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Peter and Mary Jane will be together at the end of it
Because even Marvel has to realize by now not doing so would be idiotic.
  • Here's an idea: 616 (read: post-One More Day) Peter Parker will die in a Heroic Sacrifice in either Spider-Verse or this. The Renew Your Vows version of Peter Parker will take his place in the event as Spider-Man, and will subsequently become the Peter Parker of the new universe, effectively erasing the "updated" personality established by Brand New Day for good. That way, Miles Morales takes up the mantle of being a Kid Hero (what Spider-Man was originally conceived as, but drifted away from as the years passed) in one series, while Peter gets to grow up and tackle different issues with his family in another series.

    • Jossed by the announcement of the fifth volume of Amazing Spider-Man, which will see Peter Parker, still single, expanding his Parker Industries empire and being involved in a new love triangle.

Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen will be imported into the mainstream universe
Miles is almost a lock for this to happen, but maybe Earth-65 Gwen will join him?
  • Confirmed for Miles, jossed for Gwen — though it seems she'll have the ability to hop between her reality and the mainstream Marvel Universe.

The Fantastic Four will not be getting a new title immediately after the event due to low sales of the comic
Instead, they will just join up in an Avengers team. Easy way to fix the issue without messing with the family dynamic of the characters.
  • Semi-confirmed. The Thing joins the Guardians Of The Galaxy and the Human Torch joins the Inhumans. However, a new title with the team has been discussed.

The "All-New Marvel" lineup will (initially) downplay the presence of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in terms of individual series
...In order to promote the Marvel Cinematic Universe over franchises with the film rights controlled by another company. Meanwhile, the Inhumans and the Guardians Of The Galaxy will be enjoying a greater amount of exposure than they did previously. So pretty much what they've been doing now, just more of it.
  • Jossed. The All-New, All-Different Marvel Lineup was announced and a good half of the new series are X-Books, while the Fantastic Four don't currently have a title but are being shuffled into other lineups (The Thing with the Guardians, Johnny Storm with the Inhumans etc.)

The Star Brand will have a big role in this.
The 616 Star Brand has pretty much been part of the Avengers since early in Hickman's run. The promo picture showed the Star Brand of The New Universe show up. Anyone who remembers what the Star Brand can do in terms of creation and destruction can probably see that this may be the key in restoring the universe.
  • Depressingly (well maybe) Jossed as of New Avengers #32, when Kevin bites it fighting the Beyonders.

Earth-65 will become the equivalent of the Ultimate Universe once the event finishes.
Half of the appeal of Spider-Gwen is that her comic takes place in an alternate universe with characters that are wildly different from what we know. It'd be redundant to introduce them and then sweep them all under the rug with this. Perhaps the Gwen-verse will somehow escape the destruction of everything else and stay disconnected, allowing it to fill the same role that the Ultimate Universe did during it's inception.
  • Perhaps it would be better to compare it to the MC 2 imprint instead of the Ultimate one, but yeah, this seems possible.

The fate of major universes.
  • Obviously, the main Marvel Universe will survive and get spliced with the Ultimate Universe. They could call it Earth-1 like DC has a habit. Earth-2 can be the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given its influence on the comics.
    • Jossed, since some people at Marvel editorial have still been referring to the main universe as Earth-616.
  • MC 2 will take a while to come back (after all, they need to establish a status quo in the new continuity before making a future). They could end up going the DC route and make it an actual future instead of its own universe.
    • They mentioned several other non-616 characters would survive into the post-Secret Wars Earth. Like Maestro will still be around afterward, and so will Miles Morales. So maybe Hope Pym will make the jump as well, since she will be in the Ant-Man film.
  • The Age of Apocalypse will probably end up being erased because of the retcons done to the X-Men series. It could end up being replaced by a Bad Future brought forth by another major villain.
  • Marvel 2099 will become 2115 or 21XX.

