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Season 3 Predictions

     Lito vs. Racial Prejudice and Immigration Hate 
In California, Lito won't have to deal with as much homophobia as he did in Mexico. But, being a Mexican national, there will be some who take issue with him "stealing jobs" away from American actors.

This might put his Hollywood debut in jeopardy.

     Someone from the August 8 Cluster will show the beginning signs of birthing a new cluster. 
One of the main points of Season 2 was that clusters can be born from anyone (any sensorium), at any time. It stands to reason that one of the eight main characters will either birth a new cluster or begin that process. Likely Kala, due to the obvious parallels between the sensate birth process and the actual birth process. It would also make sense given that she has a strong romantic connection to a cluster-mate that has yet to be consummated physically in any way, unlike Will and Riley.

     Rajan is full of shit. 
Rajan claims in the last episode of 2 that he is working with the federal government, and that his friend Ajay is a target of the investigation, and that Kala must move to Paris to keep safe. He acts terrified at the "gift" Ajay has left, asking if it's been x-rayed; it turns out to be harmless. It seems likely that this was all a show; there is no federal investigation, he was never afraid of the present (he may have even colluded with Ajay to leave it there at that time), and he has some other reason to want Kala gone.

Season 2 Predictions

     One of the other Berlin crimelords is a sensate 

The prediction was made an hour before season 2 is set to release. The trailer released the day before showed a fight between the August 8 cluster and another cluster with Wolfgang being the primary combatant of the fight. The fight is against a female sensate and her cluster.

Prediction: this female sensate is "Hilya Dugan" (or however it's spelled), the ruler of the "South, marked in yellow" on the map Wolfgang was shown in the Christmas special.

Jossed. Sort of. She's a different crime boss' treacherous lieutenant, not a crime boss herself.

     Daniela, Hernando, Felix, Jela and Soo-Jin are also sensates and part of a separate cluster from the main eight. 

At some point in season 2, they'll be birthed, probably by Yrsa, and Lito, Wolfgang, Capheus and Sun will help them adjust.

  • Jossed, at least for season 2. Maybe one of them will become a sensate at some point in the future, but this troper thinks it's a stretch that ALL of them would. Remember that would also require them to have been biologically born at the exact same time.

     General and Unsorted Predictions 

  • Season 1 spanned roughly a month and a half worth of time and ended in mid-July. Since August 8th is the cluster's collective birthday, it is reasonable to assume they'll have up to 8 birthday parties together in season 2.
    • Confirmed, they have a massive birthday party in the Christmas special.
  • Will will spend the first few episodes in a state of unconsciousness, and the other 7 won't be able to draw on his cop skills. BUT, at some point, they'll realise the connection goes both ways... Whispers can track Will, sure... But Will can also track Whispers. So his arc will be learning how to do that, while trying to remain hidden from him.
    • Half Jossed, half confirmed. They sensates are using Will to find Whispers from the beginning of season two.
  • Will won't spend much time unconscious at all; Riley just needs to get him somewhere where he can stay indoors and not interact with any of the locals; as long as he never hears/sees anything that would give away his location, Whispers has no way of finding it out.
    • Mostly confirmed, although he does spend a lot of time on heroin in early season 2 before getting the blocker pills.
  • It's subtle, but it's implied that Daniela's family are criminals (she's mentioned that they have experience putting on a public face, and is uncharacteristically evasive when talking about what they do). Lito will think that any further issues with Joaquin will involve him going to the press, but they will really involve him going to Daniela's father, probably because his computer has been hacked and the files have been irretrievably damaged.
    • Partially jossed, partially confirmed. Joaquin does leak the photos of Lito and Hernando to the press, and then later gets Daniela's parents involved to try to get her to come back to him, but there's no further mention of her father's criminal activity.
  • Wolfgang will be the next member of "our" cluster to physically meet some of the others. He's the only one who possesses disposable income and is free to travel openly, and he will want to get out of Berlin in case any of his family's associates come asking around. Felix is safe and on the mend, and he is the only person keeping Wolfgang in Berlin. Depending on how much of a Time Skip will exist between seasons, he may even come with.
    • Wolfgang will have to flee the country because the German police is after him for his killing spree (part of which happened right in the sight of the Federal Police offices that are located in the highrise buildings behind that large sculpture of a man over the river in the background of his shoot-out with Steiner and his goons). Nomi will probably have to help getting the heat off him long enough to board a plane out of the EU.
      • Jossed. As of the season two finale Wolfgang is the only member to not have physically met another.
  • Kala and Wolfgang will have to team up with Riley to get Will's drugs. Kala will be able to identify the best drugs, and work out a schedule to prevent Will from becoming accustomed to a particular drug too quickly, and Wolfgang will perform the thefts.
    • This is likely, as Riley will have to avoid taking an unconscious Will anywhere public while still getting away from Iceland. To that effect, Sven will most likely sail her back to the closest land mass... Great Britain... Yup, she's going back to London... Where Nyx is still looking for her. But with Wolfgang around, Nyx shouldn't pose too much of a threat.
    • Partially confirmed, Kala is involved but Wolfgang is not. Riley is shown getting the drugs from friends.
  • Wolfgang's arc will probably involve hunting down and brutally murdering Whispers. Primarily to ensure Kala's safety, but also because it's in his nature to destroy a threat rather than avoid it. And with Wolfgang's aforementioned disposable income and unmatched talent for violence, combined with the skills the cluster provides, the chances of Whispers surviving a second season are slim.
  • Kabaka's debt to Capheus will be used in some way to help other members of the cluster.
  • Sun will somehow leave prison, either by escaping with the help of Nomi and Wolfgang, or by successfully clearing her name through Nomi's hacking skills. Confirmed in season 2, the entire cluster helps her escape.
  • Joong-Ki will destroy the company. Its already shown that he's a criminal, whats stopping him from continuing? But the next time he gets caught, neither Sun nor their father will be there to save his sorry butt.
  • Hernando will become a Secret Keeper. Sure, his first reaction would be pure disbelief followed by the assumption that Lito is mentally ill, but Lito will find a way to convince him that what's going on is real. Lito's made it clear that Hernando is the most important part of his life, and part of his Character Development is him being his authentic self. He could be a counterpart to Amanita, being caught up in a sci-fi story with his lover rather than embracing it like she does.
  • Riley develops the highest control over her Sensate abilities, and will manage to telepathically wrestle Whispers away from Will and keeping the rest of the cluster safe.


