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  • Is FTM trans who got pregnant and either miscarried or aborted the fetus.

  • Decided to pull her own version of the Rachel and Leah story at James and Mary's wedding. It's established several times that Vanessa is familiar with the Bible. She also mentions feeling uneasy when she sees a bridal veil. There's also a part in Vanessa's dream in which she is dressed as Odile, the Black Swan, from Swan Lake. (Interestingly, in the narrative portion of that "screen," Vanessa says that she's dressed as Odette.) In the ballet, Odile magically disguises herself as Odette, the White Swan, in order to trick the hero Siegfried into declaring his love for her. One of the monsters she comes across on her way into the amusement park looks like two people having sex on a chair. Add in her references to alcohol, including having had too much to drink at the wedding, and the pieces come together. Vanessa may have had one too many to drink and either dressed herself like Mary or went into a dark room and then lured James over to have sex. Which also leads to...

  • Became pregnant by James and either had an abortion or a miscarriage. There are frequent references to babies or motherhood, and some of the monsters resemble deformed fetuses. Also, Evelyn comes across an intake form for a sixteen year old girl who had a miscarriage and is a suspected incest case. There's a deformed Eraserhead-esque fetus in the next room. Vanessa would have been around that age at the time of James's wedding.

  • Both of these past two have been confirmed

Evelyn's name isn't actually Evelyn.
  • It's the name of his dead girlfriend, which he adopted for himself after her death.

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