chipper about Peter's failed fling with Liz.

  • Well it isn't a happily ever after, but these details are quite off.

Because why not?

Donald Glover's character is working for Tony
  • Jossed.

One of the villains will be The Scorpion.
In Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man starts of working with Iron Man but defects to Captain America's side. In this film, Mac Gargan is an opportunistic former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who works for Stark and the Pro-Accords, but betrays them once he is given superpowers by Dr. Farley Stillwell. Spider-Man will be the first superhero to engage him in battle, leading him to do battle with both Scorpion and the Pro Accord forces who want to take them both down for their betrayal.
  • Jossed. Spider-Man is loyal to Iron Man's side and Scorpion is nowhere to be seen in terms of the action figures showing off the cast.
    • Actually, confirmed! Mac Gargan is Michael Mando's character, although he doesn't suit up.

'Michelle' will reveal herself to be Mary Jane during Prom or the titular Homecoming dance.
This movie is supposedly John Hughes inspired after all. It will be a take on the typical She Cleans Up Nicely scene, where nerdy Michelle shows up in a nice dress with bright red hair and tells a stunned Peter, "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!"
  • It happens slightly earlier than the Homecoming dance, if the rumored plot leak is to be believed. The outline has her showing up on Peter's doorstep, revealing herself as his date, and delivering that very line. Her first name might actually be 'Michelle', though—it's suggested that she insists Peter calls her 'MJ' later on.
    • Jossed. Zendaya said in an interview that the rumor is false (and had a laugh at how people jump to conclusions on the internet).
    • Actually, semi-confirmed, maybe. While Zendaya was telling the truth in that she's not the Mary-Jane Watson "MJ," she is Michelle Jones "MJ," as she reveals at the end of the movie. Whether or not Michelle "MJ" and Mary-Jane "MJ" are counterparts to each other have yet to be seen.
      • Kevin Feige has stated that She isn't Mary Jane, despite the shared nickname. However he seems to be open to the idea of her taking Mary Jane's place.

If Michelle really is Mary Jane, then she'll be revealed to be a natural redhead who dyed her hair to a dark color
Thus subverting the Adaptation Dye-Job trope. An in-character reason could have to do with her more bookish personality in the movie (possibly feeling insecure about her natural hair color) and ultimately having a Be Yourself moment leading to her getting a kind of makeover. It wouldn't be too outlandish, considering that Zendaya has been seen with red hair before.
  • A rumored plot outline has a throwaway line about Peter not knowing any redheads, which would indicate that if Peter knows Michelle, then she wouldn't have red hair at that point—which would fall in line with the hypothetical scenario explained above.
  • Jossed. Zendaya has had an interview with THR where she basically says she is not who the rumors said.
    • Maybe, maybe not. While she certainly isn't Mary-Jane Watson, the fact that Michelle Jones is still called MJ calls whether or not this is the counterpart into question. After all, it wouldn't be out of the question for this to be MJ with a Race Lift.
      • Kevin Feige has stated that She isn't Mary Jane, despite the shared nickname. However he seems to be open to the idea of her taking Mary Jane's place.

As an alternative to the above, Mary Jane (presuming that that's who Michelle is) will dye her hair red to show a change in personality
This would be an easier explanation.

Phil Coulson will return to the films
The school's principal will be played by Clark Gregg. He will be operating in secret for SHIELD. Because...
  • It allows to bring the character back to the films
  • It is a minor role, and may not conflict with the ongoing plots in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The series can in turn make a passing by reference to that secret operation.
  • It would be a nod to Ultimate Spider-Man
    • Kenneth Choi will be playing the principal so this will be jossed.

Guesses on which actors are playing which antagonists
We already know that Michael Keaton is playing Vulture, and we know two of the other antagonists that will appear in the film. However, there are three more actors playing antagonists.

  • The Tinkerer: Michael Mando. He looks kind of like the character.
    • Jossed. Michael Chernus is playing The Tinkerer.
  • The Shocker: Bokeem Woodbine. His casting announcement happened around the closest to the beginning of production, so he most likely has a smaller part compared to the others, and the character is bound to be for this movie what Batroc The Leaper was for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
    • Confirmed.

Michael Keaton will play the Vulture.
Because, with one of his recent movies in mind, it would be completely hysterical casting.
  • Confirmed!

Wilson Fisk will be the Big Bad
Since the Kingpin started off as a Spider-Man villain, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to have him appear in the film. After the events in Daredevil, Fisk's not going to hold superheroes in high-regard. Michael Keaton's character will be a hired gun tasked with hunting heroes like Spider-Man and will serve as The Heavy for the film.
  • There's also the fact that, since many fans want both the movies and TV shows to crossover in some way, this could allow Daredevil and Punisher to finally appear in the movies.
  • Jossed. As mentioned above, Vulture is the Big Bad played by Michael Keaton.

Peter Parker's parents were S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
They discovered HYDRA was secretly controlling S.H.I.E.L.D., and were branded as traitors and killed off for it. In fact, Peter could have learned about this between the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War due to Black Widow leaking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s intel as a bit of Arc Welding.
  • Adding to this, Eddie Brock's parents were S.H.I.E.L.D. agents too. But they sided with HYDRA, and tried to kill the Parkers by crashing their plane only to get killed themselves after HYDRA feels they served their purpose.
  • Also, they went undercover working for Oscorp, whose plans to recreate the Super Soldier formula. S.H.I.E.L.D. have Oscorp under their radar when they suspect Norman Osborn is involved in illegal activities. The Parkers' superior(s) who assigned them are HYDRA agents, and they want the formula to create an army for themselves. When the Parkers learn the truth, they use spider DNA to be ineffective (except on Peter).
    • Jossed. The movie isn't going with the origin from The Amazing Spider-Man Series. Those movies are set in their own continuity. But that would have been neat Arc Welding if they had taken that route.

Which villain may be the Big Bad of Spider-Man's solo film.
  • The Rhino: played by... Joe Manganiello, the original cinematic Flash Thompson in a bit of a Casting Gag.
    • Or a female version played by Zendaya.
  • Mysterio: played by... Eric Balfour.
    • Or a female version played by Zendaya.
  • The Jackal: played by... Zendaya, I guess?
  • Shocker: And I'll say Zendaya before anyone else does.
  • Morlun
  • Doctor Doom, played by Oscar Isaac (and NOT Zendaya Coleman). Marvel was able to have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, albeit with the condition of not being able to reference the X-Men in any sort of way. They could possibly do the same with Doom, having him be the Big Bad of this movie while not referencing the Fantastic Four (assuming that Marvel doesn't eventually get the FF movie rights back from Fox).
  • The Hobgoblin. No one said it couldn't be a Goblin Spider-Man fights.
  • All Jossed. It's Vulture. Shocker is in the movie, but he's only a minor villain.

Tony Revolori's character has the surname Gonzales.
He's the brother of Michelle Gonzales, possibly renamed from Vin to the announced name of Manuel. The character has been suggested to be an antagonistic peer of Peter and the comics version of the character has been both of those things, albeit in different contexts.
  • Jossed. He's playing "Flash" Thompson, and is identified as such.