    Wolfgang will become a powerful crimelord 
It seems pretty clear, based on his arc during the Christmas special. By killing off the rest of the Bogdanow clan, he has created a power vacuum that only he can fill. While certainly completely uninterested at first, it becomes clear that remaining neutral still won't protect him from rival gangs coming after him, and more importantly, after Felix. So he will ultimately take over his uncle's empire, if only to have an army at his back.
  • As a corollary to this, it also puts him in a position to be a major help to Sun. Her lawyers keep getting killed off by her brother's underground connections. What better way to counter this than to have his own underground connections provide bodyguards for her lawyers?
    • Further corollary, BPO might take notice of a German crimelord taking an interest in a Korean embezzler's appeal case, since there is no practical reason why they should know or care about each other, or what he gains by helping her. Could they be clustermates, BPO would ask? Perhaps we should look into this.

    Wolfgang will play a crucial role in some of the upcoming fight scenes 
-"Fighting is easy. Fighting is what I do."

Throughout season 1, save for one scene where Wolfgang comes to Lito's rescue, we don't get to see Wolfgang involved in much of the ass-kicking-while-sharing scenes. That's almost always Sun's thing, with Will occasionally coming in for disarming techniques and police takedowns. Between the two of them, Wolfgang's brawler tendencies don't seem particularly useful. BUT...

So, let's assume that the cluster will come across someone who is on equal footing with Sun, and a fight will ensue where her speed is not enough to avoid taking hits, and the fight will begin to go against her... at this stage, Wolfgang brings his brick wall of a face to bear, allowing Sun to take back control of the fight.

Confirmed multiple times in the Christmas special. Wolfgang indeed steps in to shrug off punches in several fights, likely with more to come.

    Riley and Will in hiding 
The location is naturally a secret, and there are deliberately few hints given, so as to keep up the mystery for us, Will and most importantly Whispers. But Riley knows, and the rest of the cluster save for Will most likely does too. That being said, here's what we know so far:
  • They're still in the northern hemisphere, it being Winter in the latter months of the year.
  • Wherever they are, they most likely got there by boat with Sven's help. Almost certainly, they've left Iceland; the nearest landmasses being Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Great Britain and Norway.
  • Riley says she spent time in their hideout after "having a really great show" presumably as a DJ. It's not clear if she was already in London by that time.
  • The woman who delivers drugs to Riley is speaking Dutch. This makes the Netherlands a possible candidate.
    • If it is the Netherlands, that puts Will and Riley close to Germany geographically, suggesting a possible meet up with Wolfgang.