The One More Day series will revolve around Spider-Man fighting to save the life of Mary Jane Watson
Given that
Renew Your Vows is explicitly stated to take part in the Last Days and not Secret Wars itself, it seems likely that Mary Jane (and possibly the daughter she had with Peter) will be put in some danger by the Regent. This will put Peter Parker in a state where he will do anything to save them from the mystery villain known as the Regent, which leads to the next WMG...

The Regent is Mephisto
Come on, it's obvious. Given that "The Regency" is based on One More Day, there's only one villain that it could possibly take that spot.
  • Jossed. It's a new villain.

The Disney version of Big Hero 6 will appear in Secret Wars: Battleworld.
  • Jossed.

The Mutants are all sent to a new Counter-Earth
This way, they're still a part of the new Marvel Universe, but they're separate from the remaining characters.
  • Jossed. They're not isolated in the new Marvel Universe.

Only some of the new books popping up during this event will stick around after it ends.
Most of the announced titles seem pretty limited in concept with the Battleworld setting, but some collected edition solicits suggest otherwise. Notable examples: A-Force (an all-female Avengers team) and Old Man Logan (an aged-up Wolverine from an alternate reality) are numbered with zero, suggesting their concepts will transcend the Battleworld setting and become permanent ongoings after the event.

The Ivory Kings/Beyonders originate outside the Marvel Multiverse.
First off, it would explain the name. Secondly, before the retcon the Beyonder originated/was his own multiverse. Finally, it explains why they're willing to end everything if they're doing this as an experiment: the Beyonders aren't part of the multiverse they're destroying, and can just sit back and watch in their cosmos.

Doctor Doom will be instrumental to saving the day in a way similar to the original Secret Wars where he drained The Beyonder.

America Chavez remembers her past life
Here is the explanation.

Madelyne and Alex are going to help Piotr and Domino save Illyana
The reason they saved Piotr and Domino, is so they can work together to reach Illyana and save her or kill her, leaving the postion of the Ruler of Inferno open for Madelyne to claim.
  • Confirmed.

He will pull a Redemption Equals Death and sacrifice himself to defeat the Beyonders and restore the multiverse. Unlike the other characters, he will remain dead and not be brought over into the new Marvel Universe at the event's conclusion. Not to mention that Marvel seems to be intent on phasing out characters whose movie rights are owned by Fox.
  • Jossed insofar as "defeating the Beyonders" goes. He killed them all between the first and second issues.
    • Jossed completely. Doom shows up alive (with his scars healed) in the first issue of Invincible Iron Man.

Doom's face
Doom will choose to aid the heroes in the end, stopping the Beyonders once and for all. When all is said and done, his desire to play at God fulfilled, and his role as such no longer necessary, he will cede the power he used. He will be left a mortal man once again, but his reward for this action will be the permanent restoration of his face.
  • Jossed insofar as "defeating the Beyonders" goes. He killed them all between the first and second issues.
  • But Confirmed for the rest. Doom shows up with a healed face in the first issue of Invincible Iron Man
The Illuminati successfully scammed the Beyonders into sparing Earth-616.
They did so by passing off another universe as 616, and either as part of the plan or a side effect of it, Marvel Comics published comics about this other universe and billed them as 616. This universe is very similar to 616, except in this universe Storm married Black Panther out of nowhere, Tony Stark became a totaliarian, practically-if-not-outright-villainous fascist, Norman Osborn took control of the superhero community for a while, and Spider-Man made a Deal with the Devil to erase his marriage.

Both The Original Nick Fury and Ultimate Nick Fury will be in the universe after this.
The original Nick Fury was active during WWII, but never got the Infinity Formula and so aged normally and died. Modern Day SHIELD is now run by a Samuel L. Jackson lookalike codenamed "Nick Fury".