The movie and its sequels will set up the Sinister Six for a future movie.
As we've learned from Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, trying to introduce and tell the backstories of too many villains in one movie usually leads to disaster. Instead, we'll probably see two future members act as the villains for this movie, with any others being introduced in their "civilian" identities before becoming villains in the sequels (i.e. we could see Norman Osborne and Otto Octavius, but they won't become Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus until the sequels). To help with developing the team before pitting them up against our favorite wall-crawler, Sony could also go forward with their planned Sinister Six film and maybe incorporate it into the MCU.
  • Jossed. Sinister Six, as a project, has been cancelled. The only spin-offs that are being considered going forward are the animated Spider-Man movie and Venom — and even then, the animated movie is the only film that actually appears to be going anywhere.
  • Debatable. Depending on how you interpret Mac Gargan's words, his allies outside of prison could serve as the foundation for the team.

This movie might be the last Spider-Man movie that Sony are involved in making, and Sony named the movie Homecoming
We all knew that one day, Sony would have had to give up the Spider-Man rights to Disney. Hence, they chose the title Homecoming to basically say "Well, Disney, here is your most popular hero, and he's coming home".
  • Jossed: Sony is still holding out onto the hope that they can build a franchise off of the success of this movie, with their own mini Spidey-verse outside of the MCU.

This movie will be somewhat Lighter and Softer by design in comparison to other recent MCU offerings (to say nothing of the Netflix series) and chock full of Mythology Gags and Call Backs
  • Firstly, it (and perhaps Guardians 2 to some degree) will be meant as the Breather Episode before things well and truly go to #$&* in the Infinity War duology.
  • Second, part of the beauty of introducing Spider-Man into the MCU a full nine years in is that you've got a lot of young kids that may have been really young kids when the first Iron Man kicked off the MCU in 2008, that are now teenagers in 2017 and will have a relatable superhero to whom they can immediately latch on. So perhaps with this film, they can target a (slightly) newer audience while also having a lot of content that would tie the film back into previous MCU offerings for fans that have stuck with the universe for longer.
    • Somewhat confirmed.

Logan-Marshall Green will be playing Norman Osborn.
  • The character is simply too important to leave out of a greater cinematic setting, and is likely going to be poised to become a major player in the MCU after Phase 3 ends. The actor is also young enough to show up in MCU movies for several years.
    • Jossed. He's playing Montana, the other Shocker.

Michelle's real name is actually Mary Jane Watson
She just changed it to Michelle Jones because she was sick of being bullied for having a name that was also a nickname for marijuana and wanted to ditch the surname of her abusive father. "Jones" is her mother's maiden name and she liked the "MJ" nickname which lead to her choosing Michelle as her first name. As she gets closer to Peter, Michelle will get more confident and grow into the Mary Jane we all know and love, ending with her changing her name back to Mary Jane Watson in the third film.
  • Jossed. Kevin Feige told IGN that Michelle's initials are merely a reference to Mary Jane. They apparently thought it would be funny if this Canon Foreigner had a similar name.


     Sequel Theories 

Potential Villains
  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Hammerhead
    • A gangster who decides to enter the super-villain scene after gaining enhanced strength.
  • Beetle
    • A thief who uses advanced technology to keep Spider-Man from catching him..
  • Squid
    • An Inhuman who blames Spider-Man for the death of his girlfriend.
  • Hydro-Man
  • Mysterio
    • Jake Gyllenhaal is reported to be in consideration for the role, so even if the part doesn't go to Gyllenhaal, consider Mysterio confirmed.
  • Spencer Smythe
  • White Rabbit
    • A comedic teenage villain who robs banks alongside side her henchman named Walrus.
  • The Living Brain
  • Since didn't die in the first film, Zendaya.
  • The Jackal
  • Scorpion
  • Molten Man
    • Liz's hot-headed older brother tries to bust his father out of prison using Extremis derivatives swiped by members of Vulture's old gang... with tragic results.
  • Human Fly
  • Mister Negative
  • The Chameleon
  • Scorpia, as Mac Gargan's girlfriend.
  • Taskmaster, or a character who will eventually take up that mantle
  • Kangaroo
    • a thug who can hop very high thanks to cybernetics in his legs.

If Venom (2018) fails, he will be the villain in the third film.
But he will be previously introduced in a space movie like Avengers: Infinity War or Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3.
  • If the Venom movie fails, Marvel Studios probably wouldn't want to touch him too soon after. Plus, Sony is clearly trying to establish their own line of movies with the properties they have and may still want to keep the rights to Venom so they can still have a stronger grip on the other symbiote characters like Carnage, Toxin, and Scream.
  • Word of God has repeatedly stated that the aren't including the villains featured in previous movies. It isn't that they can't use Venom, it's that they don't want to make them seem too similar. And given that Spider-Man 3 has become subject to years of vitriol due to the depiction of Venom there, emulating it in any way wouldn't be a thing Marvel Studios would actively want.
    • It failed critically, but succeeded financially, so we can probably joss this one.

The villain will be in Peter's age range
Possibly a student at the same school or a recent graduate.
  • Jossed. He is an adult.

Captain America will be a supporting hero
Since it's been confirmed that Iron Man won't be in the next Spider-Man movie, but there will be another Marvel Studios-owned character appearing in it, Captain America seems like the most logical fit. Both Cap and Spidey are New Yorkers and Cap had one of the most significant interactions with Spidey in Captain America: Civil War outside of Iron Man.
  • Jossed. He is now an old man after Endgame.

Some of Peter's classmates will become costumed vigilantes
Specifically ones who had alternate identities in the comics.
  • Ned Leeds will be a composite of the M2 version of Phil Urich and will take on a the identity of a version of the Goblin, but wont be a villain. Both Leeds and Urich were variations of the Goblin in the comics and like Movie Leeds, M2 Urich was friends with Peter and knew his identity as Spider-man. This version of Urich was a heroic version of the Goblin.

Who the co-starring hero of the sequel could be
  • Captain America
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Hulk
  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel
  • Daredevil
  • Luke Cage
  • The Punisher
  • Firestar
  • Ms Marvel
  • Rick Jones
  • Bombshell
  • Nova
  • Blade
  • Speedball
  • White Tiger
  • Reptil
  • Radiance
  • Sun Girl
  • Nightwatch
  • Darkhawk
  • Aegis
  • Shang-Chi
  • Turbo
  • America Chavez
  • Moon Knight
  • Steel Spider
  • Wonder Man
  • Falcon
  • Star-Lord
    • All Jossed.

The next sequel will have a competitive Big Bad Ensemble
Like Hobgoblin and Green Goblin.
  • Scorpion would make more sense.
    • If they do this, it'll be Mysterio and either Scorpion or Chameleon.
  • Jossed. Mysterio is the only villain.