Confirmed in season 2 episode 2. W+R are in Amsterdam.

Sense Nine
Fan theory proposed by [[troper:Ginsengaddict]]: Sarah Patrell is a member of the August 8th Cluster... or she would have been if she hadn't seen killed as a child by Whispers.
  • There is only circumstantial evidence to support this theory at the moment. Sarah was abducted at the age of 10, while Will was also a child of a similar age. In order to share a cluster, they would have to share a birthday; but, Sarah's birthday is never directly given in the first season, despite the wealth of information available about her (eg: the date she was abducted, her mother's name, etc).
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  • Perhaps the strongest evidence available is the knowledge of how visiting works. Visiting outside of a cluster requires that at some point prior, sensates must have made direct physical eye contact. Despite living in the same city, there is absolutely no indication that Sarah and Will had ever met, prior to Will having visions of Sarah's "ghost"; so, in order for Sarah to visit Will, they would have to be clustermates.
  • It's not entirely clear how sensates become "birthed" other than that an elder sensate must somehow be involved. We know for a fact that Riley experienced a sensate connection with Yrsa, long before her whole cluster was birthed by Angelica. So, it is entirely possible that, through her connection to Whispers, Sarah's sensate nature was awakened prematurely as well, which may have allowed her to visit her clustermates, even if they hadn't been birthed. Will being the closest clustermate to her proximity-wise, it'd make sense for her to send her ghostly distress calls directly to him, and not to other children in other parts of the world.
  • This would make sense from a narrative perspective; Whispers is very much a force of nature villain, an implacable foe that has no reason for going after the cluster, other than to harvest them for their juicy brains... but, by setting up the story in such a way that the girl Will couldn't save as a child would've been his clustermate, it gives the 8/8 cluster a deeply personal reason to defeat Whispers... He killed the sister they never got to know.

Jossed. Hi-res screenshots of Sarah's case file suggest her birthdate is not August 8th, making it impossible for her to be part of the cluster.

Whispers, Angelica, and Jonas
How exactly were they connected? Yrsa is convinced that Angelica and Jonas were working for Whispers, but she has made mistakes before. From what we definitely know: Angelica and Whispers had a connection and Angelica had helped him in his work, but Jonas and Whispers had never met until Jonas was captured by the BPO. Also, Jonas believed that Angelica loved him, and Whispers said that she did not, and we aren't sure which to believe.
  • From the opening scene of episode 1, a likely scenario can be extrapolated from the interactions between the three, with some supporting evidence in a later episode. From episode eight, we see evidence that Whispers is a professor at a medical school. This is supported by the information dug up by Nomi on Dr. Metzger. From that, it is easy to theorize that Whispers met Angelica much the same way the Meztger did: as a student in med school. Whispers, being the manipulator that he is, seduced Angelica and convinced her he was studying sensates for the greater good and that he needed more active sensates to study. Angelica goes to Jonas and convinces him to father more clusters with her, all the while giving the newborns' locations to Whispers. During this time Yrsa hears of Angelica and Jonas through the BPO grapevine, getting the idea that they were both collaborators. Eventually Angelica discovers what Whispers is really up to, and starts self-medicating to protect Jonas and the remaining sensates she birthed under Whispers' influence.

Whispers is an artificial sensate
Firstly, it's difficult to imagine that somebody could murder the rest of their cluster when the death of one person in it is described as being the most horrible feeling in the world. No matter how evil he is, Whispers likely would have driven himself insane if he was responsible for all their deaths. Secondly, Jonas lumps Whispers in with the rest of the normal humans when he discusses how easy it is to kill when one doesn't feel anything. Finally, there's Whispers' People Puppets power that acts differently from other sensate abilities. It's very possible that he was a regular human who found a way to tap into whatever psychic network senses have and manipulate it from the inside, without having to deal with a cluster of his own.
  • This sounds like a good analogue of the lobotomized Sensates; the People Puppets are Sensates with the guy in the driver's seat surgically removed so they can be used as remote-operated vehicles, Whispers is a baseline human with the Sensate ability grafted onto him - most likely from a Sensate who was cut up for spare parts.

