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There will be a very special episode about...
  • Weight-Most girls CeCe, Rocky, and Tinka's age start having body image issues, and it doesn't help that they're all dancers. While it won't be so forward about it, they will have a plot with the undertone. Possibly ending with one of the main three girls in the hospital or getting help. My bet's on either Rocky or Tinka. Tinka because compared to the other two, she might find herself "chubby." (Even though Caroline is in fact very healthy and beautiful.) Or Rocky because as seen in "Wild It Up" and "Reality Check It Up", she takes the words of others to heart and someone might make an accidental comment about her appearance. (Most likely, in comparison to CeCe). Even though we all know Zendaya Coleman is gorgeous.
    • Race- Rocky, CeCe, Tinka, and Gunther will audition for like an appearance on a show or something, but Rocky or Gunther/Tinka will automatically be out of the race because a)Rocky is black or b)Tinka and Gunther are foreigners. Or in a double whammy, all three will be jarred for both reasons. CeCe won't understand being the Token White and a) it'll be one of the Hessenheffers or both who console Rocky because they've been discriminated at some point, b) Ty will stand up for his little sister when he sees her cry and finds out why, c) [if all three are racially discriminated] they will console each other and fight for their right to be on the show, d) see a but reversed, e) Rocky alone will stand up for herself in a Moment of Awesome, hopefully followed or following a equally if not more Awesome Music.

Rocky is insecure about herself and her friendships.
  • Maybe it's just my viewpoint, but the way she gives in to CeCe comes from, besides being her best friend, but it seems outside of CeCe and Deuce, arguably Tinka and Gunther, she has no one else she really hangs out with. Even though she took karate, she seemed to have quit because of CeCe. She goes along with their zany schemes to insure her friendship. Taken even farther when she tries hard in "Wild It Up" when she changes completely to be more accepted.

CeCe and Flynn have different fathers.
  • Mostly an argument from silence, but nowhere in the episode was it ever mentioned or implied that Flynn's father was CeCe's father. Also, CeCe doesn't seem nearly as upset about the father's chronic absence, and seems a bit perplexed as to how to comfort Flynn. This could be because she never had a father to begin with, and thus fails to empathize. This brings me to my second point...

Kurt Martin is CeCe's father.
  • Georgia met Kurt at a meet-and-greet after one of his concerts. Kurt's chronic infidelity being a reason for his eventual divorce, he and Georgia hooked up backstage. After finding out she was pregnant, Georgia vowed to be responsible for her child's sake. Believing Kurt would not be a good influence, she decided to leave him be.
  • One might think this has been Jossed, but consider that Flynn looks just like his dad, but CeCe looks nothing like either of her parents.

CeCe is a Demigod.
  • Most likely a child of Apollo. This explains why CeCe and Flynn's dad is at "work" all the time.
  • She also has dyslexia, which is a symptom of a demigod. She also seems really hyper too which is another symptom.

Rocky and Ty are descended from either Seaweed or Li'l Inez.
Either that or they're related to Zack Taylor who is more likely descended from Seaweed.

CeCe and Rocky are Hibiki and Kanade's US counterparts.
And fortunately for the former, the notes of the Score of Happiness didn't go to Chicago, otherwise Hummy have them get powers. This makes more sense than having them be Nagisa and Honoka's counterparts because of Suite's music thematic (music and dancing go hand-in-hand) and CeCe looks like she could be a good live-action Hibiki.

Deuce and Dina are half-siblings.
Dina's father is played by the same guy who played President Martinez on Cory in the House. Deuce's real name is Martin Martinez. Furthermore, Deuce and Dina are practically clones of each other. Plus, it would be immensely funny.

Crusty's is a replacement for the front steps set.
The brass thought having the kids hang out on the front steps all the time made them look like a bunch of hood-rats.

There's a Spin-Off coming.
  • Shake It Up: Made In Japan aired last night and it ended with the girls giving an awesome performance in front of five-thousand Japanese fans. (And by "awesome", I mean good enough to get the entire crowd to go from booing them for being the source of a major computer virus to cheering their hearts out in mere seconds.) Couple that with the fact that their faces will be featured in the dance video game based off Shake It Up Chicago, which will essentially give them worldwide exposure, and you get one very big question: "What now?" Just leaving something like that unresolved would be a major stretch, even by Status Quo Is God standards. I'm betting that there's some kind of Shake It Up Spin-Off in the works and this episode was the backdoor pilot.

John Hughes High is a charter school.
This would explain the nonstandard 8-12 grade arrangement, the Sudden School Uniform and instant withdrawal of it, as well as how the administration is able to get away with as much as they do generally (charters being politicians' darlings particularly in Chicago). It would also justify ignoring the fall 2012 Chicago teachers' strike should a justification become necessary.
  • I assumed it was International Baccalaureate, because of the school it's based off of. That would make quite a bit of sense though.

The asteroid from Apply it Up is the same asteroid from "ClairvoyANT" and "Wizards vs. Asteroid".
Isn't it a little strange that an asteroid threatening to destroy the Earth would get so relatively little reaction from the shared universe? So it would be nice to get some recognition from the event across the various other shows, even if it's a bit of a delayed reaction (at least by airdate standards).

Logan is a sort of non-villainous Knight of Cerebus.
On top of his intro episode revealing that he and CeCe are going to be stepsiblings, he is very much the anti-CeCe. Which means he not only has the strong work ethic seen in Oh Brother It Up but is probably pretty intelligent, too. Perhaps the post- 65-episode Retool version of the show will be more of a Dramedy about the new blended family.

Logan and CeCe will become Flirty Stepsiblings
Don't tell me you can't see the sexual tension between them.
  • Their parents end up breaking up, but in the future-set episode, Logan and CeCe are revealed to be married.

Gary was fired from Shake It Up Chicago for accidentally burning down the set.
His faulty tanning bed caused the fired, and while he didn't mean to do it, it probably was the last straw for management, although he wasn't exactly a bad host. If it wasn't that, he may have been fired as soon as they hired the new executive producer. Similar to what often happens when failing Professional sports teams hire a new General Manager and one of his first moves is to fire the current Head Coach, to shake things up, Either way, it was probably a factor. In Real-Life his actor probably got a different role and had to quit the show.
  • And while Gary had to audition for his job, he didn't make the cut. One could come up with a number of reasons why didn't make it, but his recklessness is what caused the fire, and thank goodness the fire happened when they were in Japan, but who knows how much money in damage the fire caused. So it was probably an easy call to fire him since he is a liability and not amount of pros outweigh his huge con.

Someone was not going recast on Shake It Up Chicago after the set was rebuilt.
And it had to be Rocky. If Tinka didn't make it, she wouldn't have as much of a purpose and she would've went back to the old country to be with Gunther which would get rid of Caroline Sunshine, and that would be a bad idea.. The episode Funk It Up proved CeCe more than likely couldn't handle not making the show. Whereas Rocky is smart and has more things to fall back on, such as Zendaya becoming a more visual Idol Singer, instead of having her songs played on various episode as if the singer of them is famous and not her, and since has the better voice of the two, All that said, I'm sure she'll figure out a way to get back on the show, especially since the Music Video for "This is My Dance Floor" has her dancing in a boxing ring with the rest of the Shake it Up Chicago dancers in what has to be an episode that hasn't aired at the time of the premiere of the Video.