Mary Jane still exists in the MCU
Michelle using MJ as an alias is just a coincidence or even a Red Herring. Alternatively, the two MJ's do know each other and use the name as a symbol of their friendship.
  • Kevin Feige told IGN that the MJ nickname was nothing more than a "homage" to Mary Jane, so possibly confirmed.

Vulture and Spidey will end up teaming up to take down Scorpion
This version of Vulture is a pretty honorable sort, a sort of bad guy who has honor and morals, which makes him almost one of the good guys. Gargan, from what we see of him, is an unrepentant psycho; as Scorpion, he'll end up menacing some of Toomes' old friends and family at some point, at which point he'll feel obligated to help in putting Gargan back in prison.
  • Alternatively, if Norman appears, the Vulture and maybe the future members of the Sinister Six will volunteer to assist Peter. After all, Norman Osborn represents everything Toomes hates-he's rich and incredibly powerful, with little to no respect for the little guys.
    • Word of God says that no villains from previous Spider-Man movies will appear, so it's more likely that they'll stick with Scorpion, who has already been teased.

Oscorp will feature heavily in the first sequel, but will not be actively villainous until a later sequel
The buyers of Avengers Tower are revealed to be Oscorp, who are taking over the void left by Stark and Hammer. Unlike Stark and Hammer, who specialize in robotics and mechanics, Oscorp's specialty is in biological science and warfare, and they were the ones who created the spider that mutated Peter.

Oscorp's most notable employees? Kraven, a mercenary animal expert who hunts for DNA samples; Dr. Curt Connors, who researches potential applications for DNA; and Otto Octavius, who designs and builds their equipment and machinery. All of these characters will have their lives ruined in some fashion by Spider-Man, leading to them teaming up with the other established villains in order to kill him.

  • Alternatively the sequel will avoid the usual approach and bring in a different version of Osborn than the earlier movies did. We've seen Corrupt Corporate Executive Norman, so we now need to see Norman Osborn head of HAMMER/Thunderbolts, who's a Marvel wide villain or early Ditko Goblin/Osborn who wants to take over New York's underworld (which we saw revived in the Superior Spider-Man arc) and introduces himself to Peter by posing as a Hollywood executive who wants to take Spider-Man to Hollywood...the advantage is we can bring Peter's encounter with the Hulk in The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin. So there's much Shared Universe points there. The Ditko Goblin is too they'll probably go with HAMMER!Osborn and Thunderbolts!Osborn and there needs to be some kind of buildup to the SHIELD/HYDRA/Sokovia situation.
  • Word of God has stated that none of the villains from the previous Spider-Man movies will be the villains in the MCU ones, so Osborn, Connors, and Octavius are all jossed. Also, Luke Cage has shown that Hammer's business is still being run, even producing dangerous new kinds of ammunition.
  • Jossed. Oscorp is never mentioned in Far From Home,

The "principal from the other school" who has a rumor about having a crossbow
Is Kraven the hunter. He just hunts animals as a hobby.

The sequel will show, or at least imply, that Norman Osborn was involved with the events of Iron Man 3.
He's so behind-the-scenes he managed to escape the real Mandarin's radar. Potential exchange:
Tony: How did you keep the real Mandarin from discovering you?
Norman: I'm Norman Osborn.
Peter: That's not really an answer, man.
Norman: No, I was being arrogant by just stating my name as my response to Tony.
Norman: Simple, I'm Norman Osborn.
Norman: Not if you ever want to see Harry again!
Peter: You're son? Have I even met him? Karen, have I met Harry Osborn?
  • Unlikely, since Word of God says that they're using different villains.
  • Jossed. He never appears or is mentioned in Far From Home.

Most of Vulture's clients were working for Norman Osborn.
Just like Toomes wanted to stay off the Avenger's radar so did Osborn so he sent middle-men to pick up the alien tech for him.
  • Toomes' men were his employees who joined him from the start. Norman would of had to know Toomes would steal the Chitauri gear before it happened to set up spies within the crew.
  • Jossed. Osborn won't be the MCU Spider-Man movies, or at least what they have planned, since the creators are going for villains who haven't been adapted to film yet.

Harry Osborn will transfer to Peter's school.
For the same stated reason it happened in the Spider-Man trilogy.
  • Well considering that Homecoming is going for sociological realism, they won't want to compromise that by bringing a rich-kid into a magnet school. In the original comics, Peter met Harry in college, which Peter got in on scholarship. Raimi's Adaptation Distillation approach put Harry in the same high school as Peter even if it doesn't make sense except that Norman wants to "toughen up" Harry which is not believable for the wealthy-douchebag archetype of contemporary America.
  • Alternatively, playing off the WMG that Norman bought Stark Tower, the Osborns simply moved from another part of the country to NYC for Norman's work. The school the kids go to seems to be more STEM-centric, and it's not unreasonable that Harry, whose father has a science background, would himself have an aptitude for science.
  • Unless they're going to just not have Norman Osborn be the Green Goblin (which would be a waste), this is unlikely, as the MCU Spider-Man films are using villains not adapted by the previous films.

Norman Osborn and Aunt May will fall in love.
In a nod to the comics, Peter will say "she could've done worse".
  • Norman would probably still be married to Harry's mother. Granted, that wouldn't necessarily keep him from pursuing other women...but May doesn't seem like the type of woman who'd knowingly be a rich guy's mistress. She has plenty of admirers who aren't married to choose from.
  • Osborn, if he even exists in the MCU would be a very wealthy business magnate. The possibility of him even dating a not particularly well-off woman living out of an apartment in Queens with her nephew is really not that realistic. Also, May doesn't seem to be attracted to men for their money, even when their good guys, and doesn't seem to want to find someone new in Homecoming at all despite multiple men clearly being into her (which makes sense when you consider that she's a widower). The only way I see Norman pursuing her is just as a means to fuck with Peter if he knows he's Spider-Man. And since May knows too, Peter would have no reason not to warn her that Osborn is just trying to get to him.
  • Perhaps this Osborn will visit Aunt May, but instead of dating her, it'll be revealed that he was trying to track down Tony Stark's actions in hopes of finding any weapons caches (or something similar), and he's just pursuing every lead. It would be a funny Bait-and-Switch, especially for those who would be expecting this plot twist.

Michelle will clean up nicely at some point in the sequel.
Then Peter opens the door, sees her, and she snarks "Face it, tiger..."
  • Jossed. She never says that.

Peter will greatly tone-down the bonus features of his Spider-Suit.
While he likes the suit Mr. Stark made for him, Peter finds a lot of the bells and whistles unnecessary, useless, unhelpful, or even dangerous. So he modifies the suit to take out the features he doesn't want (and potentially adds some of his own). If Tony isn't in the film, Peter will note that "at first Mr. Stark was pretty pissed, but said I do good work, and it's my suit now anyway." If Tony is in the film, we'll have a scene with them discussing Peter "butchering my work" and Peter replying "I just made it more what I need."
  • Jossed.

