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  • The existence of Earl Bassett High School strongly suggests that Slither takes place in the same continuity as the Tremors films and TV series.

Slither takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Slugs can be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy as part of The Collector's collection and could have come to Earth after being freed from Knowhere.
The reason why the Alien Parasite dosen't act like a mindless monster at all is because it's never encountered any species like humans before.
  • The alien parasite was probably used to taking over species that don't have the same emotions and feelings as humans do and therefore after taking over his host Grant he starts to feel them as time goes on such as crying and through the memories of his host starts to feel genuine care and love for Starla even though he attacked her when she finds out the truth and slapped her on the face with a tentacle after she stabbed him he does nothing more other than that and does not try to stop Starla from blowing up the tank because even if he did kill her there would be no one that he would have by his side as he takes over the world which will make his victory empty and pointless therefore he lets her do it because he does not want to live in a world without Starla in it.

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