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The Abrahamic God exists in the game. And He is not a bastard
I know the traditional modus operandi of White Wolf is to portray the Abrahamic God as a dick, but hear me out. This is a setting that includes a bit of Clap Your Hands If You Believe, right? Involve yourself with mortals enough and they start writing the script? Well, God, having half the world, more or less, with these beliefs that He is good and benevolent, started realizing that His deeds way back when He was starting out (and much of the time between then) were monstrous, that He's become the biggest atoner in the setting. He deliberately keeps out of mortal affairs nowadays because he's the most powerful force in the wars against the Titans, and because He knows that there are still plenty of Mortals that still adhere to His old school "Smite The Infidel" approach to things, which could force Him to do things He's doesn't want to do any more.
  • Alternatively, He is the Logos, Titan of Justice and Order, and confirmed as being a free active and benign. After all, if first there was Chaos, than before you can have any kind of specific ordered existence arise, you have to have the concept of Order arise, which would make the Logos as good a candidate for the Creator as any ( Hundun/Chaos not really qualifying for being a total Idiot God ).
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  • Logos is described as female in the God companion book, though this may not matter much as Greater Titans probably don't even have the concept of genders. Some think that Aten was inspired by the Abrahamic God, being the sole avatar of Akhetan.
  • The Abrahmic God is certainly around, and Jesus and Muhammed are his Scions. Jesus is explicitly described as God's son by a mortal woman, and Gabriel's visit to Muhammed in the cave sounds an awful lot like a Visitation. The reason he's not mentioned in any of the books (besides sensitivity issues and the difficulty of assigning associated purviews and epic attributes) is because he's given up on fathering Scions after all the infighting over the last two, so he's not useful as a patron.
  • Aten is not the Judeo Christian God that millions pray to. None of the Titans actually receive much in the way of human worship, at all. In fact, generally they are the aspects of their elements that are feared. In this case Aten represents the fear that many have of the main three monotheistic religions followers and extremists. Pagans were terrified of Christian and Muslim conquerers, and people have always suspected the fairly secretive Jews to be up to no good. Even people who follow the one god fear extremists not only from one of the other two religions but from within, Catholics and Protestants fought for years, muslim suicide bombers blow up their fellow muslims with regularity and so on and so forth. In truth Aten represents mankind's fear of religious extremism, and since the majority of the world follows one of the three monotheistic religions, the avatar creates a form reminiscent of their God.
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  • Look back in history. Aten is a disk, not remotely humanoid. This form he's taken is an attempt to Fatebind himself to the Abrahamic faiths. He doesn't realize what effect it will have on him, though - God has mercy as well as wrath.
  • This Troper tends to assume God exists beyond all stated characters (Gods, Titans or Otherwise) and will tend to assume that he largely stays out of things due to the whole Free Will issue. IE: if he steps in and fixes everything, it removes our Free Will and essentially does even more harm to us. Us including Gods and Mortals both. But then, in real life, this Troper tends to assume that anything even partially understandable by us or limited in any way is not God.
  • Or God exists in the setting without being being a Mary Sue. The Abrahamic "pantheon" exists, but it's no more inherently special than any of the other Pantheons are (for example, the story of God singlehandedly creating the World isn't any more "true" than — or, rather, is "true" in the same way as — the claim the Aesir crafted the earth from the corpse of Ymir, or the Daevas supported it on the back of a giant turtle swimming in an infinite ocean of milk). It consists of a single God, at least three Demigods (Jesus, Mary and Mohammed, the three figures most often praised alongside God himself), and a vast array of lesser immortals (the assorted Christian saints, Jewish heroes, angels, etc). There is a lot of bad blood between God and the other Pantheons, so he is caught in a Catch-22 situation; only Fatebinding himself to his millions of worshippers gives God the power to singlehandedly defend his part of the Overworld against the Titans, but at the same time this reinforces the very aspects of himself that make the other Pantheons root for him to fail.
    • God's primary adversary is, of course, the Titanspawn Satan, originally a rival god now Fatebound to the side of the Titans. Sort of a free-willed Avatar in power, with connections to Muspelheim, Soku-no-Kumi, and Akhetaten (lightly, via his connections, particularly amongst mortals, with Lucifer.
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    • Little tricky; in Scion Companion Satan was explicitly identified as a highly embittered and corrupted Pan operating on his own but working to advance the Titan's goals out of hatred for the other Olympians.
  • Also possible is that the Judeo-Christian God is part of (or possibly one of the few survivors of) the pre-Monotheist Hebrew pantheon. This may or may not mean that the Muslim God is the (former?) head of the Meccan pantheon and thus a different individual.
  • I've heard a theory that the reason the Judeo-Christian God doesn't turn up in game is because the massive number of conflicting opinions and views about him have pretty much driven him insane. So some other divine beings( maybe his underlings a la Jesus and the angel) sealed him away somewhere that he can't smite everything until they can figure out a way to screw his head back on right.
  • A game of Scion this troper was part of had the Abrahamic God be one of the Avatars of the Logos. Logos was (broadly) on the gods side and indeed had been instrumental in sealing it's brethren as they were too chaotic in nature for it to stand. We had to work with it (and the Knights Of The Round Table, long story) to allow it to do so again. That made sense to me; none of the Abrahamic faiths have been around long enough for their god to be the one behind and/or above the others but an Avatar arising from the Logos more recently fits the established rules of the setting while also allowing him to be powerful enough to be worth using.
  • The Abrahamic "Pantheon" follows:
    • YAWEH: Primary figure of divine authority and creation, has been laid low by his worshipers basically using his name for everything from war to charity to abstinence to free love and is trying REALLY hard to figure out just who he is through Fate's mirror.
    • Mariam: Mother goddess who has the odd distinction of ascending after her child, simultaneously maiden and maid to the admitted jealousy of the other goddesses. Known for her incredibly patience with her scions; privately fears the day where the Dragon will come after her during the End of Days.
    • Yeshua: Scion of Mariam who achieved godhood for his suffering for his fellow men. Still considered a rabble-rouser by the Dodekatheon for his actions in Palestine, along with his actions essentially destroying their base of worship.
    • Michael: Warrior and defender of the pantheon; can still be found patrolling the borders of Eden to make sure that the last unspoiled land on Earth isn't touched by the titans.
    • Gabriel: Messenger of the pantheon, generally good-natured though prefers to stay away from the heavier stuff involved in the Titan War.
    • Uriel: Guardian and Guide of the dead; possibly the second most-powerful member of the pantheon but losing his nature as the other death gods gain more prominence in popular culture; the damn internet novel didn't do him any favors.

