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     Season 1 
Noah is the killer.
Who better than the Genre Savvy Meta Guy with knowledge of fictional slashers to be the slasher himself?
  • Jossed as of the season one finale.

There will be two independent killers, with one trying to kill and frame the other.
The "bobcat and shark" speech from episode 3 seems to point in this direction.
  • Working on this idea, one of the killers belongs to the 'teen' set, and is trying to recreate the Brandon James murders For the Lulz, as well as some sort of Revenge kick against the Lakewood High elite. They're responsible for the murders of Tyler and Nina, as well as the one harassing Emma on the phone.
    • The other killer is older, with a personal connection to the town's backstory, trying to punish the new killer for idolizing the man who ruined his/her life, possibly coupled with a vendetta against former Final Girl Maggie Duval. He's the one who sent Emma the yearbook, mailed Maggie the heart, and murdered Rachael, so as to convince Emma that she had driven her to suicide. It's worth noting that while Nina, Tyler and Riley's deaths were bloody hack and slash affairs preceded by text messages, Rachael's was more subtle and bloodless, with greater care made to cover up the murder.
    • This would explain the noted disparity between the killer's methods. The younger killer is savvy with social media, has the ability to send threatening messages to the whole student body at the press of a button, and has every reason to resent Emma and her Girl Posse. The older killer, on the other hand, is more subtle, more cold, and much more obsessed with mentally torturing his victims before he gets his hands on them.
      • Better yet, both killers have exactly the same plan: Both killers know the identity of the other, and both assume that the other is unaware of his/her identity. The older killer assumes he's superior because the younger is a hot-headed kid, the younger killer assumes he's superior because the older is incredibly predictable in his goals. They're both surprised by how prepared the other one is to deal with them, and a big chunk of the Season Finale will just be them trying to finish each other off.
    • Jossed. There were two killers, but they were working together the whole time.

Noah and Jake are both the killers, working as a team.
Jake putting Noah in the middle of the lake and Noah spray painting Jake's car was just an aversion to keep others from suspecting that they're working together.

Jake will die early in the season.
He and Riley are the only ones of the teens who are not in major promotional material and since she's dead now, Jake can't last much longer.
  • Since we're now halfway into the season and Jake is still alive, this can safely be Jossed.
  • Moreover, the Scream franchise subverted that angle all the back in 1996.
  • As of the season 1, massively Jossed. Jake survives
  • Ironically, this is Jossed in season 1 and then confirmed in season 2, where Jake is killed in the first episode.

Brooke will survive to see end of the season.
What better way to subvert the Final Girl trope than to let the Dumb Blonde Alpha Bitch survive?
  • Brooke survived, but she's not the final girl. They played that trope straight.

We will never find out who the killer is.
Think of Noah's quote in Episode One — "Gotta remember that the whodunit may not be as important in our story... You need to figure that it's a horror story, that someone might die at every turn. You have to care if the smokin' hot lit teacher seems a little too interested in his female students. You have to care if the team wins the big game. You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock."
  • The promos after episode 7 state that the killer will be revealed, so this can safely be Jossed.
    • Aaaaandd the finale aired, revealing the killers. Definitely Jossed.

Brandon James' brother, Troy, will be found dead at some point.
The killer, a Revenge obsessed James copycat, tracked Troy down, forced information out of him and then killed him so he wouldn't talk. Bonus points if the characters begin searching for Troy for this same reason, only to find him dead.
  • As of Season 1, Jossed. Though it is possible they'll continue the mystery next year.

Jake will redeem himself and turn on Will when he finally crosses the Moral Event Horizon
This will be part of a classic Scream subversion, wherein Emma, Noah, and Will all end up dead, with former Jerkass stereotypes Jake and Brooke as the survivors.

The T.V. Series will be a horror anthology, in the style of American Horror Story
The series is being renewed for a second season. If they don't decide to go the route of the original movies by continuing the survivors' stories in a new environment, they could do what Harper's Island initially planned on doing, by creating a new mystery with new characters each season.
  • This might be helped by the (as yet uncomfirmed) rumors that Bella Thorne will be returning next season. They might want to reuse some of the actors from the first season in different roles.
  • Considering Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, likely Jossed. Bella Thorne did return for a brief scene later in the season, but seems to be done with the show now.

The series is written after Gail's writers block went away
In Scream 4 Gale is seen struggling with a case of writer's block and after the events of that movie, she decided to create a novel. Said novel features expy of characters related to her and people she knew. The series is through the eyes of Gale trying to finish up that novel.