Repairing the Web of Life will be instrumental in restoring a normal multiverse.
It's been mentioned that the damage that SpOck did to the Web of Life, as well as his murder of the Master Weaver, accelerated the incursions and made the death of the Multiverse that much faster. We'll find Karn, still working on the web, and it is he who has helped the Spider-People resist the Laser-Guided Amnesia that has struck everyone else, in an effort to guide them to him so he can pull something from them to fully repair the Web. Once done, there will be a stable platform upon which to rebuild a universe or multiverse.
  • Spider-Verse #3 did show a damaged web in tatters, with Norman Osborn interested in restoring it.

Doom didn't steal a Beyonder's power. He's using Franklin Richards.
Think about it - Susan's Doom's moral compass, Valeria is one of his many heads, Johnny is the sun, Ben might be The Shield, and Reed just got out. We're missing someone from the Richards family - Franklin. And as we've seen in Onslaught and Heroes Reborn, Franklin can create alternate realities with his powers. Doom is Powered by a Forsaken Child.
  • Jossed - Sheriff Strange confirmed that Doom stole the power from the Beyonders.

Doom rescued the 616 versions of the Fantastic Four, minus Reed
We see Doom coming through the white light when the Raft broke apart. He rescued Sue and company, and brought them with him. He says in issue 3 that he told Sue of how he came to power, and he seems to genuinely care for her. He honestly believes Reed is dead, and when he learns otherwise, he'll show how much he's changed by leaving it to Sue to decide who she wants to be with.
  • Jossed by an interview with Jonathan Hickman - 616 Sue, Valeria and Franklin are dead, Doom's court members are from some other alternate universe.
  • Seemingly confirmed in Issue #9 where Sue clearly recounts the raft breaking up.

Punisher: Last Days is Frank's Dying Dream, hence the continuity errors.
In reality his attack on the Kingpin's end of the world party failed and he was killed nearly instantly.

Phoenix-Cyclops is still alive
Because really, since when has a neck snap done anything more than annoy a Phoenix host? We're talking about the power of Life and Rebirth, here.

The Beyonders aren't actually dead
The Prelude to Secret Wars volume included issues from the original Secret Wars. Issues wherein we learned that Doom hadn't actually finished off the original Beyonder, that he was, in fact, still alive but weakened, and manipulated Doom into reviving the fallen heroes. Why include that segment of the story unless it had some bearing on the current event? The Beyonders were beaten, but not destroyed, and some vapor of them is still around, waiting to strike and reclaim that which is theirs. But this time, they'll agree to leave the multiverse alone because they'll receive aid from the heroes of the multiverse. In fact, A-Force's Singularity may be what remains of the Beyonders after Doom fought them and brought them low.

Multiple Peter Parkers will exist in the mainstream universe post-Secret Wars
And the same principle may apply to other characters.

Franklin Richards is going to battle Doctor Doom
Franklin vowed to find and grind to dust whoever killed Stephen Strange. The panel focused on Doom when he said it, and Franklin is shown to have his reality warping powers. It will be revealed to everyone that Doom killed Strange, and since he lied about it, instead of saying that Strange betrayed them, he won't be able to claim the latter now. This will lead to Franklin turning his considerable reality warping powers on Doom. And Owen Reese has hinted that it wouldn't take much to make Battleworld fly apart.

The Planet Hulk versions of Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes are romantically involved.
Bleeding Cool originally speculated this, but given how ... intimate their relationship seems, it wouldn't be out of the question. Steve even journeys to a castle to save Bucky, only to discover he isn't there. If anything, this development would please all of the Stucky shippers...
  • Seemingly jossed by the final issue —- no explicit mention of a romantic relationship between the two is made.

The rebooted Marvel Universe will completely Cosmic Retcon the existence of those characters and concepts that have already been Exiled from Continuity
However, elements that were created by (and therefore are owned by) Marvel will still exist, now completely separated from their licensed sources. For example, ROM will have never existed, but the Spaceknights and Dire Wraiths still exist, with Agent Venom taking on ROM's role (as per the promotions for Marvel's upcoming "Venom: Spaceknight").