White Wolf will do a crossover with New World of Darkness

Come on, you secretly want this to happen.

Also, don't the titans seem way too much like the True Fae for comfort? I mean, reality warping creatures with no concept of what it means to be human?

Also also: This actually leads to this question: Would would win in a fight, (Insert supernatural WOD thing here) VS a Scion?

  • The answer is a Scion; they get larger dice pools to do anything. A Legend 2 Scion could utterly own every other World of Darkness starting character out there. (Scions start out 8/6/4, the average Wo D character starts with 5/4/3)
    • Not to mention that Scions have a much larger potential pool of magic and other skills to draw on; even an elder vampire (for example) is likely to be limited in their Disciplines, while a neonate/ancillae would be even more so. In contrast, a starting Scion could run up walls and across water, set things on fire/freeze them/ect, summon light or darkness, wield mystical weapons, or even have a Guardian/Mentor/Follower with useful skills to come bail them out/maul their enemies, depending on how a player builds the character. Not to mention notable Scions can call on their fellow godlings, and possibly even their patron or others of the Pantheon...
    • Not necessarily... This Troper compared the statlines of her Legend 3 Scion of Hades and a Gnosis 6 Moros mage she plays as an NPC in her World of Darkness game, and found that statistically the mage could probably stand up to the Scion in a fair fight if she wasn't a good bit squishier. Then again, this is a starting character where the GM gave us a lot of points versus a character meant to be a super-powerful and ominous strike-terror-into-the-hearts-of-the-players NPC, so yeah, it is skewed in favor of Scion.
  • Breakdown: The WOD declares war on the Overworld. The Camarilla Elders would be scheming and plotting to manipulate the situation when Hades/Baron Samedi/Hel or Scions thereof to collect a long overdue debt. Scion 1, WOD 0. Werewolves are strong but the Blessing of Silver (from Companion) and a well placed shot from a Birthright bow would make short work of them. Scion 2, WOD 0. nWOD Changelings suffer too much paranoia and disillusionment to mount an effective defense and there's the chance the True Fae can be dispatched by well prepared Scions who may win the allegiance of the Changeling community (I have a feeling the Tuatha would jump on that right quick). oWOD Changelings are similar to the run of the mill trolls and goblins that get dispatched as extras/recruited by the Tuatha. Scion 3, WOD 0. Sin-Eaters/Wraiths draw the ire of the Death gods like the vampires do and are summarily smitten/devoured/imprisoned in Tartarus. Scion 4, WOD 0. The few Prometheans might buy into Prometheus' smooth talking and make themselves enemies of Asgard (most of which die horribly.) Scion 5, WOD 0. Finally, the Mages band together and throw open a rip in the space-time continuum to a world where chosen heroes of the gods battle imprisoned titanic monstrosities with all of Creation at stake. There, a group of Exalts and a band of Scions are drawn together in hopes that they destroy each other. After a brief tussle, they realize they've been deceived and the lives of the surviving Mages get remarkably shorter. But the portal between worlds is open. A Dawn Solar and the son of Zeus stare tersely at each other, their friends forming ranks behind them for the battle to come. In the heavens above, the gods of Yu-Shan and the gods of the Overworld glare at each other across the gap in the sky, each group silently measuring the other for intent, signs of weakness or malice. All Creation holds its breath and all the World is silent for one...terrible...second. Then, the Dawn Caste smiles and the Scion of Zeus extends a hand to shake. The Eclipse caste and the Scion of Thoth begin to make shaky attempts to speak each others languages. The Unconquered Sun offers a brief nod to which Amaterasu replies with the slightest declination of her head. And at the same time, for reasons no one has been able to explain, every Titan and Titanspawn and every dark creature aligned with Malfeas or the Underworld from the lowliest demon to the mightiest Yozi soils themselves in unholy unison.