Kieran and Tyler are half-siblings
The third episode included a blink and you miss it reference to Tyler being a Foster Kid. While in Real Life it is certainly not implausible for two classmates to both come from foster homes, but in a horror series it suddenly takes on significance. We know that Sheriff Hudson is Kieran's biological father, but we know nothing about his mother. Perhaps Tyler is the product of a fling he had some years ago, and he is unaware of the paternity.
  • Considering Season 1 is done and this still hasn't happened, seems likely it was Jossed.

Ghostface is trying to get Emma to kill herself
Out of a personal vendetta against her family, either because they are a devoted disciple of Brandon James, a surviving family member, or Brandon James himself. As Noah pointed out, the killer is doing all of this for Emma's benefit, all while never harming her at all.
  • Nina and Tyler were killed so Emma would feel increased guilt over putting out Audrey and Rachael's video.
  • Rachael's death was made to look like a suicide so Emma would feel responsible.
  • Ghostface taunts Emma with the impeding deaths of her closest friends, making Emma partly responsible for Riley's murder.
  • Nina's laptop was placed prominently in the Abandoned Hospital lair, which Noah himself pointed out was deliberately staged for Emma's benefit. Could it be coincidence that the most obvious and easily accessible (and thus most easily exploitable) file on it was footage of Emma's first time?
  • Ghostface stabs and kidnaps Will, making Emma put herself in danger to save him, which she manages to do thanks to her friends and the police arriving on time to make Ghostface flee. Ghostface retaliates by kidnapping Will again and setting him on a Death Trap designed for Emma herself to inadvertently activate, which she does, making this the second time he makes her in some way "responsible" for the death of someone very close to her.
  • As of the end of Season 1, Jossed. The killer tried to directly off Emma

Audrey is the killer
She has a clear fascination with Brandon James, as shown by the picture she keeps on her wall. Also, she had a personal motive to want Nina dead and she had access to a voice-changer (as she showed Emma in "Aftermath"). She even suggests to Emma that a female could be responsible for the killings instead of a male. She could have even murdered Rachel to throw suspicion off herself (Ghostface is clearly a bona fide sociopath, so murdering a loved one to serve their agenda wouldn't be beneath them).
  • To further this along, episode 6 shows Lorraine taking Audrey into custody because she and her team found her DNA inside of the Ghostface mask found at the abandoned hospital. Audrey desperately contacts Emma to ask her to break into her house, find and get rid of a specific memory card from one of her cameras, also telling her to not, under any circumstances, watch the footage. Emma decides to watch it anyway, alongside a reluctant Noah, where we see Audrey reacting very explosively when the video of her and Rachael kissing is released and promising to harm Nina, the footage ending after Audrey knocks the camera out of Rachael's hands. Emma decides to believe in Audrey's innocence after hearing her mom's history with Brandon, and she creates a fake alibi to have Audrey released (making this the second time in one episode Emma breaks the law). Audrey seems okay with Emma having watched the video, which Emma returns to Audrey, Audrey saying that afterwards, Rachael calmed her down and they went elsewhere, yet conveniently, there's no more footage from the camera to showcase that, so it's entirely possible she's lying. Even more so, after Emma creates the fake alibi to get Audrey released, the police conclude that Audrey's DNA inside the mask was a result of cross-contamination from Audrey being at the abandoned hospital with Emma and Noah, but we viewers know full well that there is no way Audrey's DNA could have gotten inside the mask, as Emma removed it from Tyler's decapitated head, while wearing gloves, and dropped it upon noticing said head, whereas Audrey never even touched the mask. So the question of how Audrey's DNA got inside the mask still remains.
  • Furthermore, it turns out she did have a reason to want Rachael dead: Rachael is the only one who could possibly break Audrey's alibi for Nina's murder, meaning that if Audrey is indeed the killer, she would want to make sure that Rachael didn't talk to the police. This would fit with the relatively covert method of murder (making it look like suicide) compared to the more violent method used with Nina. After all, Audrey would naturally be a person of interest in Rachael's death, should it ever come to light that it was a murder.
  • Also, her having a picture of Brandon James has not been explored further as of yet. In episode 7, she is one of only two of the teens (the other being Kieran) who doesn't go to save Will, because Noah says she's taking a midterm test and has her phone off, something we never see, as we only ever see her get in her car after saying she finished taking the test. Her arriving at the bowling alley with Maggie after having told her where Emma was, moment after Emma barely avoided the killer, would seem to imply that she's not the killer, but it's entirely plausible she's one of two killers.
  • Confirmed. Audrey was the second killer, working with Piper.
  • Jossed in Season 2. Audrey and Piper did correspond with one another, but Audrey actually just wanted Piper's help to make a documentary about Brandon James.