The sequel will introduce the remaining members of the Sinister Six and the third film will have them as main villains

Homecoming introduced Shocker, Scorpion (pre-transformation) and the Vulture, rounding up roughly half. The sequel ought to introduce the other three, and then the third movie will have the Sinister Six operating at full steam. Now, who are those three other members? Now, Marvel has said they preferably do not want to repeat villains used in previous movies so that rules out Electro, Lizard, Sandman, Rhino and Doctor Octopus. With that being the case, the remaining members of the Six in this continuity would be Mysterio, Kraven and Chamaleon (as the latter two are brothers, they'd be easier to introduce). Thus rounding up a team of:

  • Vulture - As their brains and the leader.
  • Kraven the Hunter - As the Genius Bruiser The Dragon.
  • Mysterio - As their Evil Genius master of illusion.
  • Chamaleon - As the master of disguise adjacent to Mysterio's trickery.
  • Shocker - As the Dumb Muscle The Brute.
  • Scorpion - As the other The Brute aiding Shocker.

    • Or, if they want to go with somewhat more obscure villains...
      • Scorpion: The Ax-Crazy Bad Boss leader, who is given a battle-suit with a giant stinger tail by Spencer Smythe.
      • Molten Man: The estranged son of Vulture who is manipulated by Scorpion into having Spencer Smythe experiment on him. He will be Trapped in Villainy in exchange for being returned to normal and serve as an Evil Counterpart to Peter. He will be a gambling addict who blames his dad for all his problems before realizing he's a screwup, and redeeming himself for the sake of his beloved sister Liz.
      • Grizzly: A former wrestler who tried to kill Crusher Hogan after being beaten by him in the ring. He was stopped by Spidey and joins the others to get revenge, being one of Scorpion's "friends" from before getting locked up. With a robotic exoskeleton harness created by Spencer Smythe, he becomes a super strong, super-villain version of his wrestling persona. He serves as The Big Guy and provides comic relief.
      • Spencer Smythe: One of Scorpion's "friends" who has it in for Spider-Man. He's an Evil Genius Mad Scientist who used to work for Adrian Toomes's company who was fired by Toomes for being too sadistic and unstable. He provides the gear for Scorpion and Grizzly and is also the one who made Molten Man into what he is. He himself fights in a giant robot spider vehicle called the Spider Slayer.
      • Vulture: He serves as the Six's Token Good Teammate, forced by the others to help them in exchange for a cure for his son, who he wants to help in hopes of him rejoining the family again, as his wife and daughter have separated from him.
      • Shocker III: Yet another new Shocker who will mostly serve as The Generic Guy (Hey, someone has to get the short end of the stick) and as a henchman. Maybe a female version so they aren't just a boy's club.
  • In Far From Home, we've got Mysterio confirmed, and while nothing's official, evidence suggests that Numan Acar's "Dmitri" is The Chameleon, which means the only things we need now are Scorpion to transform, and another villain. Perhaps the third movie will introduce said sixth member, and Marvel and Sony will make this trilogy a 4-film series.

The sequel will involve this gag
As in, both Tony and Toomes will interact, at which point Toomes will bring up the elephant in the room and ask how Liz is doing.

Tony: Liz? Who's Liz?
Peter: (Oh, Crap! expression) Um, Mr. Toomes, can we move on?
Tony: No, seriously, who's Liz? Fellow supervillain, hero, hostage?
Toomes: (catches on) Actually, no, I don't need to know about her love life-
Tony: Wait-"love life?" (Eureka Moment) Wait. Nooo. (tries to keep a straight face) You didn't.
Peter: Can we move on-
Tony: You did! Okay, young man, we need to talk about your taste in women-it starts with dating a supervillain's daughter, next thing you know there's this hot thief with a cat costume and the power to induce bad luck, and you really think you can change her-
Toomes: You know, I can make a shiv, right now.

  • Jossed. Toomes is absent in Far From Home.
The sequel will open with

Smash Cut to "ONE YEAR LATER" (since Kevin Feige expressed an interest in having each sequel take place in another school year) and Aunt May is now fine with Peter being Spider-Man. Though, for drama's sake she'll still have reservations.

Miles will appear in person, probably as a little kid.
Miles Morales will appear, probably as a little kid considering Aaron Davis' age. He will probably be the "ordinary person" who briefly helps the hero similar to Ned in Homecoming, Harley in Iron Man 3, or Cameron Klein in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The first sequel will be titled Spider-Man: Dead or Alive, and the main villain will be Spencer Smythe
The MCU Smythe will be an ex-SHIELD/Oscorp technician tasked with creating an anti-Spider-Man contingency measure in case he goes rogue. When Spider-Man is framed by an unknown villain, Smythe activates his Spider-Slayer robots to hunt down and kill/capture Spider-Man.

Spencer dies at the end of the story, but his son Alistair survives and joins the Sinister Six to seek revenge.

  • Jossed. It's called Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The MCU Hobgoblin..Will appear before Green Goblin and have a different premise

In the MCU, Hobgoblin is an ex-Oscorp employee who was mutated in an experiment, with his real identity unknown. As revenge, Hobgoblin forms a gang of thugs called "the Goblins" to terrorize Oscorp.

Of course, Spider-Man is a frequent thorn in the side of the Goblins, and eventually Hobgoblin joins the Sinister Six to defeat him once and for all.

Feige has stated he's going for a five-film arc for Spider-Man. He's confirmed that Captain America: Civil War was the first one, Homecoming was the second. The third and fourth will be the two Infinity War films, and the fifth one will be the second MCU Spider-Man solo film, due for release two months after Infinity War II. What do you expect from this film?

Will it be Tom's last appearance as Spider-Man? They've hinted at Miles by featuring his uncle as a minor character in Homecoming. Could they kill Peter off and then have Miles take up his mantel? Or will it simply usher in a new era in the MCU, as it's confirmed that the events of Infinity War II will play heavily into the movie's plot?

The Homecoming sequel will be a direct sequel to Homecoming.
Infinity War takes place well after the events of Civil War, which gives Peter Parker time to grow as a person and hero. The sequel would follow Peter's activity in the interim time. Ant Man and The Wasp takes place shortly after Civil War, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 takes place within a few months of its predecessor, so this chronology is not unprecedented.
  • Jossed. Infinity War and Endgame happen in between.

Mr. Harrington will become an Ascended Extra.
His "lost student" will become an important character to the next Big Bad's backstory; maybe they became the Chameleon?
  • Confirmed. He has more screen time.

The sequel won't just flat out have the Sinister Six be formed
It will instead introduce and establish most of the individuals who will form the team as an independent Big Bad and some secondary villains. It's in the third film that they all become the Sinister Six, serving as Peter's biggest challenge ever as Spider-Man and closing out his trilogy with a bang.
  • Confirmed, but the specifics are Jossed.

The Avengers Tower will be converted into the Baxter Building
After all, Tony said he had sold off the tower, and who else would he sell it to but a family of super geniuses?
  • Norman Osborn
    • Word of God goes against this idea. It could change, but it certainly isn't planned like this.
  • The City of New York. It will be converted into a bunker where people can retreat to in another big-scale attack.

