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Deep/Redux Theories

A Law equivalent of the True Demon Ending will appear
Here is my version:

  • The Protagonist joins Mastema in order to recreate YHVH. The Protagonist will journey all over the Schwarzwelt to find remains of YHVH on several Law-Light equivalents of Fiends such as Demiurge, Metatron, Alilat and other daemons of this race. When the protagonist and Mastema fully assembles the pieces, they prepare to fight Mem Aleph and Jimenez. In the finale, the protagonist joins the restored YHVH to fight Lucifer. Lucifer swears revenge on the protagonist as the protagonist and the forces of Law decides on the final battle.

Daemons which constitute the pieces of God
Feel free to add on,
  • Demiurge
  • Metatron
  • Alilat

  • Jossed.

Voice actor guesses
  • Protagonist:
    • Jun Hirose. The game will solidify his canonical nationality as Japanese, and his VA will be Japanese in all versions as well.
    • Nolan North. He'd be the everyman hero he usually is.
  • Zelenin:
    • Jennifer Hale. She's never done SMT before (as far as this troper knows) so that would be interesting.
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    • Cristina Valenzuela. She pulled off an impressive Russian-ish accent for Athena in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Jimenez:
  • All guesses Jossed as No Dub for You is in full effect.

The Fiends will come with (an arrangement of) the Fiend theme from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Alex is somehow related to Aleph
Besides both names starting with Ale-, the letter x looks a bit like the letter Aleph. Either she's related to the main character of SMT 2, or she's related to Mem Aleph.

Alex's father is the protagonist
It's already established that Louisa Ferre is her mother and her father is human. The main argument for this theory is an addition to Louisa Ferre's first scene in which she walks through the protagonist before disappearing. This would be the moment of conception, and as it's fairly early into the game, it happens no matter what route you end up taking. It would also be a demonic, gender-flipped version of the Virgin Birth, which fits the game's themes of motherhood, which were amped up in Redux. She also looks a little like a feminine version of the protagonist.

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