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[[folder: Confirmed]]

Crowley will save Shinoa in chapter 76
If this popular theory floatin around on Tumblr is any indication
  • Confirmed. Crowley does indeed save her, with the signature way if getting his head cut off

[[folder: Jossed]]

Arukanu is a kwami
It makes sense. He sits on Krul's shoulder, void of emotion. Waiting. Waiting for Krul to call upon him so she can turn into a bat themed hero, and her powers would be stronger than Ladybug and Chat Noir's. In fact, she'll be even stronger than Rena Rouge, Queen Bee, Hawk Moth, Le Paon or Carapace.
  • I don't know...Miraculous Ladybug takes place in a completely different universe.

Krul is an allegory for god
Some people say Krul's his mother figure, others say she's his love interest (as of now, it's Alternate Character Interpretation and we'll leave it at that). But what if Krul is an allegory for God to Mika?
  • She gives him everything he needs as long as he follows her commands, like what most religions preach about following God to get whatever you want
  • The series makes a lot of religious references in general (Just read The Story of Vampire Mikaela Light Novels..)
  • His position when he drinks from her resembles praying
  • When he questions her, she attacks him, much like overly relgious nutjobs do when someone points anything irrational or absurd about their religion
  • Mika himself is a Messianic Archetype.....

Mika's father is a communist
  • Because he's Russian

Ferid was sexually abused as a child
  • That's why he acts like such a predator towards little kids. It's common behaviour for most pedophiles to be victims themselves
    • Actually, most victims of child sexual abuse tend to be insecure, depressed and suicidal.It's very rare.

Ashera forgot Krul
She may remember him but he has no memory of her. Krul will need the Shinoa squads help in getting him get his memory back

Yuu x Shinoa and Mika x Krul and will be the official couples.
They will happen, I know they will
  • Strong Yuunoa and Mikrul shipper here as well!
    • That isn't tru-
      • Nice try.
      • Regardless, Yuunoa does seem to lean towards being more canon as of the recent chapters.
      • I disagree. It's mainly Shikama Doji trying to force them to be together. There's nothing romantic about that.
      • Also, about that Tumblr post. Maybe Takaya can't understand English, but he's not COMPLETELY oblivious to it, surely he must understand a fraction of it or so. Also canon may be fan jargon, but it's thrown around so commonly that he could have found out the meaning eventually. Also, why would you reply confirming something if you didn't understand it? This sounds too far fetched to be a case of My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels.
      • Kagami said he watches The Walking Dead. Maybe he understands a bit of English, the same way weeaboos learn Japanese out of anime
      • Its called being a troll. Writers do it all the time. I should know, i am one.
      • So am I. And I wouldn't do something as dumb as this

Lacus and Rene were soldiers in World War 2
It kinda makes sense....on the Headscrathers page someone theorized about Lacus being German and Rene being French

Crowley will be the one to kill Ky Luc
The events of Chapter 60 seem to indicate so.

Crowley is from Assassin's Creed
Because he's a Templar

Crowley is British
He has a common British surname

Saito is a holder of the Seraph gene
How does he know so much about them?
  • He's a former vampire, so I don't think so.

Lacus and Rene have Seraph genes
Bonus Volume 5 material claims they have some secret power or something....whatever it is, it's most likely that they are Mikaelas

The entire show is all just a dream
In Yu's head. His parent's attempt to kill him worked and the anime is his dying dream.

Demons can inhabit vampires
Crowley seems to have those purple marks that indicates he must be possessed by a demon
  • Jossed, the manga states they can't.

Ferid secretly wants Saito's love back
His stupid pranks are a way of seeking attention from Saito
  • Confirmed. His Freudian Excuse seems to be Saito abandoning him.

Yuu and Mika represent Lucifer and Mikaela respectively
GUYS HEAR ME OUT THIS COULD ACTUALLY BE TRUE.I read it somewhere, Yuichiro means 'special first son' - like Lucifer, who was the 'special son' until he got kicked out and was destroyed by 'Mikaela' - Mikaela Hyakuya. I fear that in the show's finale, Mika and Yu may have to fight each other. It may lead to one of them getting destroyed for real - even if that's not the case, something similar could happen, the First Progenitor could possess Yuu and use his powers (the power of Lucifer) to wreak havoc amongst the world
  • Ashura could try and prevent it, but he would be no match against the Progenitor himself. Oh god, Takaya Kagami, PLEASE DON'T let this happen
    • Even worse: How is Shinoa going to react to all of this? Seeing her crush turn into a monster? She was able to stop him the first time but what if it won't work again? What if it's only a one time thing? She would have a heroic BSOD and be driven to suicide.
  • What if he doesn't possess Yuu, but threaten his family like Guren? We all know Yu believes the end justifies the means, and has an inherently selfish mindset. It's understandable if he would obey the First Progenitor, but it could result in the end of the world permanently

The Seraph gene holders will have to give them up
Reading the theory above, everyone would decide they cause too much trouble and will destroy them. I don't mean as in suicide but extract them somehow or something...
  • How do you 'extract' a gene?

Seraphim can be separated from their Seraph gene holders
If Yuu represents Lucifer, they can extract him out of Yuu so Mikaela can defeat him without doing anything to Yuu, problem solved, everyone is revived,Mika gets laid with Krul, happy ending
  • Ah, no. Wouldn't extracting the Seraph have some sort of psychological or mentally damaging effect on Yuu?
    • Who said it would?
    • Who said it wouldn't?
  • Also what if only a Seraph can defeat another Seraph, so that way they'll have to extract Mikaela as well....
    • Couldn't they try Shiho or Yoichi?
      • Shiho and Yoichi aren't strong enough. Plus they could also get killed.
    • Then why not try Ferid or Crowley?
      • Risk their lives over the fate of humanity and vampires? I doubt Ferid and Crowley would do that.

Shinoa will be the one to defeat Shikama Doji
The latest chapter "Shinoa Shattered", seems to indicate she'll get new powers and will defeat Shikama Doji. I heard that her powers could be stronger than Seraph!Yuu or Seraph!Mika.
  • If she had new powers, that would render the Shinoa squad useless
    • No, I doubt Kagami would make her THAT strong lol, plus she needs to be strong enough to destroy Shikama Doji, not the Seraphim.

Shikama Douji is Lucifer
An incredibly powerful, ancient demon with an angelic appearance and personal (low) opinion of God? It's possible.
  • Or he's the Anti-Christ.
  • Or a god of another religion? His name sounds Islamic.

Ferid is an author
  • That's why he's always causing chaos and fucking with people's emotions. He can't think up original ideas, so he has to rely on real life. He also owns a library and calls his shenanigans 'entertainement'.

Gilbert knew he was going to die
  • That's why he wanted to make Crowley the grandmaster even though everyone agreed he was the better choice.
    • Who's Gilbert again?
      • Crowley's comrade from the SOVM L Ns.

Guren will die
He can't live scott free forever.

Horn used to be a Viking
Anyone who's into Norse Mythology can tell you that they had Princess named Horn in them

Arukanu is the Last of His Kind
What if he's the last of batkind and decides to aid Krul as her familiar because she can use the Seraph of the end to bring them back?
  • That's horribly depressing.

Arukanu is an experimentation subject
Due to scientists experimenting on him, he was mutated/disfigured into having one eye and no penis

Arukanu is a spy
Krul sends him to spy on her enemies

Arukanu is plotting revenge
Ever since that chapter where Krul got kidnapped, he's disappeared. Either Kagami forgot about him or he's plotting revenge

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