Piper Shay is the illegitimate child of Brandon James
She tells Emma her father was murdered when she was very young, and the killer was never caught. Of course, Brandon James was killed by the cops after his rampage. Still, Piper believes that the only reason James killed anybody is because he was provoked by the kids who attacked him. Piper dedicated herself to avenging her father (perhaps her mother...whoever she was...had something to do with this) by torturing the Duval family.
  • Piper, and her as yet mysterious accomplice, are responsible for Kevin Duval's disappearance, intending to frame him for the murders Bill and Stu style. Piper mailed Maggie the pig heart, uses Maggie's Dark and Troubled Past to pit mother and daughter against each other, and uses a series of social media tactics to completely disarm Emma and convince her all her friends are lying and betraying her in an attempt to entirely alienate Emma from society before Piper finishes her off, possibly in a manner reminiscent of "Daisy" luring James to his death at the lake.
  • According to the tape in the bowling alley, Daisy and Brandon did sleep together. If Maggie became pregnant and had the child, they would be around Piper's age. This could mean that Piper is Maggie's daughter and Emma's half-sister, and is taking revenge on them in the same style as the killer in the film series.
  • Piper coming out of nowhere, somehow always being there to give Emma somebody to talk to, being ignored by Ghostface when he attacks Will, showing Emma the message left for her and then promptly disappearing afterwards also cast suspicion on her.
  • Confirmed, and this is indeed her motivation for the murders.

Emma and her clique are represenative of the Seven Deadly Sins
Just for fun (and because this troper has way too much time on his hands) I compiled this little list. Obviously, Your Mileage May Vary on these...
  • Emma: Sloth.
    • She is very, very docile for someone being stalked by a killer. Her unwillingness to go to the police ended up having Riley killed. She is also easily distracted from the actual danger she's in, and prone to allowing Ghostface to play his mind games without retaliation.
  • Audrey: Envy.
    • The first episode suggests she may be jealous of Emma's popularity and looks, which laid the groundwork for their falling out. She starts the series resenting Emma, but ends up having to put up with her in order to catch Rachael's killer.
  • Noah: Gluttony.
    • He is somewhat sedantery, and gorges enough on pop culture to fuel his obsessive Genre Savvyness. He works at a video game store, a hobby long associated with just sitting around and staring at a T.V screen for hours on end. Though he seems to be a good person, his constant need to refer to pop culture alienates him from others and makes him seem somewhat entitled.
  • Kieran: Pride.
    • He sees himself as better for Emma than Will is, even though it is continually suggested that he's a juvenile delinquint with a violent streak. He appears utterly unfazed by the murders and the presence of a serial killer stalking the student body, and seems to think enough of himself that he can casually tell Emma he's been to jail without effecting her perception of him.
  • Will: Wrath.
    • He has a hair-trigger temper, can be very violent, and is clearly unafraid of threatening or harming his friends (Brooke and Jake) so long as it means preserving his own interests.
  • Brooke: Lust.
    • She is very attractive and very promiscious. The show implies her relationship with Mr. Branson is merely the latest in a stream of 'older men' she's been with. She isn't afraid to use sex to get what she wants, and even acknowledges that her selfish desire for sex left Riley alone to be targetted by the killer.
  • Jake: Greed.
    • He is primarily focused on getting his hands on the blackmail money from the moment Nina and Tyler are killed, and is the one who convinces Will to get back in the blackmail game, ostensibly to pay for Will's college tuition. Besides having borderline sociopathic tendencies, he clearly cares little for anything but his own personal gain.

Mr. Branson is somehow related to Brandon James
When Noah and Audrey were suspicious of Mr. Branson, they couldn't find him online because "Seth Branson" isn't his real name. Now although far-fetched, this could actually show he has a connection to Brandon James because of the fake name he picked. BranSon is only one letter off from BranDon, as in Brandon James. This could be close to the traits of the killer, considering it would be typical of the killer to have an in-your-face style reveal the killer would want people to see after he's gotten away with his crimes.
  • Plus, the name "Seth" is biblical; Seth is regarded as the "replacement" for the murdered Abel. It's not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison in Mr. Branson's case re: Brandon James, but it's definitely the kind of thing a literature teacher might think up.
  • Jossed. While Branson isn't his real last name, he's not related to Brandon James. He turns out to be a Red Herring, with Piper being Brandon's illegitimate daughter.

