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The Series started as a Fanfic for Xenosaga
  • The Noise and Gnosis are very alike:
    • insubstantial when they want to be
    • the heroes ability (Symphogear, the Hilbert Effect) forces them to be solid,
    • being touched by one turns you into dust (white dust by Gnosis, black dust for Noise)
  • Chris's symphogear is remarkably similar to KOS-MOS's weapon layout, especially the twin gatling guns.

Hibiki is only a Decoy Protagonist. The real one is Miku.
  • We already know that Hibiki will die, or at the very least, they show us her grave. What if that doesn't foreshadow what happens at the end, but rather what happens in the middle?
    • Jossed

Tsubasa dies and Miku gets her powers.
  • It happened already with Kanade / Hibiki.
    • Jossed.

Miku is controlling the noise (and therefore is the main antagonist).
  • A more Nostradamus version of this is "someone is controlling the noise," which was already foreshadowed.
  • Someone must be controlling the noise. Neither members of the Symphogear organization nor Hibiki's mom nor Hibiki's classmates seem likely candidates.
    • Jossed Fine does create the Noise with the help of a weapon.

Miku dies because Hibiki couldn't protect her.
  • Anything could happen.
    • Jossed

Hibiki dies and Miku gets her powers.
  • This happened already with Kanade / Hibiki, so it's clearly possible for this to happen.
    • Jossed.

There are more battle songstresses than the three show thus far (ending with "Armor Girl").
  • Anything could happen.
    • Looks confirmed already. Episode 7 has Fine activating her own Symphogear. They really didn't say how many relics were left; they left that part ambiguous. Besides, we already know that breaking a chunk could result in creating another Magical Girl.
    • Confimed in season 2. Whether they are related to Finé is unclear.

Hibiki will perform a Face–Heel Turn, while Chris will perform a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Partially rooted from the Ax-Crazy mode shown in Episodes 3/4. There's evidence that Hibiki is unable to control the power of The Dark Side, so maybe an Obi-Wan Moment may come into effect. Episode 7 reveals Ryouko is willing enough to do this For Science!. Chris' turn is due to the Character Development, and it's getting increasingly obvious.
    • Jossed for Hibiki, Confirmed for Chris.

How the story will end
  • Hibiki will die.
  • Tsubasa will be afflicted with Survivor Guilt again.
  • Nehushtan Armor Girl becomes good. Also afflicted with Survivor Guilt.
  • Miku will blame them for Hibiki's death.
  • The Noise attack.
  • Tsubasa and Nehustan take them on, fully intending of sacrificing themselves just to save Miku.
  • Cue Miku singing and materializing a new Symphogear.
    • Cue Downer Ending. That's not a good way to end the series.
      • Jossed.

Ryouko is actually Fine
  • You don't see her eyes.
  • Has the same hairstyle evident when her hair came loose.
  • Also Chris's reaction when she saw Ryouko's Slasher Smile
  • And How else did she get the suitcase?
  • Looking closely at the beginning of episode 6, you'll notice that Blondie has roughly the same purple eyes.
  • Listen to the both of them talk, too. Aside from the blond woman's (apparently named Fine) Engrish, Ryoko and Fine sound like they're voiced by the same person. Does this remove all doubt yet?
  • Plus if Chris' orders from Fine were to kidnap Hibiki, and Ryouko wants to control Hibiki...
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  • As a counterargument, the only thing Jossing this WMG is the hair and overall look. Ryouko is brunette, Fine is blonde... are we going to see another redhead, this time voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro???
  • Pretty much confirmed in Episode 10 by Genjuro. During the investigation in Fine's mansion, he tells Chris that her former superior, who killed all those soldiers in the mansion, also works for his organization (Ryouko). Unfortunately, he is still unaware of who that traitor is.
  • Now completely confirmed as of Ep 11.