Jonas is playing both sides in an attempt to promote a sensate-supremacist agenda.
Jonas' main goal in the short term seems to be to create new clusters and bring them into conflict against Whispers and the BPO, probably in the hopes that it will hurt BPO. In the longer run, he wants BPO out of the picture and as many clusters indebted to him as possible so that he can lead them in a movement to claim power and authority.

Amanita is Capheus's little sister
Her mother adopted her from Kenya when she was a baby. Nomi will find out and allow Capheus to reunite with her through their connection.
  • This could be cool, potentially. But there are a couple of considerations that might make it squicky. One: Capheus was 8 years old when his sister was born, and since Nomi shares a birthday with Capheus, that would mean there's an 8-year age gap between Nomi and Amanita. Depending on how old the clustermates are, Nomi could be dating and screwing a teenager. Two: in many ways, Capheus IS Nomi; they share a collective consciousness, they feel how each other feels about people... So if Neets turns out to be Caph's long lost baby sister, then Nomi has fraternal feelings for her girlfriend and Capheus is unwittingly enjoying incest.
    • Also, Amanita said she's been working in the same bookstore for many years, so she can't be a teenager or much younger than Nomi (and Capheus) at all.
  • Jossed by the writers, as far as I know.
  • Jossed by the Christmas Special. Caph's father is dead. Neet's father is alive. They cannot be related.
    • The whole point of the adoption theory is that the person we see as Amanita's dad isn't necessarily her biological father, therefore using his presence to prove that Amanita and Capheus are not siblings just isn't concrete enough.
      • Jossed in season 2. Amanita is Grace's biological daughter. One of the three men she calls her dads is her biological father, but they never bothered to find out which because they all love her like their own.

Lito and Wolfgang will develop an Odd Friendship
Lito was absolutely ecstatic when he had the chance to help Wolfgang during his confrontation with Steiner and Wolfgang even gave a rare smile at his enthusiasm and later returned the favor by helping Lito rescue Daniela from Joaquin. Lito will also be a Shipper on Deck for Wolfgang and Kala and give Wolfgang the courage and some advice on how to woo her.

Whispers is a sensate who became evil because his entire cluster died
The loss of his cluster was so traumatic and devastating that Whispers went through a Despair Event Horizon and became convinced that sensates are unnatural and need to be eliminated. Alternatively, he was betrayed by one of his cluster in a very personal way, which again convinced him that the world would be better off without sensates.

Amanita's mother is a sensate.
When she's telling Nomi and Amanita about how she located Amanita at a 4th of July fair, Amanita's mother describes the psychic connection she felt with her daughter as a humming noise. Later, Yrsa describes the psychic network between sensates as having a humming sound to Riley. Amanita's mother was apparently taken into custody by the soldiers who were looking for Nomi. Jossed. Amanita's mum is safe and sound.

Will and Riley or Wolfgang and Kala's relationship will Deconstruct the Mindlink Mates Trope
Yrsa dismissed the notion of loving within one's cluster, calling it "pathological," but she may have been speaking from experience. Having two members of the cluster in an exclusive relationship with one another could come with problems. Just two sensates having sex simultaneously with their own lovers inadvertently caused a mental orgy, imagine what two sensates having sex with each other would do!
  • We saw the results of that during the Christmas special! However, this issue hasn't really come up yet.

Nyx is a sensate.
His description of limbic resonance sounds a great deal like what sensate clusters experience, and his convincing Riley to take his drugs is what triggers her full awakening. Related to this, Nyx could even be a part of Jonas and Angelica's cluster, given his mention of a woman who helped him take down all of his mental barriers and defenses.
  • There are a few problems with this. For one, if Nyx were a sensate, he would be able to visit Riley, and track her in much the same way that Whispers can now track Will. Secondly, he would have known she was telling the truth about the drugs. Finally, if Angelica was the woman he knew, then he would also know about Jonas, and be in contact with Jonas, and this be assisting Jonas in trying to protect Riley and her cluster; not trying to kill her for losing all his money and drugs.

Nyx's drugs can attune non-sensates to feel the way clusters do.
Sort of related to the one about Whispers not being a real sensate up above. If taking Nyx's drugs can allow non-sensates to feel limbic resonance, or some facsimile thereof, Whispers might have utilized something like them to give the ability to Visit and occupy his People Puppets.
  • Or, his drugs could simply be plain ole drugs, and the high that brought Riley to Will was a normal drug high enhanced by her awakened nature as a sensate.
    • Though, he did describe that special drug as giving its user specific sensate-like experiences, like re-experiencing their own birth.

