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There will be a sequel to the game
These kinda games have been getting a somewhat cult following on YouTube, so why not make more of them? And that whole thing with Gateway 31 and the polar, feathered bear, it wouldn't make sense to just cut the series here.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Not a direct sequel, but set in the same universe. SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams has similar themes.
  • Fully confirmed with the release of SIMULACRA 2.

Tobias is secretly the Simulacra

The Simulacra is working with IRIS

The Simulacra is responsible for the events of Sara is Missing
This explains all the plot similarities:
  • Anna and Sara are so similar because the Simulacra specifically goes after “weak” people like them.
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  • It created the IRIS OS in order to spy on potential victims. The glitches in S.I.M. are also the Simulacra’s doing.
  • The seemingly-Satanic cult actually worships the Simulacra, and kills people to help it assimilate. This could be why Irizu claims they don’t 'kill'; in the cultists’ mind, they are allowing the “worms” to be assimilated. Given how highly the Simulacra regards itself, almost like a god, and its Eldritch Abomination nature, it wouldn’t be a stretch for it to have fanatical followers helping to bring about it’s “utopia”.
  • As for Irizu, they could be a follower of the Simulacra, the creator, or even the Simulacra itself in human form/possessing someone. This would explain why Irizu and IRIS have similar names; IRIS was created by Irizu/Simulacra.


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