Emma's mother is the killer.
There was a clue for the audience when Emma told Noah that she was expecting Ghostface to rub it in her face when after they obtain Audrey's file. Then she receives a call from her mother. She could be killing out of guilt over what happened to Brandon James. And the reason that she told Emma not to suspect Audrey? She knows for a fact that it is not Audrey because she herself is the killer.
  • For this to work, there need to be two killers, as Maggie is with Emma when Riley gets murdered and on the way to the bowling alley with Audrey, right behind the cops, when the killer (or one of them) attacks Emma in the bowling alley.
  • Jossed. Piper and Kieran are the killers, and Piper in fact tries to kill Maggie during the first season finale.

Mr. Branson is either related to Emma's Disapeared Dad or to Brandon James himself
He is likely one of the killers and not in alliance with the other. He may be Emma's dad, although he's probably too young for that and Maggie'd likely recognize him. He could also be related to Brandon James (didn't he have a brother?) and getting revenge on the town for what happened, using the spree of murders being committed by the other killer, who began the whole thing, as an excuse to cover himself and hide his actions.
  • Jossed. He's related to neither — the story about him changing his name after an inappropriate relationship with a student in another state turns out to be true.

The killer is Kieran
I got this theory from an IMDB message board, but I thought it was a good one. It turns out he was lying and he actually slept with Nina. When she revealed her true age, she blackmailed him. Unless the Dawson Casting is strong with this series, Kieran definitely looks over 18.
  • Jossed. He's not the killer.
  • Un-Jossed and confirmed in Season 2, where Kieran is revealed as Piper's accomplice.

The killer is Mrs. James, Brandon's mother
It's more than likely that the killer has a huge grudge against Emma and Maggie, especially Maggie. The killer blames Maggie for the death of Brandon James and may even believe / know that Brandon James was innocent of the killings back then. Either Emma's dad was the real killer back then or Mrs. James herself did the killings. If the former, then the reason for the mind games was to make Emma feel the guilt that her father should've felt. If the latter, then it's to finish the job by proxy.
  • Jossed. The killer is Piper, Brandon's daughter.

Audrey and Rachel made a Brandon James film
It's been hinted at that Audrey has a fascination with Brandon James based on the picture she keeps on her wall. Since she and Rachel made films together, it's possible that they once decided to re-enact a slasher scene using a Ghostface mask with Audrey playing as masked killer. The prop was then unknowingly stolen by the real killer and placed on Tyler's head. This would explain how Audrey's DNA got on the inside of the mask.
  • Jossed. Audrey's DNA was in the mask because she was in fact the second killer.
    • As of Season 2, Audrey being the second killer has officially been Jossed.

Tyler is still alive
The explosion that destroyed Tyler's body made it nearly impossible to identify him via fingerprints or other such methods. By the time his head was found, it was decomposed beyond recognition. These two points could actually turn out to be clues pointing toward the Killer's true identity. The only way to ID Tyler's corpse would be via DNA test. This is where the Killer's Hollywood Hacking skills come into play. What if the Killer hacked into and changed the DNA results and the dental records? What if this was how Audrey's DNA supposedly go onto the inside of the Ghostface mask? What if the corpse that was found in Tyler's car wasn't actually Tyler, but someone else entirely?
  • Jossed. Tyler's decapitated head is found at the abandoned hospital.

Audrey betrayed Piper for two reasons
As seen at the end of the Season One finale, Audrey was most likely Piper's Dragon, but she betrayed her by shooting her in the head. She did this for two reasons:
  1. Piper killed Rachael. When Piper realized that Rachael could break Audrey's alibi, she decided she had to be killed. Audrey took this personally, which is why she dressed up as Ghostface and attacked Piper later. It was an attempt at revenge and Will was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. (She did help capture Will, but it was Piper who actually killed him.)
  2. Audrey started to realize she didn't hate the rest of the Lakewood High elite as much as she'd hated Nina. She'd started to grow closer to Emma, who was making an honest effort to atone for her part in making the video, she had nothing against Riley in the first place, and she even bonds with Brooke in the Season Finale. She came to view them all as genuine friends, so when Piper started trying to kill them, Audrey decided to take her out to protect them.
  • Jossed. Audrey wasn't Piper's accomplice.