Whispers will prove to be a combatant capable of matching Sun, at the very least.
Being able to track any sensate he makes eye contact with, having a small private army of goons, and having an unknown supply of lobotomized people-puppets possibly numbering in the dozens if not hundreds available to him is all well and good, but it still leaves Whispers open to an ass kicking or just being shot if he ever actually catches up to a member of the cluster if they have any preparation - groups of armed goons don't fare well against Sun or Wolfgang. But what if Whispers can do more than just control the sensates he's lobotomized? What if he can use their skills, too. Sharing, only without the need to ask permission. While it's established Sharing can only be done within a cluster, it's also established that Whispers breaks the rules. With that in mind, who's to say how many skilled fighters he can draw from? Imagine that moment when the tables look to be turned on Whispers only for him to pull a villainous I Am Not Left-Handed.

Previous sensate clusters will be revealed to be part of an Ancient Conspiracy
Related to Jonas's sensate supremacy WMG above, previous sensate clusters were shadowy groups of powerful leaders around the world who used their connections for less than wholesome reasons. They manipulated global events and wars to their benefit, reasoning that they were above humanity and therefore knew how to run the world better than the masses. Whispers's group began as La Résistance who dismantled these groups to free humanity, but in the process grew so paranoid that they began targeting innocent sensates or children who might become sensates. Angelica was originally a Defector from Decadence who turned on her own kind, but ran away from Whispers's organization when she found out that they were targeting children and sensate potentials.

Sun will fall in love with Rajan whenever she starts connecting to Kala more.
Through Kala's eyes she'll be facing a man who not only openly adores "her", he also values her as a person and has that whole speech about how he wants to buck tradition to make sure that his connection to Kala is clear to the world. These could all be powerful draws to a woman who's spent her life looked down on and barely being acknowledged to exist by the men closest to her.Kala would have a much easier time being able to marry Rajan and have a happy life with him with Sun's feelings to tap into but would know and surely feel bad about the fact they're not her own feelings, and Sun would get to experience being married to a man she loves through Kala but always know that she's not that one he loves. Jossed. Sun's feelings are not related to Kala's feelings. Sun even encourages Kala when she's having reservations about consummating her marriage.

Wolfgang's mother died very mundanely in a car accident.
She's never seen or mentioned other than in the birth scene, so she must have left the family early. Wolfgang probably wouldn't have smiled at that memory if she'd intentionally abandoned him with his abusive father, and even though the family has extensive criminal connections, prison sentences of more than a decade for anything other than murder (which Wolfgang would have mentioned in his "I'm a monster" speech) are rare in Germany, so it's unlikely that she's been serving time ever since he was a kid. So she's likely dead. And since she was quite young when she gave birth to Wolfgang, not suffering from any severe genetic disorders (no hospital supervision for the birth, which was unusual in East Germany even under the best of circumstances), and since Wolfgang would have mentioned it if his father beat her to death, that doesn't leave many options. Car accidents are the most likely way for a young person in East Germany to die (post-Reunification - before, youngsters wouldn't own a car), due to the many unlit, tree-flanked country lanes in the rural areas surrounding Berlin. The side strips of said streets are littered with little shrines at the places where accidents happened (as a warning, not for religious reasons), and it's usually new drivers (18-20 years old) who crash.

Nyx and Daniela's father are connected through drug trade
Perhaps Nyx is so intent on getting his money back from Riley because he owes some bigger fish for his last shipment. So he might cross paths with her again if she goes to hide Will in Mexico. (It is comparatively remote, compared to the US, where Whispers clearly has a lot of connections. And Lito is free (unlike Sun), not hunted by the law (unlike Nomi and Wolfgang) and financially well-off enough (unlike Capheus) to help them out. Perhaps we'll finally meet Lito's family as a way of providing Will and Riley with a safehouse.) Perhaps the religious extremists had a point about Kala's father-in-law-to-be's "evil drug money", and his pharmaceutical company is involved somehow as well.