    • Sir, whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you. My awesomeness quota for the month has just been filled.
    • Yes. Throw Aberrant we're all set for life.
      • There's a flaw in your reasoning. There are metric fuckloads of Vampires, Werewolves, etc. but not that many Scions.
      • Three words, sir/miss: Hunter-Scion Alliance.
      • We should probably expand on the "idea" of Hunter/Scion interaction. A lone cell would probably get along with a long scion okay, as long as they're not Atzlánti or a particularly dark scion. Compacts like the Abe would love a chance to meet with scions of the Dodekatheon or Loa (and perhaps see how they party), while forces like Null Mysteriis or Network Zero would try desperately to document a scion in action. The Union, well, depends on the individual Union cell, but the Loyalists of Thule might actually possess information that the scions could actually use. When we hit the conspiracy level, all bets are off, as the Malleus and Long Night would take steps to capture and "convert" the scions in question immediately. The AKD would ask too many uncomfortable questions about Atlantis and would try very hard to secure any scion weaponry or tools for their own. The Lucifuge might be seen as enemies by scions, and this wouldn't lead to any good relationships with that group. Let's not get into what Cheiron would do to a scion.
      • Compared to Exalted, they're basically just more Extra cannon-fodder. They shall be dealt with.
    • The Scions are probably going to win, but that seems a bit one sided. So here's an alternative: The Tuatha offer to help changeling courts with the True Fae, and everything seems great to start with. But the changelings are used to very powerful beings who seem nice to start with. They even associate openly with fairies! Things break down, and these new creatures turn out to have something of a vulnerability to fate. And as it happens, changelings can do fate. They also might not be particularly emotionally stable. Result: Long, costly fight against an enemy that can hit the Scion where it hurts, and seems unreasonably good at hiding. Meanwhile, all the mages who weren't stupid enough to summon a completely unknown and uncontrollable entity to try and deal with their foes, and after the Exalted have wandered off, realise that most scions are deadliest at close range, and start a campaign of attack based on being two continents away at the time. Meanwhile, while the Prometheans fighting against the gods are wiped out, the ones who aren't turn out to be more of a problem. The entire Yankee pantheon is sadly entirely wiped out by a growing inexplicable paranoia, envy, and mood swings, before the gods work out what's happening. The gods aren't helped by being completely sure that disquiet coudn't possibly affect them. As the Demons and remaining vampires join the fight, the scions seem to have enemies in every shadow, and almost no way to fight back. But they are heroes! Gods! Slowly, they learn to fight back, and start to gain the upper hand against this insidious foe. That's when a horde of mutant cyborg dinosaurs shows up in a giant zeppelin.

Aten has multiple personalities.

Aten is referred to as Hyperion, Ah Kin and Dagr. That's because he truly is all of them. That's why he can't afford any other Avatar rivals - he's busy trying to keep the other personas from surfacing. He gains advantages from this odd situation, though. Since he's Fatebound to those identities, he has quadruple the number of options of a typical Titan or even God. But the more he relies on his other identities, the more he risks them usurping his identity.

The Series God Of War is actually a Scion Game.
Think of it- Kratos is the child of Zeus, adopted by Ares, kills titan-spawn (among other things), and pretty much breaks the world in doing so.

Audie Murphy was scion of Lugh.
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