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Canon!Shu's Lost Kingdoms self is a reminder of what the original Shu could have seen
As someone wishing to be idealistic and confident despite sharing similar personalities. It is also the continuing growth had Canon!Shu remain healthy by the end of his anime.

All of those crossover characters and original characters appear to represent how Canon!Shu is overlooked by the balance of popularity

The spirit of Canon!Inori reside Shu's mind observes the celebrations from Shu's eyes

Shu and the Da'ath Heavenly Kings represent Jurassic Park/World's dinosaurs
Well, as Canon!Shu regains his powers, he represents the Tyrannosaurus rex in going to reclaim his throne. The Da'ath Heavenly Kings (Ribbons is excluded since this focuses on villains in the 2010s): Ragyo is the Indominus Rex, Oberon is the
Pteranodon, and Makishima is the Velociraptors.
  • That leaves readers wonder, which character will represent the Spinosaurus? There are some candidates.
    • Syura
    • Seryu Ubiquitous
    • Death Gun
    • Canon!Gai, since he'll fit the rivalry of blocking Shu's path.
      • In addition there's also Canon!Mana.

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