Mysterio will be the next Big Bad, and fellow student of Peter's
To make a Foil for Peter's own love of being special, the new version of Quentin will be an Academic Decathlon rival of his who was left off the team because Flash got on. While he doesn't quite hate Peter, he is The Resenter towards Harrington's "Golden Boy"-then finds out Peter is Spider-Man, and how he got his powers. This finally causes the growing envy to boil over, and Quentin decides that if the Golden Boy just lucked out, there's nothing preventing him from using his own skills as a Gadgeteer Genius to reverse-engineer Vulture's old tech and combine it with his own abilities as a movie buff to become the superpowered Stage Magician he always wanted to be. Of course, the problem is that while Quentin resents Spider-Man, he hates Flash and people who didn't "earn" their share. Like bankers, or most superheroes who got their powers accidentally. So he becomes the Master of Illusion we all know and love, largely to beat Spider-Man and prove he's better than Peter. After he's proven right a couple times (or even better, actually getting one over on an Avenger who hasn't dealt with his type of gig before), he starts getting vain and becomes more grandiose and dramatic with his crimes, eventually trying to steal one of Dr. Strange's magic books to become a real wizard. This is what kicks off the climax, as it's shown Mysterio is reckless and irresponsible with his tech, and Peter realizes he could become a real danger to himself and everyone around him if he gets his hands on actual superpowers.

The twist is that he's even more of a Noble Demon than Vulture; he actually respects his teachers a lot and is pretty protective of the school. Thus, he ends up actually being something of a Friendly Enemy, seeing as how he likes most Badass Normal heroes. Also, if he's gay, he'll have a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment where he humiliates a homophobic target.

  • Or maybe they will stick to the classic Mysterio of the comics and make him an older villain and Large Ham. The MCU largely does prefer to stay as close as possible to the 616 version after all, and after Doctor Strange (2016) they can go far and out and put Ditko's Mysterio complete with Fishbowl helmet. Of course there's one way to make a distinctly MCU version of the character and still be classic Mysterio. Originally, Mysterio was a washed-up Hollywood guy on the skids, well there's already a character like that in MCU and who has experience in conjuring illusions and trickery...yes in MCU Mysterio is Trevor Slattery. Sir Ben Kingsley will follow-up as the next old thespian fighting off against Tom Holland, and like Tom Holland he is British. It will be glorious.

  • The "fellow student" part is jossed at very least; Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to take the role, who is several years older than Tom Holland.

MJ will have more screentime.
Because Tropers love Zendaya.
  • Confirmed.

The Iron Spider-esque outfit offered to Peter at the end will be used eventually.
It looks like a pretty sweet get-up, and seemed to have been too well-thought out and designed to be just a one-off. My guess is that either Peter will adopt it for one of the big Avenger movie battles, or it will be the suit adopted by Miles Morales.
  • Confirmed. It's used in Infinity War.

If Venom joins the MCU, the host will be Liz.
This is just if Venom (2018) flops. Liz finds out the man who arrested her father is none other than Spider-man, and swears revenge on him. She already might have animosity towards Peter. Somehow she will be in New York during the third movie. The movie goes through Peter finding the Symbiote, maybe during Avengers 4, and him rejecting it. The Symbiote finds Liz, senses her hatred of Spider-man and maybe Peter and bonds with her.
  • Venom (2018) not doing well doesn't automatically revert the character to Marvel Studios, so I'll propose an alternative; Liz becomes Screwball, like in Marvel's Spider-Man, but ultimately isn't a villain, just a person for Peter to win over.

Liz will become Vulture II
If Liz were to become an antagonist, it would probably be as a Legacy Character to her father. Her becoming a new Vulture would work better symbolically in the story, allowing parallels to be drawn between her and Adrian. Plus, it wouldn't all depend on the reception to a completely separate film to happen, unlike Venom.

The Osbornes will never appear in the MCU.
Audiences are sick of it, and they are making a concerted effort to be different from the previous films. And Peter Parker already has a friend. Their place will be filled by villains we haven't seen in live-action before, thus finally giving us something different. The Raimi Trilogy had both Norman and Harry and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 had Harry as well. The MCU Spider-Man is clearly being set up to a new take on the character, so adding them in (and making the entire plot revolve around yet another Green Goblin) would just make the MCU Spider-Man films look like copies of them with an MCU paint.
  • This actually lines up quite well with the things said by the creators, at least for the films. Since it seems they're building up Scorpion as the sequel's Big Bad (seriously, why else would they make him the focus of the mid-credits scene?), it seems reasonable to assume that there won't be any Green Goblin in the sequel, as it would easily overshadow him. Especially since even now, with no hint of the Osbornes at all, they are still being theorized about more than Scorpion.

The Scorpion suit will be created by the Tinkerer
It will be smuggled into the prison for Gargan, who will use it to break out. He'll join up with a friend of his who forced Tinkerer to create and then go after Spider-Man.

A younger Mister Negative could be the villain of a future MCU Spidey movie.
Maybe in this version, Mister Negative could be made Younger and Hipper but still retain the Jekyll & Hyde aspects of his personality and physiology he has in the comics. He could've been introduced to Zero Matter (which has been introduced in the MCU, notably with Whitney Frost) in present-day experiments which resulted in his mind fragmenting into the kind and philanthropic Martin Li, while also creating the villainous Noble Demon Mister Negative.

Li could become a Composite Character by inheriting the riches of a family member (father or mother or someone else who trusted him with said resources) and create F.E.A.S.T. (in an Osborn-like way) for the sheltered as a young businessman, while Mister Negative uses it as a cover for his criminal ops to fill in the vacuum caused by Wilson Fisk's defeat (again, like the comics but in a more teen-relevant manner).

He'd probably be attending the same high school as Peter because of his absence during the Zero Matter experimentation, and in an aversion to most users of the trope, Mister Negative and Martin Li could be established as one and the same (yet unaware of each other) to the audience, while it takes some of the movie for Peter to figure it out himself, similarly to Adrian Toomes as the Vulture. Perhaps Peter'd even figure it out in the most pragmatic way possible, by knocking out Negative during one of their battles only to find out it's someone he knows from high school, Martin Li. Similarly, Negative could knock out Spidey and learn his identity from there by unmasking him...either way, someone finds out the truth at some point.

  • For some added comics influence, he could gather a group of fellow youth-ranged criminals to be part of his "gang" which he calls either the Inner Demons or simply the Demons, or maybe even the Dragons for Asian influence.
  • And (if she's even relevant at this point anymore) he could have come into contact with Liz Allan at some point and utilized the knowledge of her father's arrest at Peter's hands to anger her to becoming a supervillain (maybe not right away, this could just be foreshadowed). This would be an interesting allusion to Mister Negative's corruption abilities in the comics if he doesn't have them in the movie.

Michelle is a Yandere who knows Peter's secret identity:
She has been stalking Peter all over school. She sits at the end of his lunch table, not talking to anyone, just watching. She greets him at the door of the party at Liz's (and loudly proclaims that she hates it there). She even follows him to detention. And when he shows up with Liz to the dance. She's there (and she flips him the bird for being with Liz. And we know she's very smart, and Peter stinks at keeping secrets.
  • By Far From Home, she has figured out his identity.