Audrey's reason for betraying Piper was what she said immediately after shooting her.
"She talks too much." It sounded like she was mocking a horror-movie cliche. She'd actually realized that Piper was too theatrical to keep their cover from being blown.
  • Also helped by the fact that Piper told Emma that she had "one more surprise" to tell her - it's more than likely that said surprise was that Audrey had been working against Emma all along.
  • Jossed. Audrey was Good All Along, and Piper's surprise was that Kieran was her accomplice.

Audrey was secretly trying to tip Emma off about Piper ever since Rachael was murdered.
Just in a way that didn't involve her getting arrested as an accomplice. Note, Audrey is the one to essentially lead Emma to the Ghostface lair at Lakewood General and she was the one who brought up the idea that the killer could be female (even showing off the voice changer used to make the Ghostface phone calls). These are both strange things to do if you're trying to conceal the identity of the killer. She was actually dropping hints for Emma, hoping that she would catch on to Piper.
  • Jossed. Audrey was not Piper's accomplice and didn't even suspect her of being the killer.

     Season 2 

In Season 2, Lorraine will replace Clark as Sheriff
Given that Clark Hudson was murdered in the Season 1 finale, it seems obvious that Lorraine would step in to take his place as Sheriff of Lakewood.
  • Jossed. According to MTV, Clark's role as Sheriff will be taken over by a new character. But that doesn't exclude the possibility that Lorraine will appear sometime during the season to help investigate the new string of murders.

When Noah finds out that Audrey helped Piper
He will fan boy out.Because let's face it. You know he's going to do it.
  • Jossed. Noah is shocked when he finds out is trying to investigate, though he seems willing to give Audrey the benefit of the doubt.

Noah is the killer, and is trying to get even with Audrey for what happened to Riley and for betraying him
It would be more shocking if an older character did it rather than one of the new ones who were just introduced, and of all of them, Noah has the biggest stake in wanting to torture Audrey. My guess is that he isn't just suspicious that Piper had an accomplice, but that he's actually figured it out and is just leading her on, pretending he's on the cusp of figuring it out. He's conveniently preceptive about the whole thing, and the data that could have exposed Audrey (which she came close to murdering him over) is conveniently corrupted. And let's face it, of the Lakewood Six, he's probably the one who seems the most well-adjusted. The fact that Emma's dad gets lured back to Lakewood on social media via messages from a dead Riley may prove more portentous than it initially seemed. He mentions as far back as the first season he's sympathetic to Brandon James, and about how he was 'beaten and bullied into' being a monster.
  • Jossed.

Though YMMV, the show will make us feel sorry for Audrey, at the end.
It will boil down to the idea that Audrey was a sad, angry kid who got way in over her head.
  • Confirmed, though not in the way this guesser probably meant. Audrey was motivated by loneliness, anger, and heartbreak, but all she actually did was invite Piper to help her make a documentary about Brandon James and lie to Emma about how much she knew about Piper.

Kevin Duval killed everyone twenty years ago, not Brandon
In season 1, Maggie says that she doesn't think Brandon was even responsible for the killings back then, and was used as a scapegoat. If he wasn't the killer, then the next best option would be Kevin, who snapped after finding out about Maggie and Brandon's one night stand and continued friendship.

Haley is related to the James family
Most likely the daughter of Troy James. Her line about there "always being a crazy Duval" after each Lakewood massacre implies that she has a grudge against not only Emma but her parents, as well as the possibility the it was Kevin Duval, not Brandon James, who was responsible for the first killings twenty years ago. Furthermore, she bears more than a passing resemblance to Piper, who would be her cousin if this is true.
  • Since she was murdered in Season 2, it's likely this can be Jossed.

The Finale will be set during Valentine's day.
The first season ended on Halloween, and the second season is set three months after that. Therefore Emma returns to Lakewood around the beginning of February. We learn in "Dawn of the Dead" that only five days have passed in the five episodes up to then, and in a season of 12 episodes a pace like that gives ample time to get to Valentine's Day by then. Not only will this mirror the first season finale, but also give the opportunity to name the episode "My Bloody Valentine".
  • Jossed. At least so far. Released titles for the probable season 2 finale is expected to be called "When A Stranger Calls".

Ms. Lang, the psychology teacher, is the new Ghostface.

