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WMG / Sherlock Homes Vs Jack The Ripper

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This story is a Stealth Parody.
And not just of bad fanfic. It also parodies several different trends in Sherlock Holmes adaptations and spinoffs: the action movie in Victorian mystery clothing (Sherlock Holmes), Watson the incompetent Butt-Monkey (Stupid!Watson), cameos from real or fictional celebrities of the era (Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper), linking the Holmes characters to later works of literature (the "Nero Wolfe is Holmes' son" hypothesis), getting Mary out of the way (the Brett series, much Slash Fic), and the addition of overt supernatural elements (A Study in Emerald).

Sue Mary has combined them all into one glorious perfect storm of awfulness. Holmes beats up monsters and never deduces anything, Watson is incontinent as well as incompetent, Holmes battles Jack the Ripper and meets the sovereign, a Twilight character makes an appearance, Mary is killed offscreen and never heard from again, and Holmes' opponents include a zombie and a dinosaur.


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