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Mario is going to be the Big Bad of Season 6
  • Just look how he revived in "Thunderhead". This means trouble.
    • Played Straight at first, then got subverted, with time travel and whatnot. Hell, Mario's now a chicken farmer, or at least until Sonic/Wario fixes it.
Mega Man exists in one of the timelines and it would be possible that Mario uses him (And possibly Crash Bandicoot) to get back at Sonic
  • Both Mega Man and Mario died similar deaths at the hands of Sonic, so it could be a possibility that they team up against the hedgehog. The only difference was that Mario's was painful.
    • Jossed as Mario's time was ended in Season 6 after turning into a chicken farmer.

Dr. Wily will notice Mario and get confused about the timeline change
  • Dr. Wily was one of the villains that Mario recruited, and so far, Tails (The one who attacked him) is the only one who attack Wily. Sonic and Robotnik are the only characters from Sonic for Hire that Wily interacted with.
    • Of course, he just died though during Soniqua's rampage, so we can joss that.

Knuckles is going to be a main character for Season 7, similar to roles that Thunderhead and Kirby have
  • Knuckles wanted to join the adventure at "This Isn't Good" and didn't disappear or suddenly get killed off, similar to Frank the Spaceworm (Who got killed off after an appearance).

Mario might make one more appearance or mention during Season 7 (He had major roles in Season 2 and 6)
  • The series is known to make a reference or appearance of a recurring character such as Thunderhead or Kirby. Mario has either made an appearance or mention since Season 3 ...
    • Season 3: Appeared as a ghost in "The War: Part 2" and his rotting corpse was still in Green Hill Zone in "It's On".
    • Season 4: Kirby ate his corpse so Kirby could play as him.
    • Season 5: Tails wanted to revive Mario in "Shadow the Hedgehog" so the crew could sell the drugs and get rich off of it.

Sonic.exe may make an appearance in Season 7
  • He is a heavily requested character, and the series has honored requests before (Amy Rose was a heavily requested character and appeared in "Wrestlemania")
    • Jossed. The show ended already and Sonic.exe has not appeared anywhere.

Sonic For Hire is going to end with Sonic getting killed
  • Sonic could get Killed Off for Real similar to how Mega Man died ... for the record (As of "Reset"), Sonic has died twice (One in "Pacman" and one in "Return of the Plumber)
  • Jossed. Sonic does kill someone off though.

Sonic is going to get rich again and run away so his friends don't interfere with him.
  • He doesn't want the same mistake that happened in "It's On" to happen again.

If Sonic.exe makes an appearance, he may kill (Or just trap) Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman. Sonic, Soniqua and Earthworm Jim would have to deal with rescuing them, but due to idiocy, Sonic decides to join the game without getting hurt and that's how the series would end
  • Sonic.exe would probably be dumbed down a bit.

We never saw which Sonic killed Sonic in "Reset" ...
  • We just saw a Sonic strangling a Sonic saying "Kill what now?" Seeing how both personalities are similar, both of them would have a knack for murder.
    • It could also be the reason why the strange occurrences are happening in Season 7.

  • Of course, this being Sonic For Hire, the movie will only be 10 minutes long.
  • Jossed, although the creators of the series might consider a movie.

Sonic.exe is the one fucking with the fixed universe causing a lot of the mysterious occurrences.
  • He could be lurking within now ...
    • In addition, his episode will be the Halloween Special.
  • Jossed. Sonic.exe didn't appear in the series at all.

Mr. Resetti is the one screwing around with Sonic.
  • Because, NO RESETTING!

Turbo/King Candy
from Wreck-it Ralph is the one messing things up!
  • A screencap has shown that Sonic and Co. visit Niceland. From anybody that saw the movie, going turbo can cause severe consequences. Sonic (and Ralph) have been game-jumping, and King Candy may be screwing around with the universe.
    • Jossed. It is said to be the "Creator".

The "Creator" is from Final Fantasy Legend 1 (aka Makai Toshi SaGa).
  • Jossed.

There is no "Creator" ... and the person/thing screwing around with the Universe is none other than ...
  • He seemed upset about Sonic and his gang forgetting to turn him back to normal (despite the fact Knuckles wanted to kill himself out of boredom), so he has been stalking them trying to get their attention.
  • Jossed. Knuckles is still miserable as a pixel.

A Youtube commenter said this, but the "riddle" could reference Edward Cullen from [[Twilight
  • Dark and shifty - creature of the night
  • Weary of golden flames - afraid of the sun
  • Is now warm and sunny - the glitter...
  • And is so fucking lame - Edward Cullen

  • Well it is a vampire, but it was Dracula ... and one different (and less serious) from the one that worked for Mario.

The "Creator" is Mr. Popo!
  • And he's just trolling everybody.
    • Jossed

Sir Arthur's and Thunderhead's "riddle" (coming from two of the most clueless and idiotic characters in the series" could actually mean something
  • It could mean that Sonic has to find someone fuckable or has herpes to find out the next clue ...
  • Heck, it could even be Princess Potato, who was known to be a slut in the series but has herpes (Sir Arthur mentions about "using protection because they'll give them warts")
  • Some people say this riddle means the Battletoads, as they have long legs, jump, and all of them are named after warts.
  • The Battletoads pointed out that this entire riddle was wrong and was probably revenge by Wreck-it Ralph for Sonic banging Wreck-it Ralph's sister.

This incarnation of Sonic is a very lazy Sonic.EXE
  • Think about it, this Sonic is a jackass, is fine with Tails dying, and enjoys murdering others. He even says " I am God" at in the finale, but gets bored from sheer laziness.

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