It's possible to Mass-Produce Symphogear-wielding warriors
  • Given that Kanade's death and the presence of an insignificant fraction of Gungnir being embedded in Hibiki being what allows Hibiki to wield a Symphogear at a level of strength significant enough to fight off the Noise, it should hold that it's possible to take many small fragments off a powerful symphogear to create an army of pseudo-"wielders" (what's the term?). While they may possibly not achieve the same level of power (i.e. Hibiki ("clone") vs Kanade ("original")), Hibiki proves that such reproductions would be enough to fight off dozens of Noise and even match "original" Symphogear wielders.
    • Confirmed, though it requires the use of Psycho Serum to artificially inflate their synch ratios, and the side-effects are both numerous and nasty.

  • You could call the original the Shinso.
Dr. Ver is behind the antagonists
  • You can see his crazy-ish laughter ten minutes into episode one, which is most likely a foreshadowing, plus he went missing with Solomon's Cane. Either he got carbonified and the Cane got stolen, or he made off with it.

  • Looks as if this is somewhat confirmed with Dr. Ver appearing briefly at the end of episode 2.
  • Subverted, though he is allied with them.
Dr. Ver and Chris are related.
  • They look similar in appearance-both have straight silvery hair- and if the opening is to be believed, it looks like they'll both have some sort of involvement with Solomon's Cane this season.
    • Jossed.

Hibiki's fusion with Gungnir will be the precursor/inspiration for Reyvateils and their Song magic
She is living proof that to fully master/utilize the Lost Technology powered by Phonics requires a biomechanical fusion of human genetics and Relics.

Hibiki's condition would later inspire the Combat Cyborgs
Her state of being a person augmented via permanent fusion without using magic as the TSAB would recognize would inspire Jail Scaglietti and the other scientists he worked with.

Maria's sister, Serena, is alive
And is either Fine or the Nephilim
  • Jossed. Her ghost shows up in episode 13

The Nehushtan Armour has a song, and we've heard it
  • Though Complete Relics don't require a song to be sung for them to be used, the very nature of the Symphogear System invokes music. When Hibiki attempts to tame Durandal, Symphogazer begins to play. The freeze-frame reveal is that Symphogazer is also the name of Durandal's slash attack, and presumably one of its songs. So what song did we hear a lot in season 1, despite it being unaffiliated with a Symphogear or user? Meteor Light. It replaces the opening after Fine uses Kadingir for the first time, mourning its first victim. It also explains why the ending is so oddly dark; it fits Finé's view of humanity.

There will be a '17-years old' reference
Courtesy of Nastassja. Because she's voiced by Kikuko Inoue. Would be hilarious if it's about her declaring being 17 years old (when she's clearly an old hag), but due to the tone of the story, it would probably refer to something that happened when she's 17 years old instead of age declaration joke.
  • Jossed. Nastassja dies in the finale of G without having made such a reference.

Maria will die saving Hibiki and/or Kirika
The former because they both use Gungnir in some way (and because Hibiki is the main character), and the latter because she clearly cares about her.
  • Jossed.

Dr. Ver is madly in love with Fine.
He seeks to resurrect her for this reason, and will find a way to force Kirika to age to the point Fine takes over. Of course, given that Fine loves only one person, Ver will be killed callously afterward.
  • Jossed with a vengeance. Dr. Ver is only in love with himself, and he thinks Fine's "vessel" is the perfect tool to repopulate the world in his image.

Dr. Ver is actually worsening Nastassja's condition.
He is using it a a trump card so that they would need him more and not get the idea to get rid of him when he isn't useful anymore.
  • Confirmed.

Fine isn't Kirika.
Episode 11 is furthering my theory I had for a while...the REAL Fine is Shirabe.
  • Jossed that Kirika isnt Fine and confirm that Shirabe is Fine.

Hibiki will inherit Maria's Gungnir.
By this point, Maria is not entirely willing to fight; she will hand over Gungnir to Hibiki either by death or by loss of fighting spirit.
  • Confirmed. Though, Maria is still alive.

