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Sharknado 3 will take place in Las Vegas.
Fin and his family go off to Vegas where there can't be any sharknados in the middle of the desert. Guess what happened next?
  • And it will presumably involve searching for his parents this time, as the rest of his immediate family's already had their chance to be rescued.
  • Jossed: it'll be in Washington DC and Florida. No word on whether Fin's parents will appear, but we know April's mother has been cast.
    • Fin's father does appear too, although he's there to help Fin rather than vice versa.
    • Sharknado 4 will be taking place in Vegas. Guess someone at The Asylum is paying attention to this site.

"Sharknado 3" will take place IN SPACE and will be in 3D.
Rule of Cool.
  • Jossed: it's going to be in Washington DC and then all down the East coast.
  • CONFIRMED for the first prediction: the final human/shark confrontations take place in orbit.

The third Sharknado movie will take place in London.
Fin and April will be called to address some Fictional Royal scientific body about Sharknados, and no one will believe them until a storm dumps Sharks into the Thames.
  • Jossed; see above.
    • Kind of confirmed, with the beginning of the fifth movie starting in London.


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