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The Kraven the Hunter movie will be an origin story set in the past
It will depict a young Sergei Kravinoff having to leave Russia, ending up in the heart of Africa, and growing into his role. If they do avert Adaptational Heroism, it will also be a Protagonist Journey to Villain kind of tale, with a different hero being made into his target in the present day of the film.

Connections with Into the Spiderverse
Introducing a new live action Peter Parker would be awfully redundant since he's already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and bringing Tom Holland in Sony's verse would be a PR and brand recognition nightmare (at least as long as Kevin Feige refuses any crossover with the MCU). Still, nothing says Sony doesn't have the right to use, say, Miles Morales for instance, if the feeling that the new film universe really lacks of Spidey action starts to kick in. The end credits of Venom mentioned that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse occurs at the same time in another universe, so there are definitely ways to make full use of The Multiverse for crossovers with Spider-Men to happen. The only issue would have to be the change of media from animation to live-action.

These movies will, on Sony's part, be Loose Canon in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Sony films, while never directly referencing the events of the MCU or specific characters, will have stories that don't contradict the idea that it takes place in a few corners of a larger Marvel universe. Then, if they ever do have Spider-Man cross over into them, they won't need to use an "alternate world" story; they can just retroactively made canon.
  • Possibly Confirmed, as despite his removal from the MCU officially, Tom Holland could still retain his role, and thus they could possibly retcon his prior adventures from Captain America: Civil War onward.
  • Possibly Fully Confirmed, thanks to Sony and Marvel going back to the deal and if Morbius is any indication.
  • Either that, or while Holland could still play him, he'd be revamped to be fresh for this universe, maybe even reinserting Mary Jane, Harry, Jameson, Norman, and Uncle Ben back into his life as opposed to removing them.
  • Or they'll just do what DC does best and recast him.

Jackpot will be Mary Jane Watson
They aren't using the character in the MCU Spider-Man movies, which means Sony could use the character themselves and make her a Composite Character with Jackpot (who was teased as being her in the comics before that was revealed to be a Red Herring).
  • This would actually explain why there was so much confusion/mystery around Zendaya's MCU character of Michelle; Marvel Studios may of been planning on using her, but Sony had plans to use her themselves.

As Phase One did, the films will culminate in a crossover between all the protagonists, forming an original team not from the comics.
Venom and Black Cat will become close friends, and Spider-Man could inspire them both to opening up to the other conflicted and ineffective heroes

If Peter Parker were to appear in the Sony Marvel Universe.... will mark the return of Andrew Garfield's Spidey instead of Tom Holland, therefore making the entire universe a Fully Absorbed Finale to the TASM films.
  • Would he really want to come back, though? The producers who were in charge of the TASM movies are essentially the same for that new movie verse, and he had major Creative Differences with them. Working on TASM2 very likely soured him for life about big budget movies.

Tom Holland will appear as Spider-Man in a future film
He'll help tie all the spin-offs together, thereby making this into something we could call "Sony's Spider-Verse".
  • Apparently confirmed as of September 2019, with Tom Holland himself confirming he will play Spidey on this verse as well as the MCU.

This Verse will be a Fully Absorbed Finale to MCU Spidey
Given Tom Holland confirmed his return, and the writers of FFH's sequel said the third film will continue the story of the last one, this is pretty much a given.
  • Alternatively, even though Tom will continue to portray him, he will be heavily retooled to better fit this universe, including a new costume, an Age Lift and different history. While he could still have fought against Vulture and Mysterio at some point in his past, it wouldn't be exactly as it occurred in Homecoming or Far from Home, it'd allow Harry, MJ, Flash, Norman, and other important Spider-Man characters the MCU eschewed back into the narrative, rather eschewing the cast of the other two movies. In addition, Sally Field and J. K. Simmons could reprise their roles as Aunt May and Jameson as a Mythology Gag, rather than Marisa Tomei.
    • would they make Peter older if he's still played by the same actor?
    • J. K. Simmons has already reprised the role within the world of Marvel Studios' works. Also, if they aren't using the Amazing versions of the characters, why would they bring in a version played by Sally Field, especially since she claims she only took her part in those films as a favor?
      • Money.
      • No offense to Miss Field, but is she really that a huge a draw to suggest hiring her would be like printing money?
    • Do they really need a heavy retool of continuity to just have Peter simply meet Harry and his dad, or meet and date Mary Jane if things don't work out with Michelle? Why use Remember the New Guy? instead of just that? It's not like he has to meet everyone important to his life while in high school, right?
      • I think so.
      • Well, no. He doesn't. Some retcons are one thing; saying Harry and Peter have some preexisting relationship could work, but having them having always been best friends wouldn't. Having Flash become more like his traditional comics' incarnation could work, but recasting him with a huge, burly blond guy would just confuse general audiences. Having Peter hook up with a traditional Mary Jane Watson could be done well, but making it so she was always his high school girlfriend wouldn't work, and possibly upset people. The movies are going to be different from the comics (where, no, Peter didn't meet everyone in high school and lot of prominent characters in the mythos only started appearing when he entered college any), and Sony aren't so beholden to said comics that they'd stop trying to make their movies be linked to the MCU, as they're clearly attempting to do. Hell, Venom and Morbius have taken great liberties with the source material, namely with the lack of Peter Parker in their origin stories, so they wouldn't have to change much about him to have him fit in.

Spider-Man will eventually become the Hero Antagonist of the SMU

In the event Tom Holland doesn't continue to portray Spidey after his third movie, I've got a good idea for a replacement
  • Devon Bostick. Now before any of you go apeshit, lemme just say that Devon's portrayal of Rodrick was amazing and shows he can play a quippy, goofy character like Peter no problem, the same way the MCU did and just have him show up by the end of Morbius and then an introduction scene in Venom 2 or Black Cat.

Should Norman Osborn appear, he'll physically transform into Green Goblin using a formula like in the Ultimate Comics continuity
This will help differentiate the villain from the previous big screen Goblins.

There will eventually be a full-blown Spider-Man film featuring the characters introduced in these films interacting with the good ol' webhead
Peter, still portrayed by Tom Holland, will end up in San Francisco, where he encounters an evil threat that threatens himself, Venom, Morbius, Black Cat, and maybe even Nightwatch and Jackpot. Madame Web could be the one to warn them all of the coming danger. The antagonist could be either Norman Osborn or perhaps another villain who hasn't appeared on film before, such as Miles Warren as the Jackal or Morris Bench as the real Hydro-Man.

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