Fine was a huge liar.
... particularly when she claimed to have consumed the personality of Ryoko Sakurai. In the flashback showing this, we see Ryoko being "possessed" by not only Fine's spirit but also the spirits of all of Fine's prior incarnations. If those people had been nothing more than masks Fine wore, why would they be present? This also explains "Ryoko's" odd moment of hesitation and musing that she's not acting like herself, as well as her final moments, where she's very definitely acting like the Ryoko she always pretended to be, flickering between Ryoko's purple eyes and Fine's golden ones. Thus, it's much more likely that Fine and Ryoko merged rather than Ryoko being consumed, and that the actions she undertook in this life were at least partially driven by Ryoko's manias as well as Fine's own.

The scientist character in GX will be the Big bad.

Lets be honest by now a bigger plot twist would be if he stayed as a good guy or was merely faking being evil.

  • All possibilities seem to be being averted by now, since GX has no scientist character at all so far.
    • Alchemists are basically scientists. Carol being an alchemist, fills this role.

GX will deal with Hibiki's family life

The first episode mentions a family meeting and a flashback of Carol's father is shown. So it might deal with Hibiki's father.

  • Episode 5 shows a little flashback of her father leaving the family.
  • Confirmed up to episode 8. We're still seeing Hibiki's flashbacks of the riots surrounding the Zwei Wing incident, and the attacks on her home.

The fragment of Dainsleif will be used to create a new Symphogear pendant, and Miku will wield it.
Complete Relics are always used in their original forms (Solomon's Cane, Durandal, the Nehushtan Armor), but fragmented Relics are formed into Pendants for prospective Gear users. Elfnein bears yet another Relic Fragment to SONG: the fragment of the blade Dainsleif.
  • Word of God states no new Gear users. However, technically, Miku isn't a new Gear user.
  • GX E3 states that they cannot repair or create new relics without Ryoko. However, surely Chris and Tsubasa will recover the use of their relics somehow, and whoever can do so is probably also capable of creating a new Symphogear pendant.
  • There are 8 Image Song CDs slated for release: 1 for each of the Gear users, 1 for Maria and Tsubasa's duet, and one presently unannounced. Speculation has been that it will be an Auto-Scorer piece. However, the extra CD could also be for another Symphogear user. Miku filled in the last of the 8 G CDs with Waikyo - Shenshou Jing, so it's not impossible that she may do so again.
    • Self-edit: seems jossed with Project IGNITE in GX E5.

SONG may have to enlist Dr. Ver's help in repairing the damaged relics.
  • GX E3 shows, in a flashback, that Ryoko worked alongside Dr. Ver in the F.I.S. project. It's likely he knows something about how to get the damaged relics back to working order.
    • Jossed, Elfnein seems able to repair relics.
    • Not so fast. An event in episode 9 can be summed up with a song lyric. Ja-ja-ja-ja-JAILBREAK!.
    • Hold it! Re-jossed because Dr. Ver dies in the finale of GX, essentially crushed by a chunk of the Chateau de Tiffauges.
Elfnein will become a vessel for Carol at some point in time - Carol's "death" was just part of the plan. Having Elfnein "upgrade" the Symphogears with the IGNITE module was also part of the plan.
  • Seems too convenient that Elfnein shows up at SONG with just the relic that helps against the noise. Also, to activate the IGNITE module, some time is required, and Carol could have made use of that time to utterly crush Tsubasa and Chris. Even after they failed to activate it the first time, Carol's response is simply to wonder whether there's been a misfire. This, combined with hints over the last few episodes that Carol knows more about the Symphogears than she lets on, seems to suggest that Carol deliberately allowed Elfnein to escape to SONG with Dainsleif, and therefore allow the Symphogears to be upgraded with the IGNITE module.
    • If Carol's plan involves the IGNITE module, maybe she's able to control or subvert the IGNITED Symphogears, which means that the FIS trio might have to fight against the 2nd Div trio at some point in time.
    • To date, Carol's plan hinges around the Autoscorers being defeated by Symphogear wielders using IGNITE. To this end, she has invoked a deliberate Morton's Fork. Either the Symphogear wielders use IGNITE and destroy the Autoscorers,(which helps Carol's plan to dissect the world, for purposes of "killing miracles") or the Autoscorers keep summoning more and more Alcanoise upon the world and killing more and more people as they go (which will also result in destroying the world). Also subverted as of episode 8.