Likewise, Shang Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu will have to have a different father due to Marvel not owning the rights to Fu Manchu, the Microverse and Captain Universe still exist despite the lack of Micronauts, and Shuma-Gorath will be completely separated from Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian (and thus H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos), among other instances.

Strange has a plan.
Like all good magicians, Strange has kept one last trick up his sleeve to deal with Doom when the time is right. Knowing Strange, his death may not be that big of an impediment...

Doom and 616 Reed will kill each other.
  • Neither of them have been mentioned as appearing in All-New Marvel
  • The Fantastic Four seems to have disbanded post-Secret Wars
  • Marvel seems intent on removing characters whose movie rights are owned by Fox. Having Doom and Reed kill each other would be a fitting end to their rivalry and an appropriate send-off for the Fantastic Four.
  • Jossed. Doom shows up alive and well in the final pages of Invincible Iron Man

Reed will Take a Third Option and appeal to Doom's vanity
Since Invincible Iron Man #1 has spoiled that Doom survives, and that his face is restored, save for a minor scar, consider this scenario. Reed and The Maker have had a conversation where The Maker is urging Reed to kill Doom. He even tries to goad that by showing Reed that Doom has taken Sue as his wife. However, Reed is conscious of the fact that killing Doom might mean horrible consequences for everyone else. So, the choices would seem to be to either leave Doom in power, or kill him.But what if part of the All New, All Different Marvel is Reed realizing this is the same destructive cycle they've been on time and again since the beginning.Instead of killing Doom, or kowtowing to him, Reed appeals to Doom's vanity?"Victor, this world is falling apart. You held onto it as long as you could. Everything will be gone. I know how to save it, but I can't. I don't have that power, that skill. You do. I'm asking, no begging, for your help, Victor. You're the only one who can do it."The tie in to the original Secret Wars will be Owen Reese revealing to Doom that he hadn't been able to restore his face because of a mental block. Doom always felt he was inferior to Reed. Deep in his heart. And he always felt he was wrong, somehow. So now, he couldn't get past that and fix his face. But as he helps Reed save the multiverse, Doom will be free of that, the same way Doom once helped Owen Reese get around his own mental block back in the original Secret Wars. As Doom lets loose the power to restore everything, his face is restored.As evidence that there has been a change in Doom, in Invincible Iron Man # 1, Doom announces as he makes his entrance that he was just about to call Tony Stark for help.

Doom has been subconsciously self-sabotaging for years, and will realize it.
Doom is certainly a genius level intellect. Yet, for all his planning, schemes, and machinations, he constantly loses to the Fantastic Four and other heroes. He scoured all of Battleworld looking for Reed Richards. Did he do so because he wanted to gloat? Or because he wanted to stop Reed from defeating him? He assigned Valeria to the task of finding Stephen Strange's murderer (Doom himself). He knows how intelligent and clever Valeria is. Did he think he carefully concealed his tracks, or was he aware that Valeria would eventually (figuratively) unmask him? His conversation with Owen Reese, who said Doom reeked of shame, suggests the latter. If Doom had considered his actions justified and proper, he could have just told everyone that Stephen betrayed them and he had to deal with it. Instead, he seems to have chosen to hide the truth in A Certain Point of View rationale. Valeria has tumbled to the truth, and it's not hard to guess that Doom is already aware of it. Doom has been unconsciously sabotaging himself from the beginning, because for all his bravado, he doesn't feel like he deserves to win, and this is partly why he has been unable to restore his own face. Except that we now, thanks to the debut of All New All Different Marvel prior to the close of Secret Wars, that he will have his face restored.
  • This makes sense in light of earlier "Doom rules all" stories. In the original Secret Wars, after he stole the Beyonder's power, Doom began to doubt whether he was worthy of it and ended up subconsciously reviving all the heroes he had killed, who then defeated him. And in Emperor Doom, where Doom also conquered the whole Earth, he intentionally allowed the Avengers to go against him, because he was bored with of all the duties that come with ruling the entire planet.


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