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Who else will be joining the SMP?
  • Sky Does Minecraft
    • On a Twitter thread, Justin asks Adam if he still does Minecraft, possibly hinting that he could be a potential resident at Shady Oaks.
    • Justin also liked a comment clarifying that he was "insinuating that Adam should join Shady Oaks".
  • Sqaishey
    • There are ducks in the pond of the Shady Oaks back garden, their trademark, which may be Foreshadowing their potential involvement in the series.
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    • They also replied to a pre-SMP tweet about the development of the MCYT community by two confirmed members of the SMP.
  • StacyPlays
    • It wouldn't be the first SMP she's participated in, having also been part of the Cube SMP, The Deep End SMP, and the One Life SMP.
    • As mentioned on the YMMV page, Justin's plan to build the Up house on a mountain in the savannah eerily mirrors something Stacy did on the the Cube SMP. Coincidence, or intentional Foreshadowing?
    • Considering that both DanTDM and BigBStatz are now on the server, it is possible for the SMP to work towards a Minecraft: Story Mode reunion.note 
  • Before anyone says anything, Stampy's involvement in the SMP is jossed several times, though there's still hope for him to be a One-Shot Character.
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  • LD Shadow Lady has expressed some interest in joining the SMP.
  • The involvement of any and all members of the Dream SMP are jossed, including Technoblade.

The lore behind Kindness the Sword
  • It is an Artifact of Doom.
    • Confirmed in Squid's perspective of the Curse stream, as it has the ability to possess the wielder of the sword.

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