Carol gave Elfnein a copy of her memories because she's intended to be a backup drive
  • Carol's combat form is powered by burning up her own memories. After a battle she would download copies of the consumed memories from Elfnein so she wouldn't lose her most important memories.

If there is a fourth season, Miku will become a full-time Symphogear wielder
  • The girl deserves it. She's done all she can to support Hibiki from the sidelines, saved Hibiki's life despite being mind-controlled at the time, and then saved the whole damn world with nothing more than a good throwing arm.
    • Agematsu and Kaneko absolutely refuse to make Miku a Symphogear user again, and Kaneko never wanted her to use a Gear in the first place. Miku is there for Hibiki to return home to.

The computer chip
  • Assuming that the information on the chip that Dr. Ver gives the Symphogear users from G in the GX finale provides a way for the Symphogear users from G to use their relics for extended periods of time without LiNKER, I think that it would be a special kind of LiNKER that's permanent and therefore only needs to be administered once. It's entirely possible. I mean, Ver gave himself the freaky Nephilim arm using a special LiNKER containing the Nephilim's DNA and considering that he was still able to use the arm more than three months after the end of G, more than enough for the LiNKER to be completely flushed out of his system, it's safe to assume that the effects were permanent.

The original language
The original language "He" destroyed was not really a spoken language, but a way of communicating using psychic powers through music, or something similar. The moon actually serves to suppress people's natural ability to resonate with each other's hearts and communicate without needing words in the same way as modern people.

On Chris' Future
By Season 4, she would very probably enter college. And by then, she would also work part-time as singer (just like Tsubasa). As for major, probably Music Arts or Opera Singing (remind us that her seiyuu is also opera-graduate from Tokyo Conservatory) although other majors could be considered probably like STEM majors and medicine.
  • She's already third year by GX.
  • Her stellar academic grade would make her college-material. Of course, she would have to pass nasty exams to enter Big 7 Japan Universities
  • self-edit: temporarily jossed as the set is summer in her third year by AXZ
  • in XV, this will be either confirmed or wham-jossed as Chris already got accepted into college by episode 2. If it were confirmed, this WMG should be in Actor-Shared Background as Chris' VA is college-educated

Chris will get a civilian girlfriend in s4
Because as of s3 she's the only single character (Tsubasa/Maria, Hibiki/Miku, and Kirika/Shirabe are all subtext that get close to text) so going with the above college thing she'll meet a girlfriend in s4.

There must be one evil Mad Scientist per season
Much like Nanoha must have its girl with sad eyes trope Symphogear must have a Mad Scientist as either a major or Big Bad or both in every series. The question is in future series is who?

In AXS strong contenders are Elfein who looks way too much like Carol in her new design and Caligostro whom with only one concept art may not look like a villain but with this show's history you can't let your guard down

  • Elfein looks like Carol for a reason. Elfein's body was failing and Carol's Mind was essentially disapearing. At the end of GX she was runing on fragments, that were disappearing. Elfein Looks like Carol because she's Elfein in Carol's body.
  • Oddly enough in AXZ the villains ended up being a cult whose higher up were Mad Scientists. And as far as we know the season 5 antagonists are essentially Mad Scientists from outer space.

