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The Enigmo slug...
Since it hasn't yet been resolved what it can really do, go wild.
  • It can change how one sees things.
  • It allows one to see the lifeforce of living things. If auras count, CONFIRMED as far as the auras of slugs are concerned.

Will Shane isn't dead
He was transported to a world below Slugterra. I base this on what happened during the ending of The New Kid Part 2.
  • By the end of the last episode of Season 2, it's known that he was not killed per se, but teleported to the Deep Caverns.
  • Confirmed. He returns in Return of the Elementals as the mind-controlled host of the Goon.

Dr Black will find a new application of ghouling
Namely, he will ghoul humans. Imagine what could happen if a human is ghouled, or if it happens to molenoids, cave trolls, or any other living thing in Slugterra for that matter.
  • Judging from how some of his henchmen and partners look like, he (or someone else) already did that.

Fusion shots
We all know that an Inkdevil and a Sonikin can produce some sort of sonic boom and an Infunus and a Tazerling can produce an electric fireball, but we don't know what all the other combinations can do. Go wild.
  • Neotox and Vinedrill: Poisonous plants.
  • Tazerling and Aquabeek: Electrified water.
  • Infurnus and Tormato: Fire tornado.
  • Hoprock and Grenuker: Very powerful explosion.
  • Infurnus and Frostcrawler: Icy Fire.
  • Needlow and Tormato: A tornado that fires spikes in a large area.
  • Tormato and Tazerling: Electric tornado.
  • Infurnus and Needlow: Hot spikes, or spikes on fire.
  • Forgesmelter and Jellyfish: Burning slime.
  • Dustpuff and Tormato: Sandstorm.
  • Infurnus and Speedstinger: Ricocheting fireball.
  • Xmitter and Fandango: Fries all electronics in range.
  • Vinedrill and Lavalynx: Lava tentacles.
  • Infurnus and Slyren: Fire waves/pulses.
  • Flopper and Fandango: The Flopper manages to transform.
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  • Xmitter and Slicksilver: Selective frying of electronics.
  • Aquabeek and Jellyfish: Wave of slime.
  • Neotox and Jellyfish: Poisonous slime.

The Identity of the Twisted Man and his Little Twin
The King of Sling makes frequent allusions to one particular fight with the "Twisted Man and his Little Twin" that is implied to have concluded with one of his few bonafide victories. These two foes could possibly have been Twist and Loki. During the battle, Loki briefly transformed into a miniature version of Twist instead of creating a full-sized holographic clone due to a lack of power or experience. The defeat at the hands of one of the worst slingers on Slugterra possibly drove Twist to join Blakk, though if he was all ready in cahoots (perhaps not very used to Loki's new Ghoul powers), he may have kept mum about his loss.

Wil Shane is a prisoner of the Darkbain.
It's pretty obvious by now that Blakk sent him to the Deep Caverns; what's less obvious is what he's been up to since then. The most likely answer is that at some point he was captured, which explains why he hasn't made his way back by now. He may even have been ghouled.
  • And on a more cheerful note, the escalating conflict may provide him with a way to escape and return, just in time to finally stand beside his son in the coming fight.

Doc will be Back for the Finale
Kinda self explanatory really.
  • Confirmed, like there was any doubt.

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