Not only does she take a weirdly intense interest in the Lakewood Five (providing Emma and Brooke with psychological advice even though she isn't a licensed psychologist), the reveal that she was lying about being with Branson the night Jake died means she also doesn't have an alibi. She also locks Emma in her office, and soon after Ghostface taunts Emma just outside the office. She hasn't been viewed super suspiciously, indicating revealing her to be the killer would be the "shocking twist" this type of show goes for. As Dwight Schrute would say, "It's the person I most medium suspect."

  • Jossed.

Either Audrey is lying about not helping Piper with the murders
...or Piper had another accomplice. Otherwise, who attacked her and Will in episode 6 of season 1? Noah is pretty sure she had one anyway, but pretty abandons the theory after Audrey confesses to bringing Piper to Lakewood ignoring all the evidence. That accomplice is the killer in season 2.
  • Confirmed. Audrey was never Piper's accomplice and the real accomplice was indeed the killer.

Noah is the other killer
Noah could have purposefully sent the sex tape in season 1, hacked Audrey's computer and found out she was corresponding with piper. He did try to find a family connection with Brandon James pre show, and if he knew about Audrey, then he could have set up the hotel guy to die since he would know they talked. He could have also faked the evidence that Zoe leaked the Audrey confession he "accidentally" recorded. He's done a lot of things that go against horror convention which he could have done without fear of he was the killer. Plus the actor himself is more buff than he was last season, but still doesn't have the fighting skills, as evidenced by his slow reaction times for his last two attacks. Plus, after "finding out" about Audrey, he doesn't mention Riley... But then no one has.
  • Jossed.

Brandon James is still alive.
They never found his body. That's because he never died.
  • Seemingly confirmed. Flashbacks show that Maggie and Miguel helped hide Brandon after he seemingly "died" and he took off into the woods. The season 2 finale has Maggie's message to Brandon telling him to stay away from Emma returned with a knife through it and Kieran receiving a phone call from someone using the voice we associate with the killers asking "Who gave you permission to wear my mask?" perhaps confirming Brandon is still alive and he's back in Lakewood.
    • The Halloween special further supports this as someone dressed as Ghostface breaks into the courthouse and kills Kieran just after his trial. At the end of the special, an unknown man checks into a hotel in Lakewood under the name "Mr. James".

Emma and Audrey will
Reconcile by the end of this season.
  • Confirmed as of Season 2, Episode 10.

The new killer is the one who attacked Will
When Will was attacked, Audrey was either still at the Sheriff's Department, or was being driven home by her Dad. So it's impossible that she's the one who kidnapped Will.

Piper manipulated Audrey
Into having an affair with her. That's part of why Audrey feels guilty about Rachel's death.

Emma and Audrey
Will stay friends for the rest of the series.

Brooke and Audrey
May become a couple.

Will be on the run by the end of Season Two.
  • Jossed. By the end of Season 2, it appears that she's moved in with the Acostas.

Will be on the run by the end of Season Two.
  • Jossed.

Eli is still alive
.We never get any solid confirmation that Eli died from his gunshot wounds and there's the possibility he wore a bullet proof vest to go confront Kieran. Plus, there's the fact that he survived being shot by Emma, so he may just be hospitalized.

     Season 3 / Two-Part Halloween Special 

will be released from jail.Due to insufficient evidence, Kieran will be pronounced not guilty by Judge and/or Jury and released by the time Season 3 (or the two-part Halloween special) rolls around. This will make the Season 2 killer the primary suspect and scapegoat once the killings start up all over again.
  • Jossed. He was killed by the new Ghostface killer at the beginning of the Halloween special.
    • And just before this, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Kieran will become a Hannibal Lecter-style ally to the survivors
Brandon James (or the person pretending to be him) will begin killing again, and Kieran will only give the authorities information on how to stop them in exchange for a reduced sentence - all while emotionally tormenting the survivors of his own killings.
  • Potentially Jossed by Kieran being murdered in the opening of the Halloween special. But since there's a time gap between the Season 2 finale and the Special, there's the possibility there will be flashbacks to the gang's previous visits with Kieran.

Kevin Duval will be revealed as the original killer.
Brandon will be revealed as innocent all along, with the original killer being Emma's father. When he found out Brandon and Maggie were having an affair, something in him snapped, and he began a killing spree ending with Brandon, forcing Maggie to watch. He'll then begin targeting Kieran as revenge for going after his daughter. This is also supported by the fact that the end of the Halloween special seems to heavily imply that Kevin was the one who killed Kieran.


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