Norman Osborn will become the MCU equivalent of Doctor Doom instead of the Green Goblin
Or, at the very least an Expy of Doctor Doom. It's somewhat appropriate to have one of Marvel's most iconic heroes battle one of their most iconic villains, and it'll serve as a call back to Doom's larger roles in the 80's Spider-Man cartoons. Plus, it'll probably be a VERY long time before fans can see a "true" version of Doom represented in film due to Fox holding the rights to the character, so this route is probably the closest we'll ever get.
  • That might very well be what they do. Osborn has been built up in The Oughties and The New '10s as a Marvel-wide villain, head of HAMMER, Thunderbolts and so on. We haven't seen this version of Osborn in movies yet, mostly because he didn't exist at the time Raimi made his films, he had just recently come back from the dead at that time. Now this version of Osborn is not too popular (poor man's Luthor is one of the many nicknames) but considering how DCEU have wrecked the real Luthor, I think MCU might make it work (just like Thanos, poor-man's-Darkseid is now overshadowing the real thing).
  • Now that Disney is purchasing 20th Century Fox, this would be wildly unnecessary. Besides, Word of God says they aren't using the villains who've appeared in the Raimi or Webb films.

Norman Osborn's villain career will play out in reverse in the MCU.
Namely, with Rhodes recovering from his spinal injury, Norman will become the new War Machine/Iron Patriot, then either through a series of bad luck or because he planned it all along, he'll become a super-criminal, using the War Machine armor as the basis for the Green Goblin's tech.
  • Jossed. It's been said by the creators of Homecoming that the Spider-Man enemies used will be ones who haven't appeared on film yet. If Osborn won't be Spider-Man's villain, what would be the point?

Someone will discover Spider-Man's identity by finding Peter's video diary from Homecoming.

The Goblin masks will be fully emotive, as in the comics.
Possibly by courtesy of the Chameleon, if the Green and/or Hobgoblin show up, they'll sport realistic looking masks- either the same form-fitting prosthetic that Schmidt used to conceal his deformity in First Avenger, or the "photostatic veils" seen in Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Hey, possibly. That was one of the plans that didn't pull through in the Raimi films because the technology just wasn't there yet.

The Symbiote will be one of Stark's Spidey suits gone awry.
Instead of an alien, it will be a black suit with an A.I. system like Jarvis or Karen, but one that tries to tap into Peter's mind and make his body a component of the suit.

the place with good wifi...
... will be revealed as another sanctum sanctorum.
  • As much fun as it would be, there are only three sanctums, and none of them in India (they're in Hongkong, London and NYC).

Scorpion will be a Composite Character with Doctor Octopus
In the following ways:

Uncle Ben isn't dead

  • They never say he died, they said aunt May has been through enough (Ben leaving)
  • Peter doesn't have nearly enough angst about the situation
    • 1) MCU would never do something that drastic especially given how most of the origins in their films hew as close as possible to the classic origins, especially after the Garfield movies earned condemnation for changing the origin too much. Peter without Uncle Ben's death is like Batman without his dead parents. 2) Unlike comics where we have access to captions and thought bubbles to tell us what Peter thinks, a movie cannot do that without using a voice-over, flashback, or dream sequence or Imagine Spot. In the comics, most of the time we see Uncle Ben it's Peter thinking about him or talking to Aunt May. So just because on-screen, Uncle Ben isn't mentioned doesn't mean Peter doesn't have Angst in fact in the way Peter is trying to cling to Tony, you can see a kid casting around for a Replacement Goldfish. 3) Aunt May doesn't mention Ben in the film but in the way she's an attractive single woman who is indifferent to the looks and attention male admirers give her, and the way Peter subtly encourages her to move on, you can tell that she's a widow grieving for her one true love, and so used to a happy marriage that she has closed other people's attention. 4) If you read the early Steve Ditko issues after Amazing Fantasy #15, you find that Peter doesn't initially think too much about Uncle Ben up the first issue where Peter fights the Chameleon.

Spidey will meet Doctor Strange by crashing through the iconic sanctum sanctorum window

As demonstrated in this film, he still doesn't quite have his web swinging under control (see: the moment he crashes into a rooftop), and the whereabouts of the NYC sanctum are a plausible place for villains to pop up. Perhaps Peter tries to stop some people breaking into a house, unaware that they're supernatural and so is the house, only for the fight to escalate and Spiderman crashing through the window... right in front of rather surprised Strange.

  • Josssed. He meets Strange in Infinity War.

Liz will reappear, but won't be an antagonist
She comes across as pretty nice, all things considered. It also might come across as a cheap imitation of the Green Goblins if they made her a villain. Instead, Liz will visit Adrian at the Raft, which will be used by Gargan as an element in his plans to escape. Mason could sneak a Chitauri core bomb into Liz's purse somehow.

Cindy will be an Ascended Extra.
She'll become important to the plot, possibly being set up to become Silk.
  • Jossed.

Miles Morales' best friend will be an expy of Harry Osborn
Peter's new BFF is copy-catting Miles' one from the comics, why can't they do it for him.

Peter will be hired as the school mascot, the tiger
Which will of course lead to the famous "Face it, tiger" line.

We'll first meet Norman Osborn having a meal at the Century Club with General Ross and J. Jonah Jameson
And they'll discuss the plot to create the Dark Avengers. Two of the biggest obstructionist hard-asses in comics (maybe Everett K. Ross, too, depending on how Henry Peter Gyrich they want to go with him), natch. Just the kind of people to make a stupid move like "let's use villains to get rid of those dastardly heroes forever!" Maybe Osborn can even get in a line like:
  • Jossed. They're using different villains then the previous film series. Also, why would General Ross want to disband the Avengers if they're following the Sokovia Accords?

Instead of Peter, Ned Lee will get a job at the Bugle
Because Ned needs a story arc of his own and the writers are still trying not to fall into the same formula as the other two Spidey series.
  • And while working there, trying to get dirt on on the villain of the film in an attempt to help Peter, he'll get too close to the issue and will be framed for the bad guy's crimes, just as Ned Leeds was in the comics (not necessarily only if the villain is Hobgoblin)
  • He'll also probably start a relationship with Betty Brant, who's also working there for an internship or something.

The Daily Bugle will be a Youtube channel.
Jameson will be a political pundit type who sits in front of a green screen and creates conspiracy theories to denounce superheroes. Through some unfortunate circumstance, he's the only person that will buy Peter's original footage of Spider-Man.
  • Jossed, though Jameson is similar to the description.