On Chris' Story
Each season's Ending theme cover (anime version) is about Chris' implicit story line. In G with her having lunch with her friends, she is adjusting for school life. In GX with her being approached by Kirika, she becomes senpai for two newcomers. In AXZ with Chris cradling a crying younger herself, it comes as a guess that Chris would be either (1) become caretaker for some lost children, (2) having some issues from her past to solve, or (3) some other cases involving children.
  • Can't joss the others yet but (2) seems to be confirmed. The first two eps Take place around where Chris lost here parents. And she runs into the person she blames for it. Who now blames her for something.

Who is the traitor? AXS edition
Who will betray SONG this time and for what reason?

Hibiki became Fine after season 2
After Fine died protecting Shirabe she transferred her powers and abilities to Hibiki since she is also descended from Fine as well. Which means that her taking over of Maria's Gugnir, ability to overpower seemingly invincible alchemic constructs, and maybe as far back as the S2CA tri conversion were actually Hibiki sub-consciously calling upon Fine's powers all along. It's quite possible that Hibiki has become a new version of Fine keeping her own consciousness but keeping Fine's powers. Or having Hibiki's persona being the dominant part to such an extent that not even she realizes that she is now Fine now serving as a sort of guardian entity for future generations.
  • Very unlikely. The explanation given to why she could withstand multiple superb songs was her status as a human/relic hybrid, that is, until G episode 10. And there is no proof or hint whatsoever that Hibiki also descended from Finé.

Hibiki still has some affect from her previous fusion that no one is aware of.
Kind of an alternative point to the one above.
She's been shown to still do things that she shouldn't be able to.
Taking Maria's Gugnir, overpowering seemingly invincible alchemic constructs.
I'm still thinking on this.

Elfein will come up with some way to overcome the need for Maria's team to use LiNKER.
She seemed to have had some kind of idea when she saw whatever it was that happened when Maria's Gear made that strange glow.

Maria's team will overcome there need for LiNKER though pure will power or determination.
Related to the above.
Might be why that glow happend and why Elfein was trying to encourage them.Also that whole song has a lot about overcoming limits.
Especially these lines:
Our limits aren't decided by anyone else
It's only up to us how far we can go
Let's awaken our sleeping powers

Symphogear's world is one of the countless planets in the EXA_PICO universe.
It explains so much!

Sound Science offers a solid explanation for why and how Sacrists function, the Creator whom Finé was yandere for was a Will of the Planet, and the Universal Language that humanity has lost access to is the language of the planet itself, the one used by Wills when they speak (that particular planet's equivalent of the Ar Ciela language).

Elfnein and Maria even use a Dive Machine in episode 5 of AXZ!

Adam and Saint-Germain will attempt a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on each other eventually
The two do not like each other and with Prelati dead or at least in SONG's custody considering her explosive defeat in episode 7. Which leaves Caligostro as the obvious sacrifice. It's likely Saint-Germain will try to use Adam as the sacrifice instead. Of course Adam would expect this and plan accordingly leading to an Enemy Civil War.

Elfneim and the Auto-scorers represent repressed facets of Carol's personality
Micha made an offhand comment in the OVA that Carol made the Auto-scorers goofy poses because she secretly is a Large Ham. But what if its more than that?
  • Elfnein is the good side of Carol obviously. The Carol that would have existed if she didn't devote herself to revenge but instead to use her genius for the good of humanity.
  • Garie's snarky attitude is representative as Carol's desire to be more open with her emotions. To instead of being a stoic revenge crazed supervillain. To genuinely reach out and get help from others.
  • Micha is Carol's inner child. A very, very, very, psychotic inner child.
  • Leiur is Carol's desire for family. Both for her father and perhaps for one of her own someday. Something she threw away when she became an immortal loli homunculus.
  • Phara is a hard one since her only shitch is her sword. But it could represent Carol growing up and maturing. Since for all her posturing Carol never moved on from the death of her father and knowing that she understood her father's final words her motivations of destroying the world come off less as tragic and more as petty.