Capheus and possibly Sun at least started out as asexual and/or aromantic
  • Riley and Sun had good reasons not to be involved in the clusterfuck scene, and Kala was probably sleeping and wouldn't have been able to handle it anyway (also, the writers likely didn't want to resolve her UST with Wolfgang too early). But while Capheus probably just wasn't involved because the Kenyan authorities wouldn't have allowed the filming of a sex scene involving more than one man (gay sex is still illegal there), in-character it doesn't make obvious sense that he'd only get a brief sensory backwash from the others (he seemed to get an erection) without getting consciously drawn into the orgy. He wasn't actually spending time with the little girl, after all, he was just waiting for her outside in his bus for hours. Now, despite the fact that Capheus is in his late 20s and his similarly-aged friend already has a few children, there is no mention of any woman in Capheus' life other than his mother. He doesn't even seem to have accidentally fathered any children in an earlier relationship - in a country not exactly known for its widespread use of condoms or other birth control. At the same time, he reacts to the erection he got seemingly from watching Jean-Claude Van Damme working out (really just because of the arousal that the other sensates were feeling at the time, but he didn't know that) like this had never happened to him before, and like his body's reaction disturbs him quite a bit, so it's unlikely that he's gay. In fact, the only time Capheus shows any interest whatsoever in anyone is when he compliments Kala on her beauty - and even that comes across very innocent and not like he's flirting with her. An asexual member of the cluster would certainly add to the diversity, as well as add some new perspective on the whole problem of semi-involuntary sharing of sexual experiences. Is he repulsed? Or does he embrace the idea of experiencing sexual pleasure by proxy, in a way that doesn't require him to be physically involved? Is he even aware that he's different from most people? He doesn't seem to feel any pressure towards founding a family, but how does that work with his beliefs (most likely Anglican Christian mixed with some native spiritual traditions)?
    • I kind of view Capheus's situation as being more about his situation than personal preference. He simply has no time or energy to pursue a romantic relationship as he's focused primarily on looking after his mother and trying to stay alive. By the time the cluster activated, he was overworked and stressed, clearly not in any shape to think about starting a relationship. As for why he would not have casual sex, he's taking care of his HIV+ mother who is basically living proof of how dangerous that would be. Add to that, the possibility that he may accidentally knock someone up and have more mouths to feed when he already can barely make ends meet for himself and his mother, it's clear to see why Capheus is not in a good place to think about that kind of stuff.
  • Similarly, Sun seems very detached from other people, doesn't have any romantic interest (yet), and while she says she has had sex "some time ago" she seems in no hurry to repeat the experience (she's not dating) and seems to judge men using the services of sex workers negatively. All that might just be her personality, or her culture, but it would also work well with someone who is aromantic (and maybe asexual or gray-asexual).
  • Neither of these interpretations has to contradict the Word of God that all the sensates are moving towards pansexuality as they share more and more of each other's feelings. It would just mean that for Capheus and/or Sun, some of these feelings are even newer and stranger than Will's newfound enjoyment of sex with men.
  • At least partly jossed in season two. Capheus is attracted to, pursues and sleeps with a woman, and Sun reunites with Mun, who took her virginity years ago, and there is clearly attraction between them.

Whispers IS a Sensate
And he has his own cluster. No, they weren't killed by him or by another person/group to facilitate his Start of Darkness. They're all still around - and just as messed up as he is. They'll be a full cluster and Evil Counterpart to the protagonists. Confirmed. And Jossed. Whispers is known as The Cannibal to other sensates because he ate his own cluster.

There's one particularly powerful member of each cluster
In the main cluster, it's Riley. In Jonas and Angelica's, it was Angelica. Whispers is this in his own cluster. This person also has unique abilities considered unusual as far as sensates' abilities go, such as Whispers' ability to create People Puppets and Angelica's ability to birth a new cluster. Riley will develop her skill in time.

Jonas is the last member alive of his cluster
Self explanatory. They were all killed off by the BPO except for Angelica. Confirmed.

Yrsa, and by extension her cluster, will come around in later seasons to help Riley and the others
Yrsa will become Neutral No Longer and move her cluster, which is also all over the world, to help when the protagonists need them most.

There were intentional camera "mistakes" at the last fight scene of the Christmas Special and where is Felix?

  • J Michael Straczynski's Tweet left some vague statements that should bring us to Wild Mass Guessing Overdrive.

  • Also where is Felix? Is he somehow the second body and/or that sort of link is what BPO feared?

There is probably sensate extremists or groups.
  • Jonas statements does kinda portray him as going a bit far Magneto style with the language he uses to describe normal people.
  • in the Christmas special he did mention holes perhaps in a parallel to the War on Terror. Then again the sense8 are probably the last free sensates
  • Perhaps Jonas got kicked out from Yrsa's group for being too moderate or on BPO's side.
  • Who sent that ambulance?

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