Peter will die in Infinity wars, and the sequel will have Miles as Spider-Man.
In the leaked trailer, Peter is shown apologizing to Tony in his Irom Spider suit, and he looks extremely injured. What if he dies, and the sequel has Miles and Peters friends and family coming to terms with his death. Peters role will be in flashbacks and possibly halucinations, unless they copy the immortal Peter thing from the ultimate comics.
  • Then they would have to do a second origin story rather than spin more Spider-Man stories. It defeats the whole point of Homecoming which is to focus entirely on Peter's high-school years. Now given that the powers of the Infinity Stones and Gauntley includes Reality Warper and Time abilities, any potential actions and events can be set to a Reset Button eventually, so Marvel can have their cake and eat it too.
  • Jossed. Though Peter dies in Infinity War, he is brought back in Endgame.

Gargan will threaten Liz and her mother.
This will force Toomes to give up Spidey's identity.

Like Shocker, Scorpion will be a Decomposite Character
We already met Mac Gargan, a Latino gangster with a shock gauntlet, clearly inspired by the Ultimate version. We'll also meet *insert name here*, one of the FBI agents whose raid Peter botched, who now feels a grudge against Spider-Man (a nod to the original Scorpion's job as a private investigator who gets hired to tail Spidey). Your decision who becomes Scorpion in the end (if the latter, maybe he goes insane or something while in pursuit of Gargan).

Spidey will fight his enemies in the order they were introduced in the very first comics
Homecoming has him do battle with Vulture, assisted by Tinkerer; those are the two villains who debut in the second ever issue of Spider-Man. There's room in his backstory for him to have fought Chameleon, the issue one bad guy (in fact, maybe Chameleon was a corporate saboteur who got paid to do some work against Stark Enterprises, and Peter's intervention is what alerted Stark to his existence in the first place). If the pattern holds true Doc Ock is next in line for bad guy.
  • Hopefully they can skip through some of them, as we get mostly villains who've already been done for the next three or so movies.
    • Unless skipping is their plan, Jossed; Word of God is no villains who've already been done.

The next film in the sequence will be called Spider-Man: Graduation
Just... 'cuz.
  • Jossed. It's called Spider-Man: Far From Home.

If Ned does end up becoming a villain, much of his power will come from his hacking skills
He'll be less of a physical threat and more of a technological threat. This creates some good old Paranoia Fuel and makes him seem both threatening and different than other villains in the MCU

Scorpion won't be the major threat in the sequel
The next sequel will instead have an ensemble of villains, but unlike the other movies, where having too many villains was an issue, here, having more than one villain will be important as they could be close friends or bitter rivals. This would be their personal arc and could create some comedy or drama.
  • Confirmed regarding Scorpion, as he's completely absent.

The sequel will address Peter's trauma over all the insane shit he's going to see in Infinity War
A teenager went up against the most powerful villain in the universe and somehow he won't be a little messed up after the confrontation? I think not.
  • Jossed. His trauma is about Tony's death in Endgame.

Mr. Harrington is the computer nerd from The Incredible Hulk
Yes, the novelization called him Amadeus Cho, but it's not confirmed in or out of the universe whether or not it's just a quick Mythology Gag, and it's been nearly 10 years since the events of that film ("8 Years Later" time card notwithstanding). That's enough time for Harrington to graduate from the university and get a job as a teacher at Midtown.

Mac Gargan will die trying to escape jail and Norman Osborn will be the real Big Bad
He'll invite May over to Osborn Tower (which he bought from Tony, because who else in the world could afford to buy a building?) and they'll fall in love and instead of Harry, Norman's child is Zendaya. The entire movie will ditch Peter being Spider-Man and instead be devoted to a flashback showing how Norman is responsible for all of the events of the Iron Man movies. The ending will have Deadpool appear and reveal that Venom (2018) has been cancelled because people didn't like the Ghostbusters remake and that Venom will be a giant mechanical spider instead of an alien symbiotic voiced by Charlize Theron, who will be out to kill Carol Danvers for not being played by her.

Just kidding!

Spider-Man will attempt to use Instant Kill on Thanos, who will No-Sell it.
  • Jossed. He does us it on Thanos soldiers.

The Sinister Six will be formed, but not in the way one may exactly expect
Homecoming established Adrian Toomes as the Vulture had Phineas Mason, better known to us at the Tinkerer, working under him. The sequel will feature Mac Gargan becoming the Scorpion and also introduce another Spider-Man villain in a minor role, while also doing something similar to what Homecoming did for Gargan; introduce the Big Bad of the third film in The Stinger, who had been a very minor character in the film itself. Then the third film will have that character become their alter ego and also feature a secondary villain who isn't the main villain's lackey. Then, the film will go by and no Sinister Six team is formed in it...until the post-credits scene shows all of the villains find themselves meeting each other due to various circumstances. Then it cuts to black...only for for text to appear on the screen that says:The Sinister Six will return, serving as a Call-Back to the Civil War post-credits scene with Peter.

Tinkerer's new business partner.
The market for alien tech isn't going anywhere even with the Vulture locked up. So who else can Mason do business with? Quentin Beck, who uses his knowledge of practical and special effects and Mason's technology to become Mysterio.

Flash could go through something like a Face–Heel Turn or a Cry for the Devil moment
It would be interesting if there was more to him than being a simple bully.
  • Jossed, though he does get some redeeming qualities.

Stark Tower was bought by Thomas Fireheart
Also known as Puma, Fireheart is a character who appeared in Spider-Man comics as a villain but grew to become an occasional ally to Spider-Man. He's a successful CEO of a multinational corporation in his civilian identity. He bought Stark Tower to gain a location in New York City.

Scorpion will learn that Spider-Man is a student at Midtown, leading him to attacking the school directly
But since he doesn't know that Peter is Spider-Man, he'll menace any kid who fits the bill, forcing Peter to take extreme action to protect his friends and classmates, possibly exposing his identity to somebody he saves in the process.
  • Jossed. His identity is revealed to the world before Scorpion has a chance to act on it.

Several members of the Decathlon group will figure out Spider-Man's identity, possibly independently
They all know Peter Parker inexplicably vanished at several times Spider-Man showed up, they know that Peter Parker was in Washington on the day that Spider-Man inexplicably (to outside observers) was suddenly active in Washington for a single day, they heard Spider-Man refer to Liz by name and they've all heard his (only occasionally disguised) voice.
  • Maybe they could end up being his smaller-scale version of the Avengers, his own super-team of "Guys in the Chairs". Add some of the other Spider-People and the teams all there!
  • Cindy will then go on to become Silk, while Abe begins to study martial arts as a reference to his persona from the comics.
  • Confirmed for Michelle.

Liz will come back, but as a super villain
Similar to Harry Osborn, Liz will blame Spider-man for ruining her dad's life. She thinks her dad is innocent. Blinded with rage, she will use her dad's alien tech (not all of them will be recovered) to get revenge on Spider-man.

Ned will become Hobgoblin
I have 2 theories...1. Ned will somehow obtain Norman's goblin tech and use them to fight crime, but this goblin will be a bumbling klutz. Later in the movie, Norman's business rival Roderick Kingsley will steal the goblin tech from Ned, becoming an evil Hobgoblin.2. Ned will fight crime as Hobby (while doing a poor job at it), and Kingsley will take control over his mind.