Shirabe's connections to the Tsuki shrine...
Connecting all the implications in Episode 9 pretty much all but outright states that Shirabe used to live at the Tsuki Shrine before she was taken to F.I.S. Here is the evidence:
  • The elderly priest the girls meet at the shrine mentions he used to have a granddaughter who passed away in an accident and would have been around the same age as the Symphogear users if she was still alive. Shirabe's character profile on the official AXZ website says that she was involved in an unspecified accident that left her orphaned. Assuming that the elderly priest wasn't just making a joke, the stories do add up to each other.
  • In her flashback, Shirabe's bag has a shrine charm with the kanji for her name written on it ("調"). The Tsuki Shrine in Japan contains the same kanji in its name though it is pronounced differently.

Miku will be the one targeted for being used as a vessel of divine power for the plans of the Kazanari clan head as alluded to in the later half of axz 13 and its after credits scene.
  • the foreshadowing was as blunt as one of genjuro's punches in the after credits scene.
  • and once SONG finds out it will become Schmuck Bait at its finest.
  • Seems like about to be jossed, Miku is already stated to be non-combatant by Kaneko
  • I don't think Fudou would respect the rights of civilians. Especially after America tried to nuke Tokyo that's the perfect excuse for a war nut like him to start messing with stuff that should not be messed with.

In season 5, Hibiki will sing either her holy chant or a superb song in Japanese
As revealed in the finale of AXZ, both Hibiki and Miku were freed from the curse of Balal by the light of Shenshoujing back in G. Maybe this means they could eventually learn the original language of the Lulu Amel, in which Finé composed the holy chants and the superb song, and translate it. As S5's most likely foe are the Anunnaki themselves, this could turn out to be key to dispel the curse cast by them.
  • On a side note, it wasn't shown yet, but both Hibiki and Miku probably became fluent in every language existent after G.

The Kazanari's will mess with things that should not be messed with
Fudou clearly wants Hibiki as a WMD to hold the rest of the world ransom with. The question is what else will he do to get it? It's clear that the Custodians will be the next villains that need an introduction to Hibiki's godslaying right hook. And that Fudou will be a secondary villain that will cause some mayhem only to be disposed of much like Dr. Ver in GX.
  • As of XV episode 3, we're heading down this path as far as Fudou is concerned. He's revealed to be colluding with this season's alchemists, providing them with materiel support in exchange for whatever relics that can obtain.

The destruction of the Hermes Trismegistus was actually foreshadowing for AXZ
Carol's shields were composed of spiritual power, demon summoning, and alchemy. Something that was abused in AXZ. Basically when Hibiki punched thru Hermes Trismegistus it wasn't Achievements in Ignorance. But Hibiki using Gugnir's deicide powers without anyone knowing. Gugnir's god killing powers were being alluded to all the way back to the third season.

Maria will be very important at the climax of XV
the (now deceased) leader of the Illuminati was Adam, Maria's last name is Eve and there is an ancestral song about an apple.
  • Further evidence in episode 11: Maria's Gear pendant acts as a master key to the Lunar Ruins, allowing her and Tsubasa to bypass the defense system and just stroll through the hallways and automatic doors straight to the control room

Fine's memories and purpose became corrupted at some point in the last 5,000 years
We learn in XV episode 11 that Enki, the god Fine apparently fell in love with, fought and defeated Shem-Ha then activated the Balal jamming system to seal Shem-Ha and prevent her from resurrecting from the data fragments buried in humanity's DNA It's possible that the real reason Fine imprinted her memories onto her DNA was to act as a sentry to protect the jamming system and make sure Shem-Ha never got the chance to resurrect but standing watch for 5,000 years was too much and her memory fragmented, causing her to forget her true purpose and conflating it with her fantasies of being reunited with the god she fell in love with. The memory corruption may even have been caused by the fragments of Shem-Ha also buried in her DNA influencing her to destroy the jamming system so Shem-Ha could resurrect.

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