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Freya is Yuuki's mother.
  • Yuuki has her mother's eyes
    • Bonus now they've started glowing, even Otsana seemed to notice the similarity.
    • Sure doesn't have her boobs, though.
      • Give her time; she's still growing.
    • And that idea would be Parental Incest since Freya did try to rape Yuuki.
      • Well, Brother–Sister Incest happens pretty often in Norse myth...and, in Freya's defense, if this is true then she thinks she has a son, not a daughter. So she's not expecting to have to worry about fondling girls.
  • Freyr's servants Beyla and Byggvir address Yuuki as "Young Master" after a very close look at her face, which suggests a family connection somewhere, though the resemblance could come from Freyr. Or they're just being polite.
    • Shebi also said that Freyr is extremely protective of Yuuki. If this is because he is aware that Yuuki is is niece/nephew then his lines not to call Freya a psycho-bitch take on a new meaning. Before is was just Freyr trying to stand up for his sister, now it's him telling Yuuki not to talk to his mother that way.
  • They certainly both have a Red Eyes, Take Warning mode
  • Considering the Jewel Hnoss that Yuuki wears is named after Freya's actual daughter is Norse myth, the possibility certainly exists.

Heimdall is Yuuki's father.
  • Yuuki claims his Dad is always away on business - guarding Bifrost perhaps? Why else would he wear a modern suit?
  • Aren't these two guesses mutually exlusive?
    • Not necessarily, if they were both on vacation at the time and somehow didn't recognize each other.
  • If memory serves, Freya also has a missing husband, some guy who went out on a trip and got lost or something. Yuuki says his dad's away on business a lot. And it seems she's recently ditched a second husband in the comic universe.

Odin is Yuuki's father.
  • He is the All-Father, after all. He has quite a reputation for wandering and has spent a lot of time on Midgard lately. And something's up with the door to Yuuki's dad's room.
    • Unlikely, since Yuuki sees and talks to Odin on a television screen, but doesn't make any indication of familiarity.

So why DOES Ribbon make superior armor? Legions of Anime fans are just dying to know.

Otsana was meant to lose
  • Freya recognised that Yuuki was too weak to serve as the Valkyrie, so she sent Otsana and Shebi after hir, knowing that their powers would be drained to make Yuuki stronger.
    • More likely Freya doesn't really care who wins or loses. If the new Valkyrie proves herself strong enough to win, good. If she isn't then Otsana and Shebi kill her, which is also good.

Yuuki's costume-manipulation isn't because of some mystical inner magic
  • A valkyrie's powers stem from her nature, personality, hobbies, and lifestyle. Why can Yuuki manipulate hir costume, then? Simple: It's because (s)he's a cosplayer!

Yuuki's father is the leader of the frost giants
  • Yuki with 1 "U" means snow, and the current arc is called The Snow Princess. Combine that with the her weird 'monster'-like powers and it lends itself towards this conclusion.
    • I am more convinced of this than ever since learning Hrymr is still alive in this continuity. For those of you who don't know Hrym was/is the leader of the frost giants who both wanted to make Freya his wife and stole Thor's Hammer from him. Now we have yuki who is a valkrie like Freya, and who uses a hammer like Thor. I doubt this is a coincidence.

The reason Yuuki isn't able to change back is because it was never his "true" form to begin with
  • It's been noted by several characters that a formerly male Valkyrie is entirely unprecedented, and Yuuki's ability to manipulate the costume like an extension of his own body is similarly out there, even by the skewed standards of the divine. It's possible that, if Yuuki does in fact have divine heritage as some others have guessed, that he's actually a sort of shapeshifter, and that becoming a Valkyrie "locked" him into a default form.


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