The sequel will feature another academic decathlon, one that Peter actually participates in
It just makes sense. The team has one less teammate now, so Peter's presence should be more required.
  • Jossed.

The sequel will bring in the classic Gwen/Peter/MJ love-triangle from the comics
If the rumours about Marvel looking to cast Gwen Stacy as a foreign exchange student for the sequel are true, then the sequel will delve into this storyline. It would be interesting since the MCU has rarely done love-triangles.
  • Jossed. Gwen never appears in Far From Home.

Flash Thompson will return to his comic book self in the sequels
After Spidey drove his car into damage, his father has the bad luck to lose his job, thus he can't afford to get his car repaired, becomes an alcoholic, becomes physically abusive towards Flash Thompson and thus, Flash becomes a jock bully with his characteristics from the comic books returning in the future.
  • Jossed.

The sequel will follow Peter and his academic decathlon team traveling overseas to participate in some kind of tournament
The villains will be pursuing him in the various countries they travel to after he makes an appearance as Spider-Man.
  • Confirmed in that they're overseas, but Jossed for the rest.

Betty will be promoted to Love Interest
Similar to a previous WMG, Peter and Ned will take internships at the Daily Bugle, where they find Betty also applying. Betty is upset at Peter for ditching Liz at the prom, but eventually develops a crush on him and attempts to date him in Tsundere fashion. This ends up being a gear grinder in Peter and Ned's friendship since Ned has had feelings for Betty for a while and a Love Triangle ensues. In the end, Parker Luck strikes again as Peter loses yet another chance at getting a girlfriend but Ned swoops in to woo Betty. In the third film, the two will be shown dating with little to no explicit problems in their relationship.

Peter won't have a proper love interest
Michelle will be developed more as Peter's friend first if they plan to go that root with her later, most of the other girls from the first movie will remain bit players, and Peter might feel that dating would complicate things due to how his crimefighting caused a major upheaval in Liz's life.
  • Jossed.

Mac Gargan's friend on the outside is Spencer Smythe, or is at least based on him
Smythe will be the one to create Gargan's Scorpion ensemble and smuggle it to him, allowing him to escape the Raft. Alistair could be the one to do it. This would fit the descriptions given in the rumored casting calls. Going off this further, Spencer could get a Gender Flip and be Alistair's mother instead (it could be done without even changing the character's name due to Spencer being a unisex name) if they cast an actress win the role (as the call said it was available to both men and women) and Alistair, regardless of if Spencer turns out to be his father or mother, will be adopted (thus explaining them potentially being different ethnicities, since the calls said actors of any ethnicity could audition for both).

The sequel will be titled Spider-Man: Field Trip
Since Peter will be traveling all over the world in this film, it can mesh well with the school-based titles, along with Peter basically going on a "field trip" across the globe.
  • Jossed; the title is instead Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Karen was J.A.R.V.I.S.'s wife
Assuming AI can get married and the fact they both are created and owned by Tony Stark as well as having masculine and feminine programming, they might be couple just like their voice actors. Even the director Jon Watts (jokingly) addresses her as such.

If J.A.R.V.I.S. is considered "dead" after being uploaded into Vision (who is considered different being entirely), then she's widowed now.

If the next movie is a globe-trotting adventure, the earlier confrontations with the villain will be widely publicized, and Peter will either request asylum, or be granted protection, in Wakanda
  • While in Wakanda, he will be given his lecture/punishment not by playboy millionaire Tony Stark, but rather by KING T'Challa.
    • Or potentially worse for him, depending on how the Avengers operate Post-Avengers 4, the entire team will be in Wakanda and chew him out for his recklessness.
  • However, when he sneaks out for his final confrontation, Shuri will upgrade his suit, and the fans will rejoice that the two science-teenagers are meeting.
  • Jossed.

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel and Spidey will cross paths in the future.
After Peter inevitably recovers from his distintegration in Infinity War, it’s only fitting that the character who’s been described as the Post-Millennial Peter Parker would meet up with this version of Peter Parker, who actually is part of Gen Z. Peter will probably be a couple of years older than Kamala, and act like a Big Brother Mentor to her, though her primary mentor figure would be Captain Marvel. This could create another neat parallel. Both Peter and Kamala unexpectedly got superpowers and were inspired by adult heroes to fight evil, then found themselves being mentored by that same adult hero.

The sequel may be a loose adaptation of The Clone Saga.
If this is the case, it’ll hopefully be more streamlined than the multi-year mess that happened in the comics.
  • According to this report, the original plan was for The Clone Saga to end after six issues. In the end, Peter would happily retire from super-heroics to live with M.J. and raise their child together, while his clone Ben Reilly would take up the Spider-Man mantle. Instead of a clone, another spider-based hero emerges (most likely Miles Morales), Peter acts as a Big Brother Mentor to the new hero, then peacefully retires, placing his trust in his successor. It would bring Peter’s Character Development full circle, going from an aspiring hero under Iron Man’s mentorship to becoming a mentor in his own right. On top of that, it would allow Tom Holland to leave the MCU without Marvel losing one of their most lucrative characters, and give him a proper send-off and Passing the Torch moment.
    • Though it’s worth noting that is any of this happens, it would be years down the line, at which point it would make sense to retire Peter Parker.
  • Jossed.

Leopardon from the Japanese show will appear.
With the movie taking place in different countries, they can have a Japanese robot which Spidey could pilot for a scene. A different mecha if they can't get the rights from Toei to use Leopardon. They can also get Shinji Todō to cameo.

A character, such as Peter, Michelle or Ned, will be tutored in Law by a recent graduate, who the Stinger will reveal is named Jennifer Walters.

Jessica Drew will play heavily into the story
Drew will initially be a Badass Normal SHIELD Agent, tracking down the villain that Spiderman is also chasing, during a mission, she will find Toomes' ruined workshop, and a prototype of the original Shocker gauntlets, which she will use to deal with Spiderman and bring him in for impeding the investigation. While in custody, SHIELD will reverse engineer Stark's spidersuit and Peter's blood to give some basic Spider abilities to Drew, who everyone believes is a better candidate for superheroism than Peter. Drew will then go to confront the villain, and despite getting a decent lead with her new powers, the suit and gauntlets will fail, resulting in her nearly getting killed. Peter will then return with his own suit, and the two will take out the villain together. In a PCS, Jess will be telling the events of the movie back to Carol Danvers, who has become fast friends with her.

Spidey will let Betty Brant die
As Betty’s character profile list her as a Composite Character between Betty and Gwen Stacy from the comics, Spidey will end up in a situation where he will fail to save Betty from dying, and thus suffer a Heroic BSoD.
  • Also, if Ned and Betty do start a relationship (as stated above), her death will cause a rift in Peter and Ned’s friendship, similar to the one between Peter and Harry in the Tobey Maguire films.

Michelle IS Mary Jane Watson.
She and her parents are in a witness protection program. They are/were hiding from Matt Gargan. Her name has been changed to 'Michelle' to hide from Matt and his goons. Mary Jane Watson is her birth name.
  • No, this was Jossed. She isn